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  1. (( Starbase 11 )) :: They returned to their table and Jerry popped one of the Rejya into his mouth. Jalana watched him for a moment with a smirk on her lips, before she grabbed one herself and placed it on her tongue. The warmth began to melt the outer layer, a sweetness began to slowly fill her mouth, it had a slightly bitter component harmonising perfectly. Once the smooth layer was gone a saltiness joined in a perfect balance to the sweetness until a hard core was left. Biting down it broke apart and the spicy interior gave it the extra zing. The taste that was put together with all ingredi
  2. (( U.S.S. Constitution - Deck 27 - Intel Suite )) :: Sol pulled herself out from underneath the console after having disconnected it from the computer systems. She pulled the chair back over and loaded the data from the Unity onto it. :: McLaren: oO Now lets see what secrets you hold... hmmm? Oo :: She tapped the console and began a security sweep of the files. She sipped her tea as she waited for it to complete. The console beeped when it was completed, finding not
  3. (( Captain's Office )) :: Jalana did not sit down, she didn't like the big desk between herself and her people when talking with them. Instead she sat down on the little couch to the side and patted the seat beside her with a smile on her face. She was curious, and it appeared talking under four eyes was the way to go. :: Rajel: Come on, sit down. ::Akoni appreciated that the Captain was so genuine and considerate. However, that didn’t matter much in the current situation as she held back a frown. She eyed the spot wearily before slowly lowering herself onto
  4. ((USS Constitution-B, Sickbay)):: It was impossible to tell whether minutes or years passed in the darkness, but Jerry was sure of one thing: this guy was terrible company. :: Milsap: oO Ya know, if you're gonna set up shop in someone's head you should make sure you have some conversation skills. Or at least bring a pack of cards or somethin'. This is ridiculous. OoEntity: oO Hungry. OoMilsap: oO Yeah, you said. Repeatedly. Oo:: Jerry wondered if he was hungry, too. He sort of felt what he could call hunger, but where he was headed he didn't think it would matter. He really hoped he wasn't alr
  5. (( USS Conny - Main Engineering)) :: Success wasn't always the end. Just because you succeed at one thing didn’t mean the job was over, normally it just meant it was time to do something else just as urgent. :: Hael: =/\= Other’n tha’ we be getting power back up. ain’ gonna be no smooth sailin’, but safe ‘nough to get us home. =/\= Rajel: =/\= Great news. To get power back is fantastic =/\= ::The captain's voice over the comms suddenly reminded Dag that nobody was actually aware of what they had just achieved. He felt confident that it wasn’t his departm
  6. Khan: Do Klingons have Boy Scouts? Now that is an amazing image! do they get badges in Trible Culling I wonder?
  7. Aww. Somewhere there's a tiny violin playing just for Wyn...
  8. The good doctor says what we're all thinking... Milsap: Ok, shutting up now.
  9. (( Somewhere, nowhere, everywhere )) :: Hungry, so hungry. It wasn't sure how long it had been, but the source of deliciousness had been long depleated. Nothing was left, not the spicy, not the sweet. Nothing had been so scrumptious since. The little snacks throughout the time had been nothing to fill the void. Oh it was so hungry. Starving even. It needed food, urgently. While it could go longer periods without that time would be over soon. It would call out, its new home was able to. It had seen it happen before. It would probably take a while. It had listened to the words, before the food r
  10. ((Starbase 11)) Dial: No, Boe, I didn't mean to...Boe: But you did it.::Angrily, Boe, Dial's obese sibling, stomped off the room. Dial tried to follow but with every step the ground felt more and more like viscous honey. It became harder and harder to follow Boe and eventually Dial tumbled. Falling into the molten ground Dial made one last attempt to reach out to her sibling.::Dial: Wait, Boe. Please. ::The huge Paelian didn't even look back and only after the doors closed, Dial said, more to herself than to her sibling that was gone once more.:: I need you.::Dial's eyes blinked and she hyper
  11. Hael smiled like a gibbon looking at a banana. I can imagine that look perfectly!
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