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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Corena and I'm from Raleigh, NC USA. I moved here a year ago from Olympia, WA USA and I'm still not used to the weather. Anyway, I'm 44 years old and a single mother of two grown boys. By day I am a nurse and work Monday through Friday. I thought it would be a good idea to find a Pbem sim to relax in the evenings. I played one a very long time ago. It was a fantasy setting and I don't really recall how it was formatted. I enjoy nearly all the Star Trek series (minus the original) and thought this would be an interesting setting to explore my writing skills. I'll just say this now....it's been a very long time since I have had grammar...so forgive my lack of skill in the sentence structuring. I look forward to writing with each of you. See ya on board or on the station! Corena
  2. Character Name: Braylin Winters Nickname / Alias: Bray Gender: Female Race: Human Age: 23 Date of Birth: 236807.09 Place of Birth: San Francisco, USA General Appearance: Long red hair, hazel eyes. Oval face with small scar under her left eye and a few freckles. Thin curvy shape. Height: 5’4’’ Weight: 132 Well the day she had longed for had finally arrived. Braylin Winters stepped off the transport wearing a smile that made the entire promenade lights pale in comparison. This was the day she had dreamed about many times in her four years at the academy and she knew this was only the beginning of an incredible journey. “Excuse me sir?” she said to a small round man sitting on a bench. “Can you tell me where the shop named Veronique’s is located?” “What! What are you saying child! Speak up I can’t hear you.” the man bellowed. Braylin looked around nervously. She had obviously chosen the wrong person to ask. This man appeared nearly completely deaf. Braylin stepped closer to the man and leaned in as she repeated much louder this time. “I’m looking for the shop Veronique’s. Do you know where it is?” “Ahh yes. It’s most popular with you youngins. Here let me show you.” He bellowed again, his voice echoing throughout the large hallway. Scooting off the bench he landing on both feet with a thud. “It’s just down this hall, not too far.” “No. Really that’s not necessary.” She tried to interject but the man just started walking as if he hadn’t heard her. Braylin followed the man after deciding stepping into the nearest shop to hide was out the question. Her mom had always taught her manners. Catching up to him she was relieved when they came to the shop she was looking for. “Here ya have it. Veronique’s!” he said making sure to use his fake French accent when he said the shop name. “This is what you were looking for I take it?” he asked. “Yes sir. Thank you.” She replied. “What’d ya say missy? Ya gotta speak up. I’m no youngin anymore.” He laughed and his belly shook. Braylin thought how he reminded her of one of the dwarfs in an old fairy tale her dad used to read to her. “Yes sir. Thank you.” She repeated louder nodding her head. The man took her hand abruptly and started patting it with his other hand. “Anytime missy, you come back and visit Edgar now. Ya hear? What’s your name anyways?” Braylin just wanted the encounter over so she could stop shouting, but there was really no getting around the conversation being he had been kind enough to show her the way. Besides she thought there was something very endearing about the man. “I’m Braylin Winters. It’s very nice to meet you Edgar.” “Yup that’s me. Edgar Mills. Ahh, well I bet you’ll be off on some deep space mission soon. The pretty ones never stick around very long. Probably never see ya round this parts again, at least anytime soon. But you promise old Edgar you’ll find me and say hello if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.” “Of course, thank you.” Braylin replied politely. “You take care yourself now.” He said with a wink. With that he hobbled off back in the direction they had come from. Braylin watched him go and then turned her attention to the task at hand. She had spent so much time looking for the shop prior to meeting Edgar that she had only forty-five minutes to pick out a gift for her mom. This would be the first year she wouldn’t be able to be home for her mom’s birthday and she thought if she found a gift from this shop her mom had been raving about it might make things a little easier. Scanning the shelves she finally settled on a black and white vintage toile scarf. After paying the merchant she exited the store and headed in the direction of the holodeck where she was to report for her first briefing. All the time hope Edgar was right and she would soon be in deep space exploring.
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