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  1. Race selection is certainly one of the first things I think about when designing a character, but I generally have a rough idea of a concept before I get to that point. So I generally pick a race that fits that concept.
  2. I found this really interesting for a brand new character. And potentially very useful, too. It sometimes takes me a little while to figure out my characters, how they might react to stuff, so having a little ‘guide’ might be helpful! TYPE: Turbulent Advocate CODE: INFJ-T ROLE: Diplomat STRATEGY: Constant Improvement
  3. Federation phasers. As much a tool as a weapon.
  4. ((FLASHBACK - Vulcan, 2362)) ::She was supposed to be producing a historical analysis of the political and economic circumstances surrounding the last Vulcan intra-planetary war and the Awakening, but after the first few journal articles, T'Reshik found herself losing interest. At eleven years old she did not yet have the resistance to boredom that most adult Vulcans were disciplined enough to maintain, and besides, she could not see what possible applications this subject might have to her planned future career as a brilliant doctor and/or scientist (she hadn't quite decided which
  5. ((D’Sena’s Quarters, USS Conny)) ::It was the battle of the wills. One vulcan-betazoid and one rodulan. Both stubborn as hell it seemed. T’Mar refused to leave Akeelah in her state, but Akeelah did not seem to be having any of it.:: D'Sena: All I want is to be left alone. :: After all everyone else was so good at it. :: ::T’Mar shook her head in the negative. She wasn’t going to give in. She may not be able to read into the Rodulan’s mind, but she had the overpowering sense that she just had to help her. There was no other option.:: T'Mar: I can
  6. (( Captain's Office )) ((Time index: After the conversation with Sarah Mason)):: It was quite a relief to have a new FO. Of course she would have enjoyed to keep T'Mar in that position a bit longer, but at least she had not left the ship and Sarah would have her second chance. It had something to be able to give her that. Sadly no number of First Officers could lighten the worry pressing down on her shoulders at the moment. Having turned her seat to the window she stared outside, the planet housing Starbase 11 to the right side, but most of the screen was filled by darkness and stars. Somewher
  7. ((Subspace Airwaves - between StarBase 118 Ops and the USS Constitution-B))::In his office, Captain Sal Taybrim gently flicked through the reports that had finally concluded in the wake of a full investigation into the actions of the so-called Jenatris Confederation (a clever cover name for the nefarious Orion Syndicate). He felt rather privileged - his place as the commanding officer of StarBase 118 Operations gave him a wide overview of the overall picture. The intel tower had generously given him a broad understanding of the puzzle pieces that had fallen into place, allowing them to focus i
  8. Interesting. I would accept, but have the medical crew double check everything first. The stereotype would certainly make me think that the Ferengi would want something in return, but that would be a different discussion for later - the priority is preventing deaths by whatever means necessary.
  9. T'Seva: What we do is risky...and apparently, trombones. True, true
  10. Oh she's a charmer this one; T'Reshik: My parole officer has instructed me to try and establish a social rapport with my co-workers. Therefore we could engage in the sharing of superficial personal information during our journey, if you wish.
  11. ((USS Conny - Akoni’s quarters)) ::After leaving Commander Sinda to her own devices (she’d have to check up on that later if she was still alive), she decided that some peace and quiet would be a nice way to end the evening before the early day tomorrow. She entered her quarters and tossed her PADD to the side to stroll over to her closet. Uniform, uniform, uniform, uniform… Uniform pajamas…. She realized sadly that she truly was lacking in any variety at all. There wasn’t much point in having civilian clothes when everyday was a work day. Even on R&R she would wander around the
  12. ((OOC- Slight backsim – after Rue gets off duty from the bridge after the mission, but before doing girls things and seeing Wyn/Hael)) ::Rue got back to her quarters, grateful for the relief arriving when they did. She had an early morning apparently. She still inwardly was debating about the “girls night” but Snezhana seemed nice and exubriant and Akoni seemed like good company. She knew she also needed to build partnerships with her crew mates..and socialization was one way of doing that. She stripped of her jumpsuit and threw it in a hamper for cleaning, and switched out for a t
  13. An interesting question. I feel that the choice of ship is a very important one. Although it doesn't absolutely dictate the types of missions it certainly does influence them - a deep space explorer would be more likely to encounter new species for instance, while a Defiant-class is geared more towards combat than planetary science.
  14. (( Quarters Rajel - The next forenoon )) :: Jalana hadn’t slept well, and Jerry’s visit had taken some of her, digging through past things. But she started to feel a bit better, now that she had eaten something and was able to sip her tea in peace. It was rather cozy on her couch, and the look out of the windows showed the breathtaking sight of Dagorin VI. A decision would have to be made, not by her, but by Awern and his people. Would they really want to stay here and risk the Syndicate trying to take up the operation again? When the door buzzer went off she looked up from her seat. :: Rajel:
  15. ((Commander Cody’s Office, Deck 1, USS Athena)):: David established the security of his office before opening a comm channel through the JTSC encryption. Paranoia never really bothered him. He checked the sweep reports from his slimpadd, verifying the non-existence of listening devices, whether energy or bio-based, and entered Captain Rajel’s comm channel. He didn’t show Prendar all of his security features. That was a good way for David to get hacked. ::((Quarters Jalana Rajel, Deck 2, USS Constitution-B)):: The night in the dark quarters was rather quiet, which just played into Jalana’s hand
  16. (( Quarters Sherana )) ::Well shoot… He hadn't meant to draw attention and join in this conversation. That’s what he got for opening his mouth - he inserted his foot right away. His eyes looked between Sherana and her… parent of sorts. A hint of an idea sparked and lit his face ever so slightly.:: :: Sherana could just stop herself from rolling her eyes. Of course he had to say something, he couldn’t just stand there waiting until the call was over. Bloody doctors. :: Sherana: That is Nijil, one of the Constitution’s doctors. Nijil: ::a curt nod.:: I
  17. Mark Two was waxing as philosophically as a hologram could wax. This pleased me
  18. Yep, I've been playing for a while. I did try and find a SB118 fleet but was surprised not to find one, so set up one - didn't find anyone else playing it back then though.
  19. I'm surprised there are no votes for Spock. I agree he is half human, but his character archetype is the 'outsider' design to give an outside view on humanity and, perhaps more importantly, lean from it. Every Star Trek show since has had a "Spock", as this list shows. I've voted for Data as he took what Spock started and expended upon it, making it more obvious. In many ways, he was more Spock than Spock, which I'm sure they both would have found "fascinating."
  20. I just came on here to post that exact same quote!
  21. I'm behind the curve when it comes to technology. It means I never have the top-of-the-line item, but does mean I get to benefit from reviews and updates when I finally get around to catchin up with everyone else! in this case, all those messy transporter accidents will have been dealt with after a few years and then I'd be happy to try.
  22. A ship is as good as her crew!
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