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  1. Hey, I'm new here. My name's Joey. I live on the other side of the world-- Philippines and I stumbled upon this site through my searches. I was hyped for a Star Trek RP so yeah... Anyway, what I do for a living? Nothing. Well, that's because I'm a student right now taking pharmacy. Haha. Hope you all can show me the ropes around here. Thanks in advance.
  2. "I need a drink. White Russian, if you don't mind." The woman addressed the bartender "Sure thing, Ma'am." The bartender replied and started working on her drink The dark haired cadet sat by the bar, fingers drumming as she waited for her drink. Blue eyes trailed along the various corners of the vicinity with a vacant and passive expression--clearly uninterested with her surroundings. Or at least that's what she wants people to believe. Truthfully speaking, Langley Vargas was having the jitters at the moment and it was painfully obvious as to why with her attire being a dead give away. After four years at the Academy comes the hands on. Of course she would be nervous, she doesn't want to mess up since she has that mentality that once she mess something up, she would do it again and it would take a lot of pep talks, self-realizations and epiphanies to pull her through those kinds of funks. The drink arrives and immediately, Langley downs it. Most people would avoid the idea of drinking before getting all 'handsy' with their work place but Langley thinks others wise. Well, it has been tested and proven that she can still be a functional member of society even after three bottles of whiskey, so what is one glass of liquor to her? There was a person who occupied a seat beside her, some guy in his late forties. Langley didn't care, it wasn't her business. But then he pried on her personal space and slurred words at her that she could only just manage to understand. "Hey 'umpkin, ain't cha lil' bit too youn' to be in un'form?" he slurred at her. Adolescent is what people describe her as in terms of appearance, much worst when she was a mere baby first year cadet in the Academy--calling her a teenager when she's actually older--and it's all because she's El-Aurian and their aging is vastly different from most of those species who have a rather short lifespan. She's learned to lived with it most of her life rather than be annoyed by it. Most people would have moved over to another seat just to" avoid interaction with drunken men but then again, since when was Langley 'most people'? Instead, the dark haired woman cadet just snorted. "Please, I'm probably older than you." she said asking the barista a glass for her and the drunk beside her. She took another sip when their drinks arrived. "This some good st'ff. All me than's, love." The man beside her said, taking a gulp. "If ya dun mind me askin', what you take in the 'Fleet 'Cad'my?" "I'm in science mostly, but I minored in helm-nav just for the fun of it." "Thas'--tha's an actually pretty un-une-unusual comb'nation if ya ask me." "Well, I didn't actually ask you, did I?" There was a buzzing from within Langley's pocket. She pulled out her pocket-sized PADD and sighed. "Well, as much as I enjoyed our little chit-chat, duty calls." And with that, she paid for the drinks she ordered and was about to navigate her way out of the bar when the drunkards hand stopped her. "Can I get a name at leas'?" he asked. And the El-Aurian cadet just give him a playful smile. "Langley Vargas. If you stick to calling me Lee, I might consider buying you a round of drinks if ever I bump into you again." And with that, the young cadet left for the holodecks. Ah, time to face the music.
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