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  1. Welcome Ryan towards the Community, my brother works as Technical second line in the Netherlands for Apple Always fun for him *coughs* Enjoy your time here!
  2. Welcome towards the Community @Torak , this is a great community that will help you in any way required
  3. Welcome towards the lovely community of SB118! Enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to ask questions!
  4. I just have to say it...your name still amuses me due seeing:



    Gorn liked a post in a topic:

    And my imagination goes wild seeing a Gorn trying to like a post and getting frustrated over it xD

    1. Gorn


      I've used the username Gorncaptain for so long I usually forget how inconvenient it is in Star Trek communities. But the image of a big rubber lizard monster trying to use a keyboard amuses me greatly.

  5. Welcome towards the Community Phil Great to have you here If you have any questions, just ask we gladly answer them!
  6. I did reply to this, but did not get a reply yet. Just checking if something went wrong with the transmission or not
  7. Welcome to the community! As a fresh newly member myself, I got to say that you hit the jackpot! Seriously, the people are friendly and helpful to guide you through the academy. I was one of those souls that bought the lifetime STO also. Got to admit, haven't played in a while. Again welcome!
  8. Mmm I lean more extinct as two other sources state it as well: Memory Beta Wikipedia
  9. The problem with the Avians is the following: Source: Xindi-Avian You can't play an extinct species (correct me if I am wrong), but they have other choices: Aquactic (You already met) Arboreal Insectoid Primate Reptilian
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