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  1. The new Picard trailer dropped this passed week. I'm hopeful but cautious
  2. T'Pol and Odo are the only true aliens on this list. Spock is half human, Data is a creation of a human designed to be as human as possible. The Doctor is a program made by humans and Seven IS a human so their studies of humanity is a bit bias considering they are all products of humanity.
  3. I am interested in this show. Like any show, I hope for good writing and good acting and nothing else.
  4. The technology to cure all modern illnesses
  5. I just wished when they rebooted the series, they didn't have to actually create an alternate universe to the prime universe. I mean...the prime universe established so much of the future with an agency of Temporary agents who's sole job is to protect the time line. They might let something like Voyager slip a bit...or a few times...and Kirk, but then there's a complete reboot like this. It would have been easier to just establish a new series that is just a simple reboot without the time BS to go with it.
  6. I've read Takei's response and he doesn't like it. He actually wanted them to make a new character that can be gay, not gay his character for this. My personal opinion is open mindedness but also to be creative when it comes to works for fiction. They didn't magically made the entire cast even less white for the sake of diversity. It was already there. Changing an iconic character to be gay for the sake of pandering is not the right way to go. Now I agree with Takei. Make a character that is gay but ONLY if the story requires attention be drawn to it. If the story doesn't involve the gay
  7. Why couldn't just use this kind of budget and tone and return us back to the Prime universe?
  8. Stepping off the transport, Amuro check his padd for any updates. He was supposed to report in for training. Scrolling through the list of things to do, names of people to report to, etc. He looked up to behold the base from the nearby window. "Big station." He said to himself, then pulling up a map of the area to see where he needs to go. "But first, lunch." He changed course to the nearest restaurant to grab a bite to eat before starting his training op.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'll make time to post some interesting stories.
  10. Hello, My real name is Dan I live in Illinois right now but moving soon because of my job. I work for a private security company. and I kinda found this place randomly. I've been looking up star trek rpgs on forums and just came across this one on a google search. It's amazing this group has been around since 1994.
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