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  1. “Personal Log, Stardate...oh hell, forget it,” a sultry, yet cheerful voice muttered from a dark corner of the shuttle, “This is my third log in the same day. It’s ridiculous!” Sera Kell thumped her small head on the bulkhead she was leaning against with a sigh. “Anyone who listens to this log is going to think ‘how the heck did this whackadoo get into starfleet in the first place?’” The Trill laughed wryly to herself and ruffled her bobbed, mousy brown hair with a strong, slender hand. “I am approaching StarBase 118, and for the first time since my bonding, I have a case of the butterflies.”
  2. Howdy Y'all! My name is Spooky (yep, my nickname goin' waaaay back) and I live in the over-baked state of Texas. I grew up with Star Trek as a staple in my family and remember role-playing avidly as a kid and in college. I found this site while searching for a new role play to have fun with. Much like my Trek Character Sera Kell, I have degrees in Anthropology and History...sadly my university did not have Xeno-Anth as a major, but oh well. You take what you can get, lol. IRL I work at a museum and tutor Japanese exchange students in English. I also practice Costuming and Martial Arts i
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