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  1. Massive congratulations to everyone! The nominations were brilliant, and show how much love this group has for one another. Hugely inspiring absolute stars, have loved every minute of this year's awards/

    Some of you are getting Google Groups stalked after this, FYI. Apparently you're too good not to be! :shrug:

  2. As the player, I'd go with Romulans. They're a fascinating culture and, especially with the Romulan Republic formation going on, would be interesting to serve with for a time.

    Jo, however, would staunchly choose Andorians. Her best friend (Sera zh'Aella) is one and ditched her for a year to play with the Klingon Defense Force, earning herself some PTSD in the process. Seeing what life would be like on board an Andorian starship would be up there on her bucket list.

  3. Character death can be so hard to do right but @Emilia Krugol nailed it. Well done!


    ((Deck 3, Transporter Room — USS Njörðr))

    ::Flames blazed viciously in the heat of the moment. The transporter room was in ashes, smoke filling the confined space with a noxious cloud of cinders and embers. Raging fires and debris filled the area. Panic shot through her body as frantic voices filled the air. Deiara didn’t need to be an empath to feel the adrenaline rushing through the very room.::

    ::The door had malfunctioned, trapping 5 other ops officers in the room with her. Currently it was a battle against time. Above the ops officers was a forcefield containing possibly tonnes of debris from the upper decks, ready to cave in at any given moment and judging from the violent showers of sparks from the emitters, it wouldn’t be long until it gave out. Deiara’s ash covered fingers worked as best as they could with the amount of burns they’d sustained. Currently the others worked on fighting the fires, but to no avail, each flame continued burning like the rage of a bloodthirsty klingon.::

    ::Billows of smoke constantly plumed the area, barely giving Deiara space to work between coughs and wheezes. The amount of ash getting into the open circuitry was making it incredibly difficult to restore power to the doors.::

    Statton: Petty Officer! Get that door open!

    ::Deiara’s ears rang like a horn blowing over and over again. Ensign Jennifer Statton, the highest ranking officer in that room as of now was barking orders like there was no tomorrow. It was taking every possible ounce of patience not to knock her out. The blonde’s face was feeling very punchable at this time. However, Deiara turned her head and practically screamed over the franticness of the crew.::

    Venn: I’d get it open if you weren’t running your mouth every five seconds! Ensign sit down, or fight the damn fires before we suffocate! Don’t stand there barking orders like your some captain!

    ::She didn’t speak. Stanton was terrified. Fear coursed through her veins to a point where she was frozen in place. Deiara returned to her work, once again attempting to route power to the door. Nothing.::

    ::The effort was becoming more and more desperate with the constant violent hums of the forcefield above. Holding back possibly even an entire deck worth of hardware. Deiara’s fingers stung with every point of contact she made, every wire, every button that was pressed was pure agony to touch. Her body quivered in fear, anxiety reaching it’s peak in her chest. It was hard to breathe, even harder to see what she was doing.::

    ::Finally the doors opened, remaining hardly even ajar with the lack of power supplied. Deiara grabbed a piece of metal and jammed it between the two doors, keeping them open for the time being.::

    Venn: Go! It’s open! MOVE!!! ::Deiara screamed at the height of her lungs. Ushering and almost shoving people through the gap in the door.::

    ::Frantic voices sounded as Deiara moved over to the transporter console. All transport functions were either offline or destroyed. Currently she was attempting to reroute as much power to this decks structural integrity as possible before it comes apart. In her weakened state, her hands glazed over the controls. Uprooting every ounce of possible power in the redundant transporter systems just to keep this deck from coming apart.::

    ::The last officer made it through the doors with a laboured limp, right before the opening snapped shut. Deiara stared at the door defeatedly, continuing to do everything she could to keep this bucket of bolts together.::

    ::Three violent crackles of electricity shot out from the forcefield emitters before letting out several small explosions in it’s wake. The screeches of metal on metal were the last specs of life she heard. Deiara looked up, tears welling in her eyes as she stood on the doorstep of her fate. Everything, she felt everything, it all came at once like a violent rush of pain in her mind. The deafening cries of agony were silently drowned out by the crashing of debris. Like a tree in a forest, nobody heard it..::

    ::The warm crackling of fire silently swayed in the midst of the fallen metal. Softly burning away at the past that was left behind.::

    Petty Officer 3rd Grade Deiara Venn
    USS Gorkon
    Transporter Operator

    Simmed By
    Lieutenant (JG) Emilia Krugol
    USS Gorkon
    Security/Tactical officer

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  4. I'm going with Marine as well.

    While I've not simmed a Marine Marine (we had Rangers, they're a bit different) I can imagine the structure of their command (with a separate ranking structure and battle watch commanders) would be an entity of their own. I'm sure, for some, it works great, however as Trellis has put it, the protective operations role of a Marine kinda jars with traditional Starfleet ethos of not being a military organization until they have to be. Finding the Rangers a place alongside the Security and Tactical departments was tough, as not that many missions called for their specialism.

    That being said, I'm sure Marines are hella fun.

  5. Quote


    @Ayiana Sevo - Nice to know some Marine traditions are alive and well :w00t:

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  6. Quote

    sh’Kavhilji: You are Betazoid? Please forgive me for staring, but I think I can see your eyes as black. Additionally your mind is better shielded than most of the crew. It is very soothing to not have an unshielded mind screaming out beside me.

    @Tasha MacFarlane - My mental image of everyone's mental monologue on the ship is now a long series of ARRRRGHGHHGHHHHHHHHHH! *breath* ARGGGHHHGHHHH!

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  7. Quote

    Vondaryan: Besides, I like watching others. People are so fascinating, and not strictly from an intelligence perspective. It's amazing what you can learn just by observing others. Their posture, their hands, their eyes, their words. People speak volumes without ever talking, if you know what to look for.


    Sevo: Yea, that’s not creepy at all.

    @Ayiana Sevo  - Default response to Vondaryan when he's being all enigmatic

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  8. This is a general appreciation for Ensign Corliss Fortune, who has recently joined the Gorkon in the middle of what can only be described as a nightmare (quite literally) and has really taken to it like a duck to water. I look forward to reading your posts; they're engaging and descriptive, with a lot of characterization. Keep it up!


    ((Ready Room, USS Gorkon))

    Reynolds: ::Low,:: Nkai, we're going to need to get you back to sickbay.

    ::Corliss watched them uncertainly, feeling a small chill and shivering a bit.::

    Nkai: But , uh… ::He winced.:: We should think about getting our hands on tricorders first. If we know where they are, we can move around the ship safely.

    Fortune: I agree. If we end up face to face with them all of a sudden, it could end very badly. I don't think we're fit to fight off more than one or two of them, if that.

    Reynolds: There's a supply locker in the corridor by my quarters. ::Quinn glanced between Nkai and Fortune. Corliss smiled reassuringly, or she hoped it came off that way, and not nervously.:: Ensign, would you check if we're clear to head out, and then lead the way?

    ::She nodded her head toward the panel that would take them out into the corridor.::

    Fortune: Yes, Captain, not a problem.

    ::Corliss pressed her ear to the panel first, slowly taking the handle and tugging the panel open. She kept her eye to the slit in the panel as it slowly opened wider. No one she could see, so she peeked out more, her head sliding free of the tube as she looked around. She gave them both a thumbs up behind her, no one was there but it didn't mean they didn't have ears around.

    Corliss shuffled her way through the narrow opening silently, bracing one leg up and vaulting over it, her feet making a creaking noise in her boots as she landed and opening the panel all the way. She nodded.::

    Fortune: ::whispering:: Looks clear, Sir.

    Reynolds: Response

    Fortune: Yes, sir!

    ::Corliss made sure the panel was not going to slam on them, looking over her shoulder a few times just in case as she helped the captain out first, then holding her arm elbow out in a crooked angle for Nkai.::

    Fortune: Here, I've got good leverage, just hold on if you need to, okay?

    Nkai: Thanks.

    ::Corliss held in a grunt as she helped him out, swaying with him for a moment before righting herself, her arm tight to keep him up. She smiled back as he smiled at her, although he still looked tired and worn.::

    Fortune: Not a problem!

    ::She watched as the Captain looked around. One had his mouth half open, as if in mid talk when he fell 'asleep', and she frowned. Their thoughts were completely muffled, or nonexistent, which measured up to being asleep. Jumbled thoughts were fun yet horrible to hear as they made no sense, and some just didn't think, just dreamed. She shook her head. The ones that were meaningful were hers, Nkai's and the Captain's, which she dutifully kept low on listening so as not to seem intrusive. Nothing was too loud so they weren't close...yet.::

    Reynolds: All right, ::she spoke quietly:: let's get ourselves equipped and move on as soon as we can. There's a turbolift just at the end of the corridor, we can use that to get to sickbay once we're ready.

    Fortune: Okay, no problem.

    ::Corliss opened the locker easily, nudging aside a few things as she got out what they needed. She clipped a phaser on as well, clutching a tricorder as she started it up, eyes on the map before she froze a bit, hearing the sudden voices. Her eyes found the Captain as she sucked in a small breath.::

    Gravelled Voice: It's up here. We're to grab her kids and bring them up to the bridge.

    oO Kids? Oh..oh no... Oo

    Rasping Voice: Lladre wants a bargaining chip, huh?

    Gravelled Voice: Something like that. Don't think his— ::there was a momentary pause, as if the owner of the voice was self-correcting,:: —*her* current plan is working out.

    ::Corliss shivered a bit. That was so cold to hear, that someone would use CHILDREN in a plan. She licked her lips nervously, weighing her weight onto one side in case they decided to sprint for it. She nodded at the Captain, looking over at Nkai nervously before ducking into the alcove, grazing over the thoughts of the two ahead of them. There was no alarm or alertness, so they hadn't heard them..yet.::

    Reynolds: ::Low,:: Nkai, get down. Pretend you're asleep.

    ::Corliss tried to give a reassuring smile at Nkai, resting into the alcove while keeping an eye on where the voices where coming from.::

    Fortune: ::Low:: Sir?

    Reynolds: ::Low,:: My quarters are there, ::she gestured to a set of doors behind them,:: so they'll be coming this way. Make sure your phaser's on stun and take your shot when you're ready. They're not expecting us.

    ::Rage was still boiling in her belly, incandescent at the thought of anyone so much as daring to touch her children. Violence was usually something she abhorred, but there was a small piece of her that was looking forward to dropping these particularly people to the deck.::

    Fortune: ::Low:: Yes sir.

    ::She double checked her phaser, sliding the tricorder  onto the floor slowly, careful to only make the softest of noises. They couldn't afford to mess this up. She curled up onto her side, as if relaxing, her phaser pointed towards the hallway, her eyes flicking back to the Captain before focusing again. She was ready and waiting for whoever-or whatever-appeared in front of them.::


    Ensign Corliss
    USS Gorkon


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  9. ((Corridors, The Skarbek))

    ::The whole sickbay scene unravelled itself in chaos, Red herself making an entrance, followed by an entourage of The Kid, aka Groznin. Shortly after the commotion gathered steam, Papa Bear himself arrived on scene, delivering a stern order to for lack of better words, “Get some damn rest”. After criticising the current situation on board of course.::

    ::The situation itself, was a shamble. After passing out for god knows how long, suddenly, there seemed to be an epidemic of sleepwalking, something that seemed to question the very boundaries of reality as the crew knew it. There was more than enough evidence to note that there was some other force pulling the strings here. The only trouble was… how could they possibly find out? How could a ship filled to the brim with skeptics possibly question the norms of their own reality, when they won’t even accept the facts layed out in front of them?::

    ::Emilia was in no state to contemplate the matter of reality, of course, what she needed right now was “some damn rest” as the captain said it. Her boots tapped endlessly down the hallways, her body a sweaty mess and her hair… her hair was the subject of a definite talk with Sticks. Perhaps he required a lesson in hair care, lest he lose his scalp physically, rather than metaphorically.::

    ::Emilia made a sharp left turn on her heel, once again travelling down the all too familiar, manky corridor that she called home. The main form of lighting once again flickering under the worn out wiring, highlighting the unfinished wall panels parallel to the scorch mark covered door. The ever prevalent scars left from the countless electrical fires, once again smiling at Emilia as she entered the cozily small room.::


    ((Personal Quarters, The Skarbek))

    ::Emilia took in a deep breath as an audible ‘whoosh’ signaled the closing of the doors. Promptly her eyes drifted over to the vacant bed. The sheets fitted to perfection and the blankets left as if nobody had slept there for months, just as mother taught her. A single book sat in the centre of the bed, it’s glossy cover highlighting under the pale light, a small piece of velvet lining stuck out of the pages, marking a spot for continuation.::

    ::With a small smile, Emilia slipped her boots off with a swift unzipping motion freeing both legs from that cage of worn leather and sweat. Emilia’s feet energetically pounced her body forward, the soft springs of her bed (arguably the most comfortable spot on the ship) cushioning her fall.::

    ::In an instant, her hungry eyes seized the book’s form, Emilia’s nails jamming in between the marked crevices of the novel. Dramatically and slowly, she freed the printed text from darkness that plagued the pages. The relief of escaping to a world of fantasy upon her once more, as she set her famished eyes on the bold, black letters that sunk deeply into the pages.::

    ::It felt rather ironic really, suspecting one of dreaming, but once again indulging in the dreams of another man. Quite odd really? Perhaps it was… but the line between dreams and reality appeared to thicken once again as Emilia occupied her thoughts on the coarse pages. Though, she still couldn’t shake the feelings she had earlier. Each image within her mind, sticking with her like glue. Each recollection, causing a strangely ghostly feeling to reach through the very centre of her chest.::

    ::But what could it all mean?::



    Emilia “Princess” Krugol
    Maquis Escort
    Simmed by

    Ensign Emilia Krugol
    Security/Tactical Officer
    USS Gorkon

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  10. @Quinn Reynolds - Brunsig: That goes both ways. How about you tear your eyeballs off her [...] and earn your keep? - I have an unholy love for this man.

    @Trellis Vondaryan & @Tasha MacFarlane - He lurks in the dark, he sniffs wine (we think it's wine), and has more shade than Rembrandts "The Stoning of St. Stephen." I call vampire.




    MacFarlane: Well… I… err… this ::She rolled her collar down and exposed her neck to him, showing off the purple mark.:: I woke up with it, a’... well, I checked m’ clothes with a tricorder. It found some Vissian DNA an’ yer th’ only Vissian I could find on th’ Gorkon, so…

    ::She trailed off, not exactly sure what to say next, nor exactly sure where the conversation was likely to end up.::

    ::Trellis peered at the mark on the woman’s neck. He was unsure what it meant. He didn’t know enough about her to know if she always had such a mark on her neck. Trills had spots on their bodies, after all, and Humans often had birthmarks. Was this not one of those?::

    Vondaryan: We did go to the party, yes. I’m sure we must have interacted somehow, explaining the DNA. Is that mark not normal for you?



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  11. @Sera zh' Aella - :: She screamed at the top of her lungs while gesturing to the evil black and brown stripped creature residing on her bed. Whatever happened, that bed would need to be dropped into the nearest black hole. :: - If Sera had here way, she'd have had the Gorkon torpedo the camp from orbit. Spider would survive.

    @Ayiana - ::It was pretty easy to figure out why people started calling Ayiana “Red.”:: - Anger issues, I suspect... Who said that?! :sweating:

    @Trellis Vondaryan - ::It was a nice backside. Whoever said Starfleet uniforms weren't flattering hadn't been privy to this one.:: - He has to look the Admiral in the face after this. Holy hell, that's going to be funny. Machiavellian Trellis is a riot.  :devil:


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