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  1. SOL III – The Federated States of Micronesia claimed their third successive Soccer World Cup victory this weekend, smashing records for historical finals with a flourishing spectacle. On a night to remember in Montevideo, two powerhouses of Association Football faced each other in what will surely go down as one of the most dramatic World Cup finals in history. In the sweltering South American heat, hosts Uruguay took on everyone’s pre-tournament pick to lift the trophy – the Federated States of Micronesia. Though, the FSM did not have it all their own way. Uruguay took the lead early in th
  2. FNS HQ, MARS — Captain Frederick Thompson, of the civilian transport vessel SS Torquay, has discovered the USS Ahwahnee (NCC-2048) a Constitution-class vessel, floating near the Klingon Federation border. Reported missing, believed destroyed, now due to be recovered. Initial investigations point to the ship encountering an as yet unknown subspace anomaly that killed all hands on board. Other than the tragic loss of life, the Ahwahnee is in near perfect condition and is due to be towed to Earth. “The vessel is in superb condition, considering it’s been floating in space for years,” commented
  3. ALPHA QUADRANT — A missing transfer scow carrying highly valuable Trellium-D has thrown local sector markets and larger trading into flux. The independent haulier, The Fair Winds, was due in port nearly a week ago. Trellium-D, a key component in the insulation of starships, is a challenging mineral to process and rare to find in the raw ore state. As word of the missing Trellium reached miners, ship-builders, unions, mineral dealers, and various other markets playing tradesfolk throughout the Quadrant, Galactic Markets reacted in kind. Prices for still available Trellium-D, and the market pr
  4. ANDORIA — A large avalanche in the northern reaches of the Andorian Highlands has trapped a team of four scientists, all now missing in the snowdrift. Search and Rescue party launches. The team, led by Dr. Talak of the Andoria Imperial Academy, a renown geophysicist, was surprised by an immense avalanche that at its peak brought forth winds of little over 110 km/h. The four men, of which two Andorians, a Tellarite, and a Human remain buried beneath the sizeable amount of snow that came from the avalanche. Investigation is ongoing, with the aid of a Starfleet search team. The captain of the
  5. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. USS Resolution Discovers Lost Federation Starship Presumed Destroyed BORDERLANDS REGION — The USS Resolution (NCC-78145) discovered the USS Unity, a Federation starship presumed destroyed nearly fifty years ago when Starfleet lost contact with the vessel. SOS From USS Nimitz Confirmed Borg Attack, Narendra Responds ROMULAN NEUTRAL ZONE – An urgent call for help from a Freighter, the ECS Andromeda, hauling much needed medical supplies confirmed presence of
  6. DAVLOS — Members of the Orion Syndicate attacked Starfleet Science vessel USS Zeeman, an Intrepid-class explorer, in one of a series of attacks throughout Federation space. Bearing toward a research mission into the Orion Nebula, they ambushed the ship on approach near Davlos. According to eyewitnesses from the Zeeman, a squadron of four attack ships coordinated a flanked assault and opened fire upon contact. Consistent with other accounts, Chief Engineer Agarton explained that the warp nacelles had suffered extensive damage from the encounter with the Orions. Under siege from boarders, who
  7. BAJOR — As Bajor enters national mourning for Heerma Eza, the FNS celebrates the life of the Occupation refugee with a look back at one of the most venerated holonovels of our time, Symbols of the Ships. The Dominion War of 2375 left an unmistakable scar on the people of Bajor, none less so on Bajoran conflict veteran Heerma Eze. Surviving both her parents and children, Eze has never forgotten the deep grooves that came with the occupation, and funnelled those energies into a harrowing holonovel reverenced in literary circles. While there are few unaware of the holonovels existence — Academ
  8. CICIGAR, MARAVEL — After his reign of 54 years ended two weeks ago, Emperor Yongkiyaha’s death has inspired an outpouring of grief and tributes for the late departed Emperor on Maravel itself and across the Federation as people remember a man famous for his conspicuous dedication to public service and his inscrutable personality. Standing on her street corner, Seta Tsuru, who just celebrated her 97th birthday, making her the same age as the Emperor, held a straight-backed, but reverent pose as she waited for the funeral procession to pass, holding her black umbrella aloft only to spare her gr
  9. FNS reporter Dresdon P. Mitchell explores the modern issues concerning rituals and rites of Vulcans. In a previous special report, I discussed how the modern youth of Vulcan are focusing more on their career advances, rather than partaking in their seven-year mating ritual, pon farr and how they’re combating the neurochemical imbalances associated with the ritual. However, is it just medicine that’s allowing them to fight these urges? Because of the environment and temperature slowly falling after the atomic war, a Vulcan meteorologist has been studying with a Human pharmacist in d
  10. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Recommissioned Resolution Sets Course for the Borderlands BORDERLANDS REGION — As reports of strange signals in the Celendi nebula, potential pirates using the lone shipping lane through the mostly unexplored sector, and Klingon border issues, the Nova-class starship USS Resolution (NCC-78145) launches to investigate and heads out for the Borderlands. Saboteur Aiming for Warp XV Engine Captured Aboard the USS Juneau LIGHTSIDE STATION – A saboteur was captu
  11. CICIGAR, MARAVEL — The Imperial Household announced early this morning that Emperor Yongkiyaha-Shenxu of Maravel has died following a long battle with an illness now identified as Fry’s Disease. After a reign of over fifty years, Maravel’s Emperor Yongkiyaha, also known by his personal name that he carried as Crown Prince: Shenxu, passed away earlier today at 97. The Prime Minister of Maravel, An Seong-Gi broke the news at a special address early this morning, eulogizing the beloved Emperor for his commitment to both his people and the entire Federation displayed in a lifetime of public servi
  12. SKRAL RIVER, QO’NOS — Celebrated for their bloodwine and chech’tluth, a new beverage is taking the Klingon market by storm and filtering into Federation bars. Blended and single malt whiskeys derived at the craft distillery in Skral River are highly sought already. Consumers are cautioned, however, that like most Klingon brewed beverages, qul bIQ, as it has been dubbed by the distillers, is much stronger that whiskey distilled on Earth and elsewhere because of the more hardy Klingon grains and hops that grow in the Skral River Valley on the Klingon homeworld, which gives it a deeper hue than
  13. TAU CETI PRIME — Federation scientists are keen to begin their explorations of a newly discovered geological and anthropological hotspot beneath the expansive glacier ice caps of Tai Centi Prime n collaboration with the Kaferians. Beneath the thousands of glaciers covering the landscape of the planet’s mountain regions lies a geological and anthropological mystery Federation scientists have pondered for decades, and Kaferians for as long as their written records extend into history. The Kaferians – an insectoid species and Federation member for many years inhabiting the sister planet Tau Ceti
  14. ANDOR — A Horta citizen of the United Federation of Planets is suing the Andorian government after being refused clearance to make planetfall on the Andorian surface. Hurrurrn, the plaintiff in question, contends that on Stardate 239602.01, while undertaking a tour of the Federation as part of a vacation, he attempted to transport to Andor for a guided tour. The tour itself, and all relevant permissions, received authorisation well in advance, but during final clearance, Andorian Municipal Transporter Control ordered the transport halted, preventing Hurrurrn from beaming down to the moon. “N
  15. ZENBRE, ATREA IV — Blessings of Zenbre, Atrea IV. Stocks continued the long rally today on reports from the shipbuilding industry. The ZSAQ on Atrea IV closed 1250 points higher, or 4.5%, at 27,778. Novan Standard Ratings closed 450 points higher, or 5.5%, at 8182. This rally started with the quarterly report by Eskellion Shipyards, one of the leading commercial shipyard producers, and continued with more reports from the shipbuilding sector of the economy, and continued with several merchant-guilds releasing guidance intimating they expected higher profits in Q3. With the recent increase in
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