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  1. (Starbase 118 - Docking area)) It wasn´t like the young man stood out in the crowd. He was just another young face in a Starfleet uniform. Another human might have noticed the two large antique leather suitcases with straps and buckles that he carried around but on most other species such historic details were mostly lost. "Take that stinkin´ rod out of my face! Now!" So there was something special about the young man, a corn cob pipe as antiqued as his suitcases hung from the corner of his mouth. Apparently the fresh smell of burning menthol and herbs did not sit well with a big hairy Klingon who pushed his way through the crowd. "Oh, I´m sorry sir." Cadet Lincoln Calder stepped aside, inevitably bumping right into another pedestrian here in the densely packed corridors of Starbase 118s docking area. The red-faced humanoid growled something Lincoln could not understand but it did not sound friendly. The place was bustling with life every square meter of it and everyone was busy - too busy to have any time or patience with a snot-nosed Starfleet cadet. A snot-nosed doctor actually. That meant much more to Lincoln than being called a cadet even if it was a cadet in perhaps the most prestigious organization humans had ever participated in. With ink barely dry on his medical diploma Lincoln was here for Starfleet´s final examination. After that... Ad Astra Lincoln Calder... *********************************************************************** NAME: Lincoln Calder SPECIES: Human GENDER: Male DATE OF BIRTH: 236605.15 AGE: 26 PLACE OF BIRTH: Murfreesboro Tennessee, USA, Terra HEIGHT: 5'10 WEIGHT: 150Ib HAIR STYLE: Short, light brown, already slightly thinning despite his youth EYE COLOR: Blue SKIN TONE: Light BIRTHMARKS, SCARS: two parallel scars on left forearm from a harvester. BUILD: light to average FACE: clean shaven HANDEDNESS: Right Hobbies & Pastimes * Folk Medicine and Herbs * Reading (Mark Twain and Medical Journals) * Corn Cob pipes * Strengths o adept with "primitive" medicine and living conditions o farm boy o animal handling * Flaws o Inexperienced and a bit timid outside of his job o Young head full of ideas about adventure and honor o crush for (beautiful) Vulcan CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: SB 118 Cadet Graduation Exercise By all accounts Lincoln Calder should have become a farmer. For four-hundred years his family had harvested anything from tobacco over corn to grapes and vegetables in Tennessee. For the first fifteen years of his life it looked like Lincoln would follow the family tradition just like his older brother Grant. Fate took a turn when the family pooch Chuck got caught with his hind leg in an automated harvester. Lincoln managed to free the dog not without cutting himself too and Chuck´s leg was one bloody mess. Lincoln wanted to call a vet when Hawk stepped in. hawk was a farmhand well in his eighties and still working. Lincoln watched in fascination how Hawk stopped the bleeding and bandaged Chuck´s leg using just a piece of wood, his shirt and herbs he always carried around. The young Lincoln talked to the old man now much more than he ever had. Hawk was a Cherokee, some of his forebears had been medicine men, healers of body and soul and he had retained some of the old knowledge that had been around before starships and transporters and even before wooden ships. Lincoln leaned from him and made up his mind. He would not be running the farm later. Instead he went to Medical College and then he reached for the stars - for real.
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