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  1. Cadet Rand stood waiting by the airlock on the small shuttle transport, he could see the Starbase growing in the window as they approached, it was always difficult to judge sizes and distances in space as it was hard for the human brain to take in relevant sizes when comparing them to the backdrop of the galaxy. So far, in Flallon Rand's life he had spent most of the first eighteen years in and around the sol system, mostly on earth, his travel opportunities somewhat limited by his parents work, both of them based on Earth. He had made friends easy enough and even had a girlfriend for a while, then he joined the academy and everything changed, he drifted away from his old friends and made a whole bunch of new ones, the classes where hard but he did well at them, Starfleet security seemed to be a lot more work than just learning how to shoot and punch people. Some days it was like being trained to be a lawyer and some days a police man and others a soldier. So that was the last four years of his life, he was 22 and he was just about to dock with Starbase 118 to take part in his cadet cruse. One way or another, everything was about to change.
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