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  1. SELARIS SPACE STATION, TRINITY SECTOR — A civilian space station is on the edge of collapse after a program runs amok in the computer core. Receiving an SOS from the Selaris Space Station, a major shipping waypoint in the Trinity Sector, Starfleet dispatched the USS Lê Thánh Tông to provide assistance. On reaching the station, the Lê Thánh Tông discovered the station and ships attached to it had been taken over by a virus spawning holographic three-feet tall yellow rats with a jagged tail that spit out holographic plasma. The computer created large quantities of the creatures, preventing th
  2. POLLUS — In the days since a planetary defense laser levelled a village on the planet of Pollus in the Par’tha Expanse, political winds have shifted, potentially ending a groundbreaking bid of a reform-minded candidate for the planet’s highest government office. The head of planetary defense and person responsible for the new system, Asheera, is also running for the position of Council Chair in the planetary government and was seen as the frontrunner in the race. Having risen through military ranks to the council in recent years, she has forged a path toward opening the planet’s society more
  3. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Coastal Town Of Sunrise Beset By Unusual Events SUNRISE, NEW YORK — In the last few weeks, weird happenings hit the citizens of the northern coastal town of Sunrise. It all started during the town’s annual Fourth of July block party and cookout when suddenly a troubling early launch of the fireworks erupted. USS Veritas Debate Prime Directive As Asteroid Home To Pre-warp Species Deteriorates WUAGYL SECTOR — The USS Veritas (NCC-95035) crew has encountered
  4. MARS – Investigators from Starfleet Science division onboard the USS Moniy, led by Commander Andy Dreyfuss, have discovered several undecipherable writings in a cavern near the north pole of Mars. The science team was sent to the red planet to investigate reports of several strange readings in the region. However, Cmdr. Dreyfuss stumbled upon an undiscovered cavern some distance west of the planet’s magnetic north pole. Inside, the ship’s crew discovered several markings of an unknown alien language. “This is such an amazing discovery,” exclaims Ens. Trialy. “I have never seen anything like
  5. POLLUS — Planetary defense laser destroys village on Pollus in the Par’tha Expanse. A terrifying scene is unfolding in a remote protectorate of the Federation as a weapon meant to keep inhabitants of the planet Pollus safe has wiped out a village and all inhabitants. The weapon has been deactivated for the foreseeable future while the military council investigates the tragic occurrence. While rescue efforts were attempted, it quickly became clear there were no survivors anywhere in the vicinity. The exact number of casualties is unknown as local villages rarely report population numbers to t
  6. SETLIK III – Starfleet Academy Division of Science & Arts announced this week that with the Cardassian Union, on Setlik III, a planet in the Demilitarized Zone, will unveil a new Science Academy. The Academy, specifically designed, will accommodate for Bajorans and, on special dispensation, accepted Cardassian cadets. Invited by Starfleet, this will fill multiple positions in some divisions that have been understaffed in this sector of the Alpha Quadrant. The Academy will also staff several Bajoran teachers accepted to teach Starfleet cadets. Dr Almas Thye, a Bajoran astrophysicist, will
  7. CASTAL I – A medical relief ship from Starfleet has been sent to help control an epidemic of the Kamaraazite flu on the Federation colony stationed on Castal I. Anxieties between Federation and Talarian relationships renewed over the cause of the plague. Earlier this month Starfleet dispatched the USS Marie Curie to Castal I on a medical relief and aid mission, but what they discovered there was far more problematic than the Kamaraazite flu. Several officers, commenting anonymously, have spoken to the FNS after observing worrying trends of xenophobia and isolationism which have divided the co
  8. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Starbase 118 Comes Together For A Masquerade Party STARBASE 118 — The last tendrils of a gruelling mission of pulling the USS Andromeda from the grasp of the Borg collective have left the crew of Starbase 118 Ops in much need of downtime. Resolution Shore Leave Curtailed As Emergency Develops STARBASE 118 — Originally scheduled for several weeks of shore leave on Starbase 118, an emergency transmission from Starfleet Command abruptly curtailed those plans,
  9. Named for the region of space in which it was discovered and its devil-like appearance, Romanus spatium satanum is a species of solanogen-based life form native to the mysterious realms of subspace. While evidence indicates many Federation and Romulan vessels have encountered the creature in the past, the Starfleet exploratory vessel USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) made the first recorded encounter recently with an unusual specimen of Romanus spatium satanum. The Gorkon barely escaped from the devilfish’s clutches when the creature attempted to drain power from the starship’s EPS reserves. Due to the
  10. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Earlier today, Starfleet Security issued a retraction of their previous alert, bringing the Sol system’s defence status officially back to ‘green.’ (Editor’s note Green = ~ 560–520 nm ~ 540–580 THz). Apologizing for the public disruption caused by the false alarm, Commodore Raoul Oterboro was quick to spin the situation positively. “Our alert was sent after we received credible holo footage of numerous individuals on the Starfleet Academy campus seemingly changing shape, size and appearance at will. By the time we realized the Academy’s Halloween Gala had been reschedu
  11. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Every year, bright-faced and happy-go-lucky Cadets enter Starfleet with nothing but a dream and a wish in their hearts, eager for learning and to one day step aboard a Starship as a fresh-faced Ensign, and perhaps one day… a Captain. And, like clockwork, every year rumours arise about The Haunting. “Look,” said Cadet Arisa, a second-year medical cadet. “I’m not saying I believe in spirits or whatever, but sometimes at night… Sometimes, like, you hear things.” Cadet Linn, a third-year Bolian science cadet, offered her own explanation for these strange occurrences. “It’
  12. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Starfleet Ranger Found Under Mysterious Circumstances THURA SYSTEM — Mystery still surrounds a space station that has strayed into Federation space, however, a missing Starfleet Ranger is found. USS Thor Crew Enjoys Bajoran Hospitality While Repairs Continue DEEP SPACE NINE, BAJOR SYSTEM — The crew of the USS Thor (NCC-82607), temporarily housed aboard Federation Station Deep Space Nine, have spent the last several weeks pursuing recreational activities in
  13. SOL III – The Federated States of Micronesia claimed their third successive Soccer World Cup victory this weekend, smashing records for historical finals with a flourishing spectacle. On a night to remember in Montevideo, two powerhouses of Association Football faced each other in what will surely go down as one of the most dramatic World Cup finals in history. In the sweltering South American heat, hosts Uruguay took on everyone’s pre-tournament pick to lift the trophy – the Federated States of Micronesia. Though, the FSM did not have it all their own way. Uruguay took the lead early in th
  14. FNS HQ, MARS — Captain Frederick Thompson, of the civilian transport vessel SS Torquay, has discovered the USS Ahwahnee (NCC-2048) a Constitution-class vessel, floating near the Klingon Federation border. Reported missing, believed destroyed, now due to be recovered. Initial investigations point to the ship encountering an as yet unknown subspace anomaly that killed all hands on board. Other than the tragic loss of life, the Ahwahnee is in near perfect condition and is due to be towed to Earth. “The vessel is in superb condition, considering it’s been floating in space for years,” commented
  15. ALPHA QUADRANT — A missing transfer scow carrying highly valuable Trellium-D has thrown local sector markets and larger trading into flux. The independent haulier, The Fair Winds, was due in port nearly a week ago. Trellium-D, a key component in the insulation of starships, is a challenging mineral to process and rare to find in the raw ore state. As word of the missing Trellium reached miners, ship-builders, unions, mineral dealers, and various other markets playing tradesfolk throughout the Quadrant, Galactic Markets reacted in kind. Prices for still available Trellium-D, and the market pr
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