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  1. When the door opened with a silent pneumatics sound, Ingri stepped out of the sluice into the entry corridor of the Starbase 118. The starbase itself was quite a standard design with metal and plastic everywhere, but there were also some potted plants, or at least something, that looked like it. His cybernetic eye detected though, that they were made mostly of plastic, and that disappointed the cybernated rekarian. He hoped to be in environment at least made a bit more of the natural materials, but it seemed that his wish would be a bit naive one. With metallic knocking of his cyber-leg he went through the corridor to undergo a standard checking procedure that he was already used to. Rekarians were always the people of peace, even cybernated ones, but any implants had to be registered in the security database. After the registering, he went to the admirals quarters to report to duty, as it was a standard procedure for any ship officer or cadet, who were onboard for first time. While he was following the pointers to the admirals quarters he passed several starbase officers, who were surprised to see a cyborg on a starbase, but Ingri didn't care. He lost his arm and leg? As well as his left eye during an accident with power generator, when the burns were so harsh, that it was easier to replace his limbs. Frankly, noone else was hurt in the accident, and insurance was just enough to restore Ingri fit enough for service in the StarFleet. Going all the way along the corridors, Ingri finally reached the admirals office and knocked on the door. The entry allowance signal returned almost instantly, and cadet stepped into the office looking on a mid-age human admiral, who was an obligatory visit by every cadet who is commandeered to the starbase. - Cadet Ingri Warren reporting for duty, sir!
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