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  1. There are quite a few fun ones out there now that I think about it. Vic's Lounge looks like the best place to hang out, but I think the holodeck is much more about fun and adventure than a place to drink virtual booze. Dr Bashir's Secret Agent certainly provides the fun, but I think it's pipped to the top of the entertainment pile by the amazing Captain Proton.
  2. More stuff I've just read - the focus of the show won't be on the Captain, but on a female Lieutenant-Commander which I think could be very interesting. Having the Captain and First Officer as slightly more distant figures could be really good. Puts me in mind of the 'Below Decks' episode of Voyager and the one in TNG where Picard was just a science Lieutenant. However, reading some other comments elsewhere raises some interesting concerns - it's going to be set 10 years before TOS, but there's talk of 'redefining that style' which is a term which always makes me nervous! Guess we'll see
  3. I was hoping for something set in the 'missing years' between TOS and TNG. With the ink on the peace deal with the Klingons still wet, there could have been a good amount of political story lines, and still plenty to explore Plus they had the best uniforms... Enterprise has already shown how hard it is to do something pre-TOS so I can only hope they've learned from the mistakes! For some reason I get the feeling that Discovery is going very much like TOS, and that could be a very good thing. Currently feeling - cautiously optimistic
  4. ((USS Constitution-B Williams quarters)) ::Alex was still sitting at his desk checking the local news from Earth when the door buzzer sounded. Wondering who would need to see him this early he grabbed his cup of tea from the desk and made his way to the door.:: Williams: On my way! :: As the door opened up Alex assumed it was Snezhana to report for her extra choirs but it turned out to be Rajel. Since to two of them didn’t meet in their quarters Alex assumed bad news. Someone was sick, dead or missing, it had to be… The somewhat sad look on her face left little do
  5. Well I finally got around to watching the film this evening. I went in with pretty decent expectations, excited by some of the things I'd read, about interesting bad guys, and 5 year missions. Suffice it to say I was very disappointed. Karl Urban was once again the absolute highlight for me and the Spock/McCoy scenes were the best. But other than a few, brief choice moments (Sabotage, "skip to the end") I thought it was a pretty poor effort. The first two films got away with massive plot holes by just being ridiculously entertaining, but not this one. 5/10 but still a bett
  6. ((First Officer's Quarters, USS Constitution-B)) T'Mar: Commander... ::T'Mar was alone. The bowling event had ended and she was preparing herself to meditate and get some rest. The reality of the situation had sunk in as she looked at the pip on her desk. She had made it to Commander. FULL Commander! There was a part of her that told her excitement was illogical. Earning a new rank was inevitable if she was performing at top efficiency and consistently so. But another part-- one that was much larger than T'Mar would ever admit to -- was overwhelmingly excited. And she yearn
  7. Well I'm me, so I would definitely be telling the chief to get that other version to get back in the buffer. After all, that's the imposter, right?
  8. (( Jalana’s Quarters - USS Constitution )) :: The evening had been enjoyable, as Jalana spent it with her senior officers in SB 11’s own vintage Bowling Alley to celebrate promotions and the handing out of Service Ribbons. She loved that part of her job, it was one of our favourites. To see the smile and pride in people’s eyes the moment she rewarded them for their hard work. She preferred to not do it in ceremonies but in between to make it real surprises, but every now and then a party was just the right place. And seeing T’Mar handing out the Ribbons -as reward for her great work during the
  9. (( Shuttle Tyderion, Perimeter of Starbase 11)) :: Na'Lae folded her arms across her chest and sat back in her seat. The journey from Earth seemed to take forever. She was anxious... excited... and slightly scared. This was no freighter she'd been assigned to. A Galaxy class starship was for her a huge undertaking. It wasn't so much the technical aspects of flying such a large vessel. It was the responsibility that came with it. Once the flagship of the federation, the galaxy class's crew compliment was enormous. She wasn't used to carting that much luggage around at a time. And coup
  10. Easily Wrath of Khan. Admittedly it's a riff on every submarine battle ever, but that's exactly what they were aiming for and that's what they achieved! The whole thing is well-crafted and tense.
  11. We'll assume the two facts are not related, Captain..? Rajel: ::slightly blushing:: Well I had a really nice day, and am in a good mood. ::Then she remembered.:: I forgot to tell you. Nate was transferred so I gave him his already.
  12. ((Chez Georgio, USS Constitution-B)) Georgio: ::grinning brightly:: Oh, him! Red hair, beard, ugly uniform. I'd love to get my hands on that one. So many possibilities! ::Truth be told, Kael thought it was an ugly beard, too. But she didn't feeling ripping on her dad today. She simply smiled.:: Wilmer: So is there anything special I have to do to maintain this look? Georgio: You can do this yourself at home. Use some mousse spread it in both palms and then just run your fingers throug
  13. (( USS Conny - Main Engineering )) ::It seemed almost surreal when a mission ended. It was hard to pinpoint the moment it even began. The course of events was always the same though, a mission briefing with the captain followed by task assignments and duty posts. There was always the air of excitement depending on task assignment and it was generally a good anxiety.:: ::Then at some point between briefing and completion, you found yourself hanging on a limb, over an abyss… on fire. Questions racing through your mind like “How did I g
  14. Reynolds: Yes ma'am. Just like the flowers they used to make opium out of.... also so smooth
  15. ((Restaurant, Starbase 11)) ::Loleh sat alone at a tiny table located in the corner of the restaurant. The whole place had a quaint feel to it. There was a mixture of different cultures, which made sense as the restaurant specialized in serving famous dishes from different Federation worlds. Surprisingly, she had found a traditional Al-Leyan dish on the menu. Despite her instinct telling her not to try it, she couldn't help but get a taste of home. She specifically requested that they make it for a native. Similar to the Thai dishes on Earth, she found that most places replicated Al-Ley
  16. Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.~ Francois Rabelais(( Trill - Laxyn Residence )) :: Time was one of the few things one never had enough of. One of the things that one needed more of, no matter what. But sometimes there was too much time and there was no way to fill a cosmic time account balance and use it for later. If so Jalana would have some extra hours on it now to use on something important. :::: The silence in the room was eerie. At some point her mind had turned off the receptors for the steady beep coming from the life-signs scanne
  17. ((WestPoint, Betazed)) ::Kalos stepped on to the pad and seconds later he materialized at the WestPoint. A large complex build by and for the wealthy of the nation. There were a few skyscrapers with state of the art apartments and for those with even more money there were large villa’s located at edge of the river. At least one of those belonged to his parents. He made his way to the river, crossed a small bridge and then found himself in front of a large steel gate. The gate was closed and a security guard wearing a company uniform stood guard. :: Guard: Evening sir. How may I h
  18. "To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." ~ Phyllis Theroux (( Trill - Laxyn Residence )) :: While being in space it was easy to forget about time. Boardtime did not replace the sight of dawn and sunsets, the biological clock used to find its rhythm. On a starship that clock took a while to adjust and slowly began to use shifts instead. The problem with that was, that once the body was used to that, it was difficult to pull out again. So it could happen easily that once one sat foot on their home planet after a long time gone, the body did not
  19. I enjoyed the first two films - they were well-made, very entertaining sci-fi action films. But, as has been mentioned before on here and elsewhere, they don't really feel like Star Trek films. Both of the first two had parts that did hit the mark, though. In particular the second film with the role reversal of Kirk and Spock's death was very well done. In Wrath of Khan that signaled the end of a very old friendship but in Into Darkness they used the same event to mark the beginning of that same friendship - until that point, the 'new' Spock and Kirk had never built up the mutual respect
  20. All my characters set out to be different and unique in some way, but inevitably they all end up inheriting some of my own character traits as I become more comfortable in writing them. ive been role playing in one capacity or another for about 18 years and it's hard not to have a fleshed out character who is totally different to me. I've done a lot of live role playing and you really have to concentrate on staying in character at events and I think that has taught me a lot. One of those things is that I'm a crap actor. with SB118, my first character was Jhen Thelev, he was definitel
  21. "He didn't mind playing second banana and he knew his limits." I found myself wondering how one plays second banana - it it like backup bass guitar?
  22. (( USS Conny - Holodeck 2)) :: The mission was long and grueling, but finally it had come to an end. Rustyy could not be more pleased, able to finally sit and relax. Take in long deep breaths without fear of something falling apart, frying, shocking, zapping, shattering, or simply refusing to function. He was now ready to blow off some steam and do something fun. Dressed up as best as he could, in a long sleeved, graphic T -the punisher symbol against the grey colored shirt- and blue jeans that supported only one rip in the knee and frayed cuffs from where his boots always rubbed. It came from
  23. (( Starbase 11 - Ferengi Crab Shack )) Sinda: Too many let-downs in the past. McLaren: Hmmm? Sinda: Sorry, the reason I don't make plans. Too many things go wrong, too many disappointments. But if you don't plan... ::she shrugged again.:: McLaren: :: Sol nodded. :: They cant go wrong if they dont exist... but what about on missions? Sinda: Out there in space, on a mission it's different. That's the job, it's what I do. But it's not who I am. McLaren: It isnt? But when who are you? Sinda: That's the question, isn't it? ::she leaned
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