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  1. Helloooo~ I'm Brenda. I was named after my grandmother and over the years, I've developed a severe hatred towards any and all attempts to try and shorten my name. My family calls me Scooter, and you guys and gals are welcome to, as well. I'm originally from Conquest, NY (a town so small that people don't know of its existence, unless they live or have lived there) and now, I'm living in Kings Mountain, NC... Another small town that almost nobody has heard of. See a pattern? There are times when I think I'm funny but usually, according to my gran, I'm a miserable cow. My online persona is completely different from my real life persona so if you ever have the displeasure of meeting me in person, you've been warned. Yeah, that was a joke... Or rather, an attempt at a joke. I'm twenty-one years old (not young... I hate whoever coined that wretched phrase). Believe it or not, I'm socially awkward and usually wind up making a fool of myself. As for a job, I don't have one. It's not because I'm too young or because nobody's hiring. It's because I have severe anxiety attacks when in public and after trying to go through college to work from home... Well, let's just say that I'm a community college drop-out with a huge debt and no income to speak of, haha. My life is pretty much writing, reading and video games and because of that, I'm developing carpal tunnel but when you can't leave the house, what more is there to do? As for my experience with the Star Trek franchise, I used to watch TOS with a friend. The only thing I really remember from it was that I cried a lot, and I developed a deep, disturbing attraction towards Spock. Before you give that gross look at the computer screen, I was more attracted to his intellect than anything else. When I turned thirteen and was deemed old enough to do a lot of the things online that I do today, I went on a frenzy and made up all of this spockequalslove craziness. I got funny looks, and people whispered quite a bit behind my back but otherwise, I was content. It's next to impossible to make friends in a small town when your first love is a fictional character and theirs is Aaron Carter. Not to mention, heavens forbid, should I bring shame to their reputation... Can't have that, now, can we? To wrap up this exhausting novel, I'll just say that I found you guys through Google and that I chose a human because they live their lives, for the most part, in shades of grey and are more morally ambiguous than they are anything else. Oh, and if you want to get in touch, you can do so via the thingamabobs in my profile. I have everything listed, so don't be afraid to hit me up for a chat. I don't bite... Hard. I kid, I kid but seriously, I'm all for chatting, as you can probably tell, just from this rather long introductory post. I'm one of those people that can talk about seemingly nothing and before you know it, the day's flown by. Just ask my friend, Yulia... Who I may or may not tempt into joining... Mwahaha. I apologize... I'm not normally this weird. I'm just sleep-deprived. Also, for those of you that looked at my name and wondered what was up with it, it's sentimental. My very first friend in the RP world gave me the idea when we created our matching email accounts. I no longer have the email account, but I cling to the name, regardless. The 94 at the end is just something I tack on, in case CrimsonZ is taken. It also happens to be my birth year.
  2. She tried so hard to remember what it was she was doing in that moment. Her head tilted back and forth as she stared down the assignment that her hands held onto with a vice-like grip. Her heart was hammering in the confines of her chest, and her dark hair fell in wisps around her face while sapphire hues peered out from beneath long lashes. Breathe, Katerine, breathe... At least, that's what she tried to tell herself. She'd been working towards this ever since arriving at the academy. She'd gone to school before the academy, just to ensure that she could actually put her skills to use in a place where they were needed. This was not the time for panicking... Was she really even panicking, though? Yes, she was. She was in full-blown, panic mode. Wait, no... That definitely wasn't panic she was feeling and her hands certainly weren't quivering with fear. This was... This was excitement. Her vision slowly cleared and the dots and darkness ebbed away into nothingness. She was a logical, sensible woman who had been through the ringer on more than one occasion. This was something she could, most certainly, handle. Certainly, she was only a mere human, but that didn't mean she was any less advanced than the rest of them. Tucking the electronic device away, she got up from her seat and decided to excuse herself for the time being. She needed air before she really did start to panic. Coming into the academy wasn't something she'd planned on initially but after careful consideration, she decided that she wanted to see as many galaxies as she could, as well as help as many people as she could. She wasn't claiming to be perfect. She knew there was a lot of room for improvement, and she wasn't afraid to admit it or try to improve upon herself. The urge to go to The Aquarium for a Bolian tonic water was swiftly becoming an urge she couldn't quite ignore. After trying to fight the urge, she told herself that she'd go just for the fish. Ever since she was little, fish of all shapes and sizes had amused her to no end. In fact, for a time, she'd owned a few fish of her own. Her mother had been apalled by the mere ideology of it all and threatened to flush them around every corner if she didn't take care of them. Every time her mother had threatened to get rid of the fish, Katerina had only grinned in response. It'd been like a game between the two of them, one pretending to be a prude and the other, ignorant. She missed those days. Ever since announcing she was going to be training to become part of a medical team on USS whatevertheyassignmeto, her mother had feared the worst. As a result, she'd distanced herself from her daughter, hoping that she'd flunk out of the program. She hadn't cut off contact but mentally and emotionally, Katerina might've well have been a stranger to her own mother. Now, she was about to undergo her Cadet Cruise. Of course, she knew she'd have to briefed first, and she'd also have to put up with total strangers for however long but everything, aside from that, was absolutely, postively perfect. Before she knew what the heck she was doing, she found herself ordering a drink. As if that wasn't bad enough, she'd fallen into old habits by making fishy faces at the fish. It was highly unprofessional, and most of the people in there were looking at her like she was on something. Realizing what she was doing, she could only smile sheepishly. She hadn't been hurting anyone, had she? After quietly sipping her water in a distant corner, she prepped herself for the worst, watching the fish drift by. What if she somehow messed this up like she had a lot of other things? Her brow furrowed, and she found herself shaking her head. No, she could do this... It was in her blood, so to speak. Before she realized it, the few hours she had to kill were gone. All she'd done was sit there, watch the fish and think about everything that had happened and was going to happen. Talk about time flying. Chuckling quietly to herself, she slowly got up from her perch and exited the establishment. She didn't waste any time, getting to the holodeck. She was many things, both good and bad, and punctual was somewhere at the top of her list. Now, the real test would begin. *** Name: Katerine Hellsing Nickname: Kate Age: 26 Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Blue Height: 5′ 8″ Weight: 140 lbs. Identifying Markings: A feather and the word “Free” on the back of her neck OOC Note: I wrote this on no sleep, so I apologize for any errors and overall, I apologize for how terrible this is, haha...
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