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  1. Just a quick hello then! My name is Mide, I just joined up the other day and am extremely excited to give this a go. My character is Edison Naquin (I just added an introduction for him on the Forums as well) and he and I both will be starting our training on Monday. This is my first ever round of simming, or gaming in any real fashion! Also only ever written stories I read to my wife as a hobby, so open to hints and pointers as needed. Please let me know if I do anything wrong! I live in New York now, but grew up in the barren Australian Outback, where I spent my youth plying my time to astron
  2. Edison Naquin felt the tell tale shake through the floor of the transport, followed promptly by the hiss of an airlock pressurizing. They were docked. Quickly he grabbed his small case, roughly shoving the pad he’d been idly reading inside, and dodged his way through the passengers. The transport was packed, commuters were wedged into it’s shaky interior like cattle, crammed between boxes of goods and crates of god knows what. Edison hoped to escape the ensuing stampede as the fatigued group alighted. He’d also seen a few other cadets stuffed awkwardly in the too small seats a few rows aft, an
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