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  1. Character Name: Chris Estorian Nickname / Alias: Chris Gender: Male Race: Human Age: 26 Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom General Appearance: Stocky build, black short hair with blue eyes. Scars to both his right and left hand. Height: 5’8 Weight: 156 The anticipation and anxiety of arriving at Starbase 118 was starting to build within the pit of Chris' stomach, the excitement of the unknown had always been a problem for Chris and with his journey coming nearer to an end he was finding hard to contain all the emotions that he had for this new journey within his life. With a massive crunch the doors slid open, a vast array of people were walking around undertaking there daily business, stopping briefly for a glance at the new blood arriving. He started following the other new recruits, looking around taking in the sites and sounds of this new place he now would call home during his training. He remember his first day at the Academy and how anxious he was to be away from home and now he was even further away and all those anxieties were starting to come back to him. A thousands thoughts running through his mind, would he cope? Would he be able to complete his role effectively? Would he be able to fit in to this new lifestyle? These were questions he knew he wouldn't be able to answer until his training began. As they filed through the corridors and past the numerous restaurants and shops he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing, from being a boy in a small town that only had one shop to being on a Starbase that seemed to be inundated with them it was sending Chris into an absolute awe, until his concentration was broken by arriving at his check in desk to be allocated his accommodation. As he signed all the relevant paperwork, he could only wonder what adventures would lie ahead for him.
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