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  1. I've stated many, many times that Trellis is fascinated with Romulans and their technology. He would jump at the chance to serve using it and learn from them.
  2. It was a toss-up between Security and Helm, but eventually went with Helm. Trellis is actually rather good at Tactics, so could handle that side of the department, but honestly a bit of a coward when it comes to defending people. He's also a terrible, terrible pilot. Technically he passed his shuttle proficiencies, and that's mostly because you can set up autopilot. I considered Marines, but then realized there's actually an Intel division in most marine units, so he could totally fit in there. Really could have clicked all three of those and been fine with the answer.
  3. A good Captain would have got the Caretaker to send the ship home in the first episode, thereby making all the other shortcuts null and void.
  4. I went with cloaking device. Other species in the Trek verse have their own versions of replicators, so that technology seems relatively common. I was tempted with transwarp options, though decided that there are still too many limitations on it for it to be completely effective. Not be a particularly aggressive person, I didn't go with ablative armor, weird weapons or assault modes. In the end I thought cloaking would be the most useful for long-term use.
  5. ((Counselors Office, USS Gorkon)) ::Tasha took a deep breath and looked at her mother. She gave a nervous smile and glanced back at the door before her.:: T. MacFarlane: Are...are yeh sure about this ma? N. MacFarlane: Aye, it will be good f’ both o’ us...righ’? ::Tasha took her mother’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, then took another deep breath and pressed the door chime.:: Fortune: Come in! ::Corliss grabbed up an additional PADD, smiling as the door opened.:: Fortune: Hello again, it’s good to see you again, Lieutenant. ::Stepping into the room
  6. @Tasha MacFarlane I think you might be fooling yourself with that line. 😘
  7. Especially when there's a rabid tribble invasion involved. 😄
  8. I went with marine. In part because the mentality often associated with them is slightly counter to the traditional Trek ethos. In part because they often fulfil a similar role to security. And in part because they're "outside" the regular chain of command, so figuring it out who commands who, jurisdiction on things, and incorporating them into any non-specialized plot can be hard.
  9. While I'm not sure Trellis would ever actually leave Starfleet, if he ever did he'd want to explore the areas of space that aren't Federation territory. He'd most like to see parts of the Romulan Empire and would figure out some way to consult with them on something technology related.
  10. Trellis can throw shade every once in a while. So deadpan.
  11. What's a bit odd is I wanted to play Trellis very ruthless and yet had to abide by Walter's old pesky Starfleet ethics... 😉
  12. Trellis joined because, like most Vissians, he's very curious. His particular interest was in warp and other FTL technologies. He wanted to learn about as many different technologies from around the galaxy as he could, and, if possible, improve upon them. So since Vissia is a Federation member Starfleet seemed the best option to do that. Had Vissia been part of the Romulan Star Empire or Cardassian Union he most likely would have joined their forces for the same reason. So it's for almost entirely selfish reasons that he joined.
  13. Hello! I'm originally from California (and hopefully moving back soon-ish). Welcome to the fun and madness.
  14. Janeway. Who wants to get lost on the far side of the galaxy and then repeatedly told EVERYONE ELSE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY CREW for the foreseeable future? Seriously, there were at least seven instances where she could have led the crew back home in an instant (Q, the Caretaker, wormholes) and she always was "nah, we'll do this some other way." How there wasn't a mutiny or seven I'll never understand. Also, no opportunity for promotion...
  15. I like the design of the DS9 era with more (subtle) technological advacement but the uniforms of the first few TNG seasons.
  16. ((Observation Lounge, USS Gorkon)) ::She didn't know why she was sat here, staring out of the window. Any console where she could access the ship's sensors would be far more helpful in her current endeavour. The many sensor pallets of the Gorkon were vastly superior to her own eyes, and yet she desperately wanted to see the arrival of the Triumphant in person, rather than through a console screen. ::So there she sat, and there she squinted, waiting for the tiny, familiar dot of white to get close enough for her eyes to find it. ::It took a while, but there it wa
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