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  1. ((Bridge)) :: Hell had gotten loose on the Conny and the Bridge had heard about it last, which was a new one for Jalana. She now had to sort through events, make a plan and had asked Engineering to give them a diagram of the ship on the main screen, Dag had tinted in the areas without power, Caesar had added the areas affected of fires and gas leaks. That diagram lit up like a christmas tree. Jalana really hoped that these were the only areas, but that was hope, not knowledge. :: Rajel: Okay. We need to form a couple of teams. We know that the lifts can't reach these decks, so let's get as clo
  2. ((Unknown, Unknown)) ::He woke up with a jolt. He expected the bright light of the sickbay, surrounded by worried doctor and nurses, and the smell of the gas. But he didn't. He looked around, he was in a dream, it seemed. The white background started to materialise. It turned into a ship's bridge. He slowly took a step towards one of the consoles. The crew there couldn't see him, apparently. The Human Captain sat on his chair, facing the viewscreen intently. Chelin peered down at the console. He was on the Kyushu. The ship his dad had died on.:: ::There wasn't an Andorian on the bridge
  3. Rustyy_Hael

    Round 7 PNPC Mark Two - Spooks

    ((Space - The Final ... oh you know.))::There was a static crackle and a burst of white light just before everything went dark.Very, very dark. It was light all light in the universe had turned off. Dark and silent. No power, no movement, no sound.Mark Two let his jaw loll open feeling a shiver run up his holographic spine. Where was he? He waited a few seconds, straining his ears to listen. Nothing. He expected Doctor Foster to be barking orders by now, or at the very least someone talking about what was going on. Maybe they were all waiting for someone else to speak?He waited... and wa
  4. Hiya Sarah! We are happy to have you with us! I have no doubts that you are going to have a blast with us and we with you! Best of luck! Or if you're the superstitious play-actor type Break a Leg! I'm sure you'll you do great though.
  5. (( Interrogation Room - Deck 28 - USS Constitution-B )) :: Thomas Prendar loved the initial quiet of the interrogation room. It was a solid gray room, with no windows (as a nearby holo-projector provided security a view in) and there was simply two chairs facing each other. Prendar especially had the table removed so that his next interrogation had nothing between him and the SFI officer to subconsciously hide behind. :: :: The door shifted open and he saw Lieutenant JG Jerome Milsap enter. :: Prendar: Mister Milsap. Please have a seat. :: Jerry stepped uncertainly to the empty chair, taking
  6. One more weekend of the Haunted Hayride... And i couldn't be happier! Funny how that works :P

  7. It is finally here! My local Haunted House is now open! So happy because I volunteer on the hayride and scare people! Mwahaha... er... Hehe

  8. Why does it take so long to get use to everything? This is crazy. We all should be able to snap our fingers and... Boom! back into the flow of things

  9. Rustyy Hael wasn't anything impressive to look at, even for a Human. He stood at 5'5" but had broad shoulders and large forearms. No one knew how built he was because he always wore long sleeves to cover his tattoo on his inner arm. Rustyy was clean cut though, his hair shaved on the sides and across the back. His hair on top was thick brown and combed to one side, made it easy to get ready in the morning. Rustyy was one of seven kids born and raised in old Americas Alaska. He was the oldest one sent out to make a good example for the rest. Not likely though, Rustyy was a problem child, alway
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