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  1. I like pianos and violins, so it’s a fight between Data and Dax. although I’m sure Data would be technically brilliant, I think the experience of half a dozen Trill lifetimes would be absolutely incredible, so Dax it is!
  2. ((CMO Office, Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Gorkon)) Genkos sat at his desk, head in his hands. One finger was gently plucking at a hair on his chin - he had shaved hurriedly this morning, wanting to avoid any kind of facial furriness. Clearly he had missed a spot. It was reminiscent of ‘Kos, a man he definitely wasn’t, and from whom he needed a clean break. That meant no facial hair, no drinking alcohol at all, and plenty of uttaberry tea to wash the foul taste of Spoonie, no Cardassian, blood from his mouth. Finally getting purchase between forefinger and thumbnail, he tugged
  3. I’m pretty sure most of these would result in Gremlins.... Although the turtle would look most like a Pokemon. And also slow enough to catch,
  4. ((Sienelis’ Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon)) The mugs slipped from Valesha's hands, her fingers suddenly slack, one shattering as it caught the corner of a table. The warm, spiced infusion of aesollh and the rich, bitter roast of coffee burst into the air as the drinks splattered across the carpet, a few drops burning against the skin of her bare feet, a razor shard of ceramic drawing emerald blood from pale flesh. She didn't notice. As Valesha was exactly where she had been before the Q had taken them, so too was Chris. Sprawled in her bed
  5. Sisko loves travelling! Must admit, he faces some stiff competition from Picard (although his trip might be a bit too ‘educational’) and I bet Pike would be pretty cool.
  6. Loxley prefers conducting scientific research to actually having to deal with people. So, maybe a medical clinic, but probably more likely he'd turn the space into his own private lab, members of the public very much not allowed!
  7. Werewolves on a moon?! Oh man, that would be an amazing story! next plot?
  8. I think most of them have been done in Star Trek! Borg are totally zombies... Im going to go for Werewolves, I reckon the moral dilemma (are they humans? Are they monsters?) would be very Trek.
  9. ((Peshkova Colony, Demilitarised Zone)) ::The upbeat tunes of a whistled song joined the nature sounds, as Graham walked next to the antigrav unit, his eyes on the road, making sure there weren’t any obstacles for the unit to pass. It would be a huge shame if the cart would tumble and all the food stored on it would fall on the dirt road.:: ::In his own personal opinion, he was a bit late, courtesy to his Andorian misses who had insisted to add a few more particular dishes on the cart. But he was lucky, the ship was still there, the silhouette of the Condor Class ship clearly visible
  10. Joseph Sisko for sure. The scenes in Sisko’s make me hungry...
  11. Lox is a Doctor. But he was very nearly an engineer. I mean, they’re pretty much the same thing, right?
  12. I’ve always liked small explorer ships like the Miranda class, and the Veritas is the up-to-date version of archetype.
  13. ((Ooc: the song https://youtu.be/oVGTGfZ9HVc )) ((Courtyard, Reichsburg Cochem, Earth)) :: The reception was splendid. A gorgeous backdrop, accompanied by delicious- if unusual - appetizers were passed to handsomely attired guests. Ghant had asked at the Bride’s final fitting if he might play something at the reception. He hadn’t decided until just before he walked onto the platform. Nerves pulsed through him, making him glad he hadn’t eaten much yet. He nodded to the bolian piano player before taking a seat behind his harp:: ::He blew out a breath as he looked
  14. I could see Picard leading the Federation. He has the diplomacy, more so than any of the other captains I think. He also has respect - both for people, and from people - plus he looks to the past to learn lessons that will benefit him in the future.
  15. I'm backing Team Trill! Those symbionts have a HUGE amount of experience between them which they could perhaps turn into a wining formula. Plus most Trill compete to be Joined, so there's a competitive streak in their culture already.
  16. Weird! In my first sim with this character I had to pick a beverage from the replicator and I went for the first thing I saw on Memory Alpha - Jestral Tea!
  17. I found this sim particularly evocative and creepy! I can well imagine the main bad guy in a film speaking to his chief henchman in such a way, plotting their next nefarious move.
  18. ((Saeihraoi Estate, Rator III)) ::The grand estate was nestled into the thick, coniferous forest, a vast manor house surrounded by pristine gardens that changed with every season, all perched on the shores of a crystal lake. Centuries old, it had always been a stronghold of the ancient house-clan Saeihraoi. After the destruction of Romulus, it had become its beating heart, perfectly positioned for its scions to wield their considerable influence in the new capital of the Star Empire. ::As his subordinate completed his report, the patrician stepped away from t
  19. (( Corridor, USS Gorkon )) ::Hiding away in his quarters for the space of their QSD jump had only seemed to get Bear so far and now was the time the man needed to do what he’d feared. Each controlled step from the turbolift down the corridor peppered his thoughts with buckshot of what ifs and he was quite sure his brain bore a resemblance to raw dough. ::He tried to reason with himself as he combed his fingers through his blond beard. When he’d fled the ship with Valesha, when the Admiral had asked him to do what she’d asked him to do, he hadn’t believed he would be com
  20. Yeah, I figure Ess jumped ship to set up home with her sister. Not sure if she would have asked Starfleet permission first or not!
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