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    I enjoy Star Trek (obviously) Football, Baseball, TV, Netflix, Video Games, etc...
  1. :: The Human male walked into the corridor. He stood 5'11 tall and looked to be in great physical shape. His beard was well groomed and his long black curly hair was tied back. He was dressed in a gold security cadet uniform and had starfleet issued luggage hanging off his right shoulder. In his left hand he was holding a PADD. He raised his left hand closer to his face in order to read what was displayed on the PADD. CADET JAMES ALEXANDER KALANI, By order of Starfleet Academy report to Starbase 118 for Cadet Cruise....... Before he could continue to read on he was bumped from behind. The busy transport ship was full of activity and the unloading of passengers had begun.:: Bolian Male: Not the best place to stand, cadet. Kalani: My apologies...... :: As James offered his apology the Bolian Male couldn't care less. He continued on at a fast pace looking to be in somewhat of a hurry. James walked to the side of the corridor letting people pass. His arrival at Starbase 118 was earlier than expected. Since he was not in any hurry he ventured forth at a slow pace. People of all races flew past him as he slowly made his way to an available turbolift. James liked to people watch and would wonder to himself what some people were actually in a hurry for. Sometimes he would give people nicknames too.:: Kalani: oO The Bolting Bolian, Busy Bolian, Blue Bolian........ No they are already blue. Oo :: A slight grin appeared on James's face as he was lost in his thoughts.::
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