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  1. Direct from the society/gossip pages in Lokesh City... haha! (I had to do a quick photoshop on the ears and brows of Savan's IRL Terran counterpart.) *** ALL EARS! Vulcan officer impresses with simple, tailored style at Starfleet Awards ceremony Our sources at the Federation Embassy have discovered that a Vulcan lieutenant commander by the name of Savan has been recently promoted to Chief of Intelligence. Keen to find out more, our photographer snapped this candid shot of the young Vulcan on his way to the Embassy's award ceremonies in a dashing blue and black ensemble
  2. Thanks, Taelon! Looks like weʻre starting at about the same time...so Iʻm sure our characters will meet soon!
  3. Thank you, T'Mar, for the welcome... I always love Vulcans that don't fit in. I just read your character's profile. She's fascinating!
  4. Greetings all! I’m Alex, a freelance magazine writer and editor in my mid-30s I’ve lived in a few places in the States, but I’m now based in Puerto Rico. I’ve liked the series since I was a child, with my interest going in and out over the years. As for RPGs, I never played any until I tried Star Trek Online a few years ago. While I liked being able to design my own characterʻs appearance and share his backstory, I was disappointed in that there was never any real opportunity to truly interact in character. I was considering going back to the game, only to learn it isn’t host
  5. Savan stood on the observation deck of the USS Helios. It was 0330 hours, and the ship was still on the night shift, which left the room all to himself. The scout ship would be arriving at Starbase 118 in 90 minutes. Soon after, he would take his cadet cruise. Taking advantage of the quiet–perhaps, one of the last true moments of alone time in the weeks to come–Savan found a large chair facing the window and sat down. With long torso held exquisitely still, he began to tilt his head down slightly, as he usually does before beginning meditation. But this early morning, he decided to t
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