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  1. Great work everyone, you all deserve it.  To say I was a little apprehensive about having an intelligence officer aboard the ship, well, that would be putting it mildly.  That said, @Kali Nicholotti you put my mind at ease with your portrayal of Ash and I appreciate it greatly, I cannot think of a better intelligence officer. 

    @Melody Delri'ise is has been an absolute pleasure watching your character integrate with the crew in a very non-traditional way that still gets the job done, great work.

    @Quentin Collins III well, you have been such a great science officer I almost wanted to tell your new CO he couldn't have you.  Try to make him look as good as you made me.

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  2. Great work @Randal Shayne, it is very well deserved.  I don't think the Eagle and then the Juneau would be the ships they are without you and the fleet is definitely better with you.  

    @Roshanara Rahman all I can say is without you and @Quinn Reynolds to listen to my dumb questions I wouldn't be here today, so thank you for that and thank you for all of the tireless effort you put into things.  I know its probably been less than like 48 hours since I've asked for your help with something or another so your awards are very well deserved.  

    Great job all around everyone.

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  3. So, I was playing Mass Effect again and I think its in the second one or so when its mentioned the Geth wake up one day and say 'Do I have a soul?'  I'm pretty sure that's the red line for me when I say 'you know, its time to start treating this thing as if its sentient, alive, and has those rights'.

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