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  1. Welcome, Joey! This is an amazing group of writers and people. There is nothing you can't ask, nor is there any mistakes that can't be fixed. Enjoy your academy cruise and I look forward to seeing you in the fleet!
  2. Good luck and God speed! ::Lifting a glass:: Here's to you and everything you've done, and will do in the future. May the wind always be to your back.

  3. Welcome, Clev! Nice to see another Oregonian in the group! This is a great bunch of people and I know you will enjoy yourself! Also, welcome to the group to James and Patrick!
  4. Welcome to the fleet, Ensign!

  5. Thank you Tracey, for the prompt response. I'm always happy to defer the answer to a question like that to those who have the experience.
  6. I'm sorry your question has not been answered yet. I don't have an answer for you, but I will endeavour to find one. Please check back and I will forward an answer to you as soon as I have an answer either way.
  7. Welcome to the fleet Sky. Glad to have you aboard, mate!
  8. Congratulations, Dranzer, on graduating the training... Now the real fun begins.

  9. Awesome, what was your first mission? It can give me a clue of what I shall be in for should I be permitted to graduate!!

  10. Hey there Dranzer. I am relatively new, just was assigned to my first post on the USS Ronin. The first mission has been awesome. Good luck with training! If I can help with anything, give me a yell...

  11. Hi Tory, many thanks for welcoming me to the fleet, I see that you are fairly new as well, have just graduated the academy?

    I look forward to seeing you around :-)


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