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  1. Hello all, Tobias here. I'm a forensic psychologist with my own practice, but make an attempt to be online and make it to at least 3 to 5 (if not more) sims a week, obligations willing.
  2. As he stepped off his transport to Starbase 118, Garon Silari took in a deep breath. He'd finally made it. To the casual observer it might appear that the young-looking cadet might have been relishing his first time so far from home, but they'd be wrong. Quite wrong. As a matter of fact this was far from the first time he'd been on a Starbase with quite as large a commercial center as this one had, although it had been quite some time. Almost sixty years if he wasn't mistaken, and he rarely was about time, although his mother had explained that as he got older his sense of time might get a little more fuzzy, even moreso when compared with those of shorter-lived races. "The joys of the young..." he murmured to himself, a slight smile crossed his face at the recollection of his mother's soft-spoken wisdom when he'd spoken with her on that subject. And young he was, relatively, at just over 100 years of age. Oh, to some of the shorter-lived species like Humans, that might be quite a long time. To El-Aurians like himself, though, he was still a young adult. The perfect age to have gone to Starfleet Academy and start making his way in the world. "Now, according to the chronometer, I've got an hour or so to myself before I have to report to the holodeck for training," he mentally reminded himself as he began to prioritize what he wanted to do during his last few truly free moments, "perhaps I'll get myself a nice cup of tea, if I can find a place for it."
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