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  1. (( Brig; F.M.S. Krayvet ))Falcon: Worst case, yeah, they’ll know we’re up to something and come stop us. I’m banking on them wanting to keep at least one person in here alive. If they come into get her, that’s our opening. Trel’lis: With my prior Security and Tactical training, I can be useful on all fronts. Taelon: That’s good, at least… ::glances at the Diva and her manager:: Trel’lis: It’s not difficult to locate hidden panels, when you know *what* you’re looking for, tactile-wise.::Taelon started heading toward the forcefield, with Trel’lis looking on. Her science and security experts were working the problem, giving Kaitlyn a moment to think.::::That Orion woman. Kaitlyn knew her. It had not triggered immediately; due to the dark/bright contrast Kaitlyn could not see the details of her face. Now that she had a chance to let her mind work on it a bit, however, the connections were made.::::And if she really was who Kaitlyn though she was, then Theo was in a lot of trouble…::(( Flashback – Seven Years Ago; Abandoned Factory; Oliph VII ))::A sharp crack and flash of pain heralded Kaitlyn Falcon’s return to consciousness.::::The sequence of events which had brought her there came back to her in a flood. An old partner, one of the Braxton brothers, had shot James a message. He wanted to talk about a new opportunity to expand their operations into another sector. The Braxtons had generally been straight-up folks, so James was happy to continue working with them.::::The Braxtons were old friends. The message had not given any of their distress code phrases, and the meeting location was public. Safe enough. Kaitlyn had offered to go, freeing up James to cover other obligations.::::From the moment she arrived, something seemed… off… When Kaitlyn met Ulfric Braxton’s eyes, there was an underlying warning to them. It was pretty clear he was in some kind of trouble. Concern for their old friend drove her onward. Besides, if there was trouble, she had probably already been spotted. She still managed to tap her emergency beacon to summon help.::::That turned out to be a pretty good decision. The beacon, rather, not so much continuing onward, because within three meters of Braxton all hell broke loose.::::The doors burst in, individuals wearing heavy cloaks shoving their way inside. They opened fire immediately, blasting holes in the ceiling as patrons dropped to the floor in a panic. Unable to go back, Kaitlyn pushed forward. If she could reach Ulfric, then maybe the two of them could break through the other side.::::Only problem with that plan, not that she had known it at the time, was the additional cloaked figures pushing in the place’s back door.::::Kaitlyn had only just grabbed hold of Ulfric’s arm, when the butt of a rifle came swinging into her temple, dazing her and knocking her to a knee. Hands landed on her shoulders, holding her down.::::All she could do was struggle and watch as one of the attackers ran a knife across Ulfric’s neck… Another blow to her head, and the world went dark.::::Another loud crack and another sharp flash of pain brought Kaitlyn fully back into the moment. She was bound; her wrists wrapped with leather straps to poles on either side of her. Her feet, too, were tied down, preventing her from kicking out. She held upright in the center of the room which made up her ‘accommodations’. All around her was metal and rust; something old and industrial.::Orion Male: Wake up!::Ah, him again. The Orion who had ‘greeted’ her once she had first woken up. Never gave his name, but undoubtedly Syndicate. Whoever this guy was, he had been the one in charge of softening her up. Or bloodying her up. Kaitlyn was still trying to figure out their main goals. For the moment, keeping her awake seemed to be the main one.::::Their primary tool was that whip. Her arms and back screamed in protest long after he had finished each… session.::::Much as she preferred ignoring him, she knew she would need her arms at some point. She had no intention of remaining there forever.::::With as much anger as her eyes could project, Kaitlyn slowly pulled herself up from her unconscious slouched position. The poles on her sides were too big for her to break. The straps did not seem like much, but she had seen such things reinforced with external fields.::::The Orion stood menacingly, towering over her. Of course, that was all the brutes were really good for.::Orion Male: You’re lucky the bosses have something special in mind for you.Falcon: oO That’s right. Tell me what you’re up to. Oo ::Sarcastically.:: Oh, I’m sure the Braxtons will be plenty happy with you. Ulfric wasn’t the favored baby brother, or anything.Orion Male: ::Dark chuckle.:: Oh, the Braxtons will get theirs. ::Shakes head.:: No, you Nova-folks have been a thorn in our sides long enough. We’re gonna pull you out. ::Leans in.:: Permanently.::So. Good news; these guys did not know about the family. Nothing would reach back to the ‘Fleet folks. Bad news; they were gunning for James and Nichole, too. Explained why they let her hit her emergency beacon. They wanted all three of them.::::Still, this guy had presented himself as a perfect target. Why pass it up?::::Kaitlyn quickly pooled up a ball of saliva and spit it straight into the Orion’s ugly green nose. He recoiled, yelling angrily as he swung the whip around to bite into her arm again.::::Ow.::::Worth it.::Khante: ::She strode in, with a lean catlike grace, her voice was biting and sharp:: Did you even listen to what I said when I left? What were my orders about touching the prisoners after they woke?!::A woman shouted from the doorway, angry eyes focused on the male. He shrunk back a bit at the sound.::::Someone with enough force to make THIS guy back down? Interesting…::Orion Male: To… not to.Khante: ::Sweetly, cajoling:: But some poor moron forgot about that. ::She strode up to the male, taking his chin in her hand for a moment before harshly slapping him across the face. A pause and a moment later she pressed a finger into a pressure point behind the ear and pulled the lobe down in a gesture that had him whimpering in pain. Yillara smiled sweetly, drinking in the agony.:: Khante: ::Her voice turned harsh, barking orders to the now-cowering males.:: Out. Get the recording gear set up. ::Evil smile to Kaitlyn.:: We wouldn’t want her brother to miss out of the fun, would we?::So… THAT was the plan… Mess her up enough, send the footage to James, and make him attack them stupid. Kaitlyn hoped he would not be that dumb… but she now had her own objective.::::The male departed, door shutting behind him… but not quite fast enough to hide something VERY interesting.::::A device on his belt. Communicator, perhaps, but that was not the interesting part. What WAS interesting was the fact its lights were dark on the near side of the doorway, and lit up after he passed through.::::Energy dampening field… They had her in an energy dampening field…::::She could work with that.::::Of course, all those revelations were kept from her features.::::The woman looked over the injuries on Kaitlyn’s arms and back, seeming to admire the handiwork.::Khante: Say what you will about males, they follow SOME instructions well. ::Smirks, her voice turned coaxing, almost seductive.:: I’d say your arms have had enough attention. I can’t have as much fun as I’d like to… yet… What’s say we give that back of yours some more attention, hmm? Falcon: If it’s FUN you’re after, why not just cut me loose. ::She flexed her hands into fists.:: Or are you afraid you’d lose?Khante: ::With an offish flick of her hand as she stroked the whip on the table.:: Fear and pride are downfalls of males. ::Turning her dark eyes towards Kaitlyn:: I prefer not to tempt fate. I enjoy you right where you are. Falcon: Justify it however you want. Coward. ::Walking up, she let the barbed whip dance across Falcon's back, giving a little moan of pleasure as she watched the cuts well up with blood. As she walked around she dipped a finger in blood and dragged it across her prisoner's cheek in a mockery of seduction.:: Khante: I find fun in the patterns your blood makes as it runs down your back. I find artistry in the cuts I will make across your cheekbones and the way the flesh can be peeled back. ::Looking closely at Kaitlyn:: Too bad you're not prettier. I just love mutilating a pretty face. Falcon: Why?::Kaitlyn gave a smirk; the kind which suggested SHE was the one in control. She just needed some time alone to figure out the first part of the plan. Once she was out that door, out of the dampening field, she could do something. If she could frustrate this woman enough to make her leave…::Falcon: Is someone jealous? Khante: ::That riled her up, and she swore hotly in the Orion tongue, casting the whip across Kaitlyn's chest:: You and your Terran pride! Your hot-tongued lies! I will mutilate you, not because of your inherent beauty, but because it will make your brother weep! ::She hissed::::The strike did make Kaitlyn shift back, momentarily, but the remains of her jacket managed to take most of the blow. Either the woman was a half-step shy of full-blown crazy, or Kaitlyn’s words were having something of an effect.::::Or both…:: Falcon: Then you don’t know my brother. ::She leaned against her restraints, bringing whatever menace she could in her position.:: He’s got an itchy trigger finger, and your face is the perfect target to scratch it.(( End Flashback ))::A click from the far side of the room brought Kaitlyn’s attention back to the present.:: Taelon: Sirs - ::looks to Trel’lis and Falcon:: I might have something, but I can’t reach it to see. Can you tell what it is? ::wipes his bloodied hand on his uniform as he realized the issue:: I c-can lift you or one of you can lift me. Whatever works.::Kaitlyn pushed against the wall, and found that her legs were finally ready to carry her. She started moving across the bridge, giving her temple a test touch; not nearly as bad as before. Before she could reply to Taelon, Shadonna spoke up.:: Shadonna: ::eyes snap toward Taelon, stands quickly:: I'll do it. Trel’lis: That’s quite alright. We can – Shadonna: ::reddens slightly, clears her throat:: N-no, please, I want to help. ::takes a deep breath:: Please...I'd like to help. I wasn't injured when the shuttle was attacked and...besides ::holds up her hands, fans her twenty four fingers with a small smile:: I'm pretty dexterous... Taelon: Okay. Be careful - whatever it is, it’s sharp. It feels like a panel that’s rusted through.Hobbs: ::His shoulders loosened, and he admitted a small smile.:: I suppose so.. Shadonna: ::turns to Hobbs, she patted his shoulder in awkward affection:: I'll be extra careful. ::quietly:: I want to do this...if I can help...I should...right? Trel’lis: Thank you Lady Shadonna. This is much appreciated.::It was certainly unexpected. Not really the image Kaitlyn had about the woman on hearing her through the [...]pit door. If she wanted to help…::Falcon: If you’re sure… Shadonna: ::a deep breath, straightens, walks towards Taelon, nodding slightly:: I'm ready. Trel’lis: ::softly:: Something’s ‘changed her. And that a good thing.::Kaitlyn looked over to Trel’lis, giving a small nod. At least, Kaitlyn HOPED this was a good thing…::Trel’lis: ::to Falcon:: As soon as he’s successful, prepare for rather sudden *guests*, or should I say *thugs*?Falcon: ::Nods.:: Probably. I doubt they’ll WANT us to escape, after all. Trel’lis: If need be we use the element of surprise, appearing helpless then pouncing when the right time presents itself.::As hopeful a thought as that might be, Kaitlyn shook her head.::Falcon: I’m pretty sure that breaking ourselves out will kill any chances of us looking helpless. Hell, I’m surprised they haven’t come in here, already.::In fact… Why had they NOT come charging in? Was it possible they had no internal cameras to the brig?::::Wishful thinking… NOT something they should be relying on.:: Trel’lis: My security/tactical training has me prepared for close-quarters combat, with a bit of martial arts thrown in.::Fair enough, though there was something Trel’lis would lack in a fight, or rather something that would hold her back.::::Starfleet Officers were trained to fight, trained to defend themselves, but they were not trained to kill.::::In this situation, they would be given no mercy, no quarter. They had to do the same.::::Of everyone there… Kaitlyn was pretty sure SHE was the only one who had dealt with the kind of fighting they were likely to encounter. Not that she particularly WANTED to kill anyone, at that particular moment, but if the need arose…::Falcon: True. That’s why I want you to stay with Shadonna and Hobbs. You’re their last line of defense. Zinna, back her up however you can.Taelon: I don’t have any real hand-to-hand training. ::His tone was a bit sheepish.:: I’ll try to stay with the Lady and Mister Hobbs.::Kaitlyn looked to him, giving a nod.::Falcon: That should work for the moment. I might have more for you, thought.Hobbs: What if they walk in on us?Falcon: Then I’ll make sure they don’t get a chance to do anything about it.::It was said with a strong degree of harsh certainty.:: Hobbs: I guess you’re right. ::He looked back to Shadonna.:: Are you ok up there? ::Hobbs moved closer to Taelon..:: Hobbs: Do you think this will work? Taelon: Honestly, I don’t know. I hope so. ::A piece of metal fell away from the wall as the diva got the panel open. Taelon adjusted his grip and looked up. Kaitlyn watched, checking if he needed any extra hands nearby.:: Taelon: W-::Kaitlyn could hear the crackle of energy, passing through Shadonna and Taelon in an instant. She rushed over to Taelon as Hobbs checked on Shadonna, but Taelon was back up in an instant.:: Hobbs: Lady Shadonna! Talk to me!Taelon: ::Pressing his fingers to Shadonna’s neck.:: Sorry, sorry - please be alright - where did it hit you? What did you touch?Shadonna: ?Taelon: Thank the goddesses. I'm so sorry, I didn't realize how degraded the emitter might be –::Taelon looked over his shoulder, Kaitlyn following his gaze to see the door to the hallway open. There was no sound from the hallway… which concerned Kaitlyn greatly.::::Yep… They knew that their captives were up to. And rather than try to stop them, they were looking to play…::::They should have known better what happened when Kaitlyn got out to play.::Taelon: What do we do now, sir? ::He looked to Falcon.:: How do we get the Commander back?::Well, the door was open. She had her opening.::::Kaitlyn’s stance was stronger than it had been for a good while, her fires relit. Her objectives were clear; get the civilians clear, find Theo, escape. Her eyes immediately shot to the others. The Kaitlyn they saw was… unfamiliar. She was neither the diplomatic Kaitlyn who showed up when needed, nor was she the standard snarky pilot.::Falcon: Trel’lis, Zinna, you’re with the civilians. Keep them protected as best as you can. Taelon, stick near them, but if you spot a console see what you can pull from it. Escape routes, FO’s location, some way to disable this fleatrap, anything. Plan to get the Commander back will depend on what information we can get.Falcon: I’ll take point. Trel’lis; if I fall, you’re in charge. Don’t wait for me. Get yourselves out of here. That’s an order.::Her tone made it clear that there would be no questioning of that order. If both she and Theo were lost, priority HAD to be given to the civilians.::Falcon: Is everyone ready and able to move? ::Her eyes softened ever so slightly as she looked to Taelon and Shadonna.:: You two okay?::Kaitlyn nodded, looking between her fellow officers.::Falcon: Grab weapons of opportunity as you can find them. Watch doors and intersections. ::Looking to Trel’lis.:: Anything additional?::While Kaitlyn did have her own experience with this sort of thing, much of which she could not talk about, she was well accustomed to working with a team. Trel’lis was her strongest backup when it came to the coming fight.::Falcon: Then let’s move. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Lt Commander Kaitlyn FalconChief Helm OfficerStarbase 118 / U.S.S. AlbionF237507RF0=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  2. I'm okay just WATCHING Game of Thrones, thanks...
  3. I was really torn between transporters and Other. There's so much great Star Trek technology that would be great to have. As Rune pointed out, Federation medical knowledge would be great. I was thinking replicators would be super useful, too, since that would (hopefully) allow so many people to live a good life without needs. From a purely fun perspective holodecks would be amazing. I was tempted, for a moment, to vote for warp drive. But I thought that humanity is much too immature for it. If there is other intelligent life in the universe do we really want them seeing humanity as it currently stands -- divided by artificial barriers (countries, races, economics, etc) and harmful to itself and the world? I think warp drive would be amazing but we're not ready for it.
  4. It sounds like it's pretty much always the Very Bad No Good Day in Basil-land.
  5. Maybe they should have done an exclamation point or some other form of punctuation?
  6. That sounds rather rude to Mrs Anders! Also, does Trellis now qualify as an 'interdimensional being'?
  7. I've just been the the Netflix UK site. All the shows and a few of the movies are now available to stream.
  8. Congratulations everyone! Such a bunch of talented writers! I'm glad to be part of it; thanks for letting me!
  9. Congratulations to everyone! I'd especially like to say congratulations and thank you to Jamie, aka Sal Taybrim, with whom I've had the pleasure to serve under since graduation. Ops has been great and I can't imagine how she manages to keep everything together! Yet she allows us all to be creative while at the same time providing enough structure to have fun and coherent games. It's been awesome so far, and I look forward to more!
  10. I've since gone back and read the post. It seems a bit overboard and harsh.
  11. Would having pants on make it easier to deal with Raisillius? That's a new one. I'm proud that I've made him such a memorable character.
  12. How exactly will they be defining 'real production'? A kindergarten play is technically a 'real production'...
  13. I don't think I've ever heard anyone describe themself as a 'twatwaffle' before. This one had me chuckling a bit.
  14. Thanks to some fine work from Taelon, Trellis is rocking some formal attire now.
  15. I almost completely avoid it. Partly because Trellis is in Intelligence so the need for it hasn't arisen (yet) and partly because I'm not very good at using it anyway.
  16. ((Medical Offices - Starbase 118)) ::Damien Bagwell the third, or "Big D" as he liked to call himself, was busy preparing for his next shift in Sickbay. A rather sweet gig, he thought personally. Lots of attractive females in distress, totally needing a tanned, toned dose of comforting in their time of need. And he, was often on hand to offer such a service. The only downside, was the unfairly attractive new CMO, she was a sweet looking redhead with a fiery temper to match. She just didn't "get" him. Something about "integrity of the position" or some medical babble like that. To be fair, the last time she called him into her office, he had been starring a little lower than her eyes while she talked. That Betazoid could get heated, and animated when angry. If it wasn't at his expense, he'd be able to enjoy it to the fullest. ::Getting back to his meticulous prep work for his look, he slapped another glob of maximum hold gel as he crafted his hair in the oh so perfect "What? Oh no, I totally woke up like this..." style. Finally finished with his 'do, he reached for his most cherished of all his grooming products: Axe Men's Daily Fragrance. He had it on good authority that this vintage, highly sought after product had been "the" thing of 21st century Earth males. He guarded his private stash closely. This stuff didn't come cheap, and he paid a fortune for it. At least, he had a fortune. Or, his father did. In order to get the old man off his back, and keep himself in the will, he became an Enlisted Crewman 3rd class, assigned to Sickbay. Finally ready, he gave himself a once over in his bathroom mirror before donning a completely unnecessary pair of mirror shades and headed out to report for his shift.:: ((Main Sickbay - Starbase 118)) ::"Big D" had just arrived, giving a few fingers guns towards a group of his favorite nurses, when suddenly, there was an ear piercing alarm blaring. Freezing in place, Damien swore they were amidst an attack from hostile forces as a swarm of mechanical drones buzzed around him, red warning lights swirling. He barely had time to throw his hands up in front of his face before he was sprayed down with a thick orange, foamy antiseptic smelling liquid, covering him head to toe like a radioactive melted marshmallow. Within moments, the swarming mass of drones abated, the sirens silenced and the warning lights dulled. Stunned, he stood shivering in a daze, looking around, there was a collection of doctors with expressions of smug approval. Suddenly, he locked eyes with one particular doctor, her face a mask of pure fury. He always though she was hot, but the look she was giving him was more thermonuclear. Her arms were crossed and her stance was rigid. But how could she honestly blame this on him? He just walked in the door. Not HIS fault. She had to see that...didn't she...?:: Ezo: ::narrowed eyes:: Private Bagwell...::tossing him a towel:: Clean yourself up and report immediately to my office. ::pointing sternly:: Immediately. ::With a final glare, Mirra Ezo made her away from the main entrance of Sickbay, and Private Bagwell, who was completely coated in anti-contaminant foam. She made it into her office and wagered she had a solid five minutes while Damien scrubbed the last of the foam off himself, and getting a new uniform before she would have to speak with him. While attending the Shore Leave beach party, there had been a rather unfortunate incident as was reported her by Dr. Jos first thing that morning. Thankfully, Orderly Lassinam'lal would make a full recovery, but, this was the fourth infraction of one Enlisted Crewman Third Class Damien Bagwell. She'd had more than enough. It was time for some serious payback. With the help of a very enthusiastic mechanical specialist in the Environmental Containment unit, her plan had formed. The look on Damien's face was enough to make her want to order the biggest "Thank You" cookie basket she could replicate for the entire department. Her musings were cut short by a timid knock on her door.:: Ezo: Enter, Private. ::Walking into her office, Damien appeared like a poor, muscly, drowned rat. Apparently his "maximum hold" gel couldn't stand up to a decon shower. oO What a waste of a good hair day...Oo D.Bagwell: You...uh...::clearing his throat:: Wanted to see me..? Ma'am? Ezo: ::nodding slowly:: Please, have a seat. ::He quickly slunk into the offered seat, a pink fluffy bath towel wrapped around his shoulder like a security blanket:: D.Bagwell: ::stammering:: I had nothing to do with those drone things, I swear doc, you gotta believe me, I just walked in...and...woosh! ::His hasty explanation was suddenly silence as he focused on her icy glare. For once, his vision was glued to her face and zero intention of straying...:: Ezo: That, is where you are very much mistaken. The "drones", were mobile contaminant containment units. You see, despite myfrequent instruction, you have repeatedly reported to your shift doused in...whatever it is...and this time it had caused Orderly Lassinam'lal to have a violent allergic reaction. Therefore, from this moment forward, the contents of that...odor, have officially been classified as a "class three" respiratory irritant. On top of this most recent incident, you have shown a lack of respect of the post of which you have been tasked. Using my Sickbay as your own personal dating service. This is unacceptable, to say the least. ::Squirming in his seat, Damien was pretty sure this was the worst "talk" he'd ever had. Even worse than the one he received from his father when he crashed his hover-boat to impress some sunbathing co-eds.:: Ezo: ::leaning back in her seat:: Now, what I think, is you just don't understand the significance of what we do here. So, as of today, your intake privileges have been revoked. For the next three shifts, you are going to be assigned to hazardous waste removal. Once completed, you will be spending time in our pediatric burn unit, reading to the patients, tea parties, dress up, whatever their little hearts desire. I will, of course, be speaking directly to your shift supervisors, and until I am satisfied that you have garnered an appreciation to what this facility stands for, you can consider yourself on strict probation pending termination. ::leaning forward, her voice lowering:: And this goes without saying...but if you walk into my Sickbay wearing that offensive odor ever again...what happened today will be considered a "light shower"...am I clear? D.Bagwell: ::audibly gulping:: Ye-yes ma'am. Very clear. ::nodding furiously:: Loud and clear. Ezo: ::leaning back, crossing her arms over her chest:: I am pleased to hear that. You're dismissed Private. ::Damien quickly scrambled out of the chair, he turned stiffly, bowing repeatedly in an awkward show of respect, but instead nearly tripping over every piece of office furniture between her desk and the door. Once out of her office, and the door firmly shut, Mirra burst into hysterical laughter.:: ------------------------------------------- Lieutenant Mirra Ezo, MDChief Medical Officer Starbase 118 OpsC239205ME0
  17. This reminds me of Julian Bashir's speech about why he chose DS9 in 'Emissary' (I think).
  18. I doubt it. I bulge in all the wrong places.
  19. I like that they've gone with the TNG era style of uniform. I don't like that they don't have men's swimming trunks...
  20. ((The Illogical Eatery -- Shi'Kahr District -- Starbase 118 Commercial Sector))::Sequestered in a booth at the rear of the restaurant, Chalan Fuliar offered a silent prayer of thanks to The Prophets for the air conditioning fan that whirred quietly above him. Hailing from Hedrikspool Province on Bajor, Fuliar was used to a mild climate, not the oppressive heat of the Shi'Kahr District which was designed to simulate that of Vulcan. Ordinarily he would have studiously avoided entering this this quarter of Starbase 118's enormous Commercial Sector, but today he faced little choice if he wanted to catch the station commander in between meetings, then he had little choice.::Chalan: oO Of course, if I was allowed into the Operations Tower then I wouldn't need to come here at all. Oo::Despite there being over 250 journalists living on Starbase 118, none of them were permitted to enter the station's nerve centre. On the one hand, he could understand the need for operational security- journalists being allowed to roam The Hub could cause chaos- but the career-minded and predominantly selfish side of his character could not deny that it made job that much harder. He had even gone as far as to petition the office of the station's Executive Officer several times for permission to enter the aforementioned tower- but unsurprisingly, each request had been rebuffed without explanation. Thus, he was forced to try and catch Sal Taybrim when he left the tower and risk heatstroke... all in the name of journalistic gold. Fuliar was not the kind of man to barge into people's conversations and therefore he was waiting for Taybrim to finish his conversation with the station's C.A.G. officer, Antero Flynn. He knew little about the Risian other than he had previously served as a helmsman on theColumbia and Apollo and that people often spoke extremely highly of him. Rumours suggested that he was once romantically involved with Lieutenant Commander Whittaker, but he could not be bothered to substantiate those rumours since he was a respected, award-winning reporter... not some tabloid hack in need of column inches. He was beginning to seriously consider that Taybrim and Flynn were going to be nattering all day when he noticed that things looked as though they were wrapping up. Perking up, Fuliar abandoned the long-cold Spice Tea he had half-heartedly been imbibing for the past half hour and fished the Dictaphone from the pocket of his pastel blue linen trousers. When he was absolutely sure the two men were parting, Fuliar quickly left the booth and crossed the rust-coloured restaurant (did Vulcans appreciate any other colour aside from red?) and caught up with flame haired Betazoid CO. ::Chalan: Commander Taybrim! Commander Taybrim!Taybrim: Yes?Chalan: ::hurriedly showing his credentials, which were hanging from the lanyard he fished from underneath his navy hued t-shirt.:: Chalan Fuliar, Federation News Service -- I was hoping to ask you a few questions about the recent incident in the Dungeon?Taybrim: And I was hoping to get back to work. ::He replied mildly, with a small smile.::::Undeterred, the Bajoran fell into step alongside Taybrim and waved the Dictaphone in front of the man's face.::Chalan: What can you say about reports that your senior staff have discovered a hidden area of the station adjacent to The Dungeon?Taybrim: What can I say? You seem to know as much about the rumors as I do. Maybe you can tell me who is spreading said rumors?Chalan: ::smiling wryly:: Nice try Commander, a journalist never reveals his sources. ::beat:: Besides I'm a journalist, it's my job to ask questions.::The truth of it was that he had had it on good authority from several members of the station's enlisted personnel (who were almost always happy to offer titbits of information) that the station's senior staff stumbled across a sealed section of the station while investigating a nightclub in the dungeon and that the discovery had led to the arrest of the criminal known as Janker -- and the death of a Starfleet Marine. The station's press secretary had confirmed that Captain Raymond Hughes had been killed in the course of his duties, but had staunchly refused to divulge any more information.::Taybrim: That's funny, I thought it was your job to keep other people from doing theirs. ::He smiled sweetly.::Chalan: Does the arrest of a wanted criminal known as Janker have anything to do with a raid by the 292nd on a bar in the Dungeon known as Harkins' Den? Or the arrest of it's propietor? Oma-Saan is it?Taybrim: Harkin's Den was legitimately shut down due to health code violation, and after the evacuation evidence appeared leading to several arrests.::The Bajoran reporter could not resist the urge to smirk. While Harkins' Den was no doubt a cesspit of filth and depravity -- he had never visited it -- Taybrim had neglected to explain why exactly he had ordered Starfleet Marines to do the job of the medical and security department.::Chalan: Since when are Starfleet Marines tasked with responding to health and safety violations? ::smirking:: I bet Doctor Ezo wouldn't be too happy with that, would she?Taybrim: In fact I think Doctor Ezo was quite happy to have the backup. ::He tossed back, watching the reporter carefully.:: Harkin's Den was on several violations of Starfleet rules and regulations and was unwilling to comply with any security measures. Considering their violations put the safety of innocent civilians at risk, the escalation of the matter is regrettable, but necessary.Chalan: So you are denying that you ordering the arrest of Oma-Saan was not connected to the arrest of the criminal known as Janker?Taybrim: Mr. Chalan, the press release already states that Oma-Saan has been found guilty of criminal activity on StarBase 118, he is being transferred to Starbase 44 for trial and will likely serve a life sentence. In light of this, Harkin's Den has been closed and will not be reopening. That space will be cleaned and refitted, allowing a new establishment to open in its place. ::The look on Taybrim's face was unmistakable. He thought he had outfoxed the journalist. Thankfully Fuliar had made a living out of gaining the upper hand and lulling his interviewees into a false sense of secuity... not to mention a few journalistic rivals.::Chalan: In my experience Commander, press releases are nothing more than smoke and mirrors to conceal the truth. I found that out when I was the FNS correspondant to the Palais de la Concorde on Earth. ::beat:: What I also learned was that sooner or later, secrets have a way of coming out for all and sundry to hear.Taybrim: The word 'secret' is a hard definition on a base as big as this one, Mr. Chalan. If you turn around you'll see a bulkhead and a computer panel. ::He pointed directly behind the reporter.::Chalan: ::raising an eyebrow and fixing the CO with a smirk:: Is there a point to this or are you the station's newest tour guide. ::chuckling.:: If you are, you're doing a terrible job.Taybrim: My point being, there's a door in that computer panel. You can't open it, you can't even see it. But a trained maintenance staff could open it and slip inside. And do the oh so secret work of fixing computer terminals or making power system repairs. And no one else would know they were there. Is that secret? Yes. It is also the way the station was built? Yes.Chalan: Are you about to make another point?Taybrim: I think the station is a bit safer with two criminals behind bars, and that is what is important.::Fuliar scrutinised the man's face. He was good. Very good. One of the best even. That was probably down to his diplomatic training. He'd read the man's Starfleet file, he liked to know who his 'opponents' were. Knowing that he wasn't going to get anything else from the Betazoid, he took a step back and offered him a slight bow, not out of respect, but in mocking.::Chalan: Well played Commander. You're good. ::beat:: I should probably warn that I'm not the kind of reporter who takes things at face value. ::beat:: I'm like a Terran bloodhound. ::he turned to walk away, but managed the throw one last quip.:: I don't stop till I get what I want.::He didn't hear a response, if Taybrim had even chose to reply. No, his mind was already working on another avenue to explore.::Chalan FuliarFNS Correspondant/Journalistic Scumas simmed by:Lieutenant Commander Theo WhittakerExecutive OfficerStarbase 118 OperationsC239203TW0
  21. Really, that just looks horrible to me. It's an action film that happens to have 'Star Trek' in the name
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