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  1. RT @KRADeC: @fednewsservice Thank you so much! I'm honored!

  2. One year later, Inox remains in chaos https://t.co/cN7XemrtBA https://t.co/ET4PksyBzy

  3. Opening Minds: Author of best-selling holonovel “Telepathis” speaks out https://t.co/4QoG0FoP1d https://t.co/sB6Hki8vt7

  4. New Sydney applies for Federation membership amid ongoing economic ruin https://t.co/HJzkUj7leG https://t.co/zDWYiSAiSr

  5. Narala names Ventu as Federation Secretary of the Exterior https://t.co/1PGn0tnYNv https://t.co/q0Js7cbKjd

  6. Starfleet declares USS Gorkon missing in action https://t.co/4EVnZXj8xd https://t.co/g0FRbnkZV9

  7. New Dominion War memoir makes bold accusations against Federation and Starfleet leadership https://t.co/m6n6tnnspE https://t.co/uGvDUEaJd9

  8. Starfleet captain recovered from clandestine medical research station https://t.co/z2OcQ4g1ec https://t.co/UJi8w7PYDT

  9. Final Starfleet detachment leaves Cardassian soil https://t.co/vGScBq6zSc https://t.co/cGUFboY7Fc

  10. USS Darwin-A conducts historic efforts in Federation-Talaxian relations https://t.co/0SeVW6odu1 https://t.co/VENnMkgque

  11. Mystery deepens on Deep Space 285 https://t.co/J4JhWVgBEP https://t.co/st4zrpIN1H

  12. Narala declares “age of action” at presidential inauguration https://t.co/dUNaAZOq3e https://t.co/V3kzliHgCr

  13. Tribble convention a success despite troubled opening https://t.co/EaWveMIHES https://t.co/6ntdba7dlz

  14. President Bacco delivers farewell address https://t.co/LP9CuUuoUa https://t.co/ZhEWaIyeZs

  15. Kthria to chair Colonial Coalition conference https://t.co/VuAJJZzlZY https://t.co/lD8amuWs1s

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