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  1. Hey everyone, I'm the new guy here gonna start my training on monday. So without further ado What's your real first name?= EdgarWhere do you live?= Scotland (Originally from Lithuania thought.)How did you find our group?= I believe I found you on a yahoo group which advertised various other rpg sites.What kind of work do you do?= I'm a student, so basically a freeloaded.Thank you for your attention and I wish you all a good day.
  2. Garret was walking down the hallway to his new quarters. He was feeling tired so he was overjoyed of the prospect of a warm and comfy bed. This was his first day in the academy and he would be lying if he said that it wasn't tiring. At first Garret was excited, he was finally starting his starfleet career oh the what's not to be excited about? Of course he was nervous as well, Garret knew that many better cadets had not succeeded so it would not be an easy path. As he reached his new quarters he found a quite big and furnished room. While he would have liked to explore the room a bit more he could not concentrate properly so he decided the best course of action would be to lie down on the bed, which he promptly did. He closed his eyes and went through what happened earlier in the day, it was a good memory exercise. The first few hours were a blur, Garret and the other cadets were divided into groups. Prep squads as they were called, to help the cadets get used to the harsh life of a starfleet officer. They assigned a drill master and the cadets introduced themselves to each other. All of that was fine to Garret and kind of expected, what he wasn't expecting that training would begin as soon as the introductions ended. They were led to simulators where some physical and group training took place, it was rather exhausting. At the end of the day the cadets were given their own PADDs, with that they were dismissed and ordered to report to duty on the next day at 0600. In the middle of his train of thought Garret heard a door sliding, he guessed that it was his new roommate. "Training?" The roommate said in a bemused tone. Garret thought about answering but just settled for a nod, he would do his introductions on the next day, when, hopefully, he would feel more sociable. "Same here" The roommate answered before going to his side of the room and lying down. Garret was too tired to pay any attention to him so he just closed his eyes and fell asleep.
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