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  1. (( Bridge- USS Discovery )) :: The last fight Hannibal would ever want to engage in had begun. Two massive starships were trading weapons fire.Hannibal knew it was tearing Tyr's heart out to fire on the ship commanded by his wife, and commandeered by his son. While Riverview and Tyr were having their conversation, he noticed Tye was no longer on the bridge...and on his panel, he saw that Tyr had locked down the hangar bay. Hannibal bit his lip...he knew Tye was going to try to stop the bloodshed, hopefully make his brother listen to reason... Sanuye would try to kill him again, just as he wanted to kill him on the surface of Duronis. He was going to have to wait it out, until they could board and stop his brother...and save the Thunder and Admiral Turner:: Waltas: Savan, I want you to go with Riverwind and Oddas and take your boarding team. Once you fire off the probe we'll open fire, and then you can transport into Engineering and take it over. Savan: Aye, sir. Mitchell: New contact. Showing it to be the Thunder's yacht. Parker:oo What the hell...Oo Mitchell: Targets are going to slip stream... Waltas: Take us into the stream. We'll use theirs so we don't have to wait to power ours up. Stay on their tail, Anders. Mitchell, what's your opinion on the yacht? Mitchell: Stay with the Thunder. The yacht is a diversion, Tyr. Waltas: I'd tend to agree but why? Parker: A few seconds' indecision on our part gives them time to escape, and,,,, Mitchell: Cause even you and I aren't crazy enought to try and survive a full power launch from a ship running at full impulse. Only an unmanned craft on remote could pull that off. Waltas::Nodding:: Makes sense. All the same I want it disabled. Target its deflector and fire phasers. :: The Discovery fired her phasers, catching the yacht in yellow-white fire, its shields overwhelmed. The yacht tumbled as it dropped out of slipstream, her deflector shredded as the ship tumbled:: Waltas: Helm, stay with them. :: Both starships came out of slipstream, the Briar Patch just ahead:: Waltas::Tapping his communicator:: =/\= Bridge to shuttlebay-Oddas, Riverwind, Savan, are you ready? =/\= Oddas: =/\= Oddas here, we are ready to launch. =/\= Waltas: Launch and good hunting. Anders, full impulse. Take us in as close as we can get. Stay with the shuttle. :: The Thunder was dead ahead, but to Hannibals' surprise, her torpedo bay outer doors were not open, preparing to spit hellfire in their direction. They were still closing on her. He could see the shuttle was hovering right in front of the Discovery's primary hull, then flew neatly under the Thunder. A beep told him the shields were down, as was the grav plating on several decks, Now, it was all or nothing:: Waltas: Looks like the probe worked. Their shields are down. Mitchell! Fire! Now! :: There were few things more devastating than the fire from a Sovereign Class starship...Hannibal had seen it during the Dominion War, his first assignment on board the Challenger-A, and now, on board the Discovery. The hits were devastating, Phasers carved into the Thunders'hull, peeling first the armor, then penetrating into the double hull. Torpedoes then slammed into the nacelles and hull. Hannibal the Thunder was badly wounded as he saw the lights on the Thunder flicker, then go out....she was dead in space:: Mitchell: Target hit. Showing power out across multiple decks. looks like we got the feedback into the main capacitors. Waltas: That should keep them down for awhile. ::Turning:: Major. Get our teams moving. Get Irina back up here. :: Hannibal nodded, then spoke:: Parker: Will do, Captain:: tapping his comm badge:: =/\= Major Pavlova, report to the Bridge.=/\=..:: low, so only Tyr could hear him:: We'll handle this Tyr. We'll bring Toni and the rest back...and make sure Sanuye hurts no one else. Your place is here, my friend... Waltas::Quietly, only to him:: I know that. I also know that I'm going over there and nothing you or anyone else on this ship do or say will stop me. Besides.. ::sighing:: Tye is gone and his comm badge is shut off. You know what that means. He's going to confront Sanuye himself, or at least try to. We have to get there first. :: Hannibal knew he was right, and also knew he was wrong. But he also knew that if the shoe was on the other foot, no one could stop him either:: Parker: I know, Tyr...I know....::standing up:: Let's go get him... ::While Tyr and Hannibal were making their way to the Ready Room to put on the grav boots and collect their weaponry, Irina appeared, armed to the teeth. Hannibal had his share of armaments as well, with the exception of his plasma cannon...it was simply too much firepower to use on a starship, especially a friendly. Hannibal checked his pulse phaser rifle and Desert Eagle phaser, making sure bother were set to stun, before placing it back in his thigh holster. His Bowie knife was secure in his boot, with an additional blade tucked in the small of his back. His 1911 .45 was in its holster on his left thigh. With a nod that everyone was ready, Tyr spoke:: Waltas: Mitchell, you're in command until we return. If the Thunder moves or powers up you're to open fire, whether we're on board or not. Keep our foot on her throat. Understood? Mitchell: Aye sir. Full salvo on stand by. Waltas: T'Minh, I want you to get with Dr. Hendon and prepare to receive the Admiral. We'll be back with her shortly. Hopefully. T'Minh: Understood.:: Standing up and turning to towards Tyr:: Good luck. :: On the way to the transporter Room, Irina spoke:: Pavlova: I won't kill him. I promise. Waltas::Darkly:: We may have no choice, Irina. Either way, I'm sorry for what I said earlier. Pavlova: You know me better than that. ::With that, the three teams beamed to their respective locations. The fight to retake the USS Thunder-A had begun:: (( Bridge-USS Thunder-A)) :: Arriving on the Bridge, they could see the carnage which had taken place just begore their arrival. Blood hung in the air, and they saw SAyune head toward the turbolift doors. Hannibal had drawn his weapon, and so had Tyr, their phasers lighting up the door as Sanuye fled inside:: Waltas::voice full of rage:: Parker! Irina! Go after him! Parker: We'll get him! Pavlova: Come on. :: The two raced into the turbolift, but not exactly sure where they were going to go. Hannibal had a good idea, but it was Irina who spoke first:: Pavlova: He’ll try to escape. Parker: Sanuye's plan is ruined, we're closing in, he's got only one choice for escape...the hangar deck.. Pavlova: response :: Just then, the ship rocked with another explosion:: Pavlova: Lets go. Parker: It was beneath us, but not sure where... Pavlova: Where was it? Parker: If he is blasting his way out, the Discovery will nail his [...]... (( Deck 6- Main Shuttle Bay- USS Discovery C )) :: the two Marines burst from the turbolift, weapons drawn as they ran down the corridor. They saw the long haired Sanuye look back at them:: Parker: SANUYE! IT'S OVER!! Pavlova: Hell with this. ::Irina put away both phase pistols and unslung the modern 24th century phaser rifle from her back.:: :: Still saddled with the grav boots, Irina and Hannibal made almost a dead run towards the doors of the shuttle bay, their superior strength had them gaining on the renegade before he dissappeared inside the hatch of the bay. Faced with a closed door and the possibility of ambush on the other side, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: I know, I know...you take point. I'll hit the emergency override... Pavlova: Ready when you are. :: Hannibal hit the panel, popping open the access to the controls:: Parker: We go one...two...three... :: Hannibal hit the override, and Irina stormed in, with Hannibal right behind her. From the other side of the bay, the other Discovery teams were also coming in, around the wreckage of a crashed yacht...and two men...the twins...grappling each other. It was impossible to tell them apart. AS the teams closed in, weapons drawn, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: Everyone! Hold your fire! That's an order! Don't fire until I give the order! :: Hannibal was banking on Tye to take his brother, but he was prepared to shoot them both if he had to:: TAG/TBC Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker First Officer USS Discovery-C
  2. ((Bridge, USS Discovery)) ::The first salvos in what would likely result in the end of his career and possibly life had been launched. The scenario was beyond anyone could dream up for a work of fiction, much less real-life. He was in a command of a decomissioned Starfleet vessel, pursuing another Starfleet vessel, commanded by a Federation Admiral who was also his wife, who had just fired torpedoes at him. He had returned fire. The damage that both ships had absorbed was nothing compared to the wreckage left in his soul. He didn't have time to think, and his long experience taught him to put aside emotion, at least as much as he could, and deal with the situation at hand. Otherwise he, and possibly thousands of others, would die.:: RIVERWIND: Sir, I'm sorry for the pain that this is causing you, but perhaps when it comes to dealing with you one son, it might be helpful to include his brother.. ::pausing:: seeing as it his Twin. There's not doubt that he's in as muich pain as you are. He may have ideas that we haven't thought of yet, ones that would save both of them should either end up setting foot on Ba'ku. ::Tyr looked up and began to snap off a response akin to "stay out of my business", but the Ensign was already gone, and perhaps it was for the best. She was only trying to help, and the advice was solid. He turned to where Tye had been standing before combat began, but found him gone. A quick query to the computer showed that he had removed his comm badge.:: o O I know what you're planning, son. You won't be the one to do it. O o ::Quietly, he tapped in commands to the console on his chair arm, locking down all the shuttles and the shuttlebay, giving clearance only to the one Oddas and Riverwind were flying to disable the Thunder.:: WALTAS: Savan, I want you to go with Riverwind and Oddas and take your boarding team. Once you fire off the probe we'll open fire, and then you can transport into Engineering and take it over. SAVAN: response MITCHELL: New contact. Showing it to be the Thunder's yacht. ::Tyr frowned, realizing now he had two to chase.As Savan left the bridge, the attention turned to the Thunder, who somehow managed to leap into the slipstream while travelling at maximum warp.:; o O Damn you, T'Lea. That's got to be your handiwork. It figures you'd choose to shine when I want you to screw up. O o MITCHELL: Targets are going to slip stream... WALTAS: Take us into the stream. We'll use theirs so we don't have to wait to power ours up. Stay on their tail, Anders. Mitchell, what's your opinion on the yacht? MITCHELL: Stay with the Thunder. The yacht is a diversion, Tyr. WALTAS: I'd tend to agree but why? ANYONE: response MITCHELL: Cause even you and I aren't crazy enought to try and survive a full power launch from a ship running at full impulse. Only an unmanned craft on remote could pull that off. WALTAS::Nodding:: Makes sense. All the same I want it disabled. Target its deflector and fire phasers. ::The Discovery lashed out with her main phaser banks. The yacht's shields were no match and the deflector took a direct hit. The yacht dropped out of the slipstream and went spinning out of control, lying adrift far from the approaching battlefield.:: WALTAS: Helm, stay with them. ::Both ships emerged from the slipstream and the looming chaos of the briar patch was just in front of them.:: WALTAS::Tapping his communicator:: =/\= Bridge to shuttlebay-Oddas, Riverwind, Savan, are you ready? =/\= Oddas: =/\= Oddas here, we are ready to launch. =/\= WALTAS: Launch and good hunting. Anders, full impulse. Take us in as close as we can get. Stay with the shuttle. ::Surprisingly, the Thunder didn't immediately open fire. He wondered if there was something going on on the bridge-if the crew had possibly mutinied or..worse..if they were dead. Either way, the plan was in motion, and couldn't be stopped. The shuttle hovered just in front of Discovery's massive saucer section and flew neatly under the Thunder's hull. He looked down at his own sensor console and saw the shields drop, and the grav plating failed on multiple decks.:: WALTAS: Looks like the probe worked. Their shields are down. Mitchell! Fire! Now! ::Tyr had, on many occasions, witnessed the might of the Discovery, but he'd never been so terrified of it as he was at this moment. As precise and skilled as Mitchell was, he was still dealing with aspects that were uncontrollable. No one could direct explosions or tell weapons to hit only ship hulls and systems. People were going to be hurt, and there was nothing he could do about it. The Discovery's phasers slashed into Engineering and then torpedoes followed, striking the the hull and the nacelles. The lights on board the Thunder went dim, then went out completely.:: MITCHELL: Target hit. Showing power out across multiple decks. looks like we got the feedback into the main capacitors. WALTAS: That should keep them down for awhile. ::Turning:: Major. Get our teams moving. Get Irina back up here. PARKER: Will do, Captain:: tapping his comm badge:: =/\= Major Pavlova, report to the Bridge.=/\=..:: low, so only Tyr could hear him:: We'll handle this Tyr. We'll bring Toni and the rest back...and make sure Sanuye hurts no one else. Your place is here, my friend... WALTAS::Quietly, only to him:: I know that. I also know that I'm going over there and nothing you or anyone else on this ship do or say will stop me. Besides.. ::sighing:: Tye is gone and his comm badge is shut off. You know what that means. He's going to confront Sanuye himself, or at least try to. We have to get there first. PARKER: I know, Tyr...I know....::standing up:: Let's go get him... ::Irina appeared, armed to the teeth, as Tyr walked over to the ready room. He'd stored his gear from the Embassy here, and took a moment to regard the emptiness. The rosewood desk was gone, a gift to Raj, and the painting of the USS Discovery now hung in his new office on the Embassy. The medieval broadsword, from the Camelot mission, was gone as well, and he didn't know where. Strapping on his katana, he checked the ancient phaser given to him from Irina, making sure it was set to stun, and holstered it on his thigh. Returning to the bridge, he found the rest of the team assembled. All were wearing gravity boots, knowing that the Thunder's gravitational systems had been cripppled.:: WALTAS: Mitchell, you're in command until we return. If the Thunder moves or powers up you're to open fire, whether we're on board or not. Keep our foot on her throat. Understood? MITCHELL: Aye sir. Full salvo on stand by. WALTAS: T'Minh, I want you to get with Dr. Hendon and prepare to receive the Admiral. We'll be back with her shortly. Hopefully. ::The teams beamed simultaneously to Engineering, auxillary control, and the bridge. The true test was about to begin.:: ==================================== Captain Tyr Waltas Commanding Officer USS Discovery C237910TW0
  3. ((USS Discovery Bridge)) ::Ceilidh had gripped with all her might her station, and it seemed that time slowed down. It had first started when she alerted the Captain of where the Thunder was. What happened next was surreal. Love that had shined the day before, was now bitter cold darkness. One pleaded with his heart, while the other used her words as a weapon to hurt where it would do the most damage. Within a short period of time the Discovery was hit by torpedoes. The bright flash of each one of those 6 torpedoes caught everyone's attention and seemed to hold their gaze. What followed next was the ship jolting to the side, people making a mad dash to grab on to whatever they could, or tuck and roll in the hopes of avoiding major bodily damage. It was a picture painted dark, where despair and desperation were quickly replacing hope and love. Where what had to be done was neither comforting nor fulfilling. It reminded Ceilidh of old Earth paintings she had seen while back on Earth at the academy. Pictures of war painted in bold and dark blacks, browns, reds, greens and blues. At this very moment, if someone from that time on Earth were here today, that is how they would paint this brief moment in time. :: Waltas: What's their projected course? ::Ceilidh looked down at her console and realized where the Discovery was headed...the Ba'ku homeworld. She glanced up and things began to click from her academy days. Capt. Waltas was Ba'ku, the first if her memory served her to enter Star Fleet. WALTAS: What’s their projected course? Riverview: Sir, he's headed for the Ba'ku homeworld. ::The look that came from the Captain was both surprise and hurt, and from the rest of the bridge staff, they echoed that surprise. Ceilidh listened to what was to take place next. This was a new situation for her - missions were normally get in, get what you need, get out. This was different, there was a deep emotional aspect to this mission, and every decision that was made, had to be considered deeper than before, fully knowing that one, if not more people that were on the Thunder, would pay with their lives, and that this time, hearts were involved, and hearts complicated matters much more messily than anything else. Ceilidh was brought back from her thinking when she heard an unfamiliar voice over the comm system.:: Pavlova: If we get that close, will there even be anything left to board? Riverview: Sir, would it work if we could modify a probe and then take it by shuttle? They'll be looking for the discovery, and perhaps will ignore a shuttle. Ensign Ceilidh Riverview Diplomatic Attaché Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A ID number: C239209CR0
  4. (Shuttle bay- USS Discovery-C) ::Mitchell awoke with a start and a throbbing head. As he tried to get his head to stop throbbing, he felt his hand hit something and then the sound of hollow glass rolling across a deck.:: oO Ugh! My head hurts…Oo ::He slowly opened his eyes and found wherever he was, it was brilliantly lit. He let his eyes focus, and found himself looking out at open space. As panic started to set in, he noticed the wavering effect of a mag-con field in place. That meant he was in a shuttle bay and a Starfleet one at that. He pushed himself to his feet and fell back on his face. Groaning, he rolled over and spotted the massive logo of the USS Discovery-C painted there.:: oO That giant eagle Tyr put up there is still scary…Oo ::Before he got to his feet, he noticed the empty whiskey bottle he had knocked when he woke up. That brought back a flash of last night…:: oO I was sitting there with Perin…I made an [...] of myself and started an argument…Oo ::He forced himself to his feet and stumbled to the bay’s exit. Lucky for him his quarters were only one deck up and a short distance around the saucer’s curve thanks to the old days when he was XO.:: oO Things got a little heated I think… I said at least a couple of things I will probably come to regret…Oo ::He stumbled into his old quarters which were still assigned to him for the duration of the special trip. He stripped off what looked like the stained remains of this dress white as he headed into the bathroom.:: oO She had it coming after all….she’s the one who left me and dropped out of contact…Oo ::After a long hot shower, he shaved carefully and felt a lot better than when woke up. He pulled on a pair of jeans since he’d only brought one duty uniform. He was pulling a long sleeve t-shirt over his head when he noticed another ship moving by outside. He recognized the familiar lines of an Akira class ship getting underway. And there was only one Akira in the system, the Thunder-A assigned as Embassy’s support ship.:: oO They put us in a parking orbit right in back of her but plenty clear. After all, an orbit pattern can only hold so many ships. I wonder where why she’s changing orbits at this hour…Wait, she’s leaving orbit..that’s weird. Oo ::Walking over to the replicator, he ordered up a mug of his preferred double strength mocha coffee blend in its travel mug with the Discovery’s logo on it, before setting in at the desk, as the flash of a warp translation reached his window.:: oO Was that the Thunder? Stranger and stranger…Ugh, I really don’t want to find out what exactly I did last night. But I better check on the ship. Oo ::He called up the ship’s s status reports and started going through them. Since he was one of the two people responsible for the ship on this run, and as far as he knew, Raj was still down on the surface, one of them had to take care of it. Everything looked ok and ready for departure when the time came.:: oO Well…she did a good job on the flyby. Nothing got broken and diving that far into atmo with a ship this big could break a lot if done wrong. Oo ::He was finishing off the last of the reports when Suddenly the sound of an incoming call on an open com line sounded.:: WALTAS: =/\= Waltas to Embassy senior staff, Commander Mitchell and Ambassador Ghyurn. Report to the Admiral’s residence immediately and take the Embassy to Red Alert status. =/\= oO Wha…what?? Oo ::He slammed the coffee down and ran and grabbed socks and his old flight boots. He pulled on the socks and the old boots with their special accessories of his old slug thrower and a spare magazine. He hadn’t worn these in quite a while, and felt like slipping into an old pair of slippers. He quickly dung through the track of discarded clothes on the floor and found his com badge.:: MITCHELL: Computer, one to beam directly to the Admiral’s residence. COMPUTER: Stand by….Command authorization needed… MITCHELL: ::tapping the com badge:: =/\= Mitchell to Waltas and Parker. Tyr, I need you, Toni’s or Major Parker’s authorization to beam down to the Admiral’s residence. =/\= PARKER: =/\= Where are you Commander?=/\= MITCHELL: =/\= I’m aboard the Discovery and Red Alert prevents beaming through the Embassy’s shields. =/\= PARKER: =/\= Roger Commander. Stand by.=/\=:: Tapping his commbadge again:: =/\= Computer.Command override for Commander Rode Mitchell. Authorization code Alpha Romeo Epsilon Baker Alpha.=/\= Commander Rode Mitchell Unassigned C238005RM0
  5. ((Kitchen - Waltas’ Residence)) :: After finding Tye had come visiting, Toni invited him into the kitchen where she was preparing breakfast in bed for Tyr.:: Turner: Have a seat at the bar and I'll pour you a cup of coffee. Tye: No thank you, Admiral. Turner: Your dad mention you were not acting like yourself yesterday. Are you not feeling well? Tye: No, I wasn’t. It’s difficult but,:: he lied:: perhaps you’re the best person to talk to. There’s this girl.. :: he paused:: this woman. Her name is Samantha. She works with the Security forces and we, well. Turner: Let me guess, you two broke up. Tye: ::Nodding:: Yes. Well, we broke up and.. I didn’t realize how much I felt for her. :: He pitched a crack of emotion into his voice, lowering his head and seeking sympathy. Turner, being the sympathetic woman she was, fell for it, hook line and sinker.:: Turner: Oh Tye, I'm really sorry to hear that. Tye: :: Head still down:: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to darken your day with my behavior. :: Taking a deep breath, he stood from the stool and stepped over to her.:: The reason I came over first thing this morning is that I realized how selfish I was last night. I wanted to apologize. Please, forgive me. Turner: :: Moving closer, giving him a motherly hug:: There's nothing to forgive, Tye. I understand your feelings more than you know. :: He stepped into her embrace, then gripped the sides of her head with both hands. All pretense of emotion gone, his eyes grew cold, the smile disappeared, and a searing darkness entered his voice.:: Tye: You are mine. Turner: :: Trying to break away:: Tye, what's wrong with you? Let go of me! :: He pushed hard against her formidable mind. This was no wet-behind-the-ears youth, and he found mastering her thoughts difficult. She attempted to cry out and he let go with his left hand, covering her mouth as he martial all of his mental acuity to the surface. He felt the love she had for his father, the confusion at the attack, and the realization as she saw who he really was.:: Sanuye: ::Smiling wickedly:: Yes..now you see me. But it’s too late. :: With one final, crippling push, he cast Toni’s mind into the darkness and imposed his will upon her. Instructions followed as he uncovered her mouth.:: Sanuye: You will board the Thunder with a minimal crew and set a course out of the system. You will tell no one. Especially your husband. Turner: When? Sanuye: Leave. Now. Turner: :: Something seemed all wrong, but her mind surrendered to his control, making it right.:: Alright. :: When he was satisfied she was firmly under his control, he broke the hold, feeling a rush of weakness from the effort. He watched her as she walked glassy-eyed to the comm panel and issued orders. :: Turner: =/\= Turner to T'Lea, Jorey, Frazier, and T'Leria meet me on the Thunder's Bridge immediately. We have to leave the system at once. Turner out! =/\= Break =/\= Turner to USS Thunder-A, Two to beam up now from my coordinates. :: Within a few moments, she and Sanuye disappeared in a transporter beam. The last thing heard in the now-empty kitchen was a cold, menacing chuckle, and the smell of burning biscuits.:: :: Plunged into the familiar setting of the Bridge, she went to work on his orders, not really knowing why or where they had come from.:: Turner: Pelzer plot a course out of the system, We'll leave as soon as Jorey, Frazier, T'Lea, and Doctor T'Leira are aboard. Pelzer: Yes, Ma'am. Any particular direction or destination? :: Now confused as to what to say, she glanced helplessly at Sanuye.:: Sanuye: From what you told me Admiral we would be given specific course headings once we reach the other side of the sandbar. Turner: Yes, that's correct. We won't know until we're underway. :: aggravated by her confusion:: Just follow the damn orders, Janzen. :: In all the years Kim Janzen had served under Admiral Turner, she had never been so short with her, and it seemed out of character for her to be so curt, but then it could be the mission they were embarking on that was infringing on her honeymoon. Given that, Kim dismissed it and plotted a course, then waited for the rest of the crew Toni had cited to come aboard. :: TBC Tag ~Toni Rear Admiral Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A Author ID number: E238209TT0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Turner,_Toni ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Executive Council Member Wiki Admins Team Featured Bio Team - Deputy Facilitator ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." ~ Roslynn Carter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. ((Ballroom, Duronis Embassy)) ::Tyr had destroyed his first plate of food and was well into the second one, realizing he hadn’t eaten anything since the bachelor party and unable to remember what (other than booze) that he had consumed then. He looked up to notice a line had formed near their table, politely wiped his mouth and pushed his plate aside, drawing a little closer to Toni. He was thrilled that so many had made it to the wedding, and were now paying their respects to him and his wife.:: o O Wife. That sounds so foreign. Going to have to get used to that. O o ::The first to approach was his longtime friend and fellow anachronism, Irina Pavlova.:: Pavlova: Congratulations. Turner: Thank you, Irina. I hope you enjoyed the wedding. Pavlova: Well, Ghyurn didn’t have stun me, so I’d call that a win. Turner: Sounds like it, but why would her consider stunning you? Pavlova: Yeah, I slipped him a phaser set to heavy stun and modified for higher power, just in case I lost it. Turner: Oh, I see, then that really was a win. I'm glad you approve of our marriage. Pavlova: I figured it out that you two were together back in the Jurassic period in that tent. Turner: Really, what gave you that idea? Pavlova: His eyes just followed that certain way. Anyway, he’s a good man, loyal to a fault. Oh, that reminds me. I had no idea what to get for you, but I finally figured it out. Turner: You didn't have to get us anything. Pavlova: You once asked me to promise you that another marine would come back alive, whatever it takes. Well, so long as I’m here, I promise Tyr will always come back alive, ::Irina paused a second :: : whatever it takes. Turner: I couldn't have asked for a better gift. Thank you, Irina. ::Irina then stepped over to Tyr.:: Pavlova: You are the godfather of my daughter, and the in a way my own personal savior. Without you, I would still be down on that hellish rock. Without your help afterward, I would be in a body bag in San Francisco like my three away teammates. You are one of a very small group who know my true past, who know what I did to survive on Kjenta II, and you are also the only person close enough to my age to almost understand what it’s like for me now. Waltas::Smiling and meeting her eyes:: I’d do it all over again, Irina. Your friendship has been a blessing to me. Pavlova: This is my gift to you. ::Irina handed him a small package while pulling back the cloth on top. The mark 1 Phase Pistol was instantly recognizable as the same one that Irina had always worn since that day on Kjenta II when a recently crash-landed Tyr had watched in horror as a badly injured Irina Pavlova used this very phase pistol to vaporize the head of her would-be assassin. The weapon was battered, scored, and otherwise showed every single day of the 219 years that Irina had carried it on Kjenta II, as well as the rather rough four years since her rescue. It even still had the hole in the grip where a wire connected it to large homemade batteries on Kjenta II after the original 22nd century Starfleet batteries no longer would hold a charge.:: ::With the weapon were three genuine 22nd century batteries, only re-built with modern power cells and an original belt clip that fortunately had spent those same 219 years up on the Columbia’s armory, protected from aging by the vacuum of space in that badly damaged section of the ship.:: Pavlova: Its not much to look at, and has less power than the modern ones, but its more accurate and it has a history of never failing its owner. It will never fail you either. Waltas: ::Haltingly:: Irina, this is yours..it’s a symbol of who you are. I can’t accept this. Pavlova: Its also part of my gift to your wife, which is to make sure you always come back alive, whatever it takes. Waltas::Sighing, he closed the box and kept it close to him:: You’re going to regret that promise. You know what a knack I have for getting myself into trouble. But, thank you Irina. You will always be my friend, and may you find peace one day that I’ve found today. ::His eyes moved to Aria, in line nearby, then back to her:: Sometimes it’s closer than you think. ::He watched her leave, then the massive Marine he counted among his closest friends approached.:: Parker: Looks like there are a lot of people looking after you, Tyr, Toni... Waltas::Chucking, sarcastically:: Yeah, great. That’s all I need are nursemaids. Won’t have a moment’s peace. Turner: Looks that way, sure enough. Allison: We haven't left the two of you off our list... Naloor: Congratulations, you two.... :: Naloor, walking Ryland, had come up behind them, bearing a wooden box. Placing it on the table, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: Admiral...when I had no place to go, you gave me a home, a future, and a purpose. Because of you, I was able to make a life here, build a home, marry Kamela, and raise our son. You have been in my corner on countless occasions, saved my life, and for that, I am forever grateful.::Turning to Tyr:: My friend, my brother. You are the godfather of my son, kept my head straight when I was First Officer, and became as personal to me and my family as blood brothers. I'm not good at this whole gift giving thing, so....just open the box... :: Hannibal slid the box over to his friend, and watched while he undid the gold clasps holding the box closed. When he opened it and saw what was inside, it was Kamela who spoke:: Allison: Both Hannibal and I know of your fondness for cutlery, and Hannibal had his armorer on Cestus Three make you both of these knives. Tyr, the Bowie knife is for you, and the dagger is for Toni... :: Both blades were dark in color, save for the razor sharp edges. The dagger, double edged with a one inch wide blade, tapered to a point, the hilt, small, made for Toni's smaller hands. Etched into the blade on one side was Admiral Turners' name, with the Starfleet insignia on each end, with the crest of the USS Thunder-A on the other side, with the words "LET'S ROLL" written in script underneath. Tyr's Bowie was inscribed with his name, with the Starfleet insignia on one side, and the Globe and Anchor of the Starfleet Marines on the other:: Parker: Never know when you gotta get up close and personal..this will make sure you can get up close and personal just in case you need your katana and another blade. Always carry a backup, just in case.... Allison: Admiral...the dagger is easily concealed on your person. It's always good to be able to do the unexpected... ::Being a blademaster, Tyr knew immediately the bowie knife was of superior craftsmanship and design. It was deadly-and had more uses than the Ba’ku could count. He smiled to his friend and quickly tucked away the knife.:: Waltas::Standing, he clasped forearms with his massive friend:: Thank you, brother. For everything. I’ll carry it with honor. ::Turning to Toni:: We’re going to be the most heavily armed bride and groom in Starfleet history. Turner: ::laughing, hugging Hannibal and Kamela, then Ryland and Naloor:: Yeah, so you better watch your step. Thank you all. ::Sharpe made his way to the table next.:: Sharpe: Admiral, Captain; congratulations on your wedding day, also Admiral might I say you look beautiful! Captain Waltas is a lucky man :: Sharpe said looking at the pair.:: Waltas::Nodding:: She is, isn’t she? Still trying to figure out how I managed to catch her attention. Turner: How could you not. Your no slouch, yourself, handsome. Thank you for the compliment, Sharpe. Sharpe: You are welcome; I think the gift I got you is more.... Practical in its application than what my wife had in mind, Alex also sends her congratulations and best wishes on this day, I sent her a secure message about this and she asked me to wish you well and to offer her congratulations on your wedding day. Waltas: Send our thanks back to her if you would. Turner: Yes, please thank her. Sharpe: :: Smiling :: oh before I let the other guest wish you well, I have managed to acquire you both a separate gift each, unlike the one on the presents table which I will not tell you what it is but do be gentle with it, the others I have you will be waiting in your quarters. :: Looking at Waltas :: for you Captain I was unsure what to get you as the last gift I gave you before I left for the Victory was either Romulan or Andorian ale. You said after that you did not drink, so this time I have acquired for you Captain a ceremonial bush from your home planet of Ba'Ku :: he looked puzzled :: I think my contact said it had something to do with well being or some such, but it was highly prized. :: now looks at Turner :: for you Admiral I have acquired you a crate of Bajoran spring wine 2230s vintage, I am told it has become quite rare, I know you are partial to the drink. Waltas::Thinking:: It must be a Garu’mai plant. They’re extremely rare. Not sure how you pulled that off Sharpe but I thank you. ::Turning to Toni:: They thrive on sunshine-we should plant it near the house in the garden. Turner: Sounds like the perfect spot for it. And thank you for the spring wine, Sharpe. I'll put it to good use. Sharpe: :: he looks back to Waltas :: If only you drank Captain, I could have gotten you a crate of drink that would be hard to get under normal circumstances, but I had to settle for the bush. I hope it is what the courier said it was :: looking behind him as he noted a queue building up :: well I will not keep you from your other guests, again my congratulations to you both. :: With a smile and polite shallow bow of his head in respect he headed straight for the drinks table.:: ::Pavlova’s current love interest (it was obvious), Aria Oddas, approached next. Tyr hadn’t had much of an opportunity to speak with the woman but he was glad that she had managed to keep Irina on an even keel-a difficult task to say the least.:: Oddas: Congratulations Ma'am, sorry, Toni. :: she sat down the box :: From what I can tell these books, :: she opened the box revealing a two leather bound set of Grey's Anatomy, 50th edition and an isolinear chip with the same text inlaid in the lid :: were the premier text for the medical profession on earth for centuries . I hope that you like them. Turner: ::Grinning:: Like them, no, I love them! How did you know? I've been hunting for them for several years, and haven't been able to find them, much less a set with the isolinear chip. Thank you, Aria! I'll treasure them always. Oddas: I appreciate it. :: Aria smiled and moved to the Captain.:: Oddas: Sir, Tyr. I understand you like classical, Terran music. :: She handed him the package with the picture of a man and "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison" in the upper right corner on it. :: I found this, it is a replica, but according to my research it is an accurate replicate of something called a '78'. :: she paused :: More importantly, if you take it into a holosuite it will reproduce the performance the audio recording is said to be of. If you don't mind me saying, it was a ... moving experience. ::Tyr’s mouth dropped open. To see he was a fan of Johnny Cash was saying he liked the Discovery. Both were gross understatements. To witness it live, in a holosuite, would be amazing. It was one of the most iconic performances in history.:: Waltas: This is amazing! Thank you. I can’t wait to try this out. ::Turning to Toni:: The Man in Black.. Turner: Oh wow! You couldn't have pleased us more, Aria. Oddas: :: smiled a smile of relief :: You're welcome. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. :: She turned to walk away, but stopped short. :: Oddas: Congratulations again. Waltas: Thank you again for the wonderful gift. ::Tyr found himself like a child during the holidays, wanting to rush off and play with his new gifts. He was about to examine the 78 more closely when T’Lea received an elbow from Vetri, drawing his attention. He figured it was their usual banter, but wasn’t completely positive. If he’d learned anything about T’Lea through the years, it was that she was completely unpredictable.:: T’Lea: Weddings make her frisky. ::beat:: Seriously, though, I am pleased you found an emotional connection with each other. Family, as I have learned the hard way, is the most important thing to have in life. Without them you’re just a single nutcase, but together there’s proof that other people are more crazy than yourself. Waltas::Chuckling:: That’s an..interesting indictment of marriage but probably accurate. Thank you both for your presence. I hope our bond is as solid as yours and Vetri’s is through the years. T’Lea: Well, we should let you both get back to the rest of your adoring minions. Oh, we brought you offerings of worship as well. :: pointing at the gift table:: It’s the box with Romulan Star Empire wrapping paper on it. ::at Toni:: If he annoys you, feel free to shoot him with it. Maybe not a mortal wound, well… depending on how badly he’s [...]ed you off- :: Before T’Lea was pulled away, she managed to do something slightly out of character. She gave Toni a hug, which shocked Tyr to his core. He never expected her to display that type of emotion, but was happy she did. For him, he expected more viperous words and threats considering their history. She whispered something to Toni, let go and offered Tyr a handshake, and after he took it she pulled him firmly in to whisper something to him. Tyr was so shocked by the display that all he could do was hug back.:: oO I don’t believe it! This is a new T’Lea. They should record this for history. No nasty threats, no evil smirk, just a genuine, loving, friendly… Oo T’Lea: Hurt her and I’ll use you as a hood ornament for the Thunder. oO Aaaaand she’s back! Oo Waltas: ::chuckling:: I promise I’ll only hurt those who try to hurt her. T’Lea: Excellent! ::she let him go:: My sincerest congratulations, Mr. Turner. Waltas: ::bowing excessively:: Thank you, Mrs. Della. Trel’lis: I wanted to congratulate you and Captain Waltas! I wish you both the best and a long and happy marriage! Waltas: Thank you very much. Turner: Thanks Trel'lis. We're glad you could come. Trel’lis: I may be ‘new’ and a visitor, but I felt it only proper to be here for this joyous event! My gift is on the table and I thought it would be a lovely addition to your home. Waltas: There’s an old saying..There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t yet met. Turner: And that's true. Trel’lis: ::a twinge of awkwardness:: Again, I wish you both well and many *happy* years together! Waltas: Emphasis on happy I hope. Thank you again for coming. Turner: You'll always be welcome here. Did you come with someone or alone? Trel’lis: I did come with Lieutenant Commander Flynn, Admiral. Turner: He's a nice man. I met him last night. Both of you are welcome anytime. ::As the line died down a bit, he noticed that the lights had dimmed and a spotlight was now shining on them. A song began to play and Raj, as master of ceremonies, introduced them.:: Blueheart: Ladies and gentlemen, dignitaries, family and friends. It is time for the newlyweds’ first dance. ::It was their first dance together as husband and wife. Tyr reached down and offered his hand to his beautiful bride.:: Waltas: May I have this dance? Turner: ::smiling at him:: You certainly may. ::Tyr and Toni stepped to the center of the dance floor as the music began to play. He placed hand on her lower back and pulled her close to him, looking into her eyes as they danced.:: Waltas: You look radiant, Toni. Turner: It's the love I have for you shinning through, Tyr. OOC: https://youtu.be/x1ubrA5SsUo ==================================== Captain Tyr Waltas CO, Strategic Operations Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder C237910TW0
  7. I had planned to sim a relationship with a PNPC, but a relationship with another Player Character sort of organically grew and so we've both just started going with it. I'm relatively new to the idea and it could all fall apart, but so far it's been fun. I'm open to either, but I think it's too early to talk about "preferences" for me.
  8. (( Oddas's Quarters, Embassy, Duronis II )) ((Dream - 3.5-years-ago, Control Center, Planet Kjenta II)) PAVLOVA: Its true then? It really has been over two centuries. TRENG: So again I give you the choice. Drop your weapons, sit down and we can talk things out like grown-ups, or you will never leave this high-gravity paradise of a planet. STAVINS: Don't be so sure... ::Irina just looked back and further between Captain Waltas and Dr. Treng. The long-haired captain really was from the future, or rather she and her shipmates were from the very distant past. What had the last two centuries seen pass? Moretti was alive so obviously some of the stasis chambers were still working, was Katya still waiting?:: ((Hallway outside the control room)) ::As the away team entered the control room, Gunnery Sergeant Brown emerged from the other end of the hallway and with all eyes inside the room on Treng, he approached until the angle to the open door gradually afforded him a view of more and more of the interior of the room, like an ever-expanding slice of pie. Finally he saw the back of the person he was looking for, raised his pistol and fired. The first shot took Irina from behind in the left thigh, the second in the left shoulder and the third an inch lower into her middle back. He adjusted fire as he saw the large security guard Duquzieny, and quickly put a bullet into the man's throat, killing him instantly. He then saw the Amazonian woman from the comms, Lieutenant Amman with a weapon aimed at him and he fired, but his shot went high into the ceiling, thrown off at the last second as Hsina's first .45 slug struck him solidly in the chest before he had her in his sights. He tried to bring his weapon to bear again, but another shot from Hsina's .45 came a fraction of a second later, striking him an inch from the first shot. A third shot followed, dead center between the first two. Brown stood unmoving for an instant, then crumpled lifeless to the ground. Another Columbia survivor emerged from the same direction Brown had come,this one with a rifle in his hands. As he brought the weapon up to take aim, Hsina's .45 barked twice again, sending rifle and man quickly to the ground as the bullets both hit true to center-of-mass.:: ((Inside the Control Room)) :: Things were as if in slow motion. Irina felt the bullets strike her and saw as the world began to tilt. It wasn't really tilting, but she hit the ground so quickly that was the thought that came to mind. She could hear the exchange of fire out in the hallway and was vaguely aware of the sudden weight on top of her legs as Duquzieny fell across her, unmoving. There was panic everywhere, but strangely Irina was calm, strangely at peace. She thought of Dimitri back on Earth, dead now for centuries. Katya. The last she had seen of her daughter she was crying as Irina and Dr. Solis closed the lid of her stasis chamber. Irina smelled that shampoo Katya loved, as though her nose was burried in the toddler's hair. She too, likely dead for centuries. oO But Moretti was alive, in stasis the whole time. Could Katya have survived as well? Nothing, not even Treng herself would get in the way of her seeing her daughter, alive or dead Oo. As her vision narrowed and consciousness oozed, Irina reached her still good right hand inside the waistband at the back of her pants and pulled out the small pistol. When Irina left for Columbia in 2169 her father had given her the ancient German pistol. The gun was a prize some distant ancestor took from a German officer he'd killed in the second world war during the siege of Stalingrad. The weapon had been in the family since 1944, and in Irina’s possession for fully half of its nearly five centuries of existence. The sights were increasingly difficult to see as Irina's vision darkened, but when she thought she had the sights lined up and Treng behind them, she squeezed the trigger. Sadly, nothing happened. Treng was hit, but did not die, and Irina’s arm couldn’t hold the weapon for a second shot.:: ::The dream was more than a dream, it was a memory, and an accurate one, but where usually the dream would end and Irina would just sit upright, awake in a cold sweat, this time, for the first time, it didn’t end at all. She remained on the ground, but her vision didn’t go black. She was helpless, unmoving, but Treng wasn’t. The woman, despite bullet holes, claw marks and even a a Dalid’s bite, was still standing, unaffected by her grievous wounds which seemed to heal themselves as though she were a hologram rather than a human.:: Pavlova: :: screaming :: No, you're already dead! Leave me alone! ::Treng reached down at the Daclid and with just a flick of her glance, sent the lizard-like creature flying against the opposite wall, his body striking with a sickening crunch and then collapsing to the ground, unmoving. :: She could feel someone shaking her, but try as she may, her body would not response. :: ::One by one, Treng shifted her attention to each of the officers from Discovery’s away team, and with no more than a glance, she repeated her telekinetic throw with such force that their bodies had no chance against the ungiving stone walls of the control center. Blueheart was next, his head cracking against the wall with such force as to splash its contents like water from a balloon. Hsina Amman, the massive amazon was next, but despite her size and strength she was killed just as easily.:: ::Irina could hear a voice just as Treng looked past her and locked her gaze on Captain Waltas.:: Oddas: :: softly :: Irina! :: there was no response, so more loudly and forcefully. :: Irina! :: :: Irina’s eyes focused and where once she saw Treng, now she saw Oddas, gripping her shoulders tightly and shaking.. :: Pavlova: Quick, she’s got your captain. :: Now it was Aria's turn to be confused, Irina was making no sense, unless she was still dreaming. Aria sat up and pulled the woman up with her, rubbing her shoulders and back, trying to soothe her as best as she could. :: Oddas: :: whispering :: Irina, you're dreaming. Wake up, whatever is going on, you're safe. ::Slowly it came back. She was at Aria’s place, the engineer with the bumpy nose. It had all been so real, and still was in a way. She could still feel the blinding pain of the bullets in her shoulder, thigh an back, that sickening sound the bodies had made. But it wasn’t right. The Daclid, oO his name was Steve? Who names a lizard Steve? Oo, Blueheart, Amman and Waltas weren’t killed in that room, Treng was. Irina was confused, somehow still terrified though she didn’t know why.:: Pavlova: She’s dead. She’s been dead for years. Oddas: :: softly :: shhh, shhhh, I promise, you are ok. :: Aria began rocking Irina gently, and then gradually they leaned back. Irina was so confused, but before she could process her thoughts any more, she was again fast asleep. :: (( Some time later )) :: The dream repeated again, but this time it ended the way it was supposed to, with Irina’s bullet hitting Treng, and then everything going black with Irina sitting up, wide-awake in a cold sweat.:: ::She looked down at Aria sleeping peacefully and wanted more than anything to just lay back down and hold her tightly, but as was always the case after the extremely vivid memory/dream of Kjenta, she just had to know that the reality of the last three years, was just that, reality, and that she wasn’t still down on that high-gravity hell of a planet. More than anything, she needed to see Katya and squeeze her hard enough to convince herself that she was real.:: ::Irina got out of bad as quietly as possible and dressing as quickly and quietly as she could, she made her way out and sprinted all the way back home, finding Katya and Jazmine sleeping on the living room couch and Jessica, Sergeant Wilkins’ 17-year-old daughter and Irina’s preferred babysitter now that Kai’la was at the academy, herself asleep in the recliner.:: ::Irina picked Katya up and then held her tight, waking her up, though her smile indicated that the girl didn’t mind. Irina just stood there, squeezing her daughter and crying for the better part of an hour before carrying her daughter into her room and climbing into the child’s bed with her, never once letting go.:: (( Turner Residence )) :: Irina made it to Turner’s house at the correct time and after a few minutes was showed to a changing room and given her bridesmaid dress. A few minutes later Irina emerged in her dress and saw the chaos of women running this way and that, and noticed Aria standing there in the middle with a confused look.:: ::Irina walked up behind her, not knowing what to say. She had had a wonderful time, but Aria had seen with her own eyes what Irina had thus far kept hidden from everyone else she had met in this century, including her own late wife. What would she think? Irina wouldn’t be surprised if the engineer had already referred her for counseling, but at the very least doubted the Bajoran would want much to do with her after her “performance” last night.:: ::Coming up behind, Irina slipped her arms around Aria’s waist and just leaned her face down into Aria’s shoulder and cried.:: Major Irina Pavlova First Officer, USS Bronwyn Author ID 0238908HA0
  9. ((Duronis II, Embassy Beach)) Vetri: C’mon, give her here. :: T’Lea did so, but Della, totally on purpose, fumbled the catch completely and T’Sara ended up dropping butt-first into the water.:: Vetri: Oops. :: The Romu-vulc erupted in a short laugh, and T’Sara continued to giggle.:: T’Lea: That right there just won you the evil award tonight. Vetri: No comment. ::turning to Garth with a moderately evil grin:: Of course, there’s *this* giggling little critter as well... :: T’Lea, apparently, was going to take this one, and started stalking toward the little boy.:: T’Lea: Oh yes, the Dragon of the Seas requests your presence, young warrior. Garth: Noooo! Ya can't dunks me, Miss Tea! I's dunk ya instead! T’Lea: Ha! Ha! Ha! No one dunks the Lady- :: Actually, they did. As the splash of water that heralded T’Lea’s fall – the result of Garth’s neat little evasion – made clear. The Romu-vulc popped back up quickly, though, faking a gloriously overacted death.:: T'Lea: You got me… so brave… so tiny… so… aggg… Turner: ::trying not to laugh:: Sorry T'Lea, I should have warned you. He's been taking self-defense lessons. :: Della flashed a grin at the newly-arrived Toni, helping T’Sara up to her feet.:: Garth: I sorrie, Miss Tea, butts I warn ya. Donts be mads at me. :: T’Lea gave him a pat on the head, clearly holding no grudge at all. Or at least not much of one.:: T’Lea: Don’t forget to follow through. ::tickling him:: Because the Dragon of the Seas will rise again! ::scooting on shore:: Out you go. Vetri: C’mon nugglet, looks like bath time’s over for now. :: Her daughter’s hand in her own, the Trill ambled back to the shore whilst her wife wrung out her hair and made sure she was still decently covered. Covered, she was, but in Della’s opinion, there was some distance between T’Lea and decent, given what the water had done to the already snug fit of the woman’s dress.:: Turner: ::taking Garth by the hand to get him out of the water:: I came to get my little scamp to eat dinner and then take the kids home. If they don't go to sleep early, I'm afraid they'll be cranky tomorrow. Care to join us for supper? T’Lea: That sounds like a lovely idea, except for two things. One, if my dress shrinks anymore I may suffocate, and two, we already ate. :: She could sense a certain regret in T’Lea’s aura, but Della agreed with the priorities. She could feel T’Sara flagging a bit, too, though the little girl was hiding it well.:: Vetri: I think a quick bit of rescheduling might be a plan. Turner: ::talking as she walked back to the tables:: Well, what about meeting at my house tomorrow about 1200 hours with the bridesmaids. We all can do our hair, and get dressed there, and beam to the beach by 1500. That should be plenty of time, don't you think? T’Lea: That we can do. :: Was that eagerness, Della detected? If so, that was a first.:: Vetri: ::smirking:: Also, make sure that you don’t run off and hitch the first ride off-planet. Turner: Yeah, that too. I have to admit, I'm really nervous and may need a pep talk ahead of time. T’Lea: Oh, please, you’ve face, borg, gorn, time fractures, and me. There’s nothing to be worried about. Besides, if I can marry *her*, with multiple crazies running around in her symbiot, then you can certainly bond with *one* man. Vetri: Might I remind you, you were one of them for a while? T’Lea: Adorable crazies then. Vetri: If you insist. Turner: ::stopping at a table to fix Garth a plate:: Okay, we'll see you tomorrow at 1200 hours. :: T’Lea grabbed her arm with a serious expression, and one of Della’s eyebrows rose in a silent question as to just what that was about.:: T’Lea: Maybe I should have said this sooner, but… he’s a good man. You chose well. Just… don’t tell him I said that. Vetri: You’ll make each other happy, Toni. Even crazier than you both are already, but happy. :: With a cheery wave, Della watched Toni and Garth head off, then glanced at T’Lea.:: T’Lea: So, soggy bottoms let’s get you home and— :: The way T’Lea cut off, her gaze dropping to where T’Sara was sprawling in her arms, had Della looking down sharply – only to chuckle as she saw just what their daughter was doing.:: T’Lea: ~~ Well, that was fast. ~~ Vetri: ~~ No kidding. I didn’t even feel her conk out. ~~ T’Lea: ~~ Question. How are *you* going to get her out of those wet clothes and into her pajamas without waking her up.~~ :: Okay, that *was* a good question. Luckily, Della had an equally good answer.:: Vetri: ~~ Simple, I’m not. ~~ :: Her cheerful smile made it abundantly obvious who she had in mind for the job.:: T’Lea: ~~ Oh, no, I hereby decree that motherly duties such as these are granted to the absent parent upon her return, forever more.~~ :: She was sure there was some sort of dig in there, but Della let it pass. After all, it wasn’t like the duty was exactly onerous. In fact, she’d kind of missed it.:: Vetri: Fine. And after I’ve done that, I’ll even help get *you* changed, too. Though that dress may not survive the process. :: Not, she suspected, that either of them would be all *that* bothered by that outcome...:: (PNPC) Captain Della Vetri Commanding Officer USS Tiger Author ID: O238506DV0
  10. ((Embassy Grounds, Duronis II)) ::Ceilidh looked at the people there. The captain, Allison, Stelin, as well as the Laudean Prime Minister. There was tension in the air, and Ceilidh wasn't too sure what to make of it. Out in space, aboard a Space ship during battle was one thing, but on the ground, that was completely different, and to be quite honest, more terrifying. When Daysa greeted both herself and Allison, there was a sad joy to his voice, as if he was happy to see them, realizing that this was per chance the last time they'd greet each other alive. It was a sorrow that sprank up from deep within, but there was also a hint of determination in that voice, that if at all possible, they'd not allow such a thing to happen.:: Daysa: The Laudean Militia has been taught to face their battles head on, and I feel certain that they will do the same here at the front gate. Before the night is over, your beautiful fountain will flow with their blood. ::The statement still made Ceilidh blanch. Water had always captivated her, ever since she could remember. It's hues of blues and greens evoked fond memories. Yet the idea of the fountain spitting up red water, tinted from blood was not an image she wanted to think about, less see with her own eyes. It seemed that no matter how 'civilized' people got, there was still a barbaric nature hiding deep within, raging to get out at the first opportunity. :: Daysa: The thing that bothers me is them having vessels in space. Stelin: If we had another ship, we could coordinate with it in order to keep the ship in orbit busy while we fight the ground troops. ::Samal’s stomach turned. He was right. :: Frazier: I am sure that is why they are hitting us now. We can only assume they have been watching us a long time and know how we operate. Stelin: Is there any way to get a message to the Thunder? Frazier: And Star Base 118 is not able to send any ships to support either. Allison: They are operating dark, both the Thunder and the Bronwyn... Riverview: ::Looking at Frazier:: This could be the entire main reason as to why when I first arrived you stated that our ships are all out. This could have been their ploy the entire time, leave us unguarded in the hopes of taking over, without interference from Star Fleet. ::It was plausible that all the recent activity was to get us vulnerable, so that the Prime Minister could be attacked and Starfleet wouldn't be there to aid, and could then potentially be blamed for not helping in time. Thankfully though, both the Thunder and Bronwyn were just above the planet, operating in darkness, and now just needed to be contacted. Stelin, Allison, and Martinez devised a way to communicate with them so that the Laudean attack force would be unaware of what was taking place. Daysa: ::Fielding the oncoming Militia and the arrival of Dr. Peji and the students:: No, they are here. I have an idea that may stop a battle or at least buy us some time. ::Ceilidh watched as Daysa went forward to speak with the others. It saddened her to know that she was right, that it had been someone closest to Daysa who had decided to betray him. What must it feel like to know that someone who you've let into your life, perhaps even your heart betray your trust and wish harm on not only you, but your family as well?:: Daysa: ::Raising his hand to quiet everyone:: Please allow me time to be heard. I know that you've come to overthrow the Laudean Government under my direction, and drive the Federation from Til'ahn. ::When Daysa put things into familia terms, it began to become more personal forr all that were there. The facial expressions began to change, and not everyone was as eager now as they were when they first marched up. Whipping up anger among a group is easy and takes rather little effort. But calming such an approaching storm, that was an art form, built on years of learning patience and wisdom.:: Daysa: The Federation have not come to invade us. They've come to preserve our way of life. The people you fight for are the invaders in league with the Romulan Tal' Shair. Surely you remember how our lives were changed under their rule. Our children starved, our women violated, and our Lomales enslaved. Is this the life you want to return? Is it the life you choose for your children and your children's children? Abasi: That is not the life I want for my people Daysa: Then lay down your arms and recall the vessels. And let's go home, to a life we can enjoy unfettered. Abasi: =/\= All units. This is Submarshal Abasi. Stand down. Return to base. Repeat, return to base.=/\= :: The troops lowered their weapons and began to climb back into their transports:: Abasi: It is done, Prime Minister. If you wish to arrest me, I will be at my barracks... ::Now was the long road of healing that laid before all parties, and that included the Federation. There might not have been direct involvement in the reasons for the uprising this time, but they were mentioned as a source of resentment by some, and that needed to be resolved. :: Riverview: ::Looking at Frazier:: If I may sir, I would like to work with Prime Minister Daysa and Submarshal Abasi ::looking at both Daysa and Abasi:: to help understand what lead up to these events, and help on the road to recovery. I believe that the Federation needs to be involved in this process, as we were mentioned as a point of contention. Ensign Ceilidh Riverview Diplomatic Attaché Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A ID number: C239209CR0
  11. ((Guest Quarters, USS Thunder-A, Deck 3)) Shi'lar: :: turning to Savan again:: Why would I need such a guard? You should not concern yourself with that duty. They will not kill me. ::Savan was fascinated by her confidence.:: Savan: How can you be sure? Shi'lar: ::confused again:: I'm not sure how I know that, other than they need me. My captors were told not to harm me. But when I refuse to tell them anything they carried things too far and I almost died until I was rescued. Savan: Would you have ever told them what they wanted to know? Shi'lar: Worla! Not until I'm sure . . . Minister Varaal must approve. Savan: Approve of what? :: Again she responded that she didn't know. Somehow the reasons behind his questions alluded her. :: ::At that time, Savan’s comm badge went off.:: :: Shi'lar occupied herself, standing in front of the Kol-Ut-Shan, but she listened to the conversation.:: Ryan: :: =/\= Counsellor Ryan to Lt. Savan. =/\= ::Savan recognized the name, though they had not yet met. It was the new Terran counselor who had tried to enter Shi’lar’s room at the medical building, according to the security reports. He raised his eyebrow.:: Savan: =/\= Counselor, this is Lt. Savan… =/\= Ryan: =/\= Doctor T'Leira and I are wondering if this would be a good time to attend to our guest? =/\= ::Counselors had their way of being insistent. Savan chose to be polite but formal.:: Savan: =/\= I will need to confirm this with Admiral Turner, but I believe so. =/\= Ryan: =/\= Alright then. Ryan out. =/\= ::Shi’lar seemed concerned.:: Shi’lar: ::staring at him quizzically :: Who was that? Savan: That was the ship’s counselor. I believe you may have met him. Do you remember? Shi’lar: ::pondering the question for a moment:: How many counselors does the ship have? I met one the day I met you, and later, I met another in sickbay, but Conners and his Marines threw him out of my room for bothering me. Savan: He and one of the ship’s doctors would like to see how you are doing medically. ::Savan was not certain how Shi’lar felt about this news.:: Shi’lar: Oh, then I will see them. The doctors have treated me very well, and this will give me an opportunity to thank at least one of them them. Savan: I will need to check with Admiral Turner to verify they may proceed. Shi’lar: Why? I have given my permission. Savan: I prefer to take a conservative approach. Shi'lar: I see. Okay, if you must. ::With Shi’lar’s approval, Savan hit his comm badge.:: Savan: =/\= Lt. Savan to Admiral Turner =/\= ::There was no response. Just a quiet static. Savan: =/\= Admiral Turner, this is Lt. Savan. Please respond. =/\= ::Savan became concerned. He saw that Shi’lar was observing him.:: ::Savan quickly went over to the quarter’s terminal.:: Savan: Computer, activate station terminal, clearance Savan-Delta-Five-Three-Tango. ::Instead of activating as usual, the display turned erratic. Shi’lar turned to him.:: Shi’lar: ::hinting her fear:: What's wrong? Savan: I am not certain. I ran a full set of security protocols beforehand. Savan: =/\= Lt. Savan to Security =/\= ::Once again, no response. Savan took out his tricorder. Shi'lar: ::her worry intensifying :: Is this usual? Savan: I am detecting an odd power signature in a nearby EPS power junction. Shi’lar: ::Unfamiliar with Starfleet terminology:: What does EPS mean? Savan: It appears that someone has left a gift for us… ::Savan ran over to an engineering panel. He was a security officer, not an engineer.:: Shi’lar: ::his swiftness alerted her to his concern about the gift. :: What are you doing? Savan: I am trying to determine if this is a system overload or something else. Unlike most Vulcans, science and engineering is not a favorite subject of mine... I am trying to divert power to another junction. ::Then he heard the door chime going off. Apparently, that system had not been disabled.:: :Shi’lar appeared concerned.:: Shi’lar: Should I answer it? Savan: It may be the counselor… or someone else. Shi’lar, please get behind me. ::As Savan drew his phaser, Shi'lar did as he told her. Placing her hands on his sides so he would know where she was.:: Savan: Is that you, Counselor? ::Savan was not certain if the door intercom was working.:: Savan: Counselor Ryan? ::Shi’lar’s face began to grow serious.:: ::Savan’s Vulcan hearing allowed him to detect a Terran voice on the other side, a supposition verified by his tricorder. He decided to try his luck and pound on the door. If anything Savan could pull the door apart... or blast it open, though that would be far less elegant..:: Ryan: Lieutenant, ::He leaned and shouted at the door.:: is everything okay? MSPNPC Shi'lar Simmed by Rear Admiral Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A Author ID number: E238209TT0
  12. I guess its because I'm sort of lazy. In every game I've played since I was a kid I played a female character and its just been natural to me. I don't really give it a second thought anymore and it was almost muscle memory at this point.
  13. ((Power Facility- Duronis II Embassy)) ::Sharpe had finally arrived at the power facility, things had moved so fast during this latest invasion that he was all over the place, in fact the last place he remembered being was securing the Security building, and then notifying Captain Waltas that he had captured the group leader of the sabotage and retrieval team of Orion's in the basement of the Security building, he also mentioned that they may have a cloaked ship in orbit as they sent a very important looking file up to somewhere, he could not tell which, now here he was approaching Parker and Oddas, he knew they had been saying something, but he missed all the rest and arrived at the point where explosives were mentioned.:: ::Sharpe had remained silent, he was well aware that he was behind on things, but he looked at the bomb and knew Kildare could have disarmed it as he was a bomb disposal expert, but Starfleet had posted him to a system that was petitioning for membership but still had a lot of terrorist attacks on its ruling government, so he and a large contingent of Starfleet personnel had made an Outpost there and began to help the reigning government, Sharpe himself was good with computers not bombs, so he was a little startled when Parker's Commbadge chirped.:: Waltas: =/\= Major, sitrep. =/\= ::As Parker went onto explain things to Captain Waltas Sharpe took him a better look at his surroundings, his gaze came to rest on Oddas. Sharpe was not that close to Parker in location so he made some noise and Parker looked back as Sharpe closed the gap getting a better look at the bomb just as Parker finished speaking with Waltas.:: Sharpe: How you holding up El tee? ::Smiling in a friendly manner at her response he turned to Parker.:: Sharpe: What's the stitch Major? Parker: If we live through this, I'm court marshaling both of you. If we die, I'm going to find you both in the afterlife and kick your asses for all eternity.... ::Oddas had a look that said dubious, she was unsure if Parker was joking or not, Sharpe on the other hand knew he was a gentle giant and this was his way of releasing frustration, he must have been feeling.:: Sharpe: Oh please Major, this is not the time for theatrics, you are just miffed that you have encountered a problem you cannot solve, you are like my wife, well what she used to be like; if it does not involve shooting you always seem to get frustrated and this is classic Parker ::Sharpe smiled as he said this, Parker may be a big softy underneath, but the guy still had one hell of a temper and big softy or not he was truly capable of causing hurt.:: What’s the bombs timeframe? Parker: Two minutes, thirty five seconds. It's a tricobalt explosive with a magnetic attachment and a tritium detonator. Sharpe: It's the Final Countdown!! Parker: Exactly. No time. We need to focus on getting the bomb off the manifold without setting it off. Oddas, find us an anti grav unit, pronto... Oddas: Aye Sir. :: she scrambled off to find the anti-grav unit, feeling good about doing something. :: Sharpe: ::With Oddas gone Sharpe got closer to the bomb and he got a good look at it:: Okay that does not look good, looks like its got a gyro unit attached ::pause:: no wonder you asked for an anti-grav unit Major! What do we actually need to do? Parker: We need to de- magnetize the seal, but before we do that, we need to neutralize the mercury switch which.. is.. right... there:: pointing behind an access panel:: You up for this? Sharpe: Hey I am game! After everything that has happened to me this year in such a short space of time, the prospect of going boom is not so daunting, but if I die I will go knowing that my wife will stop at nothing to avenge me and in that I would pity the Orion's. Okay ::he said as he walked over to the access panel and carefully opened it and gasped in awe, the computer hook ups and such were close to his holy grail, he knew that if it went boom he would die happy. Parker: Well then, let's get to it..... ::As Sharpe looked around he saw the area in a less than tidy state, with debris everywhere and fluctuating ODN cables poking out of holes, he knew the Embassy had been bombarded, but he did not realize it had been bombed this badly, but he returned his attention to the panel aware that Oddas had returned but that’s all he knew as he found a balance between being fully immersed in his work and having to communicate with Parker.:: Sharpe: Major, I have just deactivated the motion sensor detectors on the explosive device which connect to the mercury switch, you should be able to move it a little without the big badda boom. Parker: I don't just want to move it, I want to transport it out of here... Sharpe: ::shrugging even though Parker was not looking at him:: Well I have to make sure power and sensors to the bomb are disconnected first and this is a lot more complicated that patching or rewiring the Tactical/Security console on the Thunder or Bronwyn, one false move here and I get to see my parents again, so please Major be you slow with what you is doing, I would like to see my children again. ::Sharpe worked his way through re-routing power cables and adjusting micro isolinear chips to other places, not so easy to do with tools that you had to improvise with, but as he got into his work his subconscious habit of talking to himself as he worked raised its head.:: Sharpe: Okay now, if I put that there and move that over there and adjust that ::he jumped back as sparks flew:: okay not that way ::he said and returned back to his work, he got so far until he struck pay dirt, he put his make-[...] tools down and pulled out his tricorder.:: Major I advise you to stop, that bomb is plugged into the Embassy's main power distribution, I have managed to disconnect all sensors to the bomb, but there is not enough time to disconnect the thing from the main power, I could do it but not in the time we have here, I do however have me a wild idea ::Sharpe paused as he looked at Oddas who had her an anti-grav unit.:: Parker: What are you thinking? ::Looking at the pair:: Sharpe: If Lieutenant Oddas can disconnect the power unit from that anti-grav sled I can hook up a makeshift connection, I would transfer the power supply going to the bomb from the Embassy main to the power unit. But there is a draw back, it will cut remaining time down to less than half of what we have left. So the moment I switch its power over we will have five minutes tops to beam it up into space, it will be tight but it can be done. Its a shame Starfleet posted Kildare to the sticks, he could have disarmed this, but there is no ship fast enough to get him here, so the option I mentioned is our only one save dying Major, what will it be? Parker: It will be neither. It's not hooked up to main power. They didn't have enough time to do that. They fused a dummy set of conduit to make you think it was::Scanning it with his tricorder:: No power there, no intrusions in the casing. :: Picking up a micro- wrench:: I'm going to reverse the polarity of the magnetic seal, but watch the voltage.... TAG, TBC Lieutenant Paul Sharpe Security Officer USS Bronwyn Duronis II Embassy Image Collective Member Serial No. #I238401PS0
  14. ((Bridge, IRW Draxan)) ::The Draxan shook violently as the Zalkonians fired again, but Commander Koral held firm in his command chair.:: Tactical Officer: Shields down to 30% but holding! Koral: Very well, bring disruptors to bear on the Zalkonian vessel. Target both their bridge and engineering… Pilot, bear down straight upon the ship then veer off at full impulse. ::The Draxan was still without torpedoes but at this range, its disruptors would rip through whatever shielding was left. Koral wanted prisoners, but he was not going to lose the Vorax. The most immediate threat had to be eliminated.:: Tactical Officer: Disruptors locked… Koral: Fire! ::Koral watched the viewscreen as vivid green pulses bore down upon the Zalkonian ship. Seconds later, explosions wripped throught the hull. The Draxan Tactical officer: ::audibly sighing with relief:: Enemy vessel destroyed. Koral: Very good. Pilot, station us near the Vorax. Communications, bring up their bridge. Communication: Yes, Commander… ::The Vorax had sent an automatic distress signal a few minutes before. That meant that the both the commanding and first officers were incapacitated or dead.:: Comm Officer: Sir, I have Centurion L’Rel. ::Koral did not know L’Rel well, but she was the fourth highest ranking officer—young but sharp.:: ::The viewscreen flickered to show a dimly lit bridge. L’Rel’s face remained stoic.:: Koral: Commander, Report. L’Rel: Commander Nasan and Subcommander Mikral are dead. Chief Engineering Officer is in critical condition. ::Koral knew all of them and had even met their families. This was no way for them to die. Maybe this mission order was cooked up by Devok's co-conspirators. But he chose to show no emotion.:: Koral: And the status of the Vorax? L’Rel: We are still on batteries. But we should have the impulse drive back within 30 minutes. The warp drive may take a few hours. We just regained sensors. Koral: Weapons and shields? L’Rel: They are inoperative. I spoke to the surviving tactical officers and he suspects sabotage. ::L’Rel’s tone was both bitter but surprised.:: Koral: I understand. We have eliminated one of the Zalkonian vessels. We will stay close in the mean time. Tell your doctor to transport any severe injuries directly to the Draxan. Provide me an update in 30 minutes. L’Rel: Yes, Commander. ::L’Rel offered an arm salut and closed the channel. Koral: Status of the other vessels… Tactical Officer: The Federation ships have eliminated the vessels attacking them. The Bronwyn shows significant damage, but the Thunder none. ::Koral knew he was losing all tactical advantage.:: Koral: Lieutenant Sataal, who was beamed out with the Major? ::Sataal turned from the damage control panel. The lieutenant had tried to warn Koral about Devok, but the Commander dismissed the younger officer’s observations as paranoia. No one would be able to influence a Tal Shiar major.:: Sataal: From the bridge, Centurion Tikar from Security and Sublieutenant Kiron from Engineering. So far, three other officers from elsewhere on the ship are reported missing. One was seen being transported. ::Koral’s hard expression broke for a second into one of disgust and worry.:: Koral: Thank you, Lieutenant. If you have any further updates, please let me know immediately. ::Sataal nodded. That was the closest that Koral would make to an apology in public, but it was understood.:: Koral: Bring up the commander of the Stol’vas. ::The viewscreen changed from the scarred hull of the Vorax to the bridge of the Stol’vas. Koral: =/\= Commander M’Vas, what is your status? =/\= M’Vas: =/\=We have almost eliminated the other vessel… their shielding has been rather resilient. It appears they were aware of our disruptor frequency. =/\= ::The image shook as the Stol’vas came under fire.:: M’Vas: Also Commander, our science officer has also found Orion bio-signs on board. Koral: oO Orion?! Oo =/\= Eliminate the ship and the join formation by the Vorax… =/\= ::Before M’Vas could respond, a voice called out from the background.:: Stol’vas Officer: =/\= Commander, enemy vessel on collision course. =/\= M’Vas: =/\= Pilot, evasive, emergency speed. =/\= Stol’vas: =/\= Helm unresponsive, sir! =/\= ::The signal then turned to static.:: Koral: M’Vas! Comm Officer: ::in frustration:: Signal cut at the source, Commander… ::Koral’s face turned to horror he saw the Stol’vas move on thrusters while the burning hulk of the Zalkonian vessel headed at flank speed. :: Koral: Koral, tactical officer, are we in weapons range? Tactical: Barely, commander. The D’Narax is moving in toward the vessel. The last Zalkonian vessel is pursuing it. Koral: Lock weapons and fire at will…. Pilot: Commander! ::Koral faced the screen as he saw the D’Narax open fire. But it was too late. The bow of the Zalkonian ship rip into the Stol’vas, ripping off one of its wings. The D’Narax tried to move off, but the last Zalkonian vessel headed at full speed, ramming into it as well. The horror was not done yet. The screen turned bright white as one of the Zalkonian vessels self-destructed violently. When the flash was gone, there was nothing but debris:: ::Koral was stupified. He sat in his chair, completely still. The bridge was silent. Sataal ran over to the empty science station.:: Sataal: ::looking at sensors, slowly:: Both warbirds are destroyed, Commander. No survivors. Koral: ::quietly:: Damn Orions. ::Now, Koral would have no choice but to withdrawal. A greater crisis appeared to be approaching as well.:: Koral: Are we in range of the Starfleet ships’ weapons? Tactical: Yes, we are but they have not locked on us. Koral: Very well… Hail the lead vessel. Comm Officer: Yes, Commander. ::Sataal came over with a concerned expression.:: Sataal: ::quietly:: What are you planning, Commander? Koral: Our withdrawal. We have lost enough comrades for one day. I know it is not Federation policy to act vengefully, but I have had enough surprises today as well. ::Sataal never saw Koral so humbled.:: Comm Officer: I have the commander of the Thunder… Koral: =/\= Admiral, it looks like it has been a day of surprises for all of us. =/\= Turner: =/\= Yes, Commander, I would have to agree - one surprise being, your reason for this call. =/\= Koral: =/\= I wanted to inform you that we will be withdrawing from this system. My apologies for the intrusion today… it seems to have been a most imprudent decision, probably one of many leading to this day.=/\= Turner: =/\= I see. Apology accepted. Fate has a way of surprising us in many different ways. =/\= ::Koral thought carefully. Some would say the destruction of Romulan vessels would be just desserts. He did not care for Starfleet, but Koral thought it worthwhile to mention their discovery of the Orions of the enemy ships. He would be in no position to eliminate them, but perhaps Starfleet could.:: Koral: =/\= Another thing, Admiral. Pay attention to the Orions… we detected some on the vessel that destroyed the Stol’vas. It appears we have grossly underestimated their power of influence... even within our own ranks. =/\= Turner: =/\= We are fully aware of their influence in the system, but I do appreciate your concern. Have a nice trip, Commander. Rear Admiral Turner Out.=/\= Commander Koral IRW Draxan Romulan Star Empire As simmed by: Lt. JG Savan Tactical/Security Officer Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A Writer ID: E239303S10
  15. I'm sure everyone had heard of this by now, but the History Channel is showing a Documentary on Aug. 14 on the 50 years of Star Trek http://www.treknews.net/2016/08/08/50-years-of-star-trek-to-air-on-history-channel/ Set your DVRs.
  16. I came across this today and thought it was pretty cool http://www.datascopeanalytics.com/startrekviz/ You can put it a show, movie, set of characters, etc and it will show you how they interacted with each other. Nice little visualization of Worf for instance.
  17. ((Parker Residence, Duronis II Embassy)) ::Tyr's battle cry could be heard all over the grounds as he rushed full speed at the Zalkonians and Orions, who were rushing full speed at him. When they were nearly in melee range he skidded to a halt, leveling his phaser rifle and shooting one soldier dead on the spot. As the lines closed there was no more room for rifles, so he swung it with blunt force trauma in mind, catching a soldier in the side of the head and breaking the rifle along with the man's jaw. The rifle went to the ground and he simultaneously drew his hand phaser with his left hand and katana with his right. Rushing headlong into the ground he became a whirling dance of death, phaser blasts searing off the arm of one of the Zalkonians while the katana slashed open the neck of another. Realizing the threat the long-haired Ba'ku represented, the soldiers chose to attack his Marine cohorts, leaving the Captain to deal with Terek.:: ::The two eyed each other as the battle raged around them and closed on each other. Sheathing his phaser he saw the broadsword Terek wielded. His experienced eyes surveyed the weapon, modeled after the English broadsword from Earth.:: o O Means it's weak at the hilt near the quillions. O o ::Sweeping his katana over his head, Tyr circled Terek, his eyes never leaving Terek. The man was a monster, presiding over a death camp that would make the Nazis of earth ill if they could have seen it. He had to die, here and now. Watching closely, he noticed Terek was watching Tyr's deadly blade, instead of looking at him directly. Smiling slightly, he had his plan. Stepping forward, he raised the sword menacingly and rushed forward. As expected, Terek moved to block the blade, and Tyr swept it out of range and kicked out hard at Terek's knee. A satisfying crunch signaled his boot had found its target, and Terek cried out in rage and pain. Looking to end the fight quickly, he brought the blade up for a decapitating blow, only to be tackled from behind by a Zalkonian who saw his leader fall. Quickly rolling with the momentum he grabbed the Zalkonian by the neck and somersaulted, ending up with the Zalkonian hanging precariously by his chin on Tyr's back. Tyr twisted hard and snapped the man's neck, then dropped the body to the ground. Returning to his feet, he spun just in time to find Terek charging him, sword held high.:: :: Terek was happy to turn the battle into a melee...he had more men to thrust into the battle, and the Orions who were joining in were stronger than the Ba’ku’s overall who they were fighting. As the battle moved towards the Marines and his people, a vertiable scrum slashing weapons and firing guns moved aside, leaving a few stragglers...then it was Terek and Long Hair, both a part of and separate from the battle taking place mere footsteps away:: ::Terek watched as the man called Waltas swung his katana over his head, the man circling him. Watching the Starfleet officers' blade, Terek held his quiet and steady, daring not to betray his move when he made it. Too late,he realized his mistake as the man moved forward , Terek tried to block the blade, but the cursed Ba’ku was quicker, and to make things worse, the Ba’ku caught his knee..the crunch and instant pain told him not only was his kneecap dislocated, but the ligaments holding it in place were badly damaged. Ignoring the pain, Terek stood up to face his attacker:: :: Fortunately, one of his men had seen him fall, and had now engaged the Starfleet officer, saving him from a fatal strike, the closeness of which gave him the boost of adrenaline he needed to stand up and charge the Ba’ku just as he had killed the Zalkonian soldier who had given him precious seconds to reorganize and engage Long Hair:: ::Tyr eyed his opponent as the burning from the wound in his chest subsided. Terek’s men and the Orions were merciless killers, and the unlucky few that were wounded were killed in the most gory and horrid method possible. His men were falling. So were the Orions and the Zalkonians, but they had more to spare then he did. And, little by little, they were drawing close to the underground structure. Tye and Daisha were down there. Garth was down there. The Doctor and the wounded were down there.:: ::The hopelessness of the situation along with the pain of the wound ignited a fury within the Ba’ku. With a feral snarl, Tyr charged, aiming to cut Terek in half at the waist. He brought his broadsword down to block the stroke and did so, but as his katana slid along the broadsword’s blade, he decked Terek with his free hand, sending him stumbling backward. He brought his boot down on the tip of the broadsword and stepped forward, slamming his other foot down on the blade just above the hilt. This dug the blade deeply into the ground. Tyr brought his back foot forward, using the blade as a launching point and unleashed a vicious kick to the recovering Terek, sending him sprawling to the ground. Tyr picked up the broadsword with his left hand, wielding the katana in his right.:: WALTAS: You won’t reach them. :: Terek laughed at the long haired man:: TEREK: You are a fool! I have more ships, more men! WALTAS: If I have to go through you and every one of your lackeys, you still won’t reach them. TEREK: I will kill you with your own sword, Starfleet...before I take your head.... WALTAS::Looking at the broadsword, he smiled wickedly:: Then come and take it. ::Terek unexpectedly drew a hidden weapon and Tyr rolled to avoid the blast, bringing him in range, and with a sharp upward stroke from the katana he sliced off Terek’s artificial hand, sending it still clutching the phaser dropping to the ground with a thud.:: :: Terek felt no pain as Long Hair cleanly took off his metal appendange,...a terrible rage boiled within him...he had once again fallen victim to this Starfleet "hun' doc' fir":...Zalkonian for animal excrement:: TEREK: I have played with you long enough! I... :: Before Terek could finish his tirade, he caught the sight of a shock of yellow, then a collision as a female Marine slammed him to the ground. Rolling over, he caught the young woman under the chin, driving her head back. Using his good hand, he slammed her to the ground, even after she had kneed him in the crotch, the pain making him see spots before his eyes. Pinning her with his arm, he took his good hand and ripped out her trachea, then as she lay gurgling on the ground, Terek snapped her neck. The young Marine was dead, the joy of the brutality clearly written on Terek's face:: ::Before either could attack again, a Marine assailed Terek, and Tyr watched in horror as an enraged Terek butchered the young woman with his bare hands:: WALTAS::Roaring in anger:: YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT, TEREK! TEREK:: Equaling his opponents' roar:: NOT BY YOUR HAND, STARFLEET!!!!! ::The two approached each other slowly, menacingly. The dual-wielding Ba’ku was seething, murder on his mind. Terek's knee was screaming in protest as the two men waited for an opening. Terek spoke:: Terek: You are going to die, Long Hair. The augment will die. Your woman...his woman...will be given to my men. Your childrens' blood will be dripping from the blades of my men. Too bad you will not be here to see what fun we are going to have... ::No, it was not Terek's mission. Soon, his men would be breaching the doors and infiltrate the underground shelters, take the women, then slaughter everyone at the Embassy, save for a precious few. His open comms were telling him that although his losses were great, they were beating back the Starfleet forces. Victory would be his. But first, we pulled a daggar from his boot, and before the Starfleet officer could react, he threw it, catching Long Hair in the thigh:: WALTAS::The pain feeding his anger:: You’re just full of surprises. :: With a menacing smile, Terek spoke:: TEREK: And more to come...... WALTAS::Ripping the dagger from his thigh and throwing it aside:: You’ll have to drain every last drop from me before you get past me. :: Terek knew the daggar had gone bone deep into his adversary, and by removing it would only make it bleed worse...fool:: TEREK::seething:: To be it, Long Hair........ ::Done talking, Tyr charged, spinning in a whirling dance of both blades that sent everyone stepping backward. He knew that Terek was looking for an opening, and he purposefully gave him one. Grimacing in pain, he stumbled, deliberately, and drove the broadsword into the ground and knelt with his back to the Zalkonian. Terek took the bait, drawing closer, and when Tyr could feel the heat of the man’s body from the proximity, he struck. Striking backward with his elbow he caught Terek in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Standing and ignoring the screaming pain in his thigh, he grabbed Terek’s broadsword and ripped it from the ground, driving it under his arm and backward, and felt the sword slide into Terek’s chest. He stood and turned, driving it deep, up to the hilt, so the blade was protruding from his back. Rising with the katana still in his right, he leaned close.:: ::Terek, in his quest for revenge, saw the opening and took it, but a nanosecond later he recognized his mistake as he felt the crunch of cartilage and bone as his own sword slipped into him. The blade was sharp, and Terek gasped, and blood formed on his lips. He was impaled on his own blade, looking into the eyes of his enemy, still defiant although he knew the end was coming..yet he chose to embrace his death, and not give Starfleet the satisfaction of of seeing the fear now wracking his body:: WALTAS: You’d better hope they can replace this like they did your hand, you son of a ----. ::With all of his strength he swung, the katana arcing toward Terek’s neck. He decapitated the Zalkonian, sending the body sprawling to the ground and the head rolling off to the side, his own sword still embedded in his chest. Dropping to his knees in pain, Tyr turned to survey the battle. Most of the Marines with himself and Martinez had fallen, and Martinez didn’t look so good herself. And there were at least 6 Zalkonians left, with more on the way in the distance. Tyr’s breaths came in ragged gasps as he forced himself to his feet and turned wearily to face the onslaught. He prepared for death. WALTAS::Touching his communicator:: =/\= Waltas to…to…anyone..need help..now..being overrun. =/\= ::He could spare no more breath. Martinez leveled her rifle and he did too. They were coming.:: Captain Tyr Waltas Acting CO Duronis II Embassy And: MSPNPC Captain Toral Terek (deceased) ZSC Supreme Vigilance II As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO Acting Chief Of Security USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0
  18. I like the design, of course I'm just happy to see some ongoing Trek.
  19. I chose Warp Drive because I'd like to see us 'get out there', but realistically I think a replicator would do wonders for our society. It would pose a lot of issues for us, but it would be awesome in the long run.
  20. Assuming an Ensign gets invited to such a thing, she'd just wear something simple A practical dress, moderate length and allows her to move.
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