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  1. hey all. my real name is Pieter. I used to do ST PBEM’s quite a lot back in the day, around 15 years ago. Even had my own captaincy at one point. Due to real life taking a change, I stopped doing them, though recently I figured to pick it back up again. I googled around a bit, couldn’t find any of the older groups anymore, and then found yours. I liked that it had been around for quite a while, so signed up. and here we are. as for real life.. I am a scout lead. which does mean occasionally I have a bit of a blackout with regards to internet access. sometimes a weekend, sometimes a week. but that's what LoA's are for, right? besides that, I work in IT, and dabble on the side with a bit of photography. also, when I have the time, I like to shoot arrows at stuff. so, here's to training starting soon.
  2. Korras calmly looked out the viewport. so many youngsters around him looked nervous, some even homesick. he had long decided that he was never going back home. there no longer was a home for him. he had been disgraced, and cast out. even if he had been innocent of what he was being acused of. if he had challenged it, it would have brought his entire House down. no. better to suffer it alone. but that was the past. he had settled down on a quiet planet, and flew transportation shuttles there. a rare sight, a klingon flying, instead of fighting. in the aftermath of the war, the planet became part of the Fedaration, and he a citizen of the same. eventually, he became restless, and joined starfleet. there, it was as rare as anywhere else when he signed up for flight school, though he never had much trouble with his felow cadets. they did not much look forward to fighting the big brooding klingon, apparently. after basic training, he had been sent here, to Starbase 118, to complete his training, and eventually be assigned to a ship. he did not much mind which one that would be. he liked flying, and hopefully a starship would provide more of a challenge then a cargo shuttle.
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