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  1. (( Park Control Center - First Aid Room, Asteroid Trueno, Bratax System)) Ayiana’s group were raiding a first aid station to mend Bavo’s and Ayiana’s wounds; the former from an exploding control panel, and the latter from punching a dinosaur in the face. If it had been a competition for the most badassery, Ayiana figured she’d won. Inside the room, they found it a complete mess - broken glass, upturned equipment, spilled medicine bottles - it looked less like it had been ransacked and more like a stampede ran through it. Or a pack of dinosaurs, like the pair of Dilophos
  2. A huge congratulations to all of the winners! Every single one of you deserves the award! Proud of you all!
  3. Part I ((Main Engineering - USS Gorkon)) Whittaker: You’re joined? The Human seemed a bit surprised by the statement, but Mikeja wasn’t offended. There were no outside indications on a Trill whether they were joined or not. For a long time, many people outside of Trill society had no knowledge of the symbiotic nature between the symbiont and host. Mikeja simply nodded at the question. Lan: Correct. I am the second host of the Lan symbiont. Mikeja allowed himself to inject some pride into the statement. Joining had been both a boon to his life, but was incredibly
  4. I would have put "The Brightest Star" in between the end of Enterprise and TOS: The Cage since it clearly takes place a couple of decades before the latter. In my head canon, "Runaway" takes place during the events of Disco's Season 1 finale- after Michael's record is expunged BUT before they depart for Vulcan to pick up whoever it was that was going to assume command. The Escape Artist is a little difficult to place because there is no indication of when it takes place but "Calypso" should clearly be the LAST thing to watch if you're watching the franchise in chronological order since it
  5. Congratulations to everyone who won an award in this category! I’m humbled and proud to be amongst such talented and incredible human beings. Thank you for helping to make this glorious community a beacon of creativity and talent! xxx
  6. Congratulations to all my fellow award winners. You are all amazing and beautiful people inside and out and everybody deserves their awards! I’m especially proud of @Luna Walker who has been here a staggering 15 years and who never fails to find a way to give Theo a headache (in the best possible way, obviously). Words can’t quite describe how proud I am of the ever wonderful, ever brilliant @Jarred Thoran for his tireless devotion to not just Columbia, but to the entire fleet. You’re an example and an inspiration to just about everywhere and you are going to be an incredible Captain
  7. Congratulations to everybody who won a General Award this year!!!!
  8. Discovery's second season was by far and away a massive improvement over Season 1 for me (which in retrospect is nigh-unwatchable). By now I think that it is clear that Season 1 was a rush job and hastily slapped together after Bryan Fuller was fired by CBS. It's my opinion that he had a game plan for the start of the season but NOT the end of the season, which is why plot lines like Ash Tyler went absolutely nowhere and why the war took a backseat for the second half of the series before petering out with a whimper. Add in to that the alleged abuse that the two show runners directed at the wr
  9. Theo has had a shave and picked out his most fabulous suit for this incredible occasion.
  10. This was such a great read and it brought a huge to smile to my face. Kudos to you, Ensign Bollore!
  11. ((Hong Kong subdistrict, SB118, some time between Final Examination and reporting to the Columbia) When Gervan's friends steered him toward SB118's Hong Kong District, he began looking forward to the evening. Before going to the Academy, Gervan could count the number of times he had been to Earth on one hand (perhaps that was an exaggeration. But not by much). All his pre-Academy technical training had been off Earth, and even when he had been at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy, the only time he left Mars for Earth was on a two day visit to Rennes, mainly because his family
  12. ((The Look Outt - Deck 10 - USS Columbia)) :: Rune sat in her usual seat in the Look Outt, close to the window facing the door so she could see who came and went. Krystyan sat in a booster seat beside her shoveling cereal into his mouth by the handful. She wasn’t sure where Na’Toth had gotten off to and she really didn’t care. The Verillian was good with her son but still managed to get on her nerves rather quickly and she wasn’t in the mood for him. :: :: She took a sip of her Masala Chai tea and continued to read the reports on her PADD. She had been flabbergasted whe
  13. This a stunning piece of writing by @Jona ch'Ranni who gives us a glimpse at his life before joining Starfleet. Phenomenal work, Jona!
  14. ((Bridge, Deck A, Dilithium Freighter Verlaxi of the Andorian Merchant Marine)) ((Time Index: 5.5 years ago, Stardate 239008.14)) ::The palest blue color flashed on the viewscreen. It was a thing of beauty. The sensor overlay alarm indicated they had found their quarry.:: th'Ryken: Bring us about nice and slow, crewman. ch'Ranni: Aye, Captain. ::Jona tapped the thrusters that would align the freighter with the asteroid.:: ch'Ranni: Adjusting pitch positive two degrees, yaw negative five degrees. ::beat:: Ready, sir. ::Captain To
  15. When summoned to the bridge at the start of the episode by Saru, Pike and Burnham clearly arrive there via the turbo lift. I’d wager that the ready room/conference room is on Deck 2 or 3.
  16. I like they’ve taken the feedback on board. Judging from the brief shots of what we have seen from Season 2, Klingons with hair look so much better. Given how averse I was in Season 1 to the new Klingon look, I have to say that I was very intrigued by L’Rell. Mary Chieffo was wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of her in Season 2. Ditto Tyler. Shazam Latif was great, but the storyline for him in Season 1 ended rather abruptly.
  17. I liked Discovery Season 1 but I didn’t love it outside of Michael and Tilly. After the first two episodes it meandered until the mid season finale but the back half was very, very well done. I look at the Klingon redesign and the more advanced sets as a visual reboot of the franchise- although I hated the new Klingon ships apart from the Birds Of Prey. It is what it is, I guess.
  18. ((Shuttlecraft Verne - open space)) ((Time-index: Two and a half hours before the ceremony.)) :: It was a strange feeling. Sitting alone in a shuttle with a view of a million stars just outside a window. Nelis was sitting in the right pilot seat pressing a few buttons to cure his boredom. He thought to himself of the freedom he had with a shuttle and a pilot's control panel. On a big ship he went where the captain wanted him to go, but with a small shuttle like this, he was really flying. Of course, the computer was doing all the work; Nelis himself hadn't ever flown such a thing
  19. I want to take a moment to wish @Renos and the crew of the Apollo-A all the best as they launch!
  20. I may have just gotten the very ship that my character would like to command........ 😋
  21. Another submission from myself! @Tatash manages to make even the simplest of tasks an engaging and thoughtful read! This is some fantastic writing! Bravo!
  22. ((USS Columbia - Main Shuttlebay)) ::Was it possible to be stalked by an inanimate object? Did it's complex computer circuits feel some sort of wanton affection for the Gorn that couldn't keep it away? No matter how far he seemed to run, he always ended up back inside the giant squashed bug that is the Columbia. Any soreness he felt about it was more in jest then truth, he just hated to admit that he loved this ship in return. It wasn't the fastest, nor the prettiest. It wasn't as smart as some of the new dedicated science ships, and it wasn't as powerful as a the massive
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