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  1. Welcome aboard @Jesmi Appa - I live in your neck of the woods, let's say a bit more beach side. You've found a great group and will have a lot fun.
  2. Great work everyone, you all deserve it. To say I was a little apprehensive about having an intelligence officer aboard the ship, well, that would be putting it mildly. That said, @Kali Nicholotti you put my mind at ease with your portrayal of Ash and I appreciate it greatly, I cannot think of a better intelligence officer. @Melody Delri'ise is has been an absolute pleasure watching your character integrate with the crew in a very non-traditional way that still gets the job done, great work. @Quentin Collins III well, you have been such a great science officer I almost wanted to tell your new CO he couldn't have you. Try to make him look as good as you made me.
  3. Great work @Randal Shayne, it is very well deserved. I don't think the Eagle and then the Juneau would be the ships they are without you and the fleet is definitely better with you. @Roshanara Rahman all I can say is without you and @Quinn Reynolds to listen to my dumb questions I wouldn't be here today, so thank you for that and thank you for all of the tireless effort you put into things. I know its probably been less than like 48 hours since I've asked for your help with something or another so your awards are very well deserved. Great job all around everyone.
  4. Very good work to all of the work - I appreciate all of the hard work everyone has put in! The longevity and the dedication everyone puts in is a testament to how much fun it is to play here. @Noa T'Nessa Levinson great work keeping up with everything in a difficult situation and doing something I know I wouldn't have the temperament or the patience to do.
  5. Great work everyone. Every year the Awards are hard to decide because they are so many talented writers to choose from. @Kali Nicholotti it was great to be able to award such a great writer with a ribbon that seemed so tailor made for your work to the fleet for so long. Mister Serinus it is great to be able to see your improvement in the time you have been with us, and your work to improve our understanding of the Magna Roman people. @Randal Shayne, well your problem solving has made you a great example for the Scotty Cross and Nebula Bar - making you a great XO and now CO. Thanks for giving the Juneau and Eagle so much of your time and gifts! I love reading about Shayne bouncing around the halls in a foul move, worrying about him getting upset about this or that, and being an all around curmudgeon. Ensign @Adingo, the work you put in the OOC channels like discord and the wiki pages really make a difference and help the staff out - you make running the ship so much easier. The history page and new wiki pages you work on for the crew hep the staff really put our best foot forward. @Quentin Collins III You have helped in so many ways I know you are going to go far! When new players come aboard ship one of the first things they often say is how nice and welcoming you are - you are a huge asset. @Chloe Waters whenever there was a question about lore, or ship layout, or any of those things I know you will have an answer to those questions. Minor details to larger over reaching questions and your informed opinions have always been a welcome addition - especially as we operate in areas where questions of politics, and capabilities come into play on a regular basic. Thank you so much for your continued play and dedication to the group! I really appreciate it and I can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming year!
  6. Aria pretends she doesn't like to dress up, but don't let that fool you ...
  7. I'm fairly certain Aria made an extra curricular out of avoiding all that stuff.
  8. When I was an XO a new Ensign came up to my character and addressed her by the wrong name and rank. Our characters became good friends - after the requisite ribbing.
  9. I sim Aria as listening to basically Electronic / Techno / Dance music that I've decided was all the rage when she was being dragged to clubs back on Bajor in whatever the Bajoran equivalent of High School is.
  10. Aria would run like the wind from doing counselling work. All those feelings ...
  11. There was a sort of subtle Seven and Janeway thing going on. I think if the show had been made in a different time ...
  12. I might make Aria do some sort of Intelligence gathering role. She likes doing research, so it would only makes a certain amount of sense.
  13. That is awesome... And just formed the basis of an awesome prank I played on my wife.
  14. I voted for politics, but then I remembered this... That might be a show ...
  15. So, I was playing Mass Effect again and I think its in the second one or so when its mentioned the Geth wake up one day and say 'Do I have a soul?' I'm pretty sure that's the red line for me when I say 'you know, its time to start treating this thing as if its sentient, alive, and has those rights'.
  16. I don't know that I would go as far as to say they are evil, but I'm not sure I need another prequel. That said, if they were going to make another prequel, I'd want to see one with Sisko, mostly because when people ask me 'Picard or Kirk', the answer is always 'Sisko'.
  17. I sort of imagined Odo groaning before explaining how I had just given him a chore in finding a place for the gift, finding something to give back to me, etc, etc.
  18. Hey there, Welcome aboard. Aria is an Engineer by training and temperament. The group here is a lot of fun!
  19. I sorta hope this is the Mirror Phillippa ... I almost picked Picard, but then I realized we'd be going to museums and 'look at this natural wonder..'
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