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  1. Arden

    Red Squad

    I still don't have a training officer even though the email said I would start training today.
  2. oO Arden knew that it be the same old thing the formal introductions which he loved but never would care to admit he hated what happens after though the parties such a waste of time I could be working and getting a promotion Oo ::he salutes when the fleet admiral is done with the speech and claps with everyone else:: ::when the ceremony is over he went to his quarters and began working on tactical reports::
  3. Can you prove a wiki account please so I can start making my character?
  4. Hi I'm Mathew I live in Minnesota and I go to the 7th best high school in my state and in the top 300 high schools in United States so in other words I will try to make the 3 to 4 sims a week but I can't make any promises.
  5. Arden

    Red Squad

    Thanks for answering my questions I'm sure I will have more.
  6. Arden

    Red Squad

    Sweet, my thing said I start tomorrow.
  7. Arden

    Red Squad

    So how do I become a cadet? And is there a test at the end of my training when I'm done being a cadet?
  8. Arden

    Red Squad

    Can our characters be part of red squad and if so would you be able to become a lieutenant immediately after being a cadet?
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