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  1. I had planned for my character to have a distant family, and then through simming she gained a surrogate family. They were literally characters I mentioned in a sim and then they grew in popularity with myself and another character I regularly sim with. It was very unexpected but very fun.
  2. ((Gypsy Ranger)) :: The entire ship was deathly quiet and a shade shy of totally dark. Aside from the sound of the engines running, and the occasional noise that the computer decided to make, the small transport vessel was the perfect example of a ghost ship wandering aimlessly through space. But this little ship had a purpose. Find the USS Tiger.:: :: Coordinates had been set and the Gypsy Ranger had been flying on auto-pilot since it had left Til’ahn. It was only a short three day journey to catch the Tiger, but that was six days ago. After altering course to avoiding a plasma storm, and then plotting a direction change to avoid a federation warning beacon about pirate activity in the area, the little ship had lost precious time in finding its target. Now it was hunting for the trail once again.:: :: An alarm sounded. The computer detected a vessel approaching. There was no identification broadcasted from the other ship. It was not the USS Tiger. It was *not* the mission.:: :: The Gypsy Ranger altered course to avoid the vessel, but it continued to follow. Warnings echoed through the vacant cabin that a target lock had been acquired, and then the transport vessel shook and stopped dead in its tracks. The unidentified vessel had the Gypsy Ranger trapped in a tractor beam and it wasn’t letting go.:: :: Final protocol dictated that there was only one thing to do in this situation. Wake the passenger.:: :: Down in the cargo hold, a cryo-pod charged up its systems to thaw-out the patient. Slowly the occupant’s vitals registered as emerging from sleep. Once normal life signs were achieved, the pod’s hatch hissed open in a fog of cold. There was movement beneath the chilly haze. Vital signs started to elevate, and then they suddenly spiked to abnormal levels. Through the veil of cold the female body stumbled out of the pod and directly to the floor.:: :: Waking from cryo-sleep sucked on a good day. But waking from cryo-sleep at the peak of Pon Far was a total [...].:: Computer: Patient critical. Please return to the cryo-pod. Patient critical. Please return to the cryo-pod. Patient critical. Please return to the cryo-pod. T’Lea: SHUT… UP! :: Her scream ricocheted like a bullet off the walls of the cargo bay, and the computer, out of fear, or the voice recognition software complied.:: :: Clawing at the deck, T’Lea tried to get her motor skills to cooperate. Between the utter blood rage coursing through her veins and the still frozen muscles, her body felt like it was at war with itself. Meanwhile, her irrational popsicle-fied brain really only wanted one of two things -- to kill or mate. Unfortunately, she was the only one around?:: :: Sitting up, T’Lea reached for a wall to try to stand. Her legs wobbled, but her back caught the flat surface behind her providing a nice place to lean for the moment. What her eyes saw confused and enraged her. She was still on the Gypsy Ranger. Alone.:: T’Lea: …mother… FRELLER!! Compu- :: Woops, one foot in front of the other, that’s how walking worked. She had to get to the [...]pit and figure out what was going on.:: T’Lea: Computer, report. Computer: Unidentified vessel achieved tractor beam lock at precisely 1400 hours. Thirty-nine requests to disengage sent. A distress signal is being broadcast on multiple frequencies. No response. Awaiting instructions. T’Lea: Fire all weapons! :: She made it past the galley with a little more coordination than in her previous moments, but the struggle to stay sane and upright was etched on her face.:: Computer: This vessel is unarmed. :: Of course it was. She knew that. Damn it.:: T’Lea: Exhaust the engines and open a damn channel! :: Clambering hands used the wall for stability as she moved. She was entering the bridge now, and when she looked out of the front window she saw a vessel of ferengi design slowly dragging her ship in.:: Computer: Caution – engaging maximum warp will compromise the hull integrity. Communications are available. T’Lea: Then start slow and work your damn way up! :: She felt the impulse engines begin to work against the tractor lock and gradually increase. The master controls in the [...]pit were at her fingertips now. The ship began to shake a little. She reached out and slammed a fist on the panel to open the communication with the other ship.:: T’Lea: =/\= I’ll kill you. I’ll frakking murder your entire family if you don’t disengage your lock. =/\= :: A smug Ferengi face appeared on the tiny vid screen.:: Ferengi: =/\= Cut your engines and we’ll talk. =/\= T’Lea: =/\= How about I cut your throat, and then we’ll talk.=/\= Ferengi: =/\= Ooo… you’re a nasty one for your kind. So, listen, we honestly didn’t know the ship was occupied. There were no life signs, see. How about you cut your engines and we’ll let you go. =/\= T’Lea: =/\= Computer, increase impulse by two. =/\= :: Now the little transport ship was in a steady shake, and the older Ferengi vessel was feeling it too. T’Lea could see it on the Captain’s toothy little face.:: Ferengi: =/\= Are you insane? You’ll only be killing yourself. =/\= T’Lea: =/\= Can you out run the explosion from the engines when I go to full warp, asshole?=/\= Ferengi: =/\= I have shields. ::he smiled:: And phasers. ::at crew:: Fire phasers. =/\= :: Three shots split from the Ferengi ship and slammed into the Gyspy Ranger. Tossing the Vulcanoid.:: Computer: Impulse engines failing. Ferengi: =/\= Just give up, okay? All I want is the ship. I swear on the Grand Nagus. We won’t harm you. =/\= :: Fingers clawed her way back in front of the screen.:: T’Lea: =/\= Computer initiate self-destruct. Shehkuk, teh, dah-leh. F.U. Begin ten second count down.=/\= Computer: Self-destruct code authorized. Ten. Ferengi: =/\= That’s it, I tried to play nice now you’re-=/\= :: He turned to give an order, but something else grabbed his attention. Something huge. T’Lea’s sensors chirped at the same time.:: Computer: Warp signature detected. Identification received. Prometheus class, Federation vessel. USS Tiger. Computer: Eight. Ferengi: =/\= … skritz. Skritz! Drop the tractor. Drop it now! Drop it! Go to warp! GO! GO! GO! =/\= :: T’Lea hunkered over the sensors. Her skin tone was flushed and she was panting heavily. She looked ill, and she felt ill, but there was a glimmer of hope in her eyes. The Tiger was here! In one split second her brain shorted-out. She went from ecstatic, to furious. Or was it aroused. No, it was furious. Or maybe it was a furious arousal. Either way she was brimming with emotion that she could barely contain.:: ((USS Tiger, Bridge)) :: The Trill woman sat in the centre seat seemed rather relaxed, legs crossed casually as she idly swirled the coffee that half-filled the mug in her hand. The crew around her on the bridge knew her well enough by now, however, that they weren’t fooled. Especially not the Betazoid manning the Tiger’s tactical station.:: :: Della’s head turned, eyes meeting his, and for a couple of moments silence reigned as the pair communicated on a purely mental level. That silence was broken, however, when Della let out a cynical-sounding snort and turned her attention back to the main viewscreen.:: Vetri: Collins, please make a note that Dai’mon Snek has earned himself another... talking to. And hail the other ship, please. :: Calm, collected, and seemingly unconcerned. All of these were a mask that covered the fact that the Trill really, really, REALLY wanted to know what the frell her daughter’s ship was doing out here.:: Collins: Channel open. :: The Ops officer hardly needed to say it, though, as the last syllable was kind of drowned out by the sound of a very ticked-off female Romu-vulc. Oddly, her familiarity with the voice – and it’s tone – was something of a reassurance to Della.:: T’Lea: =/\= Are you frakking kidding me?! Six days! Six frelling days of chasing your [...] all across the galaxy and all it takes is a damn Ferengi scav ship to get your attention? What the hell is wrong with you?! =/\= :: Della opened her mouth to reply, then frowned at something she heard in the background.:: Vetri: =/\= How about disarming the self destruct first, lilyali. Then you can carry on ranting without the risk of annoying Gina by blowing up her ship. =/\= :: And herself, which was something that only surprise at seeing her wife out here kept from being a rather terrifying prospect.:: :: The Romu-vulc glanced off screen for a second.=/\= T’Lea: =/\= Computer, shut the frak up. =/\= :: Apparently that was the deactivation code because the countdown stopped and the warp core powered down. When T’Lea flashed her gaze back at the video, there was barely controlled anger glistening in her baby-blues.:: T’Lea: =/\= Were you ever going to comm. me back, or was I just supposed to die of insanity? Do you know how close I came to killing someone? Do you even care?! =/\= Vetri: =/\= Ah... how about we continue this in a more private setting? Would you like to come over and yell at me in my office? =/\= T’Lea: =/\= Would I like… No. I’ll just stay here in my cryo-jammies and watch holo-vids all day. Open your damn docking bay doors and tow me in, or I’ll vent my atmosphere and ram your frelling bridge. How about that for a mother-frellin’ reunion? =/\= Vetri: =/\= ::dryly:: I’m looking forward to it. =/\= :: She wasn’t sure whether she was surprised or not when the channel was abruptly severed, simply letting out a long sigh that mingled exasperation with a very large dose of relief that she wasn’t about to watch her wife blow herself to atoms in a fit of pique.:: :: Not trusting herself to be able to keep her hand as steady as it should be, she set her mug aside before rising to her feet and looking around the bridge – noting, as she did so, the very obvious attention to what they were doing (even if they had to make something up) being shown by the staff around her.:: :: With a wry smile, she shook her head and let out a soft laugh.:: Vetri: You think that was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Collins, you have the conn. Zebriel, if you’d care to escort our visitor to my ready room, I’ll be sure to say something nice about you in your next performance review. :: Rolling his eyes, the Betazoid gave a weary, put-upon sigh, muttered something that sounded a lot like "That’d be a first", and took his leave to do as he’d been asked.:: :: Which left Della about as long as it took T’Lea to get to her ready room to try and work out just what she was supposed to do with the woman...:: Simmed by: Captain Della Vetri Commanding Officer USS Tiger Author ID: O238506DV0 & Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Chief Science Officer Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10
  3. Thank you everyone who put in all the hard work, it is a huge task and it is very much appreciated. It was great to be able to recognize all of the people who put in great work making our community a fun place to be.
  4. I am very pleased to see so many members of my crew win their respective awards. @Irina Pavlovais a great simmer, simming often and well, providing a great foil for the characters she is playing with. As a security officer she writes with bravery putting her crew ahead of herself. Taking on three Borg drones, as she recently did, to rescue a certain Chief Engineer, is just par for the course for her and everyone benefits from her dedication, from Captains to Admirals and Ensigns who find themselves in trouble. I feel I came to the Embassy around the same time as @Savan, so I always feel like we have a bit of kindred spirits, both as writers and characters. I am constantly impressed by how he can spin a story, and new characters complete with backgrounds and personality. This ability bleeds over into his portrayal as a Tactical officer, especially on the Embassy which is not an easy place to be in charge of tactical. During an invasion I watched him coordinate tactical resources with ease, bringing several very difficult to coordinate factions together. To say my character Aria and @Hannibal Parker are working on their relationship during and after the latest mission is probably accurate, but nominating him for the Semper Fidelis Award was a no brainer. In addition to what I wrote in the nomination, Hannibal takes great care to play what a Marine should be and when I write for a couple of NPC Marines I often find myself asking "would this fit in with Hannibal's squad?". From the moment I arrived at the Embassy (and he disarmed a bomb, saving my character's life) to last mission where he was leading mission to save members of the diplomatic core, Hannibal is consistently performing the duties of a Marine above and beyond. Good work everyone.
  5. Congratulations Renos the amount of work you've done, and continue to do, is simply amazing. Thanks again for all the work you do, I am glad I've gotten to know you.
  6. So when I started one of the players that impressed me most was Savan, the player who just won the B-Plot award for the Embassy. The reason being his writing was so detail oriented and able to delve deeply into his character's background and history and plot. Savan very recently took the members of the Embassy on a ride through his character's background, his childhood, to Vulcan and back and in doing so changed his character in a strong believable way. It as a pleasure to watch and an inspiration, he definitely deserved this award. Irina Pavlova, a security officer with a deviousness to her, very often comes up solutions to problems those around her do not see, but always result in her crew mates being safer and more secure. When you read the description of the Neelix Award, T'Mihn immediately comes to mind. She always has a kind word, a idea, or a solution, to whatever is happening around her. While I was writing her nomination for the award a player wrote in that he was having an issue getting his sim completed due to technical issue and in true T'Mihn fashion she responded with several suggestions to work around. She is always there to assist with whatever people need. Brayden was, and I guess still is, my mentor when I joined up and part of that is because of the way he sets the tone in his sims descriptively and action-wise. His material on '8 steps to a great sim' are resources I point players to as soon as they come from the academy to the Embassy and will be for a long time. This type of work goes hand in hand to the way he develops his character's Betazoid culture, and is something I have tried to emulate as I think about what it means for Aria to be Bajoran. Both of Jorey's awards reflect the thought he puts into what he writes and the dedication he shows. Recently Toni Turner was under the control of a great villain and Toni played it perfectly, including dealing with some rather nasty aftermath. It was not easy to play as it was happening, and not easy to get over especially considering the identity of the villain (her character's stepson). Superb writing all around. I often find myself thinking of Tyr Waltas and Hannibal Parker together, and the awards they won reflect that. Waltas came up with a great villain last year, and really has come up with more than one great villain seemingly on the fly that the Embassy has loved playing against and Parker has consistently come up with twist after devious twist to keep the players in what is essentially a diplomatic post on their toes. Each player contributes in great and unique ways and adds awesome things to the fabric of the Embassy and SB118 as a whole. All of the players did great. Everyone who won awards, congratulations all!
  7. So Rich, Captain Roshanara Rahman, was my CO during training and his guidance started then, starting by helping with some of the finer points of my biography that helped me make Aria a better character. Later when I, on a whim, published a paper for the JSCE he encouraged me to do more and has constantly answered questions, offered advice and always had an encouraging word, even though I do not serve on his crew. It is no surprise to me that he has won this award for OOC work. From the moment I first started on the Training Team Renos has been encouraging and helpful, always available to offer advice and guidance. He has always been easy to talk to and made it apparent that I can ask questions and that he has had my back if I make a decision. Thanks for putting up with all of the questions. Toni has been my commanding officer, I was very pleased to see her nomination accepted and her ultimate award. I've seen her navigate choppy waters with players and always make decisions for the good of her ship, club, players, and ultimately the "fun" of the game. A more deserving player I cannot imagine.
  8. ((Beach)) Ryland: Now we build walls so bad people can't get in... T’Sara: Gigantics walls wiff electrific spikey wires, n’a moat wiff dragons protektin us. :: She was grinning big and wide as she started to hack out the big lizard protector in the sand. Of course it would look nothing like what she imagined, but it would be perfect in her eyes.:: Garth: Dats gonna looks good, T'Sara. T’Sara: I needs more sands. Be back! :: She grabbed her pail and dashed to the freshly wet sand. Once her bucket was full she hauled it rather effortlessly considering her size and the weight. It was clear she’d inherited *some* Vulcan strength.:: ::While the others worked on the fort, Garth paid attention to Naloor and Mirana's conversation.:: Naloor: Wonder what those boats are doing? :: Garth and T’Sara paused to glance out at what they were talking about. The boats were doing what boats did. Floated.:: Mirana: I'm sure they are just sticking close by to the marina just north of here up the coast. Perhaps they are fishing or just decided to enjoy this beautiful day on the water. Naloor: Well, they are certainly not fishing...do you see any nets? Mirana: I do not :: T’Sara’s blue eyes flashed at Naloor and she could see that the woman’s aura had a disturbed flare of color to it. The little girl’s lips pursed, not liking it one little bit. This was their fun time.:: Naloor: If they were just passing by, you would think they would be making a bit more way that what they are...they look suspicious. Maybe I had better contact the Marines to keep an eye on them... Mirana: Are you feeling okay, Naloor? ::She brought her hand down from her face as she turned to the nanny.:: It's really quite common for Laudeans to set sail and enjoy each other's company in the solitude of the ocean. I'm sure it's okay. :: T’Sara poked Mirana’s leg and dropped her bucket.:: T’Sara: You say you okay, but you don’t look okay. I been to fieldy class n’ your colors is fuzzy like you need a time-out. Mirana: I'm fine T'Sara, I think Naloor might just have had too much sun. T’Sara: Den maybe you should take a nap. I have to tinkle. Mirana: I'm sure she just needs a little water. ::She handed the canteen to Naloor with a compassionate smile.:: Here. What is tinkle? T’Sara: It not nice to tinkle in the ocean. Fisheys live dare. Would it be nice if I tinkled in your house? :: The little girl glanced at Garth with a frowny face so he would know she was getting upset about something. It wasn’t about a potty-break. She was trained enough now to see the colors of a liar, and she was about to get really annoying to the woman for it.:: Mirana: I see… Yes I suppose that would be very rude. T’Sara: I’s a lady. I tinkle on a proper potty. Mirana: There is a restroom just there, T'Sara. T’Sara: I wants to go home and tinkle there. Public potties is icky. Mirana: We really should all stay together… T’Sara: I WANTS TO GO HOME!! I WANTS TO GO HOME!! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME STAY!! I WANTS TO GO HOME NOW!! I HAS TO PEE!! I WANTS DAH MARINES TO TAKE ME POTTY!!! ::With T'Sara's brat mode engaged, Garth felt it was time for him to step in. :: Garth: She needs to go potty, ifen you wonts let hers go lone, I kin go wif her. Mirana: With everything going on today it would be best for us all to stay together, no one should be off on their own… Garth: SHE GOTTA PEE. AND IT NOT NICE FOR HER TO GOES IN FRONTS OF BOYS! BUT I KIN TURN MY BACKS TO HER AND SHOW HER SOME RESPECTS. ::Taking a hold of T'Sara's hand, speaking gently:: Comes on, T'Sara. I goes wif ya. Mirana: Well, ::Turning to Naloor with an uncomfortable smile.:: I suppose that is that. They really shouldn't be traveling alone. Garth: ::pulling T'Sara with him, he began to run from her.:: YA A MEAN OLE WOMAN, MIRANA! I'M GONNA TELL ON YOU! PNPC Garth Turner-West Simmed by Rear Admiral Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A Author ID number: E238209TT0
  9. ((Unknown Location- Lokesh City)) :: Dualla was growing tired of the Starfleet captains' insolence. Killing him now would not be approved by Rena..however, the captain could suffer an accident which would cause his death, something he would rightly enjoy:: DUALLA: You know, Captain...it would make perfect sense for you to read the document my people have so meticulously prepared for you. Consider the alternative. WALTAS::Arching an eyebrow:: Being bored to death by your endless ranting? ::This caused the man to laugh.:: DUALLA: Your death means so little to you. However...::smiling:: there is the woman. Some of my men have never known the touch of an alien woman. ::smile growing even bigger, even more sinister:: Perhaps I will allow them to..become aquainted. :: Duallas' smile was more than just a threat...it was a promise. He would make it happen just outside the door, so her screams of protest could not help but be heard by the Starfleet captain....he would have no other choice other than to surrender to his wishes:: WALTAS: There's a third option. ::[...]ing his head, Dualla spoke, while his men snickered in concert:: DUALLA: And...just what that might be, Starfleet? WALTAS: Oh, you'll like it. It's called...senseless violence. :: Dualla looked into the eyes, and too late, he recognized what was about to happen. The Starfleet captain had somehow freed himself, and had moved quicker than anything he had seen, slashing the throat of the guard closest to him, then snapping the neck of the other one. Dualla was now enraged, going for the disruptor in his belt. The hell with what Rena wanted...he was going to kill this Starfleet dung. Enraged, he spoke:: Dualla: NOW YOU DIE!!!!! :: Dualla had drawn his weapon, and as he began to sight the captain, his left eye saw the glint of a piece of metal...then intense pain as the piece of cot leg caught him in his left eye, instantly blinding it. Dualla screamed at the intense pain, dropping his disruptor. The man quickly retrieved it, and Dualla heard the weapon go off. Looking back at the now free captain, who added further insult to injury by kneeing him in the crotch, the additional pain forcing him to the ground. Lying on his back, he felt the hard smack of the PADD on which the carefully dictated message for the captain to read was now slammed across his face:: WALTAS: Why don't you write about that..with your one good eye. :: Dualla opened his mouth to protest, but he felt something being jammed inside it, and down his throat, his muffled screams heard by no one. Even in pain, he thought his people would hear the commotion, then come running. When they didn't, he wondered where in hell they were. The Starfleet captain was gone, no doubt to free the woman. Standing up, blind in one eye, and shorn of a weapon, Dualla headed out into the hallway, bent on killing them both:: (( Meanwhile, down the hall )) :: Kerana Morti was a member of long standing with the TFM, and he enjoyed his role as a designated killer. In it, he had killed fellow Laudeans who supported that fool Daysa, and would happily kill more. He would enjoy taking his time killing the Starfleet captain...he wondered exactly how much pain he could take before he got bored and finally killed him. The woman...now, that was another matter. She was already terrified, so the first battle in his mind was already won, a feeling further reinforced when he heard her piteously screaming:: Keris: Help! Get me out of here! :: Kerana and the other two guards with him laughed. It will be fun to kill her, to hear her scream. Perhaps, he would kill her first, with knives:: Keris: Let me out… I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Just let me out. :: They laughed again...but perhaps, she did have something noteworthy to say before she died:: Kerana: Allright...come join us.... ::Kerana had no plans to interrogate her. He had heard what Dualla planned for her, but he was moving up the timetable:: Keris: Please I don’t want to do die. Please let me go. Please. :: A thought crossed Keranas' mind...perhaps it was a good idea to let her go...she was a non combatant, a wee woman...what harm could she do to them? Motioning to the guards, they removed her from her cell, and placed her in the office. Just in case, they all surrounded her and closed the door as the woman pleaded her case:: Kerana: You promised to talk.... Keris: What do you want to know? I’ll tell you. ::Kerana looked at his two compatriots. None seemed suddenly all that willing to further terrorize the woman. It was strange....he was compelled to free her, but he didn't know why:: Kerana: We're not sure you could tell us anything...after all, you are not Starfleet... ::The guards nodded:: Keris: Please, I beg you. Free me, I’ll tell you everything. :: The feeling was as strong as ever...the feeling to free this woman. He didn't know why. He looked at his men, and they seemed to be in agreement. He tried to field her, find some untruth in her statements, but he got nothing...no anything, which was unusual. The more he thought about freeing her, the more euphoric he felt, as though he were on some sort of narcotic, and his men were the same. Perhaps it was just as well. Motioning the guards to open the door, Kerana spoke:: Kerana: You have nothing to offer us. Go, and go quickly.... :: With a nod, the woman left, and closed the door behind her:: (( Meanwhile )) :: Dualla writhed in pain as he stood up. Where were his guards? What was happening? Stumbling out into the hallway, there was no one. He cursed the heaven above as he first ripped off a piece of his tunic to bandage his eye. Once that was done, he walked down the hall, to where the woman was kept...and found her cell empty:: :: Racing down the hallway to the office, Dualla ripped the door open, and to his horror he found the three men whose sole job was to keep the woman in her cell and prepare for the broadcast. Grabbing Kerana by the collar, he yelled:: Dualla: WHERE IS SHE!!!!???? :: Kerana answered:: Kerana: We let her go...what happened to your ey.. ::Dualla punched him in the face before he spoke again:: Dualla: DAMN YOU! THEY HAVE ESCAPED! :: Quickly fielding all three men, Dualla knew something had happened to them, but he knew the woman had something to do with it. Somehow, she had compromised three seasoned fighters without firing a shot. Surmising that it might have been something she carried ( they had searched her for weapons physically, but had not scanned her), he shook Kerala again:: Dualla: Get out of the building! All of you! NOW! :: Hustling them all outside into an empty street, Dualla spoke:: Dualla: The woman has done something to you. Alert the fighters the prisoners have escaped. Make sure the roadblocks have the information...and have this building aired out! :: Keranas' head was beginning to clear, and so were the guards. They remember everything that had happened, and were determined to make up for their mistake:: Kerana: It will be done, Dualla! Dualla: NOW GO! :: As his men scurried to fulfill his orders, Dualla opened his communicator, set to broadcast to all TFM units:: Dualla:=/\= Attention all units! The Starfleet captain and Federation prisoner have escaped! Kill them both on sight!=/\= :: With that done, Dualla, fueled with rage and pain, headed over to the TFM medical facility to have his eye properly looked at...then, he would join the search for the Starfleet escapees:: MSPNPC Dualla Mikari Resistance Leader TFM As simmed by: Lt. Commander Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
  10. So in fine Embassy tradition, it's time to look at the red carpet and see what everyone is wearing to the upcoming awards ceremony. Aria has decided on a white dress, hoping not to embarrass herself too much. Feel free to jump in, what are you wearing to the Ceremonies?
  11. ((Embassy on Duronis II, East Beaches, Cyndriel Villas)) ::The estate was a panicked chaos of activity. The news that the family's matriarch, Calodia Jorey, would be arriving in the next few days had the staff on edge. The new Cyndriel Villas had just finished being rebuilt after the Zalkonian bombardment of the Embassy grounds and was still in need of a post-build deep cleaning. While the majority of the staff was focused on the interior, Asher was far more concerned with the estates exterior. In particular, the many, currently barren, gardens.:: Asher: Is the landscaping team from the city on its way? ::There was clearly frustration in his voice as he shouted out the question to anyone who might have an answer. His question was answered with silence. The attack in the city and protest at the Embassy gates was making it difficult for outside contractors to get into the Embassy grounds. He spotted Alana rushing by.:: Asher: Alana, try and get them on the comm. If they can't get through the front see if they will come up along the beach. We can get them through the security check there. ::Alana nodded as she continued on to whatever task she was currently trying to accomplish. With everything going on it was a difficult time to receive visitors on Til'ahn. Asher's comm device chimed notifying that he was receiving a message from his charge.:: Jorey: =/\= Little One to Old Man. =/\= ::Asher knew that the unusual greeting was a signal that communications could be compromised and that the rest of the conversation would be coded. All Asher needed to know was if the conversation was of a business or personal nature. Asher: =/\= Business or Pleasure, Sir? =/\= Jorey: =/\= It's business this time. Please prepare my black suitcase and let the new tutor know I'll be heading toward Thalzed and be unavailable. =/\= ::Asher knew that 'black suitcase' was code for an intelligence covert mission. The new tutor implied someone that was in a position of authority - the new Chief of Intelligence Savan. Finally, Thalzed was the northernmost point on Betazed, so Brayden must be traveling north - like the north part of Lokesh City.:: Asher: =/\= I will take care of it. =/\= ::Asher waited for the link to close before putting the device back in his pocket as he made his way over to a console in Brayden's office. He sat down at the desk and logged into the console.:: Asher: Computer, open a secure, encrypted communications channel. ::The console chimed when ready.:: =/\= Asher to Lieutenant Commander Savan. =/\= Savan: =/\= Mr. Asher, this is a surprise. How may I assist you? =/\= Asher: =/\= Brayden has asked me to inform you that he is headed north, likely into North Lokesh City, on a covert mission. =/\= Savan: =/\= That is news to me. Anything else you can share? =/\= Asher: =/\= Unfortunately, I have no other details for you, Commander. Savan: =/\= I see. =/\= Asher: =/\= If I hear from him I'll be sure to contact you right away. =/\= ::Asher closed the channel and logged out of the console. He looked around the room and grimaced as he noticed that the control panel for the office's lights, temperature, and window shades was missing. His grimace turned into disdain as he noticed the crown holding had not been installed in the room. He pulled the comm device from out of his pocket.:: Asher: Asher to Dolna… where is the contractor and where in Yimone's great light are the room's finishings? PNPC Asher, Attendant to Brayden Jorey As simmed by Commander Brayden Jorey - Special Operations, Embassy of Duronis II / USS Thunder NCC-99312-A Featured Bio Contest Facilitator | Department of Veteran Affairs | Training Team Writer ID: T239002BJ0
  12. ((Play Room)) Garth: ::looking out the window:: I's board. Wish wees cood goes outs and pay in da trees. :: The tiny Tr-omu-vulc, sighed her frustration as well and dropped her armful of toys on the floor.:: T'Sara: Me too. If we was at dah ranch we could play wiff my ponycorn, Sir Twinkles The Brave. Garth: ::turning around to look at her:: Watts a ponycorn? :: She picked up a couple of building blocks and stacked them in a horse shaped animal.:: T'Sara: Oh, deys neat! Dey for riding, and petting. Dey like big dogs with a horn wite in dah middle of their pony-head. :: She stuck a block up to her head to demonstrate.:: Garth: Wow! Wish I's cood sees um. ::thinking:: Where's ya ranch at? Maybe we cood go dare. :: That was an exciting thought, until she saw the Nanny pass by.:: T'Sara: I don’t finks we can. ::whispering:: Deys always lookin at us. It kinda creepy. Garth: ::excitedly:: All wees gotta dos is get pass da Nanny an da guards outside, din wees is home free. T'Sara: OOoo… like a mishun? Like our mommies go on Garth: Yup! Ands no body knows where we goes until wees gets back. T’Sara: I kin bees dah enginesneer lady, like Lootienant Oddie. What do you wanna be? Garth: I's bees a capin likes capin Wallers. T’Sara: Like your daddy. Garth: ::beaming a smile:: Yeah, likes my daddy. T’Sara: I gots my tool kit! I kin make a d’strakshun, an’den we kin got to dah beach, an’den we kin get to dah ranch from dere. But you gots to get us past dah nanny and dah s’curity poopies. :: She pulled her bag of goodies up to her chest. It was the kit LtCmdr Oddas gave her. She never left home without it.:: Garth: Yup, wees need d'strakshun to get passes dim. T’Sara: Otay! Let’s doo’ed it. :: She tucked her tool kit close, and they sneaked across the hall into the bathroom.:: T’Sara: You keep watch. I’ll make a ‘straction. Den we goes. Garth: I'll watch real goods here at da door. I fink da Nanny went downstairs. :: T’Sara headed right over to the sonic shower and started dismantling the control panel. Having learned a lot from her friend Mo, the little girl began to screw with the harmonic frequencies, and then reroute it into all of the basins and cleaning stations throughout the house.:: T’Sara: Weady? Garth: Weady! T’Sara: Cover your ears. It gonna be weally loud. Garth: ::sticking his fingers into his ears:: Okee dokee! Done. :: With that done she set off every shower, stall, and basin in the house with a deafening screech of sonic sounds. There was no way anybody could hear the two little jailbirds running to their freedom.:: :: She giggled and came up behind Garth tapping him on the shoulder and waving for him to lead the way out of the house and past the grown-ups.:: Garth: Com'on, Dat was welly louds. But da Nanny is louders. Hers screamin'! ::When the Nanny came running up the stairs to check the bathrooms, Garth lead T'Sara downs to the kitchen to the back door, grabbing a plate of cookies on the way.:: Garth: Hear, puts these ins your bag cause wees mites get hungry, then watch and learn. :: Waiting until she had the cookies in the bag, he opened the door, yelling:: HELP! HELP! SOMPIN TRYIN' TA GETS US! ::The guards came running and wanting to know what was wrong, but the noise in the house told them all they needed to know, and went running inside. As soon has they passed by the children, Garth grabbed T'Sara's hand.:: Garth: Wees gotta makes a run fer it! This way, T'Sara. Wees needs to get to da bushes so day won't sees us! :: T’Sara gladly followed along, taking refuge in the bushes. This was exciting! This was just like all the stories her mommies told her about.:: T'Sara: I fink deys gone. Should we go? Garth: Da beach it dis way. Its ain't far. T’Sara: We bettah hurry. Dey gonna be mad. :: She giggled. She couldn’t help it. She was having so much fun! Off they went, running for the beach. T’Sara was a little lost already, so she was happy to let Garth take the lead. As they stopped at the sandy shores, T’Sara looked in her tool kit and frowned.:: T’Sara: Deh cookies is broked. Garth: Oh nooo! Watt we gonna eat ifen wees gets hungry? :: She pulled out a little bandana that she liked to use to “pretend” to wipe down her dirty tools. Laying the cloth on the sand, she dumped the contents of the bag out.:: T’Sara: We’s better eat dees now, or dey gets all in my tools. I has snacks at home. Garth: ::brightly:: Otay wet's do dat. Captins need lots of food to gets strong to do dare jobs.. :: The two picked at the broken cookies and crumbs. T’Sara grinned at her little boyfriend.:: T’Sara: Did your new daddy teach you how ta trick growed-ups like dat? Garth: No, mommy did. She say if I gets into trouble, and someone trys ta takes me, I should yell as loud as I cood. Where did ya learns to make noise wif da water pipes? T’Sara: ::she shook her head:: I learnded to play wiff the shower from Uncle Mo. He teaches me neat stuff about Kwantum Mechnix and far away places dat live next to us, but we can’t sees them. Garth: Dat wuz a good tricks. T’Sara: He’s weally smart. He says dere’s lots of Garths and Aunt Tonie’s out there, but they’s all different. Garth: Welly? I didn't knows dat. T’Sara: Like dere might be one of you that is still wiff your other daddy. But he says I’s only one in the verse. Ain’t no others of me out dere. He says I has a special porpose, and I need to learns stuff. Garth: I's haves porpose too. I's welly be a Capin someday. T’Sara: Mo helped make me, cos my two mommies couldn’t. I’s his protojay. I dunno what dat means, but it important. I think. Don’t tells nobody about him though. He’s a secret. Promise? Garth: Promise! T’Sara: Pinky swears? :: She held out her pinky.:: Garth: ::hooking her pinky with his:: Pinky swears, but we welly need ta goes now. T’Sara: Yeah. Deys gonna be lookin’ fer us. My ranch is dat way through the forest. Den we kin plays with my ponycorn, and show you dah Qoots, n’ Wesos. We get milk and eggs from dems. Garth: Wow, I's can't waits to sees your ranch. :: She collected her things, and noticed they were leaving tracks in the sand.:: T’Sara: What do we do ‘bout dose feetprints? Garth: ::breaking to branches from one of the bushes they had just come from:: Wees drags dees behines us and day brushes da feetprints away. ::showing her:: See? Alls gone! T’Sara: Looks, I’s a ponycorn and dis is my tail! :: She held the branch behind her and swished it around as they headed off toward the forest.:: Garth simmed by: Rear Admiral Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A Author ID number: E238209TT0 T'Sara simmed by: Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Chief Science Officer Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10
  13. ((Admiral's Office)) Ashana: Well, I’ll attempt to keep it brief, I will tell you what I was told. The Federation needs a strong, stable alliance with the Laudean government. With the maneuvers of the Orions and then the Romulans over the past year, there are concerns that the outer perimeter of the Federation is threatened. A firm alliance with the Laudeans would make for a strong sign to other non-members worlds we have opened talks within neighboring sectors. If they see positive benefits from the Federation, they would less willing to collaborate with those hostile to our values and interests. Turner: I can't disagree with that at all. Although Prime Minister Daysa has been more than cooperative with us, there are factions within the Laudean population, criminal elements, and infiltrators from neighboring species with an embedded hatred of Starfleet. Ashana: And yes, right when I arrive there just happens to be a terrorist attack that shows the weakness and ineffectiveness of the government at ensuring its citizens’ safety… :: Ashana's statement was more telling to Toni than the Ambassador may have thought. Did she think there was a conspiracy to discredit her as a diplomat or perhaps, even to get rid of her?:: Turner: Let me assure you that this uprising has been brewing for quite some time. It all goes back to the Romulan occupation when the Laudeans were treated like trash on their own planet. Ashana: I’ve read the briefs on Prime Minister and his administration, but it sounds like you have a working relationship with him. What should I know about him and his staff? Turner: Vail Daysa is an honorable man, who rose to power through his military service, and was instrumental in ousting the Romulans from the planet. Awhile back he did have some staff who were clearly infiltrated by Orion propaganda trying to disturb his influence with the population, but he stood up to them and peace was restored. Ashana: And that peace is unfortunately deteriorating once again… Turner: :: leaning back in her chair:: You have to understand that Daysa is a strong leader, but during the Romulan occupation their Lomales were taken hostage, causing zero growth in the population, and over the years every time the population showed growth, the planet was hit by Bluegill invasions ::remembering her second husband's death::, battles such as the one at Bondi that took a devastating toll, and other invasions, most recently, by the Orions. So you see, no matter how strong the leader, if he has no people to lead, he is pretty much ineffective. ::It appeared the Admiral had connection to the prime minister, which was understandable.:: Ashana: But it also sounds like the FTM has been garnering support away from Daysa and his government, enough to grow their movement to the point that the Laudean forces could not repel them, as you mentioned during the briefing. Do we know where the FTM has been drawing their new supporters from? Turner: ::sighing heavily:: No, not at this point. I'm hoping that Daysa will supply that information when we meet with him. Ashana: ::speaking more slowly, with Ashana's acquired British accent becoming more clear.:: While every planet and species is different, there are certain commonalities, Admiral. People join and support radical, violent movements when they are desperate and afraid. While I can’t rule out the FTM may have off planet support given the history here that could support its growth, the FTM must be striking a chord somewhere for them to have gotten so strong, so fast. They must be promising something to the population that the government has not provided. Ashana: In my opinion, Daysa will need to appeal to those segments who may agree with the FTM’s ideas. No large-scale movement can survive without its base… ::referring to her padd:: your Commander Jorey mentioned that the support for the FTM was mainly rural, but only 60 percent of the urban population was in favor of his government and Starfeet. While that is a majority somewhat, that still leaves 40 percent that may be considering the FTM’s stances… or even supporting them. Those kinds of margins may be the first signs of greater unrest. But if we can sway public opinion against the FTM…. Turner: People, in general, tend to hate what they don't understand. The rural population has not seen how the Federation has worked in their communities to safeguard the planet from further occupation from those who would try to take over the planet. Ashana: We need to find out what the dissatisfied part of the population wants and is not receiving from the government. Obviously, there is the issue of safety… but there has to be something else at hand. Turner: I agree, and unless Daysa knows, and will tell . . . :: thinking about his silence so far:: us, we'll have to start from scratch to find out. Ashana: As for us, we need to be in the supporting role. The face of hope and resistance must be Laudean… I know how propaganda works. If we are too active and visible, the FTM will turn that to their advantage, portraying him as a puppet or even a weak leader who can’t handle a domestic issue without the help of off-worlders. Daysa must represent the change, he must represent a better future for all Laudeans. Turner: I believe he can deliver on that, and our support would come from the fact that we had casualties, during the bombing of their government offices. I think we should hammer the fact that the FTM has made war on innocents, and that we are supporting Daysa, because, after 10 years of living here, this is our home, and have children at stake too. I believe that any mother worth their salt would see a common link between us. :: checking the time:: We should be leaving soon, and I need to go home and change clothes and arrange for guards to accompany us to the Prime Minister's Mansion. Will your entourage be going with us? Rear Admiral Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A Author ID number: E238209TT0
  14. Maybe 'accidentally' generate an EMP ....?
  15. ((Government Complex, Lokesh City)) ::Tyr paced nervously back and forth, watching the Laudean security forces scrambling to divert traffic from the area. It was clear that they had no idea how to deal with the situation, as they appeared more to be herding sheep than they were directing people where to go. His eyes moved back to the group of children, who were nervously looking back and forth at the street and the shouting Laudean officers, probably waiting for their parents, who were caught in the traffic. As he watched, he noticed a lone Laudean, standing apart from the crowd, dressed far too warmly for the day. He seemed to be watching the Security officers, and where they moved, he moved away.:: Waltas::grabbing Parker's shoulder, speaking low and ominously:: Three o'clock. Don't look directly. ::Tyr watched Parker turn to the side and observe, and the same expression crossed his face as Tyr's. He saw the big man tense instantly.:: Parker: Son of a [...]... Waltas: He's far too out of place. See him avoiding the Security personnel? Attempting to blend in? Parker: It's hard to blend in with that coat he's wearing.... Waltas: That coat..could hide quite a bit. Parker: I'd bet my pay he's the second bomber, looking for a way to do the most damage... Waltas::As loudly as he dared:: Irina. On me. Pavlova: Long coat? Waltas: Three o'clock. ::He watched Irina look over to the man then quickly look away.:: Pavlova: We need to get him away from those children. Waltas::Nodding:: Sets off alarm bells. And he's far too close to the children. ::He looked to the Security forces, still attempting to clear the street:: There's no time. Irina, take left, Parker, take right, I'll go straight at him. Parker: Got it. Pavlova: Moving. ::The three officers surreptitiously approached the man in a roundabout way, with Tyr eyeing the children as if he was going to them, Pavlova circling around and Parker headed into the blocked street to cut off escape. The man looked Tyr's way, but his head was down, his hand not straying far from his phaser. Tyr paused, seemingly interested in a piece of debris at his feet, and knealt down, still watching the man from behind the Duronis-required sunglasses. He indiscriminately tapped his comm badge.:: Waltas: =/\= He sees me but I don't think he knows we're on to him. Close in but do not engage. =/\= Parker: =/\= Copy that... =/\= Pavlova::=/\= In these uniforms he sees all of us.=/\= ::After a moment of inspecting the piece of debris, Tyr stood and stretched lazily, hoping to remain unthreatening, his eyes never leaving the man. He saw him open his coat and reach inside, and he tensed. A flash of some sort, and the man was running...directly toward the children.:: Waltas::Screaming, drawing his phaser:: TAKE HIM DOWN! NOW! ::Tyr fired, hitting the man in the shoulder, while Parker and Pavlova struck him as well, but he seemed unphased. Tyr broke into a dead run, trying to cut him off from the children, but the man had the advantage and kept running even after another shot from Pavlova staggered him. Tyr reached him first and tackled the man to the ground, decking him with a hard right hand. The man's hand again went for his coat but Tyr grabbed his hand and wrenched, breaking it. Wailing in pain, the Laudean looked at him through hate-filled eyes, drew a wicked-looking knife from his boot and plunged it into Tyr's shoulder. Growling in pain he was forced to defend against the knife, catching it with his right hand, but this left the Laudean free to use his broken hand to withdraw an object from his jacket. He hurled it directly at the group of children.:: Waltas: NO! ::Everything moved in slow motion. He saw Hannibal and Irina scrambling for the device and he struggled to his feet. Both Irina and Parker reached the device and slapped it away from the children. He struggled to get to his feet to throw himself on it..and the device exploded. He felt as if he'd been struck, flying backward and slamming into one of the cars sitting in the street. The air blew out of his lungs and a horrible ringing in his ears was all he could hear. A red haze filled his vision and he wavered on the brink of unconsciousness. Taking several gulps of air, he shook his head and rolled onto his stomach, his vision clearing. The blast had been small, but his arms told him that there was shrapnel-likely a grenade of some sort. His eyes finally cleared...and revealed a scene of horror.:: ::The children, panicked, had run in the direction of the device just before it went off, and nothing the officers could have done would have changed the outcome. Tiny, broken bodies lay everywhere, at least 10, some wailing in pain, others silent. Tyr, unable to stand, crawled toward them, the closest a small girl gasping for breath. She was wearing a pink dress with the same "dracoon" he had seen in the forest during his and Toni's honeymoon, and her hair was still neatly tied in a bow. By her face, she was no older than 6, and she looked up at him with pleading eyes, not understanding why she couldn't breathe. Not comprehending what had happened. Looking to him for answers. He got to his knees, surveying her wounds, which were gruesome. She was bleeding from two gaping wounds in her neck, and her breath came in ragged gasps.:: Waltas::Weakly:: medic..someone..help.. ::The girl stopped breathing.:: Waltas: No..NO! ::Frantically he tore off his command jacket and wrapped the girl's most obvious wounds, then began CPR, desperately alternating between breaths and chest compressions. After several moments, his command jacket was soaked in blood, and the girl had long passed away. Tyr kept up the CPR, unaware others had gathered.:: Parker: Tyr...she's gone.... Pavlova: He’s right, she’s gone. Waltas: No. I can save her. I can.. ::He resumed compressions.:: Parker: We are going to get the [...]s responsible for this, whether the Laudeans want it or not. I swear it. We are going to kill them all for what they have done... Pavlova: They’ve definitely crossed the line. Waltas::Snapping, viciously:: NO! She'll live! I.. I can.. ::His body, hurting from the battle with the Laudean and the blast, gave out. He slumped onto his side, not horribly wounded in body, but his spirit was crushed. The girls' eyes were still open, staring up at the Duronis skies, still with the confused and bewildered look upon her face. Her sweet, young features were frozen in time, belying the garishness of her wounds. Her young life faded with the light of the day. Tyr looked at her and wept openly, his eyes passing over the other children who were dead or wounded from the horrible attack. A monster had done this. Someone who could somehow justify murdering children to prove their point. A sick animal, willing to snuff out young, innocent lives to make a political statement. To gain or hold onto power. Horrible things happened in war. Tyr himself had done things he later regretted. But never, in his career, had he even considered killing innocents. He wasn't capable of it. None of his beliefs would ever demand that he should do such a thing. He couldn't imagine any set of beliefs that WOULD allow or justify the murder of innocent, sweet children, on their way home from school. Yet, the proof lay in front of him. All around him. Evil did exist, and it had landed upon his soul like a vulture upon its prey. He looked back to the little girl, her dress now stained in blood and wrapped in his command jacket, her tiny hands clutched in the throes of death, her legs curled into a fetal position from the pain, her eyes still questioning....still not understanding.:: ::He didn't understand, either.:: ============================== Captain Tyr Waltas CO, Strategic Operations Duronis II Embassy C237910TW0
  16. (Mitchell’s Quarters - Embassy Crew Quarters - Duronis II) :: Pounding on the door had not awakened Colonel Rode Mitchell, but Hella had a job to do, and would not disappoint Hannibal, so kicking the door down was not beyond what she deem reasonable even if it was the door of a Colonel. Mitchell: Ok, Ok, I’m up. I’m up. Hella: Yeah right, but you're already a half hour late for PT, and that means you've made me late too. Oh and by the way, PT this morning is with a full pack. Shake yourself and let's get moving. Mitchell: Wha? Full pack?? ::Hella waited impatiently until he packed and put on his boots, thinking that he didn't look very much in shape and he couldn't keep up with her as they ran down the beach. But then no one on the base could beat her, except her daughter, Cabrew. :: Hella: Ready yet? Mitchell: ::slinging it over his shoulders:: Not really. ::Darting out the door, Hella called out to him. :: Hella: I'll wait for you on the beach. oO If it doesn't take all day for you to get there. Oo ::Her wait at the beach was shorter than she had estimated, but not by much. And to her, he already looked tired. Doing some stretches to give him time to rest, she introduced herself.:: Hella: I'm Marine Captain Hella, but my call sign is Banshee when I'm flying. I've been tasked to get you in shape to meet Marine specifications. We'll be running down the beach for five miles to start. ::She figured, he'd already noticed she had taken off her pack and was barefooted.:: Mitchell: ::between heaving breathes.:: Nice…to….meet…you… but…5….miles…..really? Isn’t the standard like..3? Hella: Oh, well, it's not me who needs to get in shape. Anytime you're ready we'll get started. Mitchell: Fine…lead the way. ::Hella sprinted off, but then slowed down to his pace, encouraging him to go faster.:: Hella: Think of your pack as a friend that you're carrying to safety, rather than a burden. He's counting on you. Are you going to let him down? Mitchell: N…no… TBC/TAG PNPC Marine Captain Hella Special Assignments Embassy Duronis II USS Thunder NCC-70605-A Simed by Rear Admiral Toni Turner Author ID number: E238209TT0
  17. (( Fortress Parker- Duronis II Embassy )) ::Just then another chime at the door interrupted their conversation and Jaxon looked over to the huge Marine.:: McGhee: Likely just my luggage I guess, I requested it be delivered here. I had intended to take a car to the city if you had had the place full of guests. Parker:::Nodding::COME!!!!! McGhee: Just inside the door gentlemen. I thank you. ::A few embassy staff members carried in a duffel bag, a crate and seven times as many cases inside the door. The Welshman spied something and reached a decision, got up and picked up one of the smaller cases before returning to Hannibal. Standing at a side table he set down the bag and continued speaking without turning around.:: McGhee: I have a few more questions.::opening the case, rummaging around::Tell me how do you feel now you are father…::pulling out a bottle and a cigar case, holding both up before turning to Hannibal::… and do have two glasses and a light? Parker::Smiling::Got you covered, brother...be right back.... ::Hannibal went to the kitchen, opened the pantry, and got down two glasses, perfect for sipping fine whiskey. His ancient Zippo lighter was already in his pocket. As he made his way back over to the couch, he spoke:: Parker:::Glasses covered, lighter in hand...::looking at the pile::You were never known to travel light... McGhee: You know me. I don’t travel light and without…. amenities. Anyway we never celebrated your son’s birth and I have feeling in….::checking his watch::…. two and half hours I’ll be up to my ears in work. ::Setting the glasses on the table, Hannibal watched as Jaxon poured the whiskey in the glasses, the smell smooth and lush, like a good whiskey should be. He then opened the cigar case, and handed Hannibal one of the cigars. Biting off the tip, (an act sure to make Naloor shake her head), Hannibal fired up the elderly Zippo, placing the flame on the end of the cigar, the cigar end flaring brightly as Hannibal drew air through it. With the cigar now lit, the smooth, sweet smell of tobacco and aged whiskey were now wafting through the room. The two men picked up their glasses, and with a nod and a clink, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: To being reunited, once again..... ::Relaxing in the sofa while he puffed his cigar, jaxon thought about all that had happend in the last 2 years. His wife's return, the taking over of the company and his time on Vulcan were just a few things he had experienced. :: McGhee:::sipping his drink::It has been some time, yes. ::The two drank the entire contents of their glasses, then Jaxon refilled them. Drawing a puff on his cigar, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: You know, we can assist you with your freighter. We do have more than one starship these days... McGhee: Not the director? I think she and EVE have a score to settle since the last encounter…. ::A slight understatement as the last time both had stood opposite each other with armed weapons and standing orders that could not be ignored. Jaxon was extremely proud of the way EVE had handled the situation. Considering the AI was following a hardware order that was impossible to ignore she had managed achieve her goal and see it to that Chang could as well. Jaxon doubted that Chang was happy with the way she was treated.:: ::Hannibal had read the report from Chang, and the screen nearly glowed with her fury, as much as Chang could be angry. Hannibal had seen her angry, boiling seething mad, and it was not pretty:: Parker: No, not Chang. She's still here, but we have an escort ship...Miranda Class...USS Bronwyn. She's acquitted herself well in combat since we have had her... McGhee: The Bronwyn? Hmm…. I thank you for the offer, Hannibal, however the Raven should be enough. There is the element of pride amongst the merchant fleet. EVE will call for any assistance should she deem it necessary ::Hannibal knew “merchies” had a great dislike for those who wore the delta, and if they could save themselves, they would. He had fought enough of them over the years to know the last thing they would want is a Federation starship saving them:: Parker: Merchantmen are a proud bunch. Always have been from the time of sail.::Taking another sip::Are you sure you don’t need the Bronwyn? McGhee: I doubt that would be necessary as the ship is intact and the crew well trained. Quite a few different techniques and standards we use today are adopted and adapted from my experience in Starfleet. It's all a part of the changes I made since becoming the head of the clan. ::Now, that was news:: Parker: What happened? How did you take over from your father? ::The Welshman paused with the glass half to his lips. Hannibal was a member of the McGhee clan and thus could call on any clan member, vessel, or facility for assistance and expect it to be granted. At the same time he had no say in internal affairs such as running the company or internal power struggles, though Jaxon guessed the Marine would certainly prove useful in persuading others to provide him with their support. Either way there was no need to retain the news from him.:: McGhee: Well I had to, my father died 19 months ago. A shuttle accident. ::Hannibal felt a pang of sorrow. Although he had only met the man once, Hannibal liked his manner..no nonsense, and he welcomed he and Kamela into their castle:: Parker: I’m sorry to hear that. Jarred was a good man. Do they know what caused it? McGhee: I’m not so sure. He had those within the clan that didn’t see eye to eye with::break::well nothing was proved so far. I’m trying to look forward. ::Hannibal caught the inflection, the desire to leave the conversation where it was. If someone in the McGhee clan did indeed kill Jaxon’s father, it was indeed his call to either let sleeping dogs lie, or find out the truth. Hannibal wanted the truth, and after another swig, spoke:: Parker: I understand...but if you want his death investigated, I’m quite sure I can find the appropriate resources to get to the truth... ::Finding out the truth might be more traumatic than letting things be, and perhaps even place Jaxon and Joel in jeopardy. It was Jaxon’s call, but Hannibal had a feeling he already knew the answer:: McGhee: I have my suspicions Hannibal, however family politics are complex hurriedly pointing a finger can quickly lead to screams of slander and erode my position. Things are different when running a company and not a department ::The Welsh hybrid fell into momentary silence before continuing in thought:: McGhee:::musing and mulling::Maybe someday someone else will have a shuttle accident. ::Hannibal raised an eyebrow:: Parker: Jaxon...if you are planning such a thing I best not know more... :: Hannibal was a trained killer, and a Starfleet Marine. Jaxon was neither. Hannibal could make it happen and not leave a trace, but even if Jaxon asked him to do it, de would decline...Hannibal was many things, but murderer was not one of them:: ::Jaxon turned to Hannibal and took in the look on the Marines face and felt his own brow furrow. Then again they hadn’t spoken in nearly 2 years and he wasn’t to know that Rianne had help him break down some of the antisocial habits he had nurtured. McGhee: Hmm?::turning and smirking::Only a bad joke Hannibal, don’t worry my vest is still clean.::recalling S’Caan::Or at least acceptably grubby.::more to himself::No further incidents ::Hannibal remembered S’Caan, McGhee’s evil alter ego. The two never tangled, but there was no doubt when he looked in his eyes that he was a stone cold killer...but to kill him also meant he would kill Jaxon. Hannibal hoped it would never come to that:: Parker: How are you doing at keeping him at bay? ::Hannibal remembered S’Caans’ handiwork during the 2389 invasion. He was as brutal, lethal, and merciless as Hannibal himself, perhaps more so:: ::The question came as no surprise as they had both talked at length about his alter ego especially as the Marine was one of the few who knew of his existence. Someday Jaxon wanted to ask Hannibal of his thoughts and sentiments upon seeing the quiet and serene Vulca-Human Chief suddenly cutting through his opponents just as easily as the seasoned veteran Marine himself.:: McGhee:::pulling on his cigar, nodding in confirmation:: He is still in there someone and S’Kendel is assisting me in holding at bay. Parker::Nodding::I’m glad you have him under control...how does he feel, being trapped inside your head? McGhee: Angry. I expect he feels….::explaining::The first mindmeld while I was a teen didn’t bring S’Caan and the negative to the surface, but pushed him so far into my mind that he almost became subconscious. It is the reason S’Kendel didn’t sense him over the years. Parker: A mind meld? McGhee: Sort of. More a surface mindmeld.::slowly::A full mindmeld...um even between family is …. very intimate Hannibal.::shifting uneasily on the sofa:: ::Jaxon got up and refilled their glasses, the amber liquid glugging out of the bottle. While the alcohol was loosening his tongue, it was still a difficult subject. How should he explain this to the massive outgoing marine?:: McGhee:::pouring drinks::I’ll try and explain::handing Parker his glass::As our women are not here Hannibal we could speak freely of our past escapades without shame and maybe even with a little pride? ::It was true they had an empty house, and Hannibal was no shrinking violet when it came to women. It was bad form on the verge of suicide to speak of past conquests in the presence of his wife. Smiling, Hannibal spoke:: Parker: No shame here. Only fond memories. So...tell me...did you... McGhee:::laughing, picking up his cigar::No nothing like that. But as two grown men we would be able laugh and maybe boast about our different encounters. But do you think the 15 year old Hannibal and Jaxon would both be just as easy on the subject back then? ::At fifteen, Hannibal was no longer a virgin, but talk of such things would have been difficult for him them. HIs father didn’t even know of his son’s prowess until he made sixteen, and that was when a neighbor heard him and his paramour in the barn:: Parker: No...Hannibal then was not the Hannibal you see now... McGhee: It’s the same with a mindmeld, everything is shared and two become one. S’Kendel was trying to protect me and as I was emotionally unstable he only delved into the upper layers of my mind and shared his. Unfortunately he didn’t expect me to learn how to shield my mind and while he thought he was uncovering things and helping me I was unwittingly hiding things that I thought was private and he accepted it. Add five or six years without his guidance and S’Caan had taken root. Parker: And there he stayed, until you were no longer able to contain him… McGhee: Exactly. TAG JP Simmed by Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0 And Civilian Jaxon McGhee Head of the McGhee Freighter Consortium Writer ID: E238801JM0
  18. (( Control Room - USS Glenn )) ::The tension between the two women was thick enough to double as duranium. Kamela had considered the matter closed, but T’Lea had other ideas:: Allison: There was no cover to blow, Commander...and I never said I was anything like you said. Remember this...you are dancing on the daggers' edge...make sure you don't fall off..... T’Lea: Fine. You win. :: Kamela gave a sideways glance at the Science officer as she hastily made her way away from the [...]pit. Turning back to face the viewscreen, the sand bar growing ever closer. No sooner than she looked down at her flight controls, she felt her head being violently shoved forward, until her forehead hit the console. Kamela saw stars, and felt the trickle of blood flow down her forehead, T’Lea’s words ringing hollow in her ears:: T’Lea: You and SFI can go frak yourselves. Tell that to your boss. :: That was it. This was the moment she had been waiting for. Time to teach this Romulan wanna be a very painful lesson. Gathering her wits, she could see the defiant and momentarily victorious T’Lea walking away. Tappping the console to place the helm in auto pilot, Kamela got up and rapidly closed the distance between herself and the retreating Science officer. Reaching out her left hand, Kamela grabbed T’Lea’s right shoulder, then roughly spun T’Lea around. Seething in anger, Kamela spoke:: Allison: You [...]!!! ::Kamela punctuated her words with an elbow strike, catching T’Lea in the chin and driving her backwards against a panel, her head snapping back with the impact:: :: A woman with less fortitude, and less experience at taking a hit like that would have likely been knocked unconscious, and while T’Lea was certain that her jaw was going to be sore in the morning, right now it felt most excellent.:: :: She stumbled, and then righted herself as she caught part of wall. When she looked back up at Kamela she gave a quiet, throaty chuckle indicating just how much she was going to enjoy this, and just how little the woman had hurt her.:: :: What happened next was fast and furious. An exchange of raw fists striking and counter striking, blocking and maneuvering for the best place to do the most damage. T’Lea didn’t know if Kamela was holding back, but the little voice in T’Lea’s head, which was probably some fragment of her conscience, was telling the Romu-vulc not to land a hit to the other woman’s sternum with the full superior strength she possessed, or else this would end up in an accidental, on-purpose, death. The other indication that Kamela was not completely committed to murder either was that she had not yet reached for the weapon on her person.:: :: At least the two brawling women had some sense of shuttle etiquette.:: :: To Kamela’s surprise, T’Lea’s fighting skills were quite good, and in close quarters, much to the Romu-Vulc’s advantage. Certain things Kamela refrained from doing, mostly because killing T’Lea was not part of the plan. Therefore, she was left brawling with a woman twice her strength, in very close quarters:: T’Lea: Just for the record… :: She wrenched the woman’s arm back, almost to the breaking point, and whispered the next words ever so carefully in her ear from behind.:: T’Lea: … I could have your husband if I wanted him. :: She knew that would tip the pathetic Intel. Officer over the edge, and she expected the full onslaught of her rage to flow.:: :: It wasn’t what T’Lea said...it was how she said it, almost purring the words. Kamela knew in a rational sense, the Romulan had no chance at her husband..however, Kamela was no longer rational, the icy calm she was known for now disintegrated into full blown rage...she had now fallen prey to the Romulan:: Allison: Not in a million years, you miserable petaQ! :: Breaking the painful arm lock T’Lea had on her, Kamela slammed a boot into T’Lea’s knee, then another elbow to the face. Blocking a blow from the Romulan hybrid, Kamela slammed a fist into her face, then followed it up with an upper cut, which once again forced the stronger woman backwards. With her defenses down, Kamela moved in for the kill...or so she thought:: :: Wiping the green blood from her lip, T’Lea limped off of the knee that had taken one hell of a kick. Perhaps she had been enjoying the pain a little too much. Perhaps she had played with her food a little too long. Perhaps it was time to remind Kamela of her natural born strength.:: :: The very next fist that came T’Lea’s way was caught in the palm of her hand. She squeezed to express her control, and then with cobra-like, enhanced reflexes struck a nerve under the woman’s arm, rendering it temporarily useless. The tactic allowed an opening in the otherwise competent fighter. In one swift move, T’Lea hulked Kamela’s entire body mass up in the air and threw her into the front window of the [...]pit, landing her on the control dash.:: Computer: =/\= Command not recognized. Please try again.=/\= :: Kamela lay on the control panel, her breath deflated, but not her spirit. Quickly hopping up, her left arm tingling, she spoke:: Allison: ::In Romulan:: Is that all you got? I play with my son harder than that!. COME ON!!!!! :: In typical Romulan fashion, she had scurried to the back of the runabout, and between the two combatants, was Commander Jorey:: Jorey: ::A disapproving sigh and then in a flat tone.:: What in the Great Fire is going on? :: T’Lea rubbed at her knee almost smiling. She’d hurt Kamela. Kamela had hurt her. But best of all, she had cracked the Intel. Officer’s cool. And it looked like T’Lea was still under her skin.:: :: Hilarious is what this was to T’Lea. Oh, how she had missed this kind of combat. It would have been even better if she were allowed to kill, but she had to admit she wasn’t that person anymore. And truth be told, she may not have even reacted this badly had Della been around, but she wasn’t, so she did. Maybe that said something about her sex life, or lack thereof. Interfacing with a computer console by way of somebody’s face was the next best thing, apparently, because she felt satisfied.:: T’Lea: ::Vulcaning-up:: Apologies, Captain. ::dabbing at her split lip:: We must have… encountered turbulence upon re-entry in to the atmosphere. Allison: It's all smoothed out, Captain ::looking at her instruments: We'll be on final approach in a few minutes... Jorey: Smoothed out? ::His gifts and the Gods told him otherwise. He shook his head.:: I strongly advise that the two of you to each make appointments with Counsellor Ryan. In the meantime, Kamela get back to your station and make sure the Glenn is ready to land? Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Chief Science Officer Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10 & PNPC Lt. Commander Kamela Allison-Parker Operative - Starfleet Intelligence/Helm Officer USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0
  19. ((OOC: This sim is first told from Savan’s perspective, then another character’s.)) ((Family villa outside of Shi’Kahr, Vulcan)) ::Savan found his old room. It was not at all as he had left it. It obviously had been occupied by others, perhaps a guest room. But as he looked around, he saw a container with some personal items that he did not take to Earth years ago. Among the possessions was a holoportrait of Savan as a young child with his parents. It looked like they were on some lush green world—obviously, not Vulcan. He was surprised that Staran and T’Nura had actually kept this and all of the other items.:: ::Some minutes had passed, when Savan could tell he was being watched.:: Torin: Don’t worry, I am not from the V’Shar. Savan: Father? I had no idea you were here. ::Savan’s face brightened up. While not his blood father, Torin was very much his father. After the crisis that tore Savan’s family apart and led to his departure from Vulcan, the half-human, half-Vulcan scholar became a beacon in his life. And with his family, he could actually express his emotions freely, without restraint. His joy at seeing his adoptive father was obvious.:: ((OOC: This is Torin: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/File:Torin.jpg)) Torin: Staran told me that he had seen you during a mission, and that he had asked you to come home during shore leave.I was planning to come to Vulcan for some time, so it seemed like the perfect time. Savan: I am glad you are here. ::growing serious for a second:: Have you spoken with Staran? Torin: I supposed you mean regarding the discoveries from the Eye of Terak? Savan: Yes…. Torin: He did… but so you know, he did not learn of the findings until after he had invited me. But that discovery made my trip all the more important. So, how are you taking it? Savan: Honestly, father, I am very torn. ::Savan’s adoptive brothers called Torin “dad” in the human fashion, but Savan always used the more formal father.:: Torin: Why? Savan: Despite everything, I came to appreciate the opportunity I had in the end… to feel what few Vulcans have, to experience so many things. But when those scientists examined me on the ship en route here and told me they may be able to make me Vulcan, a real Vulcan… I was ready to turn my back on everything just so… Torin: … you could finally fit in? ::Savan looked out through the windows that showed ShiʻKahr shimmering in the fading light of the afternoon. He turned back and saw Torin, focused and attentive.:: Savan: Yes, father. I never realized how much I still feel excluded… to this day. Being in Starfleet, so far away… and with different species, I rarely think of it. But after being around Vulcans recntly, just for a short while, the sense of order, efficiency, and calm… Torin: Order is very seductive, Savan. And most Vulcans would never admit this, but so is logic. Savan: No they wouldn’t… but I see your point. So what do you think I should do? ::Torin smiled.:: Torin: Savan, you already know what I will say. Savan: That it’s my decision… ::Torin grew serious as he looked at his son’s face.:: Torin: Yes, that’s right… but you need to think carefully and find out what you are really looking for. Just because you may be able to suppress your emotions like most of the people on this planet does not mean you will feel at home. ::Savan looked at his adoptive father, speechless. Torin just said nothing and walked up to Savan and gave him a big hug.:: Torin: ::quietly:: I know you will make the right choice, whatever it is. ((OOC: This is part II, now told from Torin’s perpective.)) ((Library, Family Villa, Outside of Shi'Kahr, Vulcan))7 ::Torin was thrilled to have seen Savan. They spoke a bit more, then Torin let him get settled. He knew coming back to Staran and T’Nura’s home would be intense. After all, this was the home he had to leave.:: ::To make the most of the time before the evening meal, Torin headed to the library. He was amazed by the wonders that Staran and T’Nura had collected.:: ::When he entered the library’s threshold, he saw another Vulcan, short in stature. He realized it was Savan’s fellow officers from the Embassy, T’Mihn. There was something different about her, and Torin was curious about finding out why.:: Torin: You seem like you can actually read that without a problem. T’Mihn: T’Mihn: I..eh.. had a lot of practice. ::She gestured towards a chair as an invite to sit down.:: It just seemed easy. Torin: It took me several years for me to even able to read those scrolls properly. T’Mihn: I think the trick is to remember the direction the writing is supposed to go and it's not always a literal rendering. The sentences are treated as a journey while being written and read.. So who have I the honour of speaking with? Torin: Yes, it’d be impolite for me not to introduce myself. I am Torin. T’Mihn: I am T'Mihn, are you kin of Savan? Torin: I am Savan’s adoptive father. I suppose he hasn’t spoke much about me or his family on Earth. T’Mihn: ::Canting her head to the side with a shoulder shrug.:: Only small amounts, but I don't push him. Our ways are private. Had you seen him yet? Torin: That is his way. Always a little discreet, always a little secretive… But yes, I did see him a short while ago. In any case, his uncle Staran let me know that Savan was returning to Vulcan. I was planning to come for research anyway, so I moved up my trip. T’Mihn: I'm sure he was pleased. ::Referring to Savan:: Torin: For all intents and purposes, he is my son… and I miss him. Adopting him was one of the greatest moments of my life. T’Mihn: Bringing a child into one's life is always a wonderful moment. I notice you're pretty relaxed, you must be part Vulcan or full blooded raised elsewhere. Torin: Ah I suppose my obvious emotions are a giveaway. You are correct. I’m half-Vulcan. My father was in Starfleet, and he became enamored of Terran culture the minute he arrived at the Academy. He later met my mother, who is very much a strong Terran woman. T’Mihn: And they do not offend me. ::nodding, Lifting a hand up.:: That explains why you're 'comfortable in your skin". Their world's cultures are as diverse and Earth's bio diversity. How did your parents handle raising a hybrid of two cultures? Pardon me for asking. Torin: Well, my mother is very opinionated, and my father found it was illogical to argue with her… so they allowed me to find my own path between our cultures. That aside, I did have to take a human last name... from my mother's family. T'Mihn: I HAVE met those types of Terrans. He made a sound choice. Did you chose your father's or mother's clan name? Torin: Bergen... Torin Marcus Bergen. Has a certain ring to it? ::laughing:: T"Mihn:::A sharp nod with her customary grin in the eyes. :: Good choice. It does. Well.. Mister ..::Pause:: Bergen, I shall introduce you to my friend Q who fancies making gadgets out of ordinary items? Just bring them back in one piece. T'Mihn: ::Glancing around to make sure no one was listening in.:: I am sure some of us had given you trouble over being...:;both eyebrows disappeared under her bang briefly.::..ahem.. emotional. Torin: ::laughing:: Well, there’s that, and the “nasty” rumor that several of my father’s forebearers were Vʻtosh katur, thoses dreaded “Vulcans without logic.” ::Torin then took an observant glance. There was something different to this Vulcan from Starfleet.”” TAG/TBC MSNPC Torin Marcus Bergen Savan's adoptive father Lt. Commander Savan Tactical/Security Officer Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A Writer ID: E239303S10 http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Savan
  20. ((Til’ahn – Kainga Ranch)) :: This was it. This was her BIG DAY! This was the day that Chief Engine Lady was going to take her on a tour of the Thunder’s engine room! :: T’Sara: Weeheeheeee!! :: The little blonde girl came running out of her room and smacked right into Ceedel’s big haunch. :: Ceedel: Hey. Cut it out. If you break yourself I’ll get in trouble. :: He held out one of his three large fingers. The tiny girl took hold as she climbed back to her feet and picked up her backpack. :: T’Sara: I gets ta see the slippery steam drive, ‘n I gets ta help fix fings, ‘n I gets ta play wiff all dah buttons and lights! :: The large Shrakkian hunkered down to the child’s level as if this were suddenly a competition. :: Ceedel: Oh yeah? Well, I get to sit in a bar, and get drunk, and hopefully have a lovely lady play with - T’Lea: Idiot! Shut up. :: She jabbed him hard in the ribcage as she walked by. Her daughter didn’t need to hear about his disgusting habits… and neither did *she*. :: :: Kneeling down to T’Sara’s level she doted over her daughter, smirking at the girl’s choice of clothes for the big event. A pair of pink pants and a replica uniform t-shirt, in gold, of course. :: T’Lea: Ready nugglet? What’s in the bag? :: With an excited nod, T’Sara whipped around the backpack and opened it up to reveal all the important tools she thought she would need for engineering. Mostly they were toy replicas of the real gear, spanner, tricorder, etc., but there was also a wrench, pliers, glue, tape, Ensign Fluffypants, candy and a few other things that she simply could not live without. :: T’Lea: Oh, wow. You’re prepared for anything. :: She managed to say that without laughing, which was a huge feat.:: Ceedel: Oooo… Is that candy? :: T’Sara snapped the bag shut and hugged it close. :: T’Sara: Mines! You eated yours already. Ceedel: No, I- T’Lea: Okay, let’s go before this turns into a complex war of words. :: T’Sara stuck out her tongue at the Shrakkian.:: T’Sara: Dids so. Ceedel: Did not! :: Stepping onto the transporter pad in the living room, T’Lea put T’Sara in place and ordered up the transport. Just as the lights activated, T’Sara smiled at Ceedel.:: T’Sara: Dids so! :: Before the giant could reply she was gone and he was left standing there looking like a big looser, defeated by a tiny girl.:: ((USS Thunder, Main Engineering)) :: In a way Aria was looking forward to giving the tour. Her official position was she didn't like children, but she had discussed them with Alea enough to know she was malleable. She had also met T'Sara and seen enough of herself in the young girl. She had taken things apart as a girl, put them back together, sometimes working, sometimes not. She had even disappeared for days looking for parts in junk heaps. :: oO Hopefully T'Sara isn't doing that. Well not yet, if so I'll have to give her some tips. Oo :: She was taking a deep drink of her coffee, the third for the day, when the Commander and her daughter came through the doors, smiling. :: :: The bay doors parted to reveal a much better looking room than the last time T’Lea had seen it. T’Sara stood in awe for a moment, and then started bouncing anxiously on her toes when she saw the Chief Engine Lady.:: T’Lea: Lieutenant Oddas. Thanks again for having us. ::looking around:: You’ve been busy. :: Well, just a good task master. Aria was about to respond when the little girl, blonde hair, spots, and ears, jumped forward in a rough approximation of an Engineering uniform. She stood in a very stiff salute that Aria hadn't seen since the academy. :: T’Sara: Capn’ T’Sara Maren weporting for dooties, sir. :: It was times like these when T’Lea literally had to bite her tongue and draw blood to stop herself from bursting out laughing.:: :: Aria smiled, or smirked, and hoped T'Sara wouldn't tell the difference. :: Oddas: Welcome aboard Captain. I see you brought some supplies for your inspection? T’Sara: I bringded everything I could thinks to help fix fings. See! :: The little girl opened up a bag and spilled its contents right on the engineering deck, it appeared to be some toys, but a few actual pieces of real tools. There were also several bits of kid ... flotsam: toys, candy, and odds and ends. :: T’Sara: I has tricorders, spanners, sonic divers, flux cuppler, micro-resnator, and glue. I thoughted you might need my help after you broked the Thunder. Don’t worry I can fix stuff. Mommy n’ me is makin’ a grabbity bike all new again. Right? :: The little girl seemed absolutely ecstatic with herself as she looked to her mother for confirmation. :: T’Lea: Yes, ma’am. The Captain here is a very skilled engineer. Tiny hands in tight places. Very handy with small parts. T’Sara: See? Oddas: I see. I've never had a gravity bike. You'll have to show me sometime. T’Sara: Canni see dah main engines console? An dah matters chambers? And den dah slippery steam drive? Oddas: Of course, we'll see all of that. First, lets gather up your supplies and we'll see the engineering console. :: After T'Sara gathered up the supplies Oddas took the bag and slung it over her own shoulder and led them to the Engineering console. Realizing it was about the same height as the girl’s height she got the girl the stool used for shorter crew members began bringing up various displays. She had the display in simulation mode, displaying routing training data from a previous trip the Thunder had made. T'Sara could execute a self destruct and the ship would go through the motions without actually doing anything. She tapped a few controls and brought up power supplies. :: Oddas: And this is the how power is being distributed across the various decks right now. T'Sara: I knew’d it. :: she looked at T’Lea :: Capn’s like Mommy are dah boss, but it dah Engineers who weally command dah ships. ::at Oddas:: What ifen we was being attacked n’ we needed to make dah phasies shoot more? Oddas: Well, we would push this :: click :: and reroute power from that deck to the weapons. T'Sara: N’dis makes it go to shields? :: She tapped the other button and viola, another deck rerouted to shields. So excited that she got it right she nearly fell off her stool.:: Oddas: That's exactly right. :: Aria was impressed, the little girl had figured it out. Granted, it was labelled fairly well, but stilll for a child her age it was an impressive feat. :: T’Sara: How’d you do the dah upside-downy piggyback slippery steams ride? Mamma T told me ‘bout it. It sounds cool! :: Aria had assumed the non-engineers in Starfleet would have just shrugged off the latest crazy bit of Engineering as something they could do on a daily basis, and the engineers would talk about it as something they had to do to get home. One more problem to solve. Obviously T'Lea had been discussing it at home, its not as if it was classified though. :: Oddas: Well, :: drinking her coffee :: we had to get home, and the ship was too damaged to do it on its own. We had to do something :: she realized saying 'or people may not have gotten home' might not have been the best thing to say to a little girl in front of her mother :: or we would have had to abandoned ship and send others back for it. As an Engineer sometimes you have to put things together in ways that haven't been tried before. oO That's it Aria, give her an explanation that doesn't make too much sense. Oo :: She was still mentally berating herself when T'Sara was off to the next question, oblivious to the concern running through Aria's mind. :: T’Sara: Whad’about stabilities and compensayshuns wiff dah tracky beams? An’are bof ships weally in the slipper steams or is one just gitten dragged along? Whad’about the rippley wake stuffs like on dah waters when deres a big boat and wittle boat behind it gets all bonked around on dah water. Din’t dat happen too? :: T’Lea made an apologetic face and thumbed that she would be over at the replicator getting herself a hot beverage. Aria nodded in return. :: Oddas: We pulled the two ships in nice and tight to each other :: she made two open palms and brought them close almost touching ::, the bigger ship :: she shook one :: created the stream and pulled the ships along. The ships acted like one boat in the water. T’Sara: But wad’about the slippery steams drive? How’d it knows to be bigger dan one ship? Oddas: oO That is one smart wild flower Oo the smaller ship :: shaking the other hand :: emitted a beam, pressing the stream outward, which forced it to go around the smaller ship. T’Sara: I wanna see! :: Aria pulled up a file of notes and diagrams and hastily put together simulations of the maneuver and brought up a dragram of the Thunder's deflector emissions wrapping the Discovery's slipstream around the smaller ship. :: Oddas: So this is the slip stream and this is the deflector moving it around the other ship. :: she watched as the small girl's eyes watched her explain the various point of how the stream moved around the ship. :: T'Sara: Oh, dah defwector makes dah qauntums open, like a door. ::she made a cute frown:: But what makes dah ship go? Oddas: Come on, I'll show you. :: she pulled a panel open from underneath the QSSD's interface and began pointing out the various components. She crawled on her back with the girl by her side. :: T'Sara: Ooo… pwetty. What dat? An’dat? Oddas: :: in response to the girl :: well, those emit the graviton stream. The central control matrix interface is :: pointing :: here. :: Over the next little while T’Lea kept out of the way and let Oddas occupy T’Sara’s inquisitive little brain… or was it the other way around. The amount of questions the girl was throwing at Oddas had, no doubt, put the engineer to the test with basic applications of warp and QSSD theory. In fact, some of the stuff T’Sara knew about almost seemed impossible, but maybe she was just *that* smart.:: :: T’Lea sipped her tea and sat at the main engineering console kind of watching the two of them explore the QSSD’s actually working components. She had an eye and an ear on them, but she was mostly researching a few possible leads to Iconian artifacts.:: T’Sara: I knows dat the slippery steams works in dah quantums barriers, and dat why warps don’t work wiff dis driver. :: The little girl was on her back looking at the innards of a console, mesmerized by the little blinking lights, wires and biogel packs.:: T’Sara: So what about dah transwarps, lik dah Borgies use? Where do dat come in? Befores or after quantumifications? Oddas: Transwarps are more like transporter beams mixed in with warp drive. Where did you learn about that? :: Now that was fascinating to the little girl, because she used transporters every day. She gave a nonchalant little shrug to Oddas’s question.:: T’Sara: My friend Mo knows stuff. He teaches me sometimes. Sometimes I learns on my own. But dah hard stuff he shows me. Mostly. :: T’Lea’s eyes lifted with concern. The mere mention of Mo, T’Sara’s secret imaginary friend, filled the Romu-vulc with a cold chill of worry. Was he back? Was T’Sara so scarred by separation anxiety that she needed fake friends in order to have some stability in her life?:: :: The other thing that bothered T’Lea was that the little girl had not told either parent about the imaginary friend. They had both learned about it second hand from another officer. And here T’Sara was again, talking about Mo to a stranger first. It was enough to make the Romu-vulc feel like a failure of a mother.:: Oddas: I see. Is he a teacher at the school? :: The truth was Aria hadn't really looked into the schooling available on Til'ahn, but she doubted it included advanced warp theory for five or six year olds. If it did then the Laudeans were much more advanced than she had realized. :: T’Sara: No, Mo is everywhere. He’s not a teacher, but he teaches me. He pops in and out like a ghost. ::pause:: What about dah transwarps? Oddas: :: uncertainly, but deciding to let it drop for now :: Well, you need to get access to some Transwarp corridors to make it work and so far no one around here has really made it work. T’Sara: Dat make sense. I bet Mo could make it work. ::looking up at a gelpack:: Dis ones not right, you know? Dah fibers is old n’ weak. See? :: She showed Oddas the tricorder readings.:: :: In truth, Aria had seen it on the repair schedule for the day and left it there, planning to let the girl replace it, but had gotten distracted by the questions. It was a good turn of events the little girl had found it on her own. :: T’Sara: It getting’ all squishy. Oddas: Well, I guess we need to replace it then. :: she pulled out a standard tool kit, she had not expected T'Sara to bring along so much stuff and placed it between them and handed the little girl a Hyperspanner, the first thing needed to remove the pack from its receptical. :: T'Sara: Weally! Okays! :: Even though she was more excited than she could ever possibly contain, T’Sara managed to not drop the tool she’d just been handed.:: :: Carefully following the Chief Engine Lady’s instructions, T’Sara manipulated the tool against the gelpack to disconnect it. Once that was done she paused and smiled at Oddas.:: Oddas: :: smiling :: good work. Now pull it gently from place. :: Little fingers and hands started to work the pack from its place and after a couple of “no-go’s” it finally came loose.:: Oddas: :: gently taking the pack from the girl and handing her a new one, hoping she didn't notice there was a new one readily available :: now place this back in its place. :: She watched as the girl gingerly placed the pack in its place and then used the spanner to secure it. She smiled when she noticed how serious the girl was taking the procedure. :: Oddas: Ok, now, take this tricoder :: she switched it to diagnostics mode :: and verify its working. :: The little girl waited for the readings to settle into place, and then grinned.:: T'Sara: All deh levels is green. We did it! Oddas: Good Work! :: When they were standing she shook the little girl's hand. :: Thank you! T'Sara: Dat was supah funs! Oddas: Oh, I almost forgot. :: she snapped the tool kit together and handed it to T'Sara, and then realized maybe she should have asked the girl's mother before giving her actual tools. She looked in T'Lea's direction as if to say 'Sorry' , but the Romu-vulc shook her head that it was okay.:: T'Sara: Weally?! Dis for me? It’s all mine? I can has it for keeps? :: T’Lea patted the excited little girls head.:: Oddas: Oh! One more thing! :: Aria pulled out a small circular object from her pocket. It was an embroidered disc in a style she had come across when looking up ways to entertain kids. It was the Starfleet Engineering Core logo and the Thunder-A in a style she hoped mimicked a 'merrit badge'. She had no idea if the little girl would care, but it had amused Aria. :: To commemorate your first starship repair. :: She dropped from her tippy-toes as Oddas reached down with another gift. As it was handed over, T’Sara’s eyes lit up even bigger. It was an official looking patch, like she’d seen official engineers wear on their uniforms, and she was so happy she could only think to do one thing.:: :: Flying two steps forward, T’Sara slammed into the Chief’s leg and wrapped her in a tiny, but heartfelt bear hug.:: T’Sara: Thank you Lootanant Oddie. Thank you! Thank you! Oddas: oO Great, now what do I do? Oo :: A chuckle slipped out of T’Lea’s throat. The new name for the Chief Engines Lady was icing on the cake. Honestly it was the best T’Sara could do to pronounce the name, but it was priceless.:: :: Aria looked at T'Lea as if for help, she had expected the girl to be excited and had planned for it to a degree and it had gone better than expected, but this was more than planned. She gingerly patted the girl on the head, hoping it was the right thing to do. :: Oddas: You're welcome, Captain. :: T’Lea reached forward to gently disengaged the tiny hugger from Oddas’s leg, otherwise the girl may have just stayed there. She had a feeling Lootanant Oddie was T’Sara’s new hero. With any luck maybe she would replace, Mo.:: T’Lea: Okay, nugglet, it’s time for us to go. We need to get back to the ranch, and Oddie has other obligations. T’Sara: Aww… I guess so. :: Clearly she would have liked to have stayed longer, and perhaps even arrange for a bunk in engineering to live there permanently, but today was such a good day that nothing was going to spoil it, not even leaving. :: Oddas: :: smiling at them both :: Just today, you can come back soon. :: T’Sara gave the Bajoran one more quick hug of gratitude, and then T’Lea directed her over to the main engineering console.:: T’Lea: Why don’t you self-destruct the ship before we go, I’d like a moment with the Lieutenant. :: With an eager nod, T’Sara grabbed her official tool bag, backpack, and patch, and then climbed the stool, parking herself at the console for some explosive entertainment. :: :: Meanwhile, T’Lea nodded for Oddas to follow her a short distance away, out of earshot.:: T’Lea: I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this for her. ::smiling at the girl across the room:: She’s going to be dismantling everything she can get her hands on with that tool kit though. Not that she wasn’t before, but now it will be more efficient. Oddas: :: smiling :: Glad I could be of help. :: That wasn’t the reason why she’d called Oddas for a private talk. There was something else on the Romu-vulc’s mind, and she was about to get to it, bluntly, as usual.:: T’Lea: I heard her mention Mo. What did she tell you about him? Oddas: Mostly he was a teacher. I assumed he was a friend somewhere she had picked up along the way. :: Disappointed was the best way to describe T’Lea’s expression. As unperceptive as Aria was, she still noticed it looked confused herself. :: T’Lea: Damn. I thought we were rid of him. :: When she looked over at Oddas, she realized that an explanation was deserved.:: T’Lea: We think he’s an imaginary friend. ::she hated to even say the words:: It’s nothing to worry about, so I’m told. Oddas: :: Aria was more confused by T'Lea's reaction than the news. :: Is this news? Do all kids not have imaginary friends? T’Sara: KabooooOOoooom! :: Obviously, she just blew up the ship, and couldn’t have been more happy about it. Yep, that was T’Lea’s girl alright.:: T’Lea: Ones that are well versed in engineering? I don’t know. She’s not the type to make things up, or keep secrets from me. I just… ::shaking her head:: Sorry. It’s not your problem. Thanks again. :: As T'Lea turned to go Aria surprised herself and touched her arm, stopping her gently. :: Oddas: I don't have children, but I do know what its like to identify with machines instead of people as a kid. I had an imaginary friend, he was the only person around me who didn't want to run around with a phaser and relive the :: mock emphasis :: glory days of the Resistance. It might be ok. T’Lea: ::nodding:: Maybe. :: T'Lea headed off, not wanting to reveal just how vulnerable she felt. That and something just felt wrong about the whole “Mo” thing. For instance some of T’Sara’s knowledge was too damned advanced to have been learned through books. Somebody had to have taught her, and it wasn’t T’Lea.:: :: T’Sara glanced up as they approached. Her finger pointed at the console screen, which depicted the Thunder in pieces.:: T’Sara: I blew’d it up. But I waited till dah crew vacuated. Oddas: Good idea. T’Lea: Ready? :: With an eager nod, T’Sara took to her mother’s side and waved at Oddas.:: T’Sara: Bye lootanant Oddie. Fank you for dah tools. Oddas: See you soon. oO Prophets, don't let 'Oddie' stick. Oo Lieutenant Oddas Aria Chief Engineering Officer Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A - 70605-A ID number: E239305OA0 and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Chief Science Officer Historian & Archaeology Specialist Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10
  21. ((TIL’AHN – EMBASSY GROUNDS)) :: It was pouring rain. The drops were so big that it felt like T’Lea was getting pelted with water balloons. The seasons were changing on Til’ahn, and wet weather meant a cold front was moving in. That was something T’Lea was very much not looking forward to. But right now there was the issue of avoiding looking like a drown rat by the time she reached the holodeck.:: :: Why was she running to the holodeck, one might ask? Well, it wasn’t for a relaxing day of hand-to-hand combat with multiple varieties of large idiots that needed dismembering. No, this was not an invitation for fun. This was the dreaded mandatory weapons recertification test. A run and gun obstacle course that in the past had been T’Lea’s one flaw in combat.:: :: Lake sized puddles splashed beneath the Romu-vulc’s boots as she raced toward the cover of the building. She recalled what one instructor at the academy had said about her marksmanship skills, “can’t hit the broadside of a Borg Cube”. It was true, and it was something T’Lea could never correct, until the illegal upgrade.:: :: She entered the building, leaving behind her rain gear, and gripping the dual pistol case in her hand. She felt confident, but she still carried a bit of residual trepidation from past experiences. Failure after failure, or just barely passing by the skin of her teeth made her hate these drills. But that was then, and this was now. And right now the holodeck awaited.:: ((HOLODECK 3)) :: Irina was already in the holodeck and had finished her own qualification courses with Captain Martinez signing off. Unlike most Starfleet officers, Irina had three courses she needed to maintain currency on; the Starfleet Security Officers’ certification, which was a more involved and difficult course than the standard Starfleet course, but also the standard marine course which was mostly rifle based and involved longer range shooting, and finally the marine sniper course, which was pretty much the most difficult course in all of the Federation’s various departments.:: ::For Irina, none of these were much trouble. She still had a perfect record, one shot, one kill, dead center, each and every time irregardless of size, speed or distance. She had held the Federation record from 2169 through 2172, and while no longer the record holder since her return in 2389, she did hold the record for ORGANIC life forms, and when synthetics were added was still in the top three.:: ::Sniper course complete and boxes all checked, Irina looked up and noticed T’Lea entering with a pistol case. A quick check of the board indicated it was her time to qualify. Irina having rangemaster as one of her collateral duties decided she would run the course herself and dismissed Captain Martinez.:: Pavlova: Do you need a practice run first? T’Lea: No, just give me a minute to set up. Are you qualifying also? :: She plopped her pistol case on the table, and opened it up to reveal the standard Starfleet issue phaser, and the other weapon which was military issue, just not Starfleet. It was her mother’s disruptor, and a special one only issued to Tal Shiar agents.:: Pavlova: I just finished, but I’ll be running you through your course. ::Irina looked at the disruptor, which looked Romulan in design, if her guess was right:: Nice toy. :: A bit surprised by the news that Irina would be running the show, T’Lea glanced up at her for a split second, and then shrugged.:: T’Lea: I know it’s not regulation, but I’d also like to qualify to carry this as well. :: She gestured at the disruptor fully expecting a “hell no, we don’t allow Romulan garbage in Starfleet.” After all, the last time she tried this she was met with exactly that kind of response.:: Pavlova: Hmmmmm, non-regulation weapon. ::Irina glanced down at her own 22nd century phase pistol that was still on the bench:: Pavlova: So long as I verify its within accuracy standards. T’Lea: Be my guest. :: She moved aside allowing Irina to handle the weapon.:: ::Irina picked up the weapon and inspected it closer. The craftsmanship was superb, far better than standard Federation or Romulan weapons, and its balance was about as close to perfect as possible without custom weighting to the individual owner, or perhaps it was custom, but for somebody other than Irina.:: Pavlova: Romulan? T’Lea: It was my mother’s. She used it to assassinate my father. :: A total lie, but she wanted to see how the woman would react to it. Raivus hadn’t killed Keros with the disruptor, it had been poison.:: Pavlova: Let me guess, he left dirty dishes on the table, or did he always forget to put the toilet seat down? Poison or even good old-fashioned suffocation is cleaner. :: Not what the Romu-vulc expected in return, but she hardly knew the woman. In fact, she was beginning to think that maybe she had pegged her wrong. T’Lea had always steered clear of Irina in the past, believing her to be a goody-two-shoed, by-the-book, strict follower of code and conduct, which was something T’Lea disliked thoroughly. Of course, it was going to take a lot more than just two minutes of time together to change her mind, but she would be more than happy to admit she was wrong.:: T’Lea: Well, we all make do with what we have at the time. :: She held out her hand for the disruptor, holstering it and then the phaser.:: ::Putting the weapon back down in the case Irina stepped aside.:: Pavlova: Well, lets get you qualified. We’ll start with the standard phaser, I’ll append your little toy after I see that you can actually hit what you aim at. T’Lea: I hear you’re one of our top shooters. Feel like taking a tandem run with me? Unless, you’re too tired. :: The last time T’Lea qualified had been under the strict eye of Skye Blake, who held the record also. T’Lea didn’t break it, not because she couldn’t, but she made certain that she came close enough to make Blake sweat. It was a good laugh.:: Pavlova: I’m not a bad shot. Hannibal’s almost as fast, but not as accurate. ::Irina set up the standard officer qualification course and picked up her brand-new 250-year-old phase pistol.:: Pavlova: Ready? :: T’Lea turned her back to Irina, pulled the phaser, and blinked. The innocent little bat of her eyes activated her optical targeting system, (OTS). The reticle instantly came online and she felt the surge of power twitch through her shoulders all the way down to her finger tips. Muscle stimulators were active and her reaction time doubled.:: ::Anyone look at T’Lea wouldn’t know that she was now under the influence of cybernetic enhancements, unless they look very closely at her right eye and saw the faint shadow of a holographic red dot sight overlaid in the lens in her eye. T’Lea: Indeed. ::Irina started the course with two adjacent lanes open, T’Lea’s targets in blue, her own in set to black to accommodate her color blindness as the blue targets were very close in tone to the gray walls and white targets would just be too easy.:: ::The first set of ten appeared at varying distances and size as per the standard course outlines, and each time Irina hit it dead-center in a fraction of second.:: :: The OTS recognized the color blue as T’Lea’s primary target after the first two eye movements tracked the objects. Swift shifting flight patterns and variable sizes made little difference in the optical systems ability to identify and hold the targets unpredictable actions. The reflex stimulators were icing on the cake, thought T’Lea with every sharp jerk of her muscles. The ability to snap to the center of the target worked in perfect unison with OTS and the users own thought. The system was flawless. SFI’s upgrades hadn’t just protected T’Lea from being hijacked again, but they seem to have improved on an already impeccable system. It was like her OTS was on steroids. Hell, she couldn’t have missed even if she’d tried!:: :: When the round was over, she turned to Irina and did her best not to look as surprised at herself as she felt.:: T’Lea: Can we skip the targdren and go straight to the difficult stuff? Pavlova: Sure thing. T’Lea: Simulated fleshy objects are more entertaining than flying discs don’t you think? Pavlova: Even better when they shoot back. :: The holodeck imagery reconfigured into an abandoned building with Klingon architecture. The structure looked like it had been through war. When the sounds of shelling in the distance concussed the air, it was clear that it was still going through a war.:: T’Lea: Clearing the building? Pavlova: Sure, why not; T’Lea: On my six. :: Since she was the one in review she knew the lead was hers.:: Pavlova: And, begin. :: T’Lea plucked the disruptor from its resting place on her thigh and now both hands were armed. She’d never done this before, but she wanted to push her OTS and reflexes to see if the system could handle dual targeting at once. She was about to find out just how good SFI had made her.:: :: Not two steps down the hall and suddenly the lower level came alive with a pair of Klingons exiting from opposite doorways in front of her at the same time. In a split second her system calculated all of the important factors for both of them – distance, predictions based on tracking movements, and much more. It was determined that the one on the right had raised his weapon a fraction faster than the one on the left. The VOTS, (vital organ targeting software), selected the best organ for a fatal shot according to the angle of her body, and then it did the same for the second hostile. With hardly a thought, T’Lea raised both arms almost simultaneously, and fired. The one on the left fell seconds after the Klingon on the right, both mortal wounds.:: :: The Romu-vulc smiled at herself, then quickly wiped it away and glanced back at Irina, giving her a little quirk of the brow before moving on. Without the OTS those kinds of results never would have happened… at least not as efficiently.:: :: A couple of more rooms were cleared and the shelling started getting closer to the building.:: T’Lea: Is that our artillery or theirs? Pavlova: Theirs. T’Lea: I assume we’ll be taking them out down range. I’m not a sniper… ::mumbling:: well, as far as I know, I’m not. :: Something told her those SFI upgrades may have made her one.:: Pavlova: I am. T’Lea: That sounds ominous. Let’s see if we make it to the top first. :: They went up the flight of stairs, dropping Klingons and a couple of Cardassians for good measure along the way.:: ::Irina was positive that something was up with T’Lea. Even Hannibal wasn’t that fast or accurate, and it was likely that Irina wouldn’t be either without the benefit of a few centuries experience and the intuition that went with it. As she had lead, most of the targets were placed in front of T’Lea, but the computer had a few surprises for Irina as well, and despite the age of her weapon she hit everything that presented itself, in a fraction of a second, and unlike T’Lea with her computer suggesting vital organs, Irina just did what she always did and hit everything she shot at right between the eyes. :: ::Finally the pair made it to the roof :: Pavlova: That was fun. T’Lea: I must admit… I have a new appreciation for these. :: She indicated to the two weapons in her hands. She had always felt that using projectile, or energy based weapons was cheating in combat. She much preferred to have personal face-time with her victims, but, as Irina had said, it was fun, and now that she could hit her targets it kinda was.:: T’Lea: By the way, you were right -- shooting the Waltas Twins. It was the only logical choice. Pavlova: I’ve known Tyr a long time. I promised I wouldn’t kill his kids, and that was the only way to keep that promise. :: The Romu-vulc gave a nod, and holstered both weapons.:: T’Lea: So, pass or fail? :: Like she had to ask.:: Pavlova: Not bad at all. So what are you using, some kind of computer enhancement. :: The sound of Irina’s voice prompted the Romu-vulc to turn her thoughts elsewhere. She should have made a point to miss a few. She got greedy and she got caught.:: : :T’Lea turned with a serious Vulcan expression.:: T’Lea: Are you accusing me of cheating? Pavlova: I’m asking what you are using, because whatever it is, it is not limited to skill and experience. :: T’Lea had to be careful with her next choice of words. Not that her implants were a secret, but the less people that knew about them, the better off she was.:: T’Lea: I can assure you that no external help was applied. ::thoughtful pause:: If you had one fatal flaw that may put your family and co-workers in jeopardy, would you not do everything in your power to correct it? Pavlova: Oh I cheat too, wherever I can. Counterweights, custom beam focusing lenses, optimized ammunition and even custom weapon fitting. Not to sound arrogant but, but without some electronic cheats, I’m guessing linked from eye to hand, there’s just no way you can shoot as quickly and accurately as you just did. I can, with practice on the course, but not with two weapons and I’m sure…… :: Another loud explosion hit the ground a few yards away from the building they were standing on. T’Lea scowled and then glanced at Irina.:: T’Lea: Do you mind dispensing with that annoyance? ::Irina looked quickly and saw that the Klingon with the mortar was 1500 meters away on an distant rooftop. With casual disdain she picked up the rifle from the its perch at the ledge and quickly brought it to eye level, aimed and fired. The whole process from target identification to .50 caliber hole between his eyes took barely two seconds, more than half of that just picking up the weapon.:: :: It was in those two seconds that T’Lea recognized something… interesting.:: Pavlova: I’m guessing you want me to fudge the score a bit? :: The Romu-vulc stared the woman in the eyes for a mere moment, trying to gauge her motives. Suspicion rose in T’Lea.:: T’Lea: Something consistent with my previous records. :: Records that would probably horrify the woman if she saw them. She said the last statement hesitantly, wondering if she would owe Irina something in return :: Pavlova: Sixty-four percent it is. ::Irina then raised her voice and went somewhat monotone:: : Computer, End program. :: As the holodeck fell to grid form, with only a table remaining, she went about placing her gear in the case. She half glanced at Irina who was collecting her own belongings, and then T’Lea decided to prod.:: T’Lea: Careful. Pavlova: Of? T’Lea: If you keep breaking the rules I may start to like you – a little. Pavlova: Just don’t start following me home and begging for scraps. :: The Romu-vulc gave her wry smirk and poked a bit more.:: T’Lea: Everyone knows your reputation, Ms. Pavlova. Superior marksman, skilled in hand to hand combat, the perfect soldier. Two-hundred and fifty years of experience. Starfleet loves that kind of officer, as long as you don’t cause problems for them. Something tells me you have a history of problem causing. ::looking at her as if seeing through her:: I know darkness when I see it. People try to hide it, try to deny it, but once you’ve touched it, it never really goes away. You’re not fooling me, but I’ll pretend. ::Darkness. Most of her life was spent in darkness. For 219 years she brutally acquired and drove a slave labor force to built Treng’s great sub-particulate antennas. Even since then, the darkness was always just one step behind her, waiting around every corner, under the bed, and most importantly, behind her eyelids. The faces of all of the people she had killed, and perhaps worse, the ones she had left behind, waiting at the window until they withered and died.:: Pavlova: What Starfleet loves most about me is the possibility of my vivisected organs in some secret laboratory unlocking the secrets of making old rich people young again. :: The expression on T’Lea’s face narrowed into a slight frown. She wondered how deeply Starfleet had their claws in her. Or whom had manipulated whom.:: T’Lea: Obviously you have enough influence to prevent that from happening; otherwise you wouldn’t be standing here. Pavlova: Me, influence? Anyway, they’ve already tried, more than once. There were four of us on Kjenta II who were not in stasis, the other three were found in trashbags in San Francisco China Town with their organs harvested. At first Tyr doctoring my medical file made them think I was in stasis the whole time with the other 9, but somewhere along the way someone got a medical scan out, and now they know. T’Lea: You think they’re coming for you? Pavlova: Its been a few months since I sent their last would-be abductor back to them in a box, but they’ll try again, maybe not right away, but eventually. T’Lea: What are you going to do if they try to take you in? Pavlova: Not let them. T’Lea: You do realize that they may not even show their faces. They may blackmail you, manipulate you, or leverage your loved ones until you surrender yourself. If I were you, I would find them before they find you, and I would start with the fecal matter that leaked your medical scan. :: She gave a little shrug at the end, as if trying not to get to involved.:: Pavlova: The release was accidental, I walked a bit too close to a biobed. They’ve already tried for people I care about. Katya was with me the first time they made a move, and they did kill AJ. She may have died from some pollen, but I’m positive it wasn’t accidental. I definitely received that particular message. :: While Irina was talking, T’Lea studied the woman a bit. Admittedly she was handling the murder of her wife really well. Had it been T’Lea she would have gone supernova on the galaxy until it coughed up the people responsible.:: T’Lea: I see. Well, if Oddas means anything to you, then you owe it to her to warn her. If these people are as sinister as you say they are, then she’s not safe. She has a right to know and decide for herself if she wants to risk her neck for… whatever it is you two have going on. :: T'Lea had recalled the intimate moment she'd stumbled on in Engineering between the two, and quickly put it together that they were more than colleagues, or friends. Being the blunt force that she was, T'Lea didn't mind bringing it up. After all, she knew very well the liability of love and family when enemies were out for blood.:: :Irina stopped moving as she was overcome with sadness at the thought of Aria getting in the middle of this.:: Pavlova: You’re right of course. She was just a kid with a funny nose until the night before the wedding. I should know better than to think I could ever find happiness. T’Lea: Oh, please. If *I* can find it anybody can. The hard part is keeping it. :: She thought about how close she’d come to losing Della recently, and how the long distance relationship was making everything that harder.:: Pavlova: They all leave, one way or another. Dimitri died waiting while I was marooned on Kjenta II. AJ died just an hour after our wedding. The sad part is, I wasn’t looking for anything, but I can’t stop thinking about her and when I do, everything else just fades away. :: Uncomfortable with the opening thought of Irina’s confession, T’Lea Vulcan-ed up inside to reject any lingering doubt she had about her own marriage.:: T’Lea: But not Oddas. Pavlova: Well, we didn’t have Bajorans when I come from. ::Irina felt a sudden need to change the subject.:: Pavlova: You still didn’t answer my question though. Computer enhancement? Muscle and/or ocular implants? Both? T’Lea: Yes. ::pause, frown:: You weren’t there for the “off the books” rescue mission to Vetka, were you? :: She was a bit fuzzy on the participating players, because at the time of her rescue her cybernetics had been hijacked by a Cardassian CBI agent, Dal Selta, and T’Lea was not operating under her own accord.:: Pavlova: Yes, but I was busy in Lokesh city at the time. T’Lea: Ah, well, long story short my implants were hijacked and I turned against everyone. ::shaking her head remembering:: It was frakked up. Nearly killed everyone that came to help, including Della, but then that wouldn’t have been the first bondmate I was directly responsible for murdering. ::she shook her head again and quickly moved on:: After Vetka I agreed to allow SFI to upgrade and protect the cybernetics from further security breaches. Only now… :: She looked thoughtfully at her hands, letting her worry hang in the air.:: Pavlova: So do you know what SFI added or changed? T’Lea: Just what they promised me. But since my mother was directly involved… I don’t know for certain. They may have protected me from outside hacking, but… Pavlova: But you have no idea if they put in a back door. :: She sneered at Irina.:: T’Lea: You just had to say it, didn’t you? Anyway, while I was on the Invicta, SFI assigned a handler to me. They were supposed to watch me, run tests, and update the implants now and then, and I’m sure they were supposed to do some other things that I’m not aware of. Luckily, my handler was a… friend-ish-like person. What’s disconcerting is, now that I’m here no new handler has been assigned. When SFI stops talking, I start to worry. So… ::looking directly at Irina:: … it seems we’re both looking over our shoulders. Pavlova: Knowing SFI like I do, my guess is that you have a handler here too, just not revealed to you. T’Lea: I hate that idea even more. Now I don’t know who to harass. ::she gave a little shrug:: I’ll find out. :: A call to her mother would be enough, she hoped. If her mother didn’t know, then it would be time to worry.:: T’Lea: Well, if you ever need me to kill something for you, let me know. :: An offer like that from T’Lea wasn’t in jest, even though that’s what I may have sounded like. She collected the last of her things and prepared to brave the rain once again.:: Pavlova: I’ll keep that in mind. T’Lea: Tell Oddas, I’m looking forward to our date. :: She couldn’t resist tossing that out there. The date was for T’Sara, but it was amusing to think that other thoughts might rub Irina the wrong way. It was just in T’Lea’s nature to do that sort of thing.:: ::Irina saw through the barb immediately, both due to being present at T’Lea and Della’s wedding herself, and what she had come to know of Oddas. Pavlova: Well, I can tell you that those ridges on her nose aren’t sharp. -end- Major Irina Pavlova Chief of Security Duronis Embassy / USS Thunder Author ID 0238908HA0 and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Chief Science Officer Historian & Archaeology Specialist Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10
  22. ((Bridge, USS Discovery)) Oddas: =/\= Ideally the Thunder would be assisting in this maneuver but the damage was more extensive than we thought. I just re-calibrated the tractor beams, but at this rate I'm going to need to do it again in about 20 minutes. =/\= Waltas::Checking the navigation chart:: =/\= 20 minutes should be all we need. =/\= Oddas: =/\= We should be in range of the Sand Bar by then, we'll have to drop out of Quantum Slip Stream then anyway. As soon as we do, I recommend we drop all of the tractor beams as soon we're out of the stream. =/\= Waltas: =/\= Since the Thunder only has thrusters that could be a problem. She won't be able to make it on her own without some help and we've got company closing in on us. ::He paused, thinking:: Lieutenant, once we drop out of the slipstream I want you to transfer every ounce of power to the impulse engines. Take it from everywhere but life support and the tractors. =/\= Oddas: =/\= Can do sir, but care to ... =/\= Waltas: =/\= I'm going to see how my starshp-tossing skills have fared. I've done it once before. ::looking at Mitchell and grinning:: It was fun. =/\= Oddas: =/\= Sir, I don't think the Discovery is going to be pilotable under those conditions, the sheering forces from the slipstream are going to try and tear the nacelles off the ship. =/\= Waltas: =/\= You let me worry about the helm. Just get me that power. Waltas out. =/\= ::Tyr could imagine right now Oddas was muttering about unrealistic demands made by Captains and he smiled, then sat back in the seat. His idea was just as insane as it was the first time he'd done it, when he launched a Miranda-class starship out of the hold of the USS Odyssey and used its inertia to force it to collide with the USS Constitution, ending a climactic battle between the two starships and bringing his former Captain to justice.:: Mitchell: Just don’t miss. The last time was a little close. Waltas: Let's hope we have the same positive result. I don't want you to go back and have to explain how your little evaluation cruise resulted in the destruction of the Discovery. Get me the Thunder. Mitchell: ::chuckling:: Well, Raj is technically on the hook since he signed the forms. I’ll just the be one having to fix it all. ::pressing the needed keys:: Comm’s up. ::The viewscreen snapped on and Tyr was eye-to-eye with Jorey.:: Waltas: =/\= Commander, our "friends" are approaching quickly and we're going to turn and confront them. We're going to attempt to slingshot the Thunder through the sandbar and get you home. When you're out of jamming range, I need you to contact Chang and the Bronwyn and have them get underway to rendezvous with us in case we need assistance. =/\= Jorey: =/\= Of course. But I don't have to tell you that if we have incoming, it's very likely that Director Chang already knows. As for being slingshot through the sandbar corridor… well at least I can say it's not the craziest thing the Thunder has had to endure today. =/\= Waltas: =/\= We're sitting ducks with you between our nacelles. one stray torpedo could destroy both ships. I don't think we have any other choice. =/\= Jorey: =/\= I differ to the expertise our engineers and scientists. =/\= Waltas: Stand by. I'd recommend reinforcing the dampers. This won't be a smooth ride. Waltas out. ::Time, as it was wont to do, passed all too quickly, and the time for the insane maneuver came. Tyr looked over at T'Lea.:: Waltas: Let's hope our luck with crazy maneuvers holds. Anders, take us out of warp, then I have the helm. ::Tapping the comm panel:: =/\= Bridge to engineering. We're dropping out of the slipstream. Transfer all power on my mark. =/\= Oddas: =/\= We're ready sir. =/\= ::Anders dropped the Discovery and Thunder out of the slipstream, with the ships emerging still in their configuration, but the tractor beams violently fluxuating.:: Mitchell: Tractor beams are about to blow! Waltas: Understood. =/\= Bridge to engineering-transfer power now! =/\= Oddas: =/\= Initiating =/\= ::The lights on the bridge dimmed as every kilojoule of power was dumped into the impulse engines, which flared a fiery red in response. The ship vibrated with as the engines "redlined".:: Waltas: Computer, activate manual steering column. ::With an obedient beep, a panel on the deck of the bridge slid open and a column emerged, with a flight-stick reminiscent of military jets of ancient earth emerged. Tyr gripped the flight stick and depressed the trigger, signalling full impulse. The Sovereign-class blazed forward at break-neck speed toward the sandbar.:: Waltas: Where's our friends, Mitchell? Mitchell: Closing way faster than I’d like. Waltas::Shaking his head:: We're out of time. =/\= Waltas to Thunder, brace for inertia. =/\= Mitchell, disengage tractors on my mark. T'Lea, try to compensate for the inertia as much as you can. T'Lea: Aye Mitchell: Finger’s on the button. ::Tyr pulled hard on the flight control, banking the massive starship hard to port and rolling her onto her side.:: Waltas: Release the tractors! ::On the viewscreen, the two starships separated, and the Thunder was catapaulted, inverted, deep into the sandbar while Discovery banked away and turned her bow to the threat. Both ships shuddered with the effort, but both survived, and the Thunder was well on her way through the Sandbar.:: Waltas::Mimicking T'Lea's voice:: Huh. What do you know? It worked. T'Lea: ::mumbling:: …smartass… Waltas::Chuckling, touching the comm panel:: =/\= Bridge to Engineering. Well done. The Thunder is on her way. Return power levels to normal. =/\= Oddas: =/\= Understood Sir. =/\= Waltas: Now let's see what our friends want. Red alert, Mitchell. Mitchell: Roger that. ::He hit his favorite button, the big red one sending full power to the shields and phasers, darkening the bridge and sliding torpedoes into the tubes.:: Wait…hang on, contact’s fadding out. Their gone. Odd….. Waltas::Frowning:: They cloaked. Romulans. Mitchell: Gee haven’t we been here before. But they’d be the only thing out this way beside us. Waltas: T'Lea scan for neutron radiation. Get me a fix on them if you can. T'Lea: Aye ((Space)) ::The Discovery stood, indominable, blocking the way to the crippled Thunder and the sandbar, and in proxy to the Embassy itself. Her shields snapped on and deadly weapons went to full power, waiting on the adversaries to reveal themselves.:: ================================== Captain Tyr Waltas Commanding Officer USS Discovery C237910TW0
  23. ((Mindscape)) ::Savan was almost overwhelmed by the sequence of images and sounds that he saw. Vicious specters of the past, telepathic imipressions, all of it had led to this moment. Tye now stood holding his brother. Tye: Let’s go home. T'Mihn: The first steps to healing have started. In order for Sanye to truly heal, your family needs to heal with him. :;Putting a hand on Sanuye's head.:: T'Mihn: Know you're greatly loved. ::In a few instants, the dark landscaped dissolved into the sterile world of sickbay on the USS Discovery. Savan blinked as he heard a voice begin speaking. He realized it was Waltas. T’Mihn must have ended the link.:: ((Sickbay, USS Discovery)) Waltas: What happened? T'Mihn: His biological mother placed a strong impression for him o harm his family. We showed Sanuye the root of the problem and set him on the path to heal. Savan : Tye found the courage within himself. ::Using the bed as support, T'Mihn made her way to Tye and gilded him to the bed next to Sanuye's and put him on it..:: Savan: ::to Tye:: This will help you recover from what you experienced. ::Savan triggered a state of gentle deep rest for Tye, who then fell asleep.:: Waltas: How could their mother plant something inside his mind? T'Mihn: She might have encountered him on his travels. I'd have to go in again to find out exactly...::pause:: I don't think I can right now. ::Savan did not understand the fury of the Vulcan mother. Only an illness or madness could produce such a state. But he offered what he could in the moment.:: Savan : Vulcans can leave telepathic impressions within the mind of another. It’s almost like a program running in the background. Waltas::Sighing:: So they'll be out for some time? ::Thinking:: Probably a good thing. I don't know what happened in there but it felt like I was there. I could feel but couldn't see. T'Mihn: In a sense you were because of the closeness of your family. Savan: The connections that tie us to others work in ways we do not always understand… especially those between parents and children. Waltas: Well, the doctor had kindly asked us to get out and my wife has been abducted by a grouchy Vulcan, and you tell me my sons are going to be sleeping the ride home so..I'm headed for the bridge. But first, I wanted to thank both of you. I'll never pretend to understand Vulcan mind melds but I know what you did for my sons is incredibly personal. I'm indebted to you both. I could have lost my whole family without your help. ::Savan almost laughed at the reference to “grouchy Vulcan,” as he had just notice T’Lea was absent.:: T'Mihn: It was for family. ::Letting go, she quickly grabbed the bio bed edge with a hand, before releasing her other hand.:: You're welcome. Now ..ahh.. get out.::wink:: Doc has this covered. ::Savan was almost taken aback by T’Mihn’s expressiveness. Not that he disapproved at all. He appreciated the warmth of it.:: Savan: I hardly understand melds myself. But to be honest, sir, it was an honor to be of assistance. In life, there are few things as important as family. We will attend to both Tye and Sanuye. ::As Waltas walked out, Savan saw T’Mihn slide down to the floor.:: T'Mihn: This usually only done with one person. ::trying to shake loose cobwebs:. I wasn't expecting his whole family. ::Looking up at Savan.:: Are you alright? Savan: Am I alright??? I think I am the one who should be asking that question. ::Savan smiled and lifted the small Vulcan up onto the biobed.:: T’Mihn: A bit scrabbled, and drained. Thanks you. ::He immediately began to apply neuropressure to help revive his fellow officer. Savan: ::after a few moments:: So how do you feel now? T’Mihn: ::Sitting up on her elbows:: Better, you? ::The conversation turned back to him.:: Savan: Well, I did not expect to be drawn into the meld but I still do not entirely stand what unfolded at the end. Regardless, it was… ::smiling:: fascinating.:: T’Mihn: ::Giving a grin:: We need to come up with more words to describe amazing things. Are you really alright? ::Savan paused for a moment, as something flashed through his consciousness.:: Savan: To be honest, since the end of the last mission, I have not felt entirely like myself. T’Mihn: I think that mission has disrupted us all. SO what do you feel like? Savan: It is like someone else in the background of my mind. It has not been negative, but it is… unusual. TAG/TBC Lt. Savan Tactical/Security Officer Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A Writer ID: E239303S10 http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Savan
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