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  1. I never got too far into it to feel like it got really grindy. I think the farthest I've gotten in it was around the end of the Romulan episode on the Federation side, and I didn't get very far at all on the Klingon side. The beginning of the Romulan story is pretty fun I thought, and so far the game is fun and not grindy. Then again, my highest level character right now is level 8 so I can't much speak beyond the early game. I'm having a good time anyway. And as far as new stuff goes, beyond the extra bonuses from being a Delta Recruit, I haven't noticed too much changed. At least from the la
  2. Alright, I've made new characters for the Delta Recruitment event, I'll add you Ayiana tonight. I know the first part of my fed handle is Nuvia Oori, but I forget exactly what's after the @
  3. Does the delta recruitment event require you to buy the Delta Rising pack thing? I play STO but I don't have Delta Rising. Also, what's the in-game fleet called? I'd love to join it!
  4. Hey everyone! The real name's Jacob, I live one the East Coast. I'm a high school senior, though I do work as a dishwasher at a local restaurant every now and then, whenever they need me basically. I applied to USC (Southern California) and I'm hearing back from them in less than a week, so hopefully I'll be heading off to the West Coast! Found this group because a friend of mine told me about it a bit ago. He didn't mention his character name though. Not sure if he'd remember honestly, he got busy a while back and had to stop simming, or so he told me. I'm starting training on Monday, can't w
  5. Nuvia walked through the airlock with an air of confidence. She was not very tall, though she carried herself well enough. Her hair was cut short so that she would not have to worry about it. Much easier to wake up in the morning when you don't have to worry too much about your appearance. One arm at her side, the other helping her shoulder to support her bag, she turned the corner down the hallway to her new quarters. Hopefully not her quarters for long, she was hoping to get an assignment on a starship, rather than be stuck here on the station. If she did end up there it wouldn't be the end
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