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  1. Krindo Pandorn

    We’re launching the USS Za – want to join the crew?

    This is good news!!! Get to break in a new ship right off the bat. ((Hmmm...what does this button do? ::presses button:: "Self-destruct sequence activated.:: ))
  2. Krindo Pandorn

    Having a blast so far

    Hi guys. I have a small confession to make.... It took a full 2 weeks after finding this group deciding if I should join or not because I was unsure if I would be able to give good quality simulations and I am quite shy at first about new people. That being said...now that I 'pulled the trigger' and joined up...I'm having a blast in the training sim and am stoked to start simmimg on a ship itself. The training CO/FO are great and my simming is going well. I believe I made the right choice in signing up. See you out in the galaxy.
  3. Krindo Pandorn

    Why did you apply to join our community?

    Oh well...guess a gradual change will have to do. Simming is the name of the game after all...
  4. Krindo Pandorn

    Why did you apply to join our community?

    When I was a kid...me, my brother, and a few friends would live role play Star Trek for hours at a time. The idea of simming by E-mail kind of brought back memories of those times and this got me interested in giving it a try. And as I said in my application...this would be an interesting change from the MMORPG games. Off topic question if I may... After re-reading my Arrival at Starbase 118 post I found it a little dry...is it too late to add to or change it?
  5. Krindo Pandorn

    official Arrival at StarBase 118 - introduce your character here!

    ((Starbase 118 Shuttle Bay 2)) Personal log Stardate 239307.27... So...It's finished. Graduated the Academy...wonderful. I looked around for Mom and Dad...but no...didn't show up. I would have thought they would have been interested enough to see me get my assignment. They always favored my sister Amy...but I didn't think they would actually ignore me this much. They only gave a passing interest when I told them I applied to the Academy. Guess they thought I wouldn't really go through with it or amount to anything. Heh...now four years later...and I'm still trying to get their attention. Now...I'll be out of their hair...as if they would notice anyway. Amy...bless her...was late for the ceremony...but at least she gave a damn. 'You're my brother. I'm there even if they aren't. Be careful out there." The base address system is calling all cadets over to the holodeck. Can't keep them waiting. Maybe I'll get Mom and Dad's attention someday... End log...

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