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  1. GALOR IV – Medical and scientific personnel at the Galor IV Annex of the Daystrom Institute announced today that they have begun development on the next major update for Starfleet’s Emergency Medical Holographic (EMH) Program. Doctor Lewis Zimmerman developed the EMH Program, originally activated in 2371. His team made three subsequent updates to the model, leading to the current Mark IV model in service since 2377, with both the original EMH and the Mark II developed by Zimmerman and his team at the Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center. Starfleet Research and Development created the Mark III and Mark IV aboard Science Station 402 in coordination with the Felker Institute. An unfinished program to create a long-term version of the EMH was proposed but never completed. “Starfleet Research and Development is confident in the ability of the Mark IV EMH. Our department also regularly updates the current model with modern medical data discovered in the last two decades,” clarified Lieutenant Harold Barton in response to questions at the press conference. “However, Starfleet believes that there is still room for improvement to make the Mark V the best version of the Emergency Medical Hologram to date.” The involvement of the original development team was not addressed in the press conference, however, the Galor IV Annex will be the primary site for the development of the Mark V update. Starfleet Medical officers have mixed feelings about the EMH program; some believe the holographic doctor is an excellent supplement for a trained physician in an emergency, while others dismiss the EMH and have no qualms about ignoring their ship’s equipped EMH whether or not there is an emergency. The most frequent criticism of the program by physicians is the lack of proper bedside manner that a sentient doctor can provide for a patient. Each version of the program has attempted to address this issue, to varying degrees of success. The specific improvements the Mark V will provide will not be clear until much later in the development cycle. The post Starfleet Research and Development begins work on Emergency Medical Hologram update appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  2. BOLARUS IX – For the third year in the event’s history, the Galactic Regatta’s championship leg will be held on Bolarus IX home of the defending cup holder. The event is being touted to run for four days to maximize both fan enjoyment and time for the unique events centred on the Bay of Bolse. The first day promises smaller activities including a free swim race across the mouth of the bay, jet ski buoy races, windsurfing, and land-based activities to help everyone settle in. On the second day, the rowing competition begins with two separate races of four teams each across the widest part of the bay, the winners of both races will compete the following morning to decide the winner of their division. Later in the morning on the third day the Junior Championship race begins with seven teams of two piloting catamaran styled crafts in a race from the lower tip of the bay out to a buoy in the Lolsara Ocean and back to the bay. The junior race this year also marks a first as a team from the Romulan Republic have qualified for entry. When asked for comment, last years Junior Champion Captain Ardolar Saht said, “I think it is great that we are allowing more teams into the race, more variety means better competition.” “Regardless of the amount of the competition it is only logical that we will hold our title given how well we work together,” added Strelvuk, Mister Saht’s Vulcan teammate. On the ultimate day, they will decide the Grand Championship as the competitors square off in a race around the continent of Rasara. The 7.6-meter ships leave the Bay of Bolse heading east before turning north. The first checkpoint will be at the domed underwater settlement of Bor’Kehr, then the ships will continue north around the tip of Rasara through the Strait of Bolse, which holds the second checkpoint before they head down the western edge of the continent braced with the sheer, jagged cliffs buffeted by a rough surface even during the dry season. The final checkpoint comes as the ships hug the coast and turn east once more heading to the finish line at the mouth of the bay. Some competitors have voiced concern with the length of the last race, and how close Bolarus is to the onset of the rainy season, however, others have pointed out that the racer-cruiser style of boats outfitted for overnight sailing. The crew of The Prophet’s Gaze shared their thoughts. “I think the amount of complaining at this stage of the competition is pitiful,” explained Voga Rhosarn, captain of the Gaze. “If they are so concerned with the type of race, they should win the title so they can move the Championship to their homeworld next year.” No matter the outcome, the festivities are sure to be an exciting and action-packed time for everyone involved and a fantastic way for Bolarus to conclude the dry season with the reassurances from the representative of the Bolian World Council Mihya Corass. “While hurricanes may have once been a problem for our people we have excelled at predicting their onset and strength with almost perfect accuracy.” The post Twelfth Annual Galactic Regatta Championship to be hosted on Bolarus IX appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  3. SAN FRANCISCO FLEET YARDS, EARTH – Thirty-one different starships making up the bulk of the Twelfth Fleet were recalled to back to the Sol sector this past week following the discovery of contaminated vertarium cortenide. “We’re just glad we caught it in time,” stated Starfleet spokesperson Commander A.J. Ciaravolo from fleet headquarters in San Francisco, shortly after the Starfleet Corps of Engineers issued the recall. The vertarium cortenide was sealed in standard Starfleet pressure housings. Though not a volatile compound, maintaining purity is paramount for it to be useful in the operation of Starfleet warp systems. Investigators quickly found that the sealant around several of the housings had degraded, allowing foreign contaminants to enter the mixture. The starships in question had recently undergone routine repairs or refitting of critical engine components and had been certified space worthy by the Yardmaster General. For many of these vessels, the warp coils, a critical component within the warp nacelle that allow the ship to enter and sustain faster than light velocities, needed particular attention as over interminable periods, these coils can lose their effectiveness. According to the report released by Starfleet Operations, part of the routine maintenance procedure involved re-coating the coils in a fresh layer of vertarium cortenide. “When we left drydock, everything should have been running smooth as silk,” declared Lieutenant Ourn, chief engineer of the USS Advance. “Let’s just say they weren’t.” Within twelve hours of the fleet’s departure for maneuvers in the Beta Stromgren system, ships were plagued with a multitude of issues, most of which stemmed from imbalances within the warp nacelles and power surges along their EPS grids. They quickly discovered each vessel affected had recently undergone a re-tuning of their coil assemblies. When communicated back to Starfleet Operations, it halted all work at the San Francisco Fleet Yards until they could conduct a thorough review. “We are not treating this incident as the result of hostile activity,” reported Lieutenant Commander Rohl Anderson, the Starfleet Security head of the investigation. “We will continue to seek the answer how this could occur.” There is no word as yet regarding how the absence of the Twelfth Fleet will affect the fleets patrol efforts along the edges of the Alpha Quadrant. The post Twelfth Fleet recalled following warp coil repair issues appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  4. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Starfleet Captive Successfully Rescued In Daring Raid, Romulan Plot Stymied By Unknown Intelligence LOKESH CITY, DURONIS II — Utilizing a cunning deception and the cover of darkness, Starfleet Marine and Security personnel were successful in recovering Doctor Addison MacKenzie from her captors. Starbase 118 Gains New Allies In Fight Against the Cult of Molor STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew of Starbase 118 is working to gain allies in its fight to bring the Cult of Molor to justice for its sinister acts. USS Eagle Investigates Nivian Ring, Assaulted By Alien Species AAVARO WILDS — In the pursuit of knowledge with which to repair the critically damaged stellar structure known colloquially as a Nivian Ring, the Federation starship Eagle sustained an attack. Constitution Crew Assists in Rescue and Repairs of Mining Colony XATRAC CITY — After disaster strikes the mining colony of Xatrac City, the crew of the USS Constitution-B step in to help with rescue and repair efforts. Amidst Various Shore Leave Activities, Atlantis Holds A Memorial Service And Celebrates A New Life PAR’THA EXPANSE — Having aided the planet of Tibro, the crew of the USS Atlantis enjoy shore leave activities as they make their way back to their homeport. Chaos Strikes Museum On Væron; Explosions, and Riots Reported VÆRON — A colony Administrator of the Romulan Republic of Væron appealed for peace and restraint in the city after a street riot and fires broke out in the Val’Bhaonn Markets following an explosion at the renowned historical museum. Rogue Planet Alert: All Merchants Ordered To Keep Ongoing Long-range Sensor Scans FEDERATION SPACE — Starfleet has ordered all cargo transport vessels to keep long-range sensors active as USS Veritas chases a rogue planet. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239704 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  5. STARBASE 118 – After a decade of dominance in Starfleet’s intramural baseball league, Deep Space 9’s “Niners” team has announced they will not be competing for this year’s top prize in the Benjamin Sisko Memorial Cup. With their star player out for antennae reassignment surgery, and their coach – Ambassador V’Lelk – having retired last year, the DS9 team is regrouping and disappointing fans everywhere. This opens the way for newer teams to compete, including Starbase 118’s Trojans, named after the station’s official class designation. The Trojans have recruited several skilled and experienced players, including Takata Yuma of the DS9 team who transferred to 118 soon after V’Lelk retired in what some saw as a power-play by Captain Sal Taybrim to put her team in the running for the Cup. The chances are slim, though, that a new and inexperienced team will make it to the final runoff considering the competition they’re up against. Last year’s finale losers, The Logicians, from the venerated Vulcan-only starship T’Pol, have already said they’re determined to take the crown after what was seen as a controversial close to last year’s game when the first Ocampa visitor to the Alpha Quadrant, four-year-old dignitary Lok, reached out over the outfield wall and caught a ball, robbing the Logicians outfielder of the opportunity to catch the fly and giving the Niners the extra runs required to put them over the top. Other teams – including The Voyagers, Binars, and Nawesomcaans – have all been training with heretofore unseen zeal for this moment when the Niners finally loosened their grip on the prize. “We’re not sure why there’s so much controversy over the fact that we brought in holosuite design expert for our training field program. It doesn’t seem like much extravagance to upgrade the field if we’re going to go for the cup?” said Commander Condor Rampart, coach for the Nawesomcaans, commenting on the Federation Enquirer story that questioned Rampart’s use of Federation time and resources, and an alleged connection between the holosuite program designer and the Orion Crime Syndicate. A Starfleet investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. Cup matches are slated to begin after the Ha’mara festival and will take place on Betazed. In an amusing turn of events, the Betazoid team failed to submit their paperwork in time to qualify after a miscommunication about the deadline. The post Benjamin Sisko Memorial Cup Sees New Entrants appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  6. CARDASSIA PRIME — An archaeological team from the University of Cardassia has discovered what they believe to be the tomb of an ancient Cardassian warlord. The tales of Arlek Dovahn are well known to the Cardassian people. One of the many tales of Dovahn states that he took a wife who had descended from the heavens in a beautiful craft with gossamer wings. When they grew old together, his wife took him to the heavens in the craft she had arrived in. Until recently, it was almost universally agreed among Cardassian scholars that this wife was a deity of unknown origin. When the remains of a Bajoran Lightship were discovered on Cardassia Prime 2371, scholars speculated Dovahn’s wife could have been a Bajoran astronaut. The University team has significant evidence, pointing in favour of this being Dovahn’s tomb. From inscriptions on the casket to ritualistic reliefs carved on the walls. The first chamber held a significant amount of grave goods, intended to accompany the deceased to the afterlife. What the team found interesting was the door to the second chamber which was metallic, not stone like others of the period. Not wanting to damage anything, the Cardassians spent a week carefully unlocking the door and opening it. Upon gaining entry they found two caskets, both sealed. Initial scans inside the larger and more heavily inscribed casket showed the remains of a Cardassian male. The second casket bore a single line of inscribed text in an unknown language and is still being translated, however, it appears to be a mix of ancient Cardassian and archaic Bajoran. The preliminary study of casket two showed the remains of a Bajoran Female, Dovahn’s supposed divine wife. “It was an amazing moment,” declared Professor Seakbi Zenrer, the leader of the Cardassian Archaeological team. “We know our people and the Bajorans have an unstable past, but we hope this discovery can help to bring our two people closer together, and end the tension between Cardassia and Bajor.” This discovery shocked the archaeological team and were further shocked when the burial chamber was identified as the control room of a Bajoran Lightship. Further scans confirmed that the Lightship has been buried for centuries, and experts are working to date the tomb. The Cardassian and Bajoran governments have been in contact with each other, however, neither has released a statement yet. The post Cardassian Archeological Team Discovers Ancient Bajoran Spacecraft Inside Tomb appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  7. BETAZED – The trial of the veterinarian and lecturer Tillul Sim came to a dramatic conclusion today as he was convicted of murder his wife, Fumiko and the subsequent telepathic violation of his son and several witnesses. Betazoid law, which strives to avoid strict punitive measures, was strictly applied to the former veterinarian. Doctor Sim was convicted on one count of premeditated murder in the first degree, and four counts of mental assault with the intent to distort truth. The cumulative sentences for these crimes, along with the further condition that there is no possibility for parole, suggest that Sim will live out the remainder of his life within prison walls. “The violent nature of the crime and the attempts to conceal it convinced this court that the full weight of Betazoid law was both necessary and prudent,” explained Head Justice Susem Oho. When asked about the enormous public outcry the case had generated, Justice Oho added that she had not allowed public pressure to affect her judgment. “Betazoid law holds the sanctity of life, and that of the mind, to be absolute. The judgement of this court is consistent with upholding that most sacred charge.” According to court records, the strained marriage of Doctor Sim and his first wife, Fumiko, escalated to violence when it was discovered that she was pregnant with his second child in the summer of 2369. After an argument and brief struggle, Doctor Sim propelled his wife down several flights of stairs, leading to her death and the loss of their unborn child. Fearful for his career and lifestyle, he then psychically assailed any neighbors who voiced concern or suspicion, leaving them with the firm belief that Fumikos death had been an accident. Sim continued this charade by forcibly suppressing his own sons telepathic ability, fearful that a young Betazed, who had little to no control over their powers, might discover the crime. In his closing statement, Doctor Sim admitted that, although he murdered his first wife, he did not regret the time he spent with Laxe Sim, his second wife. He also voiced pride for his son, a Starfleet officer and Doctor serving aboard the USS Gorkon. Both relatives declined to comment on the case. Following the trial, Sim was transferred to Thalzed High Security Prison, where he will receive comprehensive psychological evaluation and treatment in a secure environment while serving five consecutive life sentences. The post Lecturer Sentenced To Life For Historic Murder appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  8. AAVARO WILDS – Following her arrest after a violent attempted coup, former Minister of Health Yara Fennet has escaped custody, mere days before her trial was to begin. The once reclusive Aavaro Wilds planet known as The World is facing yet another crisis. Yara Fennet, the disgraced former Minister of Health for the society known as “The People” has reportedly escaped the World’s Justice Complex and fled into the Wilds. “It happened so quickly,” said bystander Thoth Amudul, who had enjoyed breakfast in the Complex square when the escape occurred. “All I could hear was disruptor fire, after my ears stopped ringing from the explosion, of course…” Witnesses reported that at approximately mid-morning, a group of armed figures beamed into the Complex lobby and stormed the building, killing three Justice Regents and injuring at least a dozen with explosive devices. Security footage provided by the newly installed Free Press Co-Op of the World shows the figures, wearing facial recognition descramblers, shooting their way into Fennet’s holding cell and aiding her egress via shuttlecraft. Said shuttlecraft subsequently evaded Regent pursuit. The World recently endured an attempt to overthrow the government, an effort spearheaded by the ex-health technician, thwarted with the assistance of the Federation Starship Eagle. A source close to the investigation suggests that authorities are looking into a possible “purist insurgence” that has cropped up in the wake of Fennet’s fall and urges travelers and ships to consider Fennet armed and dangerous. Authorities have requested that all information regarding the whereabouts of Fennet be reported either to their now open comm channels, on any available and/or functional Aavaro Wilds subspace relays, or to the nearest Federation Starbase. The post Disgraced Minister of Health Yara Fennet Escapes Custody Before Trial appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  9. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Romulan Warbird Discovered During A Rescue Attempt LOKESH CITY, DURONIS II — Reeling from a sneak attack by Tal Shiar agents, the crew of the Embassy are in a desperate race to stop a Romulan Warbird from seizing vast amounts of dangerous protomatter. Starbase 118 Ops Crew Begins Offensive Against The Cult Of Molor STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops leaps into action to push the Klingon Cult followers back, undermining and countering their control and weapons manufacturing. Eagle Crew Investigates Nivean Ring After Festivities DIALRAN SYSTEM — Following a mostly restful and enjoyable shore leave, the crew of the starship Eagle began an investigation into a remarkable stellar structure; a Nivean Ring. Disaster Strikes Xatrac City As Starfleet Investigate Mining Operation XATRAC CITY — The crew of the USS Constitution-B spring to aid citizens after an unexpected attack during an inspection of Xatrac City. Quarantine Protocols In Effect After A Mysterious Sickness Falls Over Tibro TIBRO — With a deadly outbreak ravaging the capital of Keibrom, the crew of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) begin the desperate search for a cure and their missing Captain. Gorkon Crew Recalled From Giáng Sinh To Aid Væron, Romulan Republic Colony VÆRON — Enroute back to their home sector for the task force, the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) detours to assist the Romulan Republic Colony of Væron, a former Romulan Star Empire world. Assembly Debate Delayed By Incident Outside Ketar V Capitol KETAR V — While politicians debate the future of the Romulan population inside, a dissident has openly fired into a group of pro-Romulan protestors, injuring three people. Investigations continue. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239703 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  10. Amid a large crowd of dignitaries and onlookers, the United Federation of Planet’s most advanced presidential transport craft launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards earlier today. Designated Starfleet 1, the craft made a brief round-trip voyage, starting at Mars in the Sol System, swinging by Vulcan in the 40 Eridani A System, and returning to Sol III to formally embark the president and her staff. “This vessel carries with it the peaceful purpose and powerful solidarity with which the Federation works toward the bright future that we have proven is not only possible but all around us,” said the president during the opening ceremony. The transport, a heavily modified Sovereign-class starship, underwent retrofitting specifically with the safety and security of the president, her staff and any foreign dignitaries in mind. The limited release of schematics make determinations of exact specifications difficult, but the precedent shows Starfleet 1 is nothing short of a space-going fortress. Its predecessor, designated as the USS Federation before being rechristened for use as the president’s personal transport, was itself a well-armed, well-defended starship, an accommodation expected of all presidential vehicles since the attempted assassination of President Ra-ghoratreii in 2293. The president, since the founding of the Federation, has traditionally travelled on Starfleet vessels pulled from regular service, with the vessel being checked and then retrofitted with any technologies needed to ensure the president’s safety. These retrofits include the removal of science experiments to make room for the installation of quaternary backup modules for essential systems, increased security installation in the presidential guest room for secure communication, and deck reconfiguration to make room for the president’s staff. When asked for a comment, Palais de Chaillot press secretary Dejir responded, “USS Federation is the culmination of years of time, effort, and labor of skilled Federation citizens. We hope the newest iteration of Starfleet 1 will serve as an example of our hospitality, strength, and diplomacy.” The launch of this new craft is not without controversy. The Sovereign-class, a relatively new model of starship created in the final days of the Dominion War, is a veritable powerhouse of offensive capabilities. This has caused some consternation among the diplomats of the federal government, with many arguing that the vessel charged with ferrying the Federation’s most senior diplomat should not possess such firepower. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea to have the leader of the Federation putter about in an engine of war that could pound the representatives of other powers into oblivion,” Senator Gav quoted. Palais de Chaillot released an official response, “The new executive liner is only for interstellar transport. The vast majority of the cultures we maintain diplomatic contact with have planetary defenses and accustomed to military vessels in orbit. In situations where the offensive capability of Starfleet 1 may appear as an aggressive overture, the executive runabouts will be utilized instead.” President Narala is expected to travel to Betazed in two days’ time to attend a commemoration of the lives lost during the occupation of Betazed, which fell to Jem’Hadar forces during the Dominion War. The post Advanced Federation Presidential Transport Vessel Launches appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  11. As the Argelius system suffers from devastating infernos, a local resident argues Federation President Narala’s response and leadership is severely lacking. The Argelius system is burning. All six planets of the Argelius system are experiencing rampant solar flares from our deteriorating star. As a result, each planet appears to be experiencing a dry and intermittent climate change. A single fire sparking can mean thousands of hectares up in a blaze. A collective 10.2 billion hectares have already been lost since September 2396. Argelius I has been evacuated entirely. The system has declared a state of disaster. My planetary system calls this disaster the “Argelius Billions Blaze” for the amount of land charred across all planets. The danger zone for the fires only continues to increase, and located on Argelius II, I will soon join my fellow Argelians in facing the flames. This is not the first time our planetary system has experienced fires because of “sudden climate change”. Some might argue that this disaster isn’t the worst in our history. But in 2397, “it’s not as bad as last century!” is hardly a reasonable response to the loss of 23 lives across six worlds in one disaster — 12 were losses fighting the fires, 11 were people trying to escape them. Argelians demanded stronger attention from our Federation government, and for a week, we received no answer. Narala’s office had been “inundated with calls” and she was unavailable to take them. Why? President Narala had been away on an unannounced holiday to Risa. After the fires had started. It was only when four lives were lost on Argelius II that Narala’s office suddenly announced she’d arrive in Argelius for a briefing. But it took her 48 hours to get to a communications console and organise transport to Argelius. President Narala won her 2392 election campaign with the slogan, “We are many, but we can be one.” It was a time where planets on the outskirts of the Federation claimed to face discrimination due to their outlier locations. Many felt “unheard”, or “unrepresented”, and demanded action from the presidential office. Following her election, Narala has supported far-reaching powers of the Federation to “resolve the divide between the so-called ‘core’ Federation member planets and those nearer to the border”. Resources, energy, and inner trade sanctions were committed to places like the Shoals or the Briar Patch, and star stations such as Deep Space 3, Deep Space 5, and Astrofori One became the focus of fleet support and Starfleet task forces. 2393 was a good year to live on the border of the Federation, and all of these commitments from the presidential office resulted in salivating photo opportunities that made Narala look good. It allows her to shake hands with the important figures of the Federation and pretend to be the leader she should be. In her press conference here on stardate 239612.30, Narala asked us to “be kind to each other” and reject division — seemingly her one and only angle in most of her political stunts. She acknowledged that her absence resulted in our significant anxiety — and even apologised. But she ended her conference with this: “Our community’s support of the Argelius system has not changed, and we will continue to work with Argelius in these trying times.” She then took the time to get a photo opportunity with an off duty Starfleet officer, two kids, and four members of her office. Federation President Narala with two Argelian citizens, Starfleet medical officer Dr. Sophie Wakefield, and four members of Narala’s presidential staff pictured after her disaster conference on Argelius II. Narala’s major contribution to my planetary system’s disaster at present has been that press conference, but she is adamant that she’s mobilizing the Federation’s best. Except, they’re on the other side of the Beta Quadrant and don’t have access to slipstream drives. Starfleet are slated to arrive next week to “assess the situation”. Admiral Kinsley Brunce claims the delay is because the fleet is stretched thin because of the Federation’s ongoing commitment to outer region worlds. Who would have thought President Narala’s biggest selling point in the early 2390s would prove problematic in the face of serious crises as we inch closer to the turn of the century? Taking stock of the heavily reported Starfleet vessels often featured in the FNS, there are: six ships deployed in the Tyrellian sector, four ships deployed in the Par’tha Expanse, two ships near-permanently docked at Starbase 118. Not even one crew can be spared to assist? A task force stationed nearby Astrofori One was destroyed last year alongside the station during a Tholian incursion into the Menthar Corridor. Reports claim the attack was to drive us away from the Tholian border, and they succeeded. Two starships were lost outside of Federation space. In the Luxis system, a Starfleet embassy (also outside of Federation space), is rumoured to have burned through not one but three starships in the span of a decade. If the Federation President controls Starfleet, is this a gross mismanagement of resources on Narala’s part? Strangely enough, executive governor of Axanar Adellia Vor, also a candidate in the 2392 Presidental Election, has ordered significant resources from Axanar to Argelius. Romulan Republic Chief of State Galura Mobek has also sent able bodies to assist with the fires. Both instances of support prove far more superior then Narala’s bold but weak claim of ongoing Federation support for a Federation system approaching 175 years of membership. Meanwhile, Nimbus III’s finest is touring the least-affected areas of the Argelius system with a camera crew and a smile. This is a blatant lack of leadership from our Federation president. Narala’s “we are many, but we can be one” rhetoric is only for her own political gain. All this, while my home planet is burning. Narala: do better. Readers, please support the Argelius system by donating resources or volunteering to support displaced families. Freya is a physical therapist and resident of Argelius II. The post President Narala complacent while Argelius system burns appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  12. DEEP SPACE — The experimental prototype Starfleet starship USS Juneau was crippled by an internal attack carried out by what reports are saying may have been an Orion Syndicate agent during a recent test run of its signature Warp XV engine. It is unclear at this time just how this lone agent found their way aboard the ship, or whether they survived their infiltration, and Starfleet top brass remains tight-lipped over the details. Initial reports state the saboteur managed to alter the plasma flow in order to throw the classified warp XV drive into an overdrive tailspin which continually pushed the ship into higher and higher warp factors. Eventually, this acceleration would have torn the ship apart, likely chaos intentionally caused in an attempt to cover the perpetrator’s escape. Captain Oddas and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller, along with the senior crew assigned, were eventually able to apply the brakes, so to speak, by effecting a full stop to the engines. “If I get my hands on the [censored] who messed with my engine…” sources reported an unconfirmed quote from the chief engineer. Meanwhile, one team restored the ship’s life support and searched the craft for the saboteur and any other explosives or devices they might have left behind, while another team battled a substantial fire in the shuttle bay and suffered a temporary loss of internal pressure. There are unconfirmed reports of a hostage situation, but the FNS has not been able to substantiate the rumour at this time. Lieutenant Kiliak Jo contributed to this report. Stay tuned to this subspace frequency for any and all updates on this story. The post Orion Syndicate suspected in sabotage aboard Warp XV prototype USS Juneau appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  13. FERENGINAR — One of the most underestimated jobs in Ferenginar, the Grand Proxy is dispatched by the Grand Nagus to act in his stead in all actions regarding Ferengi. Ferengi may have changed somewhat in the last twenty or thirty years, and the Rules of Acquisition have mellowed. As such, the post is one of the most demanding in Ferengi culture, with the capacity to be dispatched to anywhere the Grand Nagus decides his influence is most needed. One such mission was to act as Ambassador, negotiator and broker with members of the Gamma Quadrant over mineral rights being sent to Earth. Invited to find out the gravitas of the role, this reporter joined the Grand Proxy to find out what exactly is a typical day. Firstly, we met in her office and chatted over a Slug-O-Cola while she reviewed the latest news from across the Quadrants. The morning was taken up with minor issues as she prepared to visit Qo’Nos, the Klingon homeworld, to discuss a problem concerning plans of targ breeding efficiencies. A brave Ferengi noticed a gap in the market and had started a programme to produce them and export them to Qo’nos at a very reasonable amount. If a Ferengi can be considered enigmatic, it is the Grand Proxy. She takes great pride in her lobes and proudly states she is immune to male charms, so Oo-Mox is less distracting for her. Sipping her drink, she smiles in the least Ferengi smile I have ever seen. After a light lunch of Tube Grub, she prepares to depart. Receiving communication from the Grand Nagus, she contacted the ship booked for her passage to ensure they are ready to leave. Her assistant ensures her baggage is packed and ready to go. With another smile, she leaves me behind as she sets off to conclude the business deal, ensuring that this is one transaction the Grand Nagus will take his share in taxes as she goes. “The old Ferengi business practises may be dying out,” she informed me, as a parting gesture of wisdom, “they aren’t going without an occasional twitch.” The old saying be careful who you do business with is still alive and well for now. The post A day in the life of a Grand Proxy appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  14. UTOPIA PLANITIA, MARS — After years of secret development, Starfleet is proud to unveil the launch of the USS Juneau, the first of its starship class and the first ship to bear the cutting edge Warp XV drive as standard equipment. After much tireless work, the state-of-the-art ship will undertake its maiden voyage over the next few months. Following new discoveries in warp field theory that paved the way for redefining the warp scale, prominent propulsion scientists across the Federation are claiming the new engine will be theoretically able to reach speeds approaching warp factor 15 on the new scale, which abolishes the previous warp 10 “infinite” theoretical limit. The USS Juneau commences her journey under the command of warp propulsion pioneer and co-designer of the Warp XV project, Captain Oddas Aria of the USS Eagle. Lt. Commander Geoffrey Teller, the chief engineer aboard the USS Veritas and the man recently assigned to accompany the maiden voyage of the Juneau as its chief engineer had this to say about what excited him most regarding the upcoming journey. “One of the principal designers of the Warp XV core is my captain, Roshanara Rahman, so the project has a personal angle for me,” said Teller. “We’ve helped bring the drive online for the Veritas, and we’ve seen some incredible performance, but helping to build a ship from the keel up to integrate this new engine and all the other new systems is an engineer’s dream.” At a hull length of just over 635 meters, Lt. Commander Teller, Captain Oddas, and the rest of the illustrious crew will have their work cut out for them. Following a shakedown cruise, the Juneau is slated to conduct a tour across Federation space as a gesture of goodwill and mutual cooperation. Tickets for the launch event at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards are limited, and only formal dress will be admitted. For more information, contact Lieutenant Kiliak Jo, the ship’s first officer, through the Starfleet Public Affairs Office. The post Launch of the USS Juneau appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  15. FNS contributor Taden Box joined an expedition to an uninhabited planet that yielded fresh archaeological findings into a possible pre-warp culture from the planet. Recently on Eta Corvi V, while climbing the various mountains of the M-class planet, I joined a scientific and archaeological expedition to one of the smaller peaks of the planet. In comparison, it was still much larger than that of Earth’s largest peak Mount Everest, and due to this they dubbed it “The Small Behemoth.” The expedition was to see if there were any signs of life existing on the surface and also to see what minerals were contained within the mountain’s crust. Invited by the head of the expedition, a Betazoid named Daden Hal, my aim was to report the findings as they occurred. The group was a mixture of species from across the Federation. Also accompanying us were representatives from the Klingon Empire and the newly formed Romulan Republic. Upon reaching the second base site, we discovered something that we weren’t prepared for. A Klingon, who went by the name Kog, dusted off some snow on a large rock to take some samples when he noticed some unusual markings. Investigating, we found some more and came to the conclusion that they weren’t formed by geological changes, and this led us to speculate that they were made by a sentient species, which churned the consideration that the planet we believed to be uninhabited wasn’t as uninhabited as originally thought. Unsure of what to think, the team conducted further research into the markings. Despite our advanced technology, we were unable to fully decipher what the markings read; however, our accompanying experts speculated that they were basic cave markings telling a story of some kind, along with what could be interpreted as a very basic form of linguistics. The sample was examined thoroughly, with evidential holophotos transferred back to the base camp. Our small group saw no evidence that there was a pre-warp culture remaining on the planet, but we couldn’t be too sure. Deciding it was best to finish collecting our samples, the team prepared to leave as quickly as possible, so as to not disturb or accidentally interfere with any sentient life on the planet. Once safely back into orbit on the science vessel, I asked Kog what he thought about his discovery. “It’s a glorious discovery for the Klingon Empire,” he replied, joyfully. “And the rest of you, of course.” Interviewing Daden Hal about what he thought about the potential of a previously unknown pre-warp civilization being discovered on Eta Corvi V, he examined his thoughts before explaining. “It’d be quite the find, but as of yet we have no evidence of a remaining pre-warp civilisation on this planet,” he said, downturned at the prospect. “But they may live underground, such as the Aenar do due to the cold temperatures of the surface. Our findings will allow Federation research centres the opportunity to delve deeper into this mystery and, hopefully, we’ll know more about Eta Corvi V in the coming months.” There is a more in-depth expedition by a joint Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan group that will try and discover if there is indeed a pre-warp civilisation present on the planet. As for now, all visits to the planet’s surface—bar that of the joint expedition—have been prevented in accordance with the Prime Directive. The post Discovered remnants of a possible pre-warp culture on Eta Corvi V appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
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