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  1. Helloooo~ I'm Brenda. I was named after my grandmother and over the years, I've developed a severe hatred towards any and all attempts to try and shorten my name. My family calls me Scooter, and you guys and gals are welcome to, as well. I'm originally from Conquest, NY (a town so small that people don't know of its existence, unless they live or have lived there) and now, I'm living in Kings Mountain, NC... Another small town that almost nobody has heard of. See a pattern? There are times when I think I'm funny but usually, according to my gran, I'm a miserable cow. My online persona is compl
  2. She tried so hard to remember what it was she was doing in that moment. Her head tilted back and forth as she stared down the assignment that her hands held onto with a vice-like grip. Her heart was hammering in the confines of her chest, and her dark hair fell in wisps around her face while sapphire hues peered out from beneath long lashes. Breathe, Katerine, breathe... At least, that's what she tried to tell herself. She'd been working towards this ever since arriving at the academy. She'd gone to school before the academy, just to ensure that she could actually put her skills to use in a pl
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