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  1. Now that I have introduced myself. How many are in the class starting Monday February 9?
  2. Hi everyone, my real name is Roddy. My character's name is Dorsorak. Here is the history behind that name: Some people call me Rod so I just flipped that around for Dor and I looked up common Vulcan names and found Sorak so I combined the two. I live in NJ and I currently work at a church as the Volunteer and and Facilities coordinator. Meaning I keep the church clean and organize the volunteers. Thats a little about me. Can't wait to get involved with the community and get some Trek knowledge.
  3. Dorsorak strolls out of the transport ship taking his first steps onto StarBase 118 where he will receive further orders for the next step in his Star Fleet career. Being a Vulcan means that he has been trained from a young age to suppress his emotions. The blank stare on his face makes it evident that it has worked. He is excited but refuses to give in to any emotions he feels. Dorsorak is about 6’3” and weighs 210 lbs. He is strong like most Vulcans with pointy ears and green blue eyes. He catches himself staring at the simulated sun and clouds on the ceiling of the star base and shakes his head to refocus on the job at hand. I must get to the holodeck, he thinks to himself. Even though he is running 15 minutes early, Dorsorak wants to be there early to relax before things get started. He doesn't like to rush and likes to keep his mind unclouded as he goes about his day. Being ahead of schedule helps think things through so that there is a buffer for error. With all the planning Dorsorak does he is not positive of what the future holds but he knows it is bright. Standing here on StarBase 118 the possibilities are endless. Where will he go? What ship will he end up on? Only time will tell.
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