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  1. ((Jona ch'Ranni's Quarters, Deck 20, USS Columbia)) :: Jona entered his quarters and sat heavily on his bunk. The hours he had been awake were starting to catch up to him. His apprehension at the counseling session with Lieutenant Commander Jolara had long since passed. It was probably healthy to get some of his issues out in the open. And the pleasant conversations with Mandak and Duyzer at the Look Outt had done a lot to lift his spirits.:: ch'Ranni: oO Guess it doesn't hurt to make new friends. Oo :: His antennae twitched as he thought back to the message th
  2. Congratulations to everyone!!! I am truly honored to write with such amazing people. I adore you all ❤
  3. Tula: Prophets no! ::She shook her head in disgust.:: First of all, gross. Second, you aren't going to be making things "weird" for anyone in this state and third, and most importantly, you're sleeping on the couch!
  4. And after several drinks, "HEEEYY YOOOUUU!!!" will be acceptable.
  5. Better than the runner up named "The Deadly Peeptoe Pumps"
  6. Lieutenant Taelon - Bringing Home the Ham I see what you did there.....
  7. ::Bursts through the door like the Kool Aid Man:: MEEEEE!!!!!
  8. Ok....so avoiding asking about Tyler's hobbies as well...sheesh
  9. Theo really needs to get out more...or...get out less? I'm not sure which....
  10. ((Dominicus VI. Mines “Sickbay”.)) ::The grass was soft and warm beneath his bare feet as he walked, the sun giving off enough warmth to be pleasant but not hot. He smiled to himself as he gazed up at the clear blue sky. Not a cloud to be seen today. He felt her hand take his and his gaze fell to the beautiful smiling face of Xiu. He smiled warmly at her as he squeezed her hand, and the pair of them came to a halt underneath a blossom tree, atop a gentle hill that overlooked the village. His sheathed sword rested heavily against his thigh, and he rested his free right hand upon its
  11. Truth. Although "Fight Now, Kiss Later" is probably the next Bond film.
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