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  1. Hello, My name is David "Luke" Morton. Please call me "Luke". the air quotes when you say may name are not necessary but I can appreciate the humor of it. I live in Springhill Louisiana. If you are not familiar with the area let's just say and i can step out my back door and be in Arkansas. I discovered UFOP by simply doing some google searches. I have been wanting to join a Good PBEM since my last one ended approximately ten years ago. Things to know about me: I play Jaxton Vee newest recruit and an El-Aurian Doctor. I'm a horrible speller. Yes i know, thank god for spell check right?!!!!. I have a terrible sense of humor that usually works itself into my characters. If at anytime, I get on your nerves just let me know and i will calm that part of my writing down as the need arises. I abandoned instant messaging services a long time ago but I am willing to start them up again for the purpose of callaborative writing efforts. If anyone wants to suggest a specific messaging program commonly used by the writers please let me know. I will gladly install it and add the contact info to my profile.. Other than going into a long paragraph about how I like to take long walks , my favorite colors and how i would go about solving world hunger I'm not sure what else to write here. Thank you for accepting my application, Luke
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