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  1. Had to go with Voyager. While it did, admittedly, have some flaws, I think it was the most well thought out-to begin with. There were several major themes not flushed out in the first season of TOS, TNG's characters had difficulty finding there place, same with DS9. Enterprise wasn't bad, but I felt like they could have done more with it.
  2. The 602 Club all the way. Ten Forward and the Marseille Poolroom are kinda ship-specific, so nah. The Quantum Café just looks depressing to me. Now Quarks... That's a bar. Its about tied with the 602. But I had to pick one. As for the Shipyard Bar, what a waste of space.
  3. Gotta give it to Geordi. The man just seems like someone you'd want to have an adventure with. Or something.
  4. Garak for the win! That man was absolutely awesome.
  5. Such an epic actor. Couldn't believe he'd passed away. Always wanted to meet him. It just didn't feel right to linger on the sadness of his passing-I doubt he would have considered it logical- so I chose the bus scene. The first time I saw it, I laughed myself to the ground. Didn't recover for half an hour.
  6. Howdy folks! I'm Quinn. I live in Chicago, and I can't quite express to you how excited I am to have found this place. It combines two of my favorite things: Star Trek and writing. I am champing at the bit to get my first training e-mail!
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