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  1. ANDOR — A Horta citizen of the United Federation of Planets is suing the Andorian government after being refused clearance to make planetfall on the Andorian surface. Hurrurrn, the plaintiff in question, contends that on Stardate 239602.01, while undertaking a tour of the Federation as part of a vacation, he attempted to transport to Andor for a guided tour. The tour itself, and all relevant permissions, received authorisation well in advance, but during final clearance, Andorian Municipal Transporter Control ordered the transport halted, preventing Hurrurrn from beaming down to the moon. “Not was concerned I,” reported Hurrurrn. “Public systems slow”. However, according to the lawsuit, after nearly half a standard hour of delay, AMTC hailed Hurrurrn’s vessel, the Flaming Obsidian, and informed the crew that the transport would be impossible. When pressed for an explanation, the chief of the AMTC insisted that, because of a heat wave that had affected Andor during the previous two weeks, allowing an entity of such enormous heat to alight upon the already compromised ice of Andor would be both dangerous and irresponsible. “Nonsense is,” continued Hurrurrn. “Can be hot I. Not need to be”. Despite repeated attempts to explain the situation, and to assure AMTC that he posed no threat and reach his destination, Hurrurrn was blocked at every turn. Eventually, to keep to its pre-defined schedule, they forced the Flaming Obsidian to move onto its next destination, Sol III. Hurrurrn is demanding reparations for the slight against him and other Hortas, and the aggravation and inconvenience of the incident. “Is Federation,” Hurrurrn stated. “Is good. This bad”. Details about Horta biology are limited, primarily because of the extraordinary nature of their physiology. It has been established that the “heat” described in the report stems from a chemical reaction, and can be expelled or withheld at will. To say that Hortakind are “hot” creatures in the manner described by the defendant in this case is a gross mischaracterization. “Though Andor has been experiencing a variety of climate-related heatwaves, the presence of Mr. Hurrurrn would not have been detrimental, inconvenient or dangerous,” presented Vishlin th’Shrinta, chief of Andor’s Weather and Climatology Department. “This incident should not have occurred.” The post Horta Sues Andorian Government Over Discrimination appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  2. ZENBRE, ATREA IV — Blessings of Zenbre, Atrea IV. Stocks continued the long rally today on reports from the shipbuilding industry. The ZSAQ on Atrea IV closed 1250 points higher, or 4.5%, at 27,778. Novan Standard Ratings closed 450 points higher, or 5.5%, at 8182. This rally started with the quarterly report by Eskellion Shipyards, one of the leading commercial shipyard producers, and continued with more reports from the shipbuilding sector of the economy, and continued with several merchant-guilds releasing guidance intimating they expected higher profits in Q3. With the recent increase in production of the class HKM heavily armed merchant ship, and recovery of several merchant lines operating in the Federation’s verge, and continuing action by Starfleet in Operation Safe Harbor, the markets have seen a rally for the last quarter. “Armed merchant ships capable of recovering the carrying capacity of the Federation means we can get the goods our citizens need and want where and when they want,” read a spokesentient for Eskellion. Guidance for Q3 of 2397 projects that the growth of privately armed companies will make it one of the fastest-growth sectors. However, a developing trend in the Assembly may cut into growth as increasingly, planets are apprehensive about the possibility of turning to mercenary work, leading to neutral outlooks on those stocks. In the meantime, continued political unrest in the Shoals leads to stocks for dilithium and benamite mining companies to fall and increased calls for more action by Federation authorities from the mining lobby. “Mining in the Shoals is becoming increasingly more dangerous with local regulation choking profits and pirate forces increasing their depredations.”, Acin Smith, CEO of Ragnar’s Mining Operations, stated in an announcement to the press. “We are advocating for more Akira and Defiant classes to be issued to the Federation’s Nineteenth Fleet, and especially in the Shoals. We are grateful for what Starfleet has done, but we call for more action.” The post Markets on Atrea IV surge as Eskellion Shipyards Lead Rally appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  3. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. All Charges Against Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel Are Dropped STARBASE 104 — The well-reported court-martial of Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel ends in a victory secured by the timely intervene of fresh evidence. Festival Of Tolmaen’oali Celebrated On Væron VÆRON — Gorkon crew takes part in Festival of Tolmaen’oali with the Romulan Republic; a celebration of the first colonists to arrive on the planet, paving the way for relations with the Federation. USS Veritas To Confiscate Spore Drive From Pirate Captain Henley Marths SHOALS — USS Veritas (NCC-95035) is attempting to confiscate a displacement-activated spore hub drive allowing near-instantaneous travel across the galaxy, believed to be held by Henley Marths. Narendra Faces Off Against Cult, Leaving Molor Base In Shambles AZURE NEBULA, VANKOTH II – The USS Narendra (NCC-26595) deals a crippling blow to the Cult of Molor, both followers and the base are destroyed along with their most potent weapon. Suspicious Comet Revealed Missing Starship, Hostile Facility of ‘The People’ AAVARO WILDS – Upon investigation, the crew of the USS Juneau (NX-99801) found a facility of ‘The People’ generating Eichner radiation on an unusual comet in the Uiliv system and an almost abandoned USS Arrow nearby. Atlantis Crew Investigates Allegations Of Espionage At Freeworlds Trade Conference ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE – Power fluctuations and opportunists swarm as the crew of USS Atlantis investigate allegations of a spy at the Freeworlds Trade Conference. Colonists Saved From Vanishing World, Crew Enjoys Shore Leave MENTHAR CORRIDOR – After completing a high-risk extraction of the colonists and officers trapped far beneath the surface of Vel Meijan, the crew of the USS Thor (NCC-82607) takes much-needed leave on nearby Ferenginar. USS Arrow Relaunch Overshadowed by Mystery and Technical Failure AAVARO WILDS — In the wake of a routine mission undergone by Aavaro Wilds flagship the USS Juneau, Federation Starship Arrow, once assumed lost by Starfleet officials, has docked and is undergoing repairs and refit at Starbase 821. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239707 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  4. KESPRYTT III — Following an inability to reach a cohesive stance regarding planetary unity, the mutually hostile nation-states on Kesprytt III have been denied entrance into the Federation for the second time. A month of tough negotiation yielded little progress, and a breakdown in talks accompanied by threats of military action from the Kes, the larger nation-state, towards the Prytt. “If civil war is our future, then we will fight the Prytt until none of them remains. We have control of seventy-five per cent of the planet,” Lauric, a Kes government official said when questioned about this most recent rejection. In 2370, the Kes had applied for associate membership to the Federation — an unusual request, but one that reflected Kesprytt III’s non-aligned status. However, due to their long-standing rivalry with the Prytt, a nation-state controlling a quarter of the planet, entrance is denied even in this modified form. Records show the shared xenophobia between the two governing entities was highly influential in this decision. This most recent attempt brought forward approximately two months ago, is the second rejection the Kes have suffered and may have more long-lasting consequences as a result. “We know what the Kes are planning — our telepathic technology can remove any pretence of deceit.” Vorien, a member of the Prytt security council exclaimed. “I heard them trying to start some kind of violent behaviour towards us! Will anyone come to help us?” The growing political and sociological divides between these two nations, fueled by a warlike paranoia and a discriminatory attitude, have been festering for over a century. When asked about the possibility of assistance from Starfleet, representatives declined to comment. The post Kesprytt III Denied Federation Membership for Second Time appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  5. AAVARO WILDS, STARBASE 821 — Recent sudden transfers to and from the Federation flagship of the Aavaro Wilds has Starfleet officials on edge this week as drifting wreckage found. On a routine mission to explore a rogue comet, recently commissioned Federation starship the USS Juneau found more at the mission site. Per a terse, but informative news telex provided to Starbase 821 staff, administrators, and members of the associated press, the ship — while dealing with the ongoing problem of the comet — discovered a second Federation starship listing in the comet’s wake. The USS Arrow, once assigned to the Tyrellian Defense Fleet, was apparently static and without power, drifting into space with no originally posted crew aboard. Since then the Arrow has caused much-heated debate amid the Starbase 821 Command structure with some arguing that they should leave the ship to salvage and others for its safe return and recommission. Stoking the fires of debate is the uncertain nature of the current crew of the Arrow. With the report of the discovery of the ship, another one followed soon after, detailing members of the Wilds flagship Juneau had taken command of the ship. Public Record Duty Rosters also show that various members of the Juneau’s Senior Staff are now missing from that registry. “It is a… strange turn of events, to be sure,” said a source working closely with 821 Command on the matter. “A ship, that has been gone, considered lost for nearly 20 years suddenly showing back up? Out of the clear blue? WITH NO crew, no less? Something about it doesn’t sit right with me about it, I’ll say that much.” Starbase 821 Command declined to comment on possible recommission or refit of the once-forgotten vessel, aside from confirming that the ship has a crew and is in transit toward the base as of the time of this writing. They, however, say they are not at liberty to discuss exactly who that crew is at the moment nor give any hints as to the ship’s future in the Quadrant. More on this story as it develops. The post Rumors of Flagship Crew Shakeup Rattle Federation Officials in Aavaro Wilds appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  6. BERSALLIS III – The Bersallis III outpost has reported that the most recent firestorm activity is the strongest ever recorded since the outpost was founded. Doctor Maryanne Wilcox, director of the outpost and of the ongoing project at Barsallis III to study the effects of the storms on the planet’s environment and lifeforms, provided a report to Starfleet two weeks ago. The report is only just now being provided to the Federation News Service for dissemination. “The storms usually perpetuate themselves every seven years,” Dr Wilcox stated in her report. “But the most recent storm came very early and was incredibly strong. Almost three times stronger than one from seven years prior. We are still analyzing data to determine why this is the case.” The USS Merrimack was on station standing ready to evacuate the 700 occupants in the event of an emergency. Thankfully the starship’s services were not required as new metaphasic shielding techniques were integrated into the outpost’s protective shield grid. The Bersallis III outpost has been in place since 2361 to study the effects of high-atmosphere plasma on airborne flora, as well as synthesize materials to help insulate structures from high-temperature variation. In 2369, another high energy storm struck the outpost and required an evacuation of its residents, but lead to the death of eight Starfleet personnel in the effort. “We will continue our research on these storms and the flora and fauna of Bersallis III as this information is invaluable to the continuing search for answers and knowledge in our galaxy.” Doctor Wilcox concluded. “Should the planet’s cycle return to normal, the next firestorm is set to commence in 2403.” The post Strongest Fire Storms on Bersallis III in Recorded History appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  7. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Constitution Crew Returns to Normalcy as Court Martial Begins STARBASE 104 — The court-martial of Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel begins as life returns to normal for the Constitution crew. Riots Quelled, City of Val’Bhaonn Renews Museum for Eitreih’hveinn Festival VÆRON — Following the explosive actions of rioters in the capital of Val’Bhaonn, and the destruction of the museum used as a cultural centre, Governor S’Ehraellu has begun rebuilding efforts while the crew of the Gorkon take some necessary shore leave. String Of Raids and Attacks By “Vanishing Pirates” Leaves Starfleet Empty-Handed SHOALS — The USS Veritas (NCC-95035) hunts for a faction of “vanishing pirates” that have terrorized shipping lanes and threaten the security of the entire region. Starbase 118 Ops Begins To Take Measures Against The Elitist Cult Of Molor On A Daring Rescue Mission AZURE NEBULA, VANKOTH II – The USS Narendra (NCC-26595) set out for the crew’s first offensive move against the Cult of Molor while also attempting a daring rescue mission. USS Juneau Fully Commissioned, Investigates Unusual Comet AAVARO WILDS – With the transfer to the newly commissioned USS Juneau (NX-99801) completed, Captain Oddas Aria and her crew investigate an unusual comet in the Uiliv System. Atlantis Crew Attends First Freeworlds Conference ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE – After a successful shipwide drill, Commander Jarred Thoran and crew received an invitation to participate in the first Freeworlds Conference. USS Thor Makes Startling Discoveries, Fate Of Away Team And Colonists Hangs In The Balance VEL MEIJAN, YSYDEN NEBULA – The USS Thor (NCC 82607), hanging in orbit above the long lost colony world known as Vel Meijan, is in a desperate race to save nearly 200 surviving colonists from vanishing into time and stranding an away team along with it. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239706 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  8. ANDORIA – Andorian Aces and Kindred of Kahless meet on the ice in an epic battle for the title of Champion in first Galactic Ice Hockey tournament held on Andoria. Ice Hockey, a popular sport from Earth, has taken off amongst the many races of the federation, and several of her neighbours too. As is stated in the name, this particular sport is played on a field of ice. It should come as no surprise then, that the Andorians, who inhabit the frozen moon Andoria, would naturally gravitate toward this sport. Ice Hockey has always had a reputation as an aggressive sport, and unsurprisingly this has drawn the attention of the Klingon Empire. They have fielded a team for the first Galactic Ice Hockey tournament, which is being held on Andoria. Several other planets within the Federation have fielded teams too, including five teams from Earth, which is unsurprising when you consider the fact that they invented the sport. With Andoria hosting the tournament it seemed only fitting that their team, calling themselves the Andorian Aces, be the first to play, and with the Klingons as the only non-federation species attending it seemed respectful that the Kindred of Kahless opposes the Aces for the first match. Both teams gave it all they had, and both teams walked away with an assortment of minor injuries. Some concerns were raised by officials when one of the Andorian players collided with one of the much larger Klingons and suffered an injury to his antenna, rendering him out for the season. The Galactic Ice Hockey league promises that they are looking into the incident and say that they will be amending the rules with clauses regarding injury to antenna, tails, and other uniquely sensitive and vital pieces of alien anatomy. In the end, the game was very close with the Klingons taking it 4-3. “It was a glorious game!” Echak, son of Mellor, Captain of the Klingon team reported after the match. “The Andorians played with the honour and ferocity we expected from them, and they proved more challenging than we expected. However, I never lost faith that my brothers out there in the ring would seize victory!” The Andorian team could not be reached for comment but released a statement affirming their Klingon opponents played well and deserved their victory. Fans are now waiting eagerly for the second match of the tournament when the Saurian Strikers are set to take on the first of the Terran teams, the Canadian Chargers. The post First Galactic Ice Hockey Tournament Kicks Off on Andoria appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  9. DIALRAN SYSTEM, AAVARO WILDS — Sources inside Lightside Station Security say the recent discovery of a pair of Nivean Rings, and the debris field that surrounds their space, have led to a brand new black market to emerge. Mere weeks after the contact of Federation starship USS Eagle (NCC-74659) and the Nivean Rings, a rapidly booming junk and antiquities racket has sprouted in the aftermath. Using a seemingly vast network of independently contracted trawlers and salvage operations, supported by a large word-of-mouth marketing system, dealers have started to flood into the Lightside Station market district, selling their wares in the secret swap meets and quiet backroom dealings much to the chagrin of station staff. Though most of the pieces so far have been largely innocuous, ranging from workable ship parts to high-end scrap samples, authorities fear that is only a matter of time before more dangerous salvage is gathered. Without the proper checks and clearances afforded to more legitimate hauls, they also fear the station’s populace could be exposed to harmful materials or worse, another explosion like the one that rocked the station barely a year ago. “This isn’t us trying to crack down on businesses,” says an unnamed source in the Lightside Security Staff. “It isn’t even us trying to discourage the sale of salvage on The Spike. It is simply us trying to keep the residents and shop owners of the station as safe as possible.” Most shop owners declined to comment on the sale and off-loading of the Nivean scrap, but the few who did speak to press expressed an interest in using the scrap and detritus in aid to the ongoing repair effort of Lightside Station. No word as of yet if Station Staff have considered the possibility or even viability of such a task. More on this story as it develops. The post Discovery of Nivean Rings Sparks New Black Market appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  10. USS SWEDEN, ANGELUS BLOCK — Admiral Johannes Ekker, commanding officer of the Fleet Training & Joint Operation Task Force, has launched a training exercise involving over fifty-five vessels and nearly nine thousand crew-members. Ekker declared that a major exercise, of a size not seen since the end of the Dominion War almost thirty years ago, will be held near and in the Angelus Block. The Block, made up of a group of systems in a naturally hazardous area of space, contains nebulae, hostile planetoids and frequently beset by severe ionic storms and solar flares. They specifically chose the area to introduce unfamiliar fleet officers to a new zone of Federation influence. The Angelus Block is a recent addition to the outer frontier of Federation controlled space and represents fresh challenges for security, logistics and Fleet operations. To justify these extreme preparations, Ekker has invited press observers aboard his flagship, the USS Sweden, to see what he describes as “vital readiness exercises” first hand. “While I agree with many that a simulation can teach vital skills, nothing beats real-life experience,” Ekker commented to the assembled observers. “There are certain intangible aspects of a feeling, idea or action that you can not simulate in an artificial environment. It is amid the chaos of proper action that we truly learn lifesaving lessons.” This exercise, code-named Transcendent Grasp, will focus on anti-piracy interdiction, deep space search and rescue procedure, ship to ship combat and fleet manoeuvres. Commercial traffic is temporarily suspended in and around the operational area within the Angelus Block unless a valid Certificate 5 B is provided. Local trade unions have already filed a protest with Starfleet Operations for what they call a ‘gross disruption to commerce with dubious practical aims. The trade union representative could not be reached for comment by press time. The Federation Commercial Institute, however, commented on the ease of obtaining a Certificate 5 B. “A certificate 5 B can be received in less than two days. It is only a little paperwork as long as the cargo is off sufficient desirability and requirement. We are talking, water, food, medicine and supplies of similar importance to the local populations.” The post Starfleet Announces Exercise in Angelus Block appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  11. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Crew of USS Atlantis Fighting Off Intruders During Battle Exercise PALDOR SYSTEM – While conducting training exercises in the asteroid belt around the Paldor System, USS Atlantis has been boarded by several intruders. Eagle Crew Transitions To New Starship In Wake Of Unusual Rescue Mission RINGWORLD, AAVARO WILDS – After a difficult and somewhat unorthodox mission to repair the structure known as Ringworld, the starship Eagle has been decommissioned. Under New Command, USS Thor Investigates Ysdyen Nebula YSDYEN NEBULA — The USS Thor (NCC-82607), now under the command of Fleet Captain Aron Kells, races across the quadrant to investigate a two-hundred-year-old mystery in a momentous change for the officers and enlisted personnel who long called Duronis II their home. Warp-Capable Rogue Planet Diverted Away From Sol System HECATE — The USS Veritas has prevented a mysterious rogue planet from heading to the Sol system, its ultimate purpose still unknown. Fleet Captain Arrested While Disembarking USS Constitution-B STARBASE 104 – As she disembarks the Constitution for leave on the Starbase, FltCpt. Jalana Rajel is arrested leaving the crew scrambling for answers. Beacons and Species of Unknown Origin Discovered on Væron, Gorkon In Attendance VÆRON — Routine operations of the USS Gorkon to the Romulan Republic colony of Væron uncovered active beacons within the core of the planet and on the surface and the presence of an unknown species. Joyous Shore Leave Takes Over Starbase 118 STARBASE 118 – The crew takes a breather and time for themselves before the grand plunder against a relentless foe, during this time they welcome many new officers eager to join the fight. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239705 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  12. FNS reporter Dresdon P. Mitchell revisits his experience at the New Horizons Holo-Conference last year, and how this year, many of the questions and ideas posed will once again be explored. What started as a murmur across the nebula became true as scientists around the fleet materialized from separate ships to discuss their plans for the scientific community. People came from far and wide, pitching their ideas and hypothetical energizing conversations, intending to immerse in shared knowledge and provide intellectually sound, like-minded individuals to help further efforts for the future of all known species. One year later, we look into the events there. Science officers included in the conference were Lieutenant German Galven; USS Montreal’s Chief Science Officer, Commander Saveron; USS Constitution-B’s Counselor, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo; USS Gorkon’s Research Coordinator, Lieutenant Kayla Drex; USS Eagle’s Chief Scientist, Lieutenant Pholin Duyzer; USS Columbia’s Assistant Chief Science Officer, Dr Tim Alentonis; civilian Archaeologist, Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVaeu; USS Veritas’ scientist and Ensign Sotak, the USS Montreal’s scientist. Many officers have moved on in their careers since the seminar. “I wanted to know what other scientists around the fleet were doing and listen to their achievements,” explained Galven. “When I heard about the goal of New Horizons, I sent out a subspace message to every starship who had a science officer, hoping to get this off the ground.” Argelians demanded stronger attention from our Federation government, and for a week, we received no answer. Narala’s office had been “inundated with calls” and she was unavailable to take them. As each officer introduced themselves, they all marvelled at the technology that could hold such an event, bringing bright minds from across the galactic community to one place virtually, setting up timed responses and inquiries to make sure they did not forgo their duties onboard their starships in the excitement. “The entire experience was novel to me.” A stoic young Vulcan named Sotak described. “From attending a gathering from the holodeck, to speaking too much of the science community in the Federation. I am intrigued how the conclusion plays out.” One officer, Drex of the Eagle, was very excited to get things started as she approached the podium, but before she got the chance to speak, the whole area around them transformed into the libraries of Memory Alpha — an inhabited planetoid the Federation built a central library on with cultural relevance and scientific knowledge of all planetary Federation members. Drex discussed a theory regarding Quantum Sail Drives, describing space like a lake and time being a breeze. Scientists can theorise a way to create a sail that will carry people over this lake more efficiently than our crude oars (warp and trans-warp drives). Ideas presented in the conference included botany, xenobiology and warp thesis. Since the conference, these ideas have further expanded, and we hope to hear of their progress this year. “I propose that through visualization of this “breeze” in space, we will gain an understanding of the trade winds of our universe. From there, we can develop applications to sail at far greater speeds, and using far less energy than has been even fathomable in the history of any civilization we’ve yet to encounter.” Drex went on even further to say, “I believe I have a way to harness the very energy of space-time to achieve speeds that are so far beyond warp capabilities, we can barely measure it in our current terminology.” After each candidate spoke, there were questions from the other scientists and fresh ideas on how to help one another in their shared goal of pooled research. Towards the end of the conference, Galven finally offered his presentation on creating an antivirus that with enough tachyokinetic energy harvested as a byproduct to reverse harmful bacteria and even gases from taking place. He then demonstrated by using a sentient plant in a controlled environment that the process could be done, but there were still questions left unanswered if it was safer to do within a larger area. On the anniversary of the previous conference, New Horizons is once again opening its doors on Deluvia IV, and extends a call to scientific and technological minds across the Federation. Invitations to follow. The post Starfleet Scientists Hold Holo-Conference at New Horizons appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  13. GALOR IV – Medical and scientific personnel at the Galor IV Annex of the Daystrom Institute announced today that they have begun development on the next major update for Starfleet’s Emergency Medical Holographic (EMH) Program. Doctor Lewis Zimmerman developed the EMH Program, originally activated in 2371. His team made three subsequent updates to the model, leading to the current Mark IV model in service since 2377, with both the original EMH and the Mark II developed by Zimmerman and his team at the Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center. Starfleet Research and Development created the Mark III and Mark IV aboard Science Station 402 in coordination with the Felker Institute. An unfinished program to create a long-term version of the EMH was proposed but never completed. “Starfleet Research and Development is confident in the ability of the Mark IV EMH. Our department also regularly updates the current model with modern medical data discovered in the last two decades,” clarified Lieutenant Harold Barton in response to questions at the press conference. “However, Starfleet believes that there is still room for improvement to make the Mark V the best version of the Emergency Medical Hologram to date.” The involvement of the original development team was not addressed in the press conference, however, the Galor IV Annex will be the primary site for the development of the Mark V update. Starfleet Medical officers have mixed feelings about the EMH program; some believe the holographic doctor is an excellent supplement for a trained physician in an emergency, while others dismiss the EMH and have no qualms about ignoring their ship’s equipped EMH whether or not there is an emergency. The most frequent criticism of the program by physicians is the lack of proper bedside manner that a sentient doctor can provide for a patient. Each version of the program has attempted to address this issue, to varying degrees of success. The specific improvements the Mark V will provide will not be clear until much later in the development cycle. The post Starfleet Research and Development begins work on Emergency Medical Hologram update appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  14. BOLARUS IX – For the third year in the event’s history, the Galactic Regatta’s championship leg will be held on Bolarus IX home of the defending cup holder. The event is being touted to run for four days to maximize both fan enjoyment and time for the unique events centred on the Bay of Bolse. The first day promises smaller activities including a free swim race across the mouth of the bay, jet ski buoy races, windsurfing, and land-based activities to help everyone settle in. On the second day, the rowing competition begins with two separate races of four teams each across the widest part of the bay, the winners of both races will compete the following morning to decide the winner of their division. Later in the morning on the third day the Junior Championship race begins with seven teams of two piloting catamaran styled crafts in a race from the lower tip of the bay out to a buoy in the Lolsara Ocean and back to the bay. The junior race this year also marks a first as a team from the Romulan Republic have qualified for entry. When asked for comment, last years Junior Champion Captain Ardolar Saht said, “I think it is great that we are allowing more teams into the race, more variety means better competition.” “Regardless of the amount of the competition it is only logical that we will hold our title given how well we work together,” added Strelvuk, Mister Saht’s Vulcan teammate. On the ultimate day, they will decide the Grand Championship as the competitors square off in a race around the continent of Rasara. The 7.6-meter ships leave the Bay of Bolse heading east before turning north. The first checkpoint will be at the domed underwater settlement of Bor’Kehr, then the ships will continue north around the tip of Rasara through the Strait of Bolse, which holds the second checkpoint before they head down the western edge of the continent braced with the sheer, jagged cliffs buffeted by a rough surface even during the dry season. The final checkpoint comes as the ships hug the coast and turn east once more heading to the finish line at the mouth of the bay. Some competitors have voiced concern with the length of the last race, and how close Bolarus is to the onset of the rainy season, however, others have pointed out that the racer-cruiser style of boats outfitted for overnight sailing. The crew of The Prophet’s Gaze shared their thoughts. “I think the amount of complaining at this stage of the competition is pitiful,” explained Voga Rhosarn, captain of the Gaze. “If they are so concerned with the type of race, they should win the title so they can move the Championship to their homeworld next year.” No matter the outcome, the festivities are sure to be an exciting and action-packed time for everyone involved and a fantastic way for Bolarus to conclude the dry season with the reassurances from the representative of the Bolian World Council Mihya Corass. “While hurricanes may have once been a problem for our people we have excelled at predicting their onset and strength with almost perfect accuracy.” The post Twelfth Annual Galactic Regatta Championship to be hosted on Bolarus IX appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  15. SAN FRANCISCO FLEET YARDS, EARTH – Thirty-one different starships making up the bulk of the Twelfth Fleet were recalled to back to the Sol sector this past week following the discovery of contaminated vertarium cortenide. “We’re just glad we caught it in time,” stated Starfleet spokesperson Commander A.J. Ciaravolo from fleet headquarters in San Francisco, shortly after the Starfleet Corps of Engineers issued the recall. The vertarium cortenide was sealed in standard Starfleet pressure housings. Though not a volatile compound, maintaining purity is paramount for it to be useful in the operation of Starfleet warp systems. Investigators quickly found that the sealant around several of the housings had degraded, allowing foreign contaminants to enter the mixture. The starships in question had recently undergone routine repairs or refitting of critical engine components and had been certified space worthy by the Yardmaster General. For many of these vessels, the warp coils, a critical component within the warp nacelle that allow the ship to enter and sustain faster than light velocities, needed particular attention as over interminable periods, these coils can lose their effectiveness. According to the report released by Starfleet Operations, part of the routine maintenance procedure involved re-coating the coils in a fresh layer of vertarium cortenide. “When we left drydock, everything should have been running smooth as silk,” declared Lieutenant Ourn, chief engineer of the USS Advance. “Let’s just say they weren’t.” Within twelve hours of the fleet’s departure for maneuvers in the Beta Stromgren system, ships were plagued with a multitude of issues, most of which stemmed from imbalances within the warp nacelles and power surges along their EPS grids. They quickly discovered each vessel affected had recently undergone a re-tuning of their coil assemblies. When communicated back to Starfleet Operations, it halted all work at the San Francisco Fleet Yards until they could conduct a thorough review. “We are not treating this incident as the result of hostile activity,” reported Lieutenant Commander Rohl Anderson, the Starfleet Security head of the investigation. “We will continue to seek the answer how this could occur.” There is no word as yet regarding how the absence of the Twelfth Fleet will affect the fleets patrol efforts along the edges of the Alpha Quadrant. The post Twelfth Fleet recalled following warp coil repair issues appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
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