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  1. I like the ethereal sound to Disco and Picard! Almost like an optimistic sound to them?
  2. It's difficult to think about Star Trek and not have the theme music of a favoured series pop into the head. From the first time the Original Series popped onto television screens, the soundtrack composed by Alexander Courage has ensured Star Trek remained firmly in hearts and minds for years to come. Several composers have attempted their own version of this since, emulating and expanding upon one of the most iconic and well-loved pieces of orchestral composition. As with music tastes throughout the ages, the spin-offs of Star Trek have each introduced their fresh take on a theme. Over the years, we've seen some of these enter the hallowed halls of classical music and venerated with the same respect as movie themes known and loved the world over, while others have become pop sensations. Now, we move into a new era of Star Trek with Discovery and Picard, and a new generation of composers bring their interpretation and ideas. This week, we want to know which of these themes strummed your heartstrings and plucked your imagination chords. Do you rock along to the dulcet tones of Russell Watson, the bongo drums of the Original Series or feel the stirring inspiration from Deep Space Nine? Which of these soundtracks is your hallowed favourite?
  3. I can't believe the Defiant and Nova are neck and neck in this space race 😄 Lot of love for the plucky science vessel!
  4. The Nova-class is over taking the Defiant! 👀 what have I done
  5. Hey Ben! Submissions closed on the 17th for the challenge, but you're more than welcome to get some practice in with the prompt and write something. We've got a great bunch of writers here who'd love to read it.
  6. So much love for our smaller ships! We've had a couple of Miranda classes in the fleet, maybe Wes' will be next! And man, the Nova gives me such feels 😂 Tonnes you could with a science vessel winging around the galaxy, looking into all the strange and doing all the science. Had a couple of Nova classes too! https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Starfleet_Vessel_Register/By_Class
  7. There's something of the old-school swashbucklers about the Defiant class! Definitely a strong favourite, especially with all that nose art 😂 Hermes Class, search and rescue 👀 dive in, do the stuff, dive out
  8. When you mention ships of the Trekverse, the one everyone remembers is the Enterprise; the beautiful vessel that has captured the hearts and imaginations of the audience and the crew through years of successive storytelling. In the series, where space flight could be perilous, encounters with enemies more so, and hosting everyday life on board, the ships of the line became as recognisable in the shows as the characters themselves. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Star Trek fan who can't identify the sleek lines of the Galaxy class on sight, or punch the air when the Sovereign class makes that famed strafing run against the Borg. However, there are the unsung heroes of the Starfleet ship catalogue in the smaller ships; those with a smaller crew, designed for a specific purpose, and perform their role within the universe perfectly. This broad range of starships includes vessels designed for war the Federation didn't plan for, scientific vessels with limited weapons capabilities, ships solely for transport and supply, or for scouting in areas larger ships would be detected. In a universe where space vessels make up the primary settings for our characters, encounters, and stories, having a ship which suits the tale you want to tell is paramount. So, this week, we want to know if any of these ships have captured your interest and your imagination. Have you had dreams of sailing around the galaxy doing all the science in your Oberth class, opted for the cloak and dagger aspects of a Saber class, or would you be interested in running search and rescue missions in a Defiant? Which of these smaller ship classes has ever piqued your interest?
  9. @Ens. Joshua Sutton Kicking off life on the Gorkon in the true style of the party boat!
  10. 😂 No worries, dude. Typos be the death.
  11. I'm not so sure about that one. It's extremely unlikely any serving officer aside from those heavily entrenched in Intelligence (i.e. upper echelons only) would know about it. Starfleet Officers certainly wouldn't, or have had any interactions with them.
  12. I had a thought along these lines recently, about how we are judgemental creatures, it's in the nature; an innate, automatic trait. It's not a new thing either; polarising opinions about media have existed since the dawn of media. What critics have now is unprecedented access to millions of minds consuming all the time, barely stopping to form a free-thinking opinion of their own before diving into the next bit of consumption for the masses, and we know about the science of repetition. One of the first things i heard about the new Star Wars movies were that they didn't fit the genre, they were convoluted, they didn't pass muster for all the Star Wars fans out there. Elitism and gate keeping can be rife in any fandom, and a bit of it has transferred to Trek. Ya gotta take a step back, man. Push out that jive. Breathe in the love. Media is, in it's essence, an art form, and it's designed to make you *feel* something. You don't have to like all of it. There's no "true fan" for loving one part and disliking another. There's a paradigm shift when you appreciate one another for a difference in opinion, a difference in what someone else feels about a media you enjoy, and appreciate we're all unique. This is coming from someone who liked the new Picard, thinks the best Star Trek series in recent years is the Orville (fite me), the best movie was Galaxy Quest, and have not seen all of Disco because that ship looks like a pizza cutter and I can't take spore drive / hurting someone for the sake of using it seriously. Also, Section 31 shouldn’t have been implemented.
  13. Jo Marshall

    New Arrival

    Hallo Jeroen! Welcome to the group! Great to see new faces. We've got a fair few non-native English speakers in our group, who find it a brilliant way to practice. There's an open invitation for our Discord group you can find here, too, if you'd like to chat with the fleet: https://discord.com/invite/6MsQAvZ Enjoy your training!
  14. A student’s stay at Starfleet Academy can be a lengthy one, spanning four years of intensive training and education, combining multiple disciplines and academic achievements of phenomenal proportions. Many of those who graduate in their fields are the top the academy has to offer, including some with double majors, some cramming in as much study as they can into the brief season until they're flung off into the wide-open wilds of space. However, outside that realm of high academic achievement and success, like any other college and university, Starfleet Academy provides the students with the opportunity to take part in multiple extracurricular activities. Activities are structured around exercise, learning new skills, socialising with other cadets, becoming self-disciplined, and taking a break from the rigours of their chosen career. With that in mind, our question for this Poll of the Week is: What extracurricular activities at Starfleet Academy did your character find love or loathing for?
  15. The one with the mud bath. I remember it well 😄
  16. Bouncing off from the poll a few weeks ago regarding "Modern Conveniences" and all that future technology we couldn't live without (check it out here if you missed it!), we're exploring the wonder of the Holodeck. From fascinating sojourns through space and time, to imaginative crew creating their own holodeck adventures, to becoming trapped in a nightmare of someone else's creation, we've seen Star Trek explore the very essence of what it is to have such an ingenious technology on board a starship or station. Indulging in fantasies, recreating training environments only available on starships, escaping the day-to-day monotony of serving in deep space. We saw a seemingly never-ending string of holodeck activities that became quintessential parts of the characters we grew to love in the 24th century. From Geordi's recreation of Leah Brahms and falling in love with his conceptualised vision of her, Worf's intense and ferocious training programs to take part in his Klingon lifestyle, a rivalry conducted in a baseball game by the crew of Deep Space Nine, Voyager's Doctor envisioning a real life for himself he could not have as a non-corporeal being, Data's poker game against the greatest minds in Earth's history, tom and Harry's Bride of Chaotica comic-style program, and the unforgettable adventures of the San Francisco Detective story of Captain's Picard's Dixon Hill. Over time, and use, the technology has become a staple of the Star Trek diet and as part of the fundamentals of Trek as a tricorder. However, not all is as riveting and wonderful in the world of holodecks. Crews have also explored the pitfalls and tribulations of when this technology goes wrong, or suffered from holodiction, excluding real-world responsibilities while the subject immerses themselves in this fantasy life. Reginald Barclay showed us the dangers of this when he recreated likenesses of his colleagues in the holodeck; deliberately crafting scenarios where he could be the hero over his superior male officers while becoming intimate with female staff. In the same vein, on Deep Space Nine, we saw the grittier side as Quark made his holosuites available to cater to the sexual proclivities of patrons attending Quark's Bar. And if you're looking for the worst offender, Data's Sherlock Holmes program featuring a Moriarty who wants to leave the holodeck is arguably one of the best Star Trek episodes to use the concept of the technology to the full advantage. This week, we want to know which episodes of the holodeck were the worst offenders, or do they hold a special place in that strange heart of yours? Is a bad holodeck adventure better than the good ones? Which of these holodeck episodes gets the trekkie thumbs down?
  17. On this, our glorious day of April 1st, where the pranks are many and the fools roam free... we remember that the Federation has moved on from a calendar based on the movement of the Earth and now April does not exist in our future timeline. However! Fear not, brave prankster, as there is still many jokes to be had within our futuristic realm. Practical jokes on fellow officers is a tradition older than Starfleet itself, with arms stretching back throughout the history of Earth with the Feast of Fools in France, Royal Court Jesters being an actual vocation for some, and the Lord of Misrule in England's Christmastide. While our post-scarcity utopia strives for peace in all things, we can still let out the jovial jester from time to time, and we've seen many a prank cross our TV screens throughout the series. Would your character prank another? Are they known as the ship jester? Do they revel in mischief and delight in disorder?
  18. None have the suave edge Bashir brought to the Bond.
  19. @Jona ch'Ranni Fantastic job at writing for an NPC Slime Devil point of view post that showed the flip side to what's going on in our cavernous adventure! ((Dead Zone, Væron)) Vorl blinked her pupil-less eyes in the low light of the Cavehome. She had explored every centimeter of the place and knew right where everything should be without looking. Her two pronged fore-claws skitted on the rocky floor as she crept forward. It had been three cycles since the Change had occurred. She did not remember much of her life before the Change - only that her existence had been filled with caring for baser needs like food and procreation. Since that time - after being placed in the Cavehome - the Change had brought about many differences. She began to ponder her own existence, to plan, to learn. She had the sense that the Change was not a normal experience of her kind. She was blessed with a gift and she believed it was because of being brought to the Cavehome and because of the Sphere. Vorl gazed up at the Sphere of Life, its yellowish-green glow nearly matched the bioluminescent sacs along her crimson dorsal spine. She found the light and warmth strangely appealing. Vorl: oO It must be protected, it must be preserved. Oo Her head tendrils swayed at a new sound, the scraping of rocks and voices on the ledge above. It was a new sound and new often meant dangerous. She paused, listening for a few minutes as the sounds grew louder. She would not fail in protecting the Sphere. Vorl lowered her carapace to the floor and lay in wait. A blue-skinned prey animal lowered itself from a web into the Cavehome. Would she finally be able to use her new-found abilities to hunt a worthy prey? She inched toward the unsuspecting meal but a shout from above alerted the blue one to her hunt. She locked eyes with the animal and knew in that moment that she would be the victor. Nextmeal's antennae quivered in fear as they rightly should. She took another step forward as it rummaged uselessly among its belongings. She could make out the scrabbling sounds of her Bondmate far above as he tried to get to the prey animals. It mattered not. She would share the Nextmeal feast with him. Vorl: oO A shame that such a creature must die. But one must keep their strength up ... and one must protect the Sphere. A flash of light against an object hurtling toward her was the only warning before the searing pain of her severed tendril was quickly followed by the sharp ache of something hitting her dorsal shell. Vorl cried out in anguish, rising up on her hind legs in desperation. A second Nextmeal joined the first and then a third. A hot beam of light shot forward and caught her in the center of her thorax. As the enroaching darkness melted away her vision, Vorl had but one thought. Vorl: oO What of the Sphere? Oo -- Vorl the Denebian Slime Devil simmed by Lt. Jona ch'Ranni Chief of Operations USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) C239510JC0
  20. I've always written Jo as a bit of a vintage rock fiend but I imagine she's expanded her repertoire in recent years when her partner, the classical pianist, moved in with a piano.
  21. Food. Where would we be without it? From croissants to cakes and burgers to belini, food comes in all shapes and sizes, flavours, colours and a beautiful crescendo of all things wonderful. Food in Trek is a whole different ballgame, introducing alien cuisine and replicator technologies. creating a veritable smorgasbord of combinations. Fancy a bit of Klingon and Vulcan fusion? Bajoran and Ferengi? There's something for everyone in the ever evolving world of food in the 24th century. Is your character a chef with the culinary flair of Neelix? Or the traditional human-style cook of Sisko's Creole Kitchen? Do they long for a kitchen of their own to sling pots and pans around in, or happy enough to set the replicator to launch mode and catch popcorn in their mouth? Presented with a buffet of all things bountiful, would you be willing to try any of these foods from around the galactic atlas? Give us your vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!
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