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  1. Antero Flynn

    official Arrival at StarBase 118 - introduce your character here!

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long And wouldn’t it be nice to live together In the kind of world where we belong” :: Antero was leaning back against the side of the shuttle with his feet up, a young Bolian female cadet resting peacefully against his shoulder with a relaxed smile as he strummed away on a Ukulele and sang casually. He wore a loose fitting outfit with the top two buttons of his shirt undone. The white symbol on his forehead in contrast to his tan skin. He looked up and offered a genuine smile as an Andorian Cadet approached. :: Antero: Oh, do you have a request? Andorian: Yes Flynn, I have a request. Please stop playing that infernal thing. You have been at it for over an hour! Bolian: Oh come on, it’s nice! Antero: (smiling) You see? The lady likes it. Just relax; it’s been a long trip to the Starbase. Andorian: Even longer listening to that obnoxious Earth music. Some of us are trying to study you know. Not sure if you heard, but the Cadet cruise is kind of a big deal. :: Chuckling softly Antero sets the instrument down and leans forward. :: Antero: If you would rather, I could do some juggling again? Andorian: Wha…No! No…Flynn I don’t want you to juggle. The last time you hit the replicator console and there was Trixian bubble juice everywhere. Antero: Well…That was hardly my fault… Bolian: Oh come on. Were all nervous! There are butterflies in my stomach, can’t you loosen up? Andorian: I’ll loosen up when I pass our final test and I’m assigned to a vessel. Besides Flynn, shouldn’t you be in uniform??? Antero: What? We’re not even there yet… :: The Andorian cadet responded with a simple point to the view screen. A small station quickly growing in size as the distance gap is closed. Antero stands slowly and gazes at their destination with wonder. What adventure lay in wait? What unknown species might he encounter? What new friendships might he forge? After a deep breath he turns with a dreamy expression and begins to unbutton his shirt. A small fist to the back of his leg snaps him back to reality. :: Bolian: Not here! Antero: What? Oh right….I guess I should change in the back. :: With that he throws his bag over his shoulder and heads to the private area of the shuttle to change. A small giggle from behind him. :: -------Flash Forward: Starbase 118--------- :: After bidding good luck to his friends, Antero departed the shuttle warily and made his way down the corridor toward the pavilion. Walking slowly and taking in his surroundings. He enjoyed how wide open the station was, but felt a small chill as he looked around. Since the very first time leaving his home world, he always felt a bit cold in an artificial atmosphere. He would always miss the warmth of a real sun. As he walked he saw more than a couple of unfamiliar races cross his path and he did his best to act naturally. Alien species and cultures were always his passion and many he had only read about, even being from Risa. :: :: Antero looked at the time and his stomach began to turn at the gravity of his upcoming trials. He stood by a viewport and gazed out at a runabout coming in to dock. He knew that the best way to overcome his nerves was to perform with everything he had, and prove he was cut out to be a Starfleet officer. A Jumja stick probably wouldn’t hurt either…::

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