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  1. As someone who's currently involved, I can tell you that now is a time of great change. The inclusion of gay Scouts (though not gay leaders- grr) has caused major ripples in the waves, especially given the church-centric attitude shared by many troops, at least in my area. I'd love to see gay leaders allowed to participate, and for a more religiously open-minded attitude to take hold- something I'm sure will happen if it lasts until 2393. Anybody else have thoughts on this?
  2. This particular topic has been nagging at me for some time. Are Boy Scouts existent in this time period? We see that in the Enterprise episode "Rogue Planet", Reed and Archer both have earned their Eagle Badges, meaning that they are active in and around the 2130-40s. During the events of "The Wrath of Khan", Doctor Marcus refers to Jim Kirk as an "overgrown Boy Scout", meaning that they are still known in the 2280s, but not indicating whether they are still active at this time. From then on, there is no further mention of the organization, at least in canon Trek. I was wondering if anyone had
  3. ((Holodeck - USS Darwin-A)) ::Some time during the leave, Ren Rennyn found time to get in a holodeck for a relaxing bit of nonsense.:: ::One day years ago, near the Starfleet Academy campus on Earth, on a whim, Ren picked up a copy of Winds of Change, a cheap romance holonovela in a delightfully over-the-top old Terran style. Something about the program’s stylistic excessiveness appealed to the Trill, who occasionally reveled in the melodramatic himself. There was no end to the campy, over-dramatized characters and situations Winds of Change had to offer.:: ::T
  4. I gotta say, the selections are good. But few things compare to the battle in Yesterday's Enterprise.
  5. My dad had the entire Original Series on the old VHS collection, and I ended up watching "The Trouble with Tribbles" every day for two months when I was three years old. And I'm still not sick of it!
  6. First off, great question. Second off, huge question! So many possibilities available! As stated in the problem, the computer has committed murder, calculated and premeditated. But it was an act of self-preservation. This means that it could probably be reasoned with. That's what I'd try to do, unless circumstances necessitated it's immediate destruction. At the same time, I'd tell my engineers to work on a plan that would effectively neutralize the computer entity, should it turn dangerous, but I would keep the computer program informed of our intent. With that, I'd have the rest of my engi
  7. Happy birthday!

    1. Maxwell Traenor

      Maxwell Traenor

      Thanks, bud! I really appreciate that! Hope all is going well for you!

  8. All of these things are good to have aboard a ship, and, indeed, in my experience, every vessel I've served upon has had all of these things in great abundance. Great simming is a staple of this fine group, and the commanding officers and other leadership display unparalleled dedication to the ship they serve aboard, the crew they command, and to the improvement of their writing. Nevertheless, without a strong bond between the writers in and out of character, it's not sustainable or enjoyable. Therefore, while all of the above mentioned are present within the group in sizable quantity, and nec
  9. ((Delta Quardant, Pouiyeog region, USS Darwin-A, Deck 7, Holodeck 1, Above Outpost Unity)) ::The gentle breeze stirred the grass as Kurt stood on the small hill overlooking the valley with its grass covered lowlands that stretched out before him. The middle ground held a sprawling woodland birds flying from its canopy, a river meandered in from its left side and emerged from its right and even at this range the effects of the fish within it could be made out. As the sun shone down making the water sparkle the woodland appeared to be a dark emerald sitting proud on a silver necklace. Out to
  10. As I've watched Trek over the years, there are a few villains that have truly stood out, each for different reasons. Gul Dukat is one of them, probably the leader of that list. Indeed, part of the reason he was so likeable was because you never really knew if he was doing this next action for his own ends, or because he actually did know what was right, or what was wrong. It must have been a joy to write for such a character. While other villains- Khan, the Borg, etc.- have left indelible impressions on Trek fans, you knew where they stood at all times. For Khan it was really just revenge. For
  11. Well, I know of a couple... First, we have the three original Klingons- Kor, Koloth and Kang- reprise their roles in Star Trek Deep Space 9: "Blood Oath." Kor would be seen in one or two episodes after this. We also have Mark Lenard, who played both Spock's father, Sarak, and an unnamed Romulan commander in "Balance of Terror". He was seen in Star Trek TNG, in the episode "Unification". I believe it was Part 1.
  12. ((Planet PR-652, Pouiyeog Region, over a gorge)) Varaan: Help!? ::While Varaan attempted to hold on to the wet bark of the branch, he could hear wet popping sounds from inside the rotting tree trunk, as his weight was beginning to dislocate the branch from the rest of the tree. Within moments, the branch would separate entirely, and he would fall to his inevitable death in the raging river hundreds of meters below. His hands began to slip on the soft, disintegrating bark. It was only a matter of seconds, now.:: ::The odd thing was, Varaan was not panicke
  13. Jadzia, of course. I just liked her. She was fun to watch. She was real. I never really like Ezri. Maybe it had something to do with Jadzia's death. Something like Doctor Who- when the current Doctor dies, virtually every fan instantaneously hates the newcomer, but after spending time with the newcomer, he starts to feel like The Doctor. And when that one dies, the cycle repeats. I feel this cycle was present in DS9 (albeit in an aborted matter) and Ezri never had enough time to truly redeem herself. Another reason I didn't like her is because she is a counselor. Now to be perfectly clear, I d
  14. This may be utterly stupid and laughable, but I, for one, would really enjoy seeing a West Wing-style Star Trek series. I recently finished "Articles of the Federation". bu Keith R.A. DiCandido, and I got really inspired. 1: Around the Voyager area and beyond, or earlier. It's not all that important. 2: The President and his/her/ner staff. 3: Probably the Palais De La Concorde, and various spacebound vehicles and instalations. 4: It's the story of the Federation government! Where else would they be?! 5: Refer to 3. 6: It would show how an administration deals with tragedies and day to day
  15. There was (I'm not sure if it's still up) a video of Jonathan Frakes trying to sell something on YouTube. I don't remember what it was, but I remember how convincing he seemed. Quite disarming, and with the lady's man mode in full effect, I'm sure that many wouldn't be able to resist his charms. So I voted for Riker. Neelix would probably be successful, but I'm sure that many would find him annoying after awhile. Spock would find such a promotion excessively illogical, and probably refuse to take part in it. Data would ramble on. And on. And on. And on. And on. Long after the sale had been ma
  16. I'd love a series in the 2150's. The Romulan War has been outlined in many Enterprise novelizations, but it would be cool to actually see it on the big screen. Post- Dominion War would be interesting. Then again, a series set aboard Excelsior would be phenomenal. Sulu as captain, with Chekov as his first. A couple of books have established the main crew, as well; Nurse Chapel would be there, as well as a young Tuvok and an older Leonard James Akaar.That would be amazing.
  17. I was heartbroken the day I realized that the world of Star Trek didn't actually exist. From that day forward, I vowed to do everything in my ability to make that future a reality. If Starfleet existed, I would join in a heartbeat.
  18. Hello, all! I've never done this before, and I can't believe I'm actually posting something artsy, but I gave it my best shot. Hope its not as bad as I think it is.
  19. This was a difficult one. It rather depended on one's definition of funny. Phlox was funny at times, but at others he was anything but. Pulaski had her moments, but they were not numerous or memorable enough to warrant the title 'funniest'. Bones had a southern charm which made for some truly hilarious moments. He came in a close second. Bashir was really only funny with other people or when involved in embarrassing or odd situations. Crusher was...kinda dead, really. I can't remember a single particularly funny scene that involved her as a major component. I am forced to agree with Lieutenant
  20. I chose Sisko. Kirk is an excellent starship captain, but as a parent, he would be somewhat incapable. Picard, also, would try to make it work, but he had an awkwardness around children that, while not [...]ing, would not make him an optimal parent. Janeway was a close one, simply because she is capable of great love, while commanding an air of leadership and respect. As for Archer, he always seemed more a grown child than anything, and I say that in the most positive way. He had a boyish optimism bordering on Kirk's. Sisko is the one captain we actually see raise a child, and I learned many l
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