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    Taybrim: =/\= We… we’re off course. Scanners don’t work in this nebula. Neither do visuals. Where are we? =/\=

    Aitas: =/\= Ask your damn idiot of a pilot, you don't pay enough for this! =/\=

    Braddock: =/\= I told you he was lying, about being able to get us through this Nebula=/\=

    Zel: =/\=I’m not an idiot, you’re an idiot!=/\=

    @Sal Taybrim @Arturo Maxwell @Aitas @sam braddock team work here! lol

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    B’Ronn: Frustrating, yes, for certain, my lord, but remember why we chose him.  He is fierce, unflinching and not filled with much creative thought.  So long as he is kept satiated with the blood of our enemies, strong drink and rich food he is happy.

    The description of all good bad minions!

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