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  1. This particular topic has been nagging at me for some time. Are Boy Scouts existent in this time period? We see that in the Enterprise episode "Rogue Planet", Reed and Archer both have earned their Eagle Badges, meaning that they are active in and around the 2130-40s. During the events of "The Wrath of Khan", Doctor Marcus refers to Jim Kirk as an "overgrown Boy Scout", meaning that they are still known in the 2280s, but not indicating whether they are still active at this time. From then on, there is no further mention of the organization, at least in canon Trek. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this. Do they still exist in 2393? If so, what changes have been made? Love to hear your thoughts.
  2. ((Holodeck - USS Darwin-A)) ::Some time during the leave, Ren Rennyn found time to get in a holodeck for a relaxing bit of nonsense.:: ::One day years ago, near the Starfleet Academy campus on Earth, on a whim, Ren picked up a copy of Winds of Change, a cheap romance holonovela in a delightfully over-the-top old Terran style. Something about the program’s stylistic excessiveness appealed to the Trill, who occasionally reveled in the melodramatic himself. There was no end to the campy, over-dramatized characters and situations Winds of Change had to offer.:: ::The glamorous woman currently shaking Ren by the lapels of his evening jacket was example number one.:: Janet: No, Bruce! No! Can't you see that I love you?! ::Ren Rennyn gently but silently pulled the edges of his tuxedo from Janet's clutches. Her sequined magenta evening gown with absurdly layered ruching rustled as she followed him onto the mansion's moonlit veranda, where Ren threw himself dramatically against the stone banister.:: Rennyn: Don't you see that we can never be together? I made a vow to Gina, Janet. For better or worse, I'm married... to your twin! ::Ren enjoyed the program with its sensationalized, stagy style. Set on 20th century Earth, it followed the histrionic lives of its exaggerated characters in a fictional town called Generic City. There were personal intrigues, corporate power plays, torrid love affairs and sometimes murders. His character Bruce had gone from fashion model to business executive to perfume designer to cop in just a few levels of the game. Generic City was rife with career opportunity.:: ::On the veranda, Janet reached him, her eyes shining tearfully, her bosom heaving with fury. Ruby nails gleamed in the moonlight as she slapped his face, hard. The crack stunned him, as he watched her face turn to cold fury.:: Janet: Your vow won't mean anything when Gina is DEAD! ::Janet stormed off, and Ren stood quietly, listening. The program continued to run, but nothing else happened. Canned nighttime sound effects surrounded him. The lush, nearly tropical foliage surrounding the veranda gave no fragrance, and didn't look quite real. He went back into the lavish mansion, blinking at the garish lighting that shone off gold and crystal fixtures. All was quiet.:: ::He’d hit the dead end again.:: ::Ren had been playing Winds of Change for a number of years, minus the breaks he took when his own life started to feel every bit as over-the-top as this recreational world. For a while, he was in and out of love with a mixed up Vulcan who sort of loved him too, but they never could get it together. There was Rover, the talking purple space cloud who wouldn't stop interrupting his every moment, until he too went away. Then there was Navin, or the memory of him, and the threat of his evil Borg doppelganger who might come back to haunt Ren some day, to throw his whole life right off the track. Or it might just be in his imagination. Yes, Ren was one brain surgery and a dastardly moustache away from from being a holonovela character himself.:: ::Between all that, and his Starfleet adventures, too, Ren didn’t always have the time or the energy left to spend figuring out the mystery at the heart of Winds of Change. Still, he'd spent countless hours playing this simulation again and again, but this was all the further he ever got. Janet slapped him, walked off into the night, and then… nothing.:: ::Alone on the veranda in the cool night air, Ren undid the tight bowtie and stretched in the luxurious yet constricting jacket. Bruce’s cousin Devin had designed it in Chapter 2 as part of the launch of his new fashion line, “Devin-aire.”:: ::The computer recognized this as Level 4: Janet's Threat. The index said that next should be Level 5: Debbie's Gold. He didn't know what the plot of Level 5 might be. He couldn't figure out who Debbie was. Nothing he did or said seemed to unlock it. Again and again, Janet slapped him, threatened Gina's life, and that was it.:: ::Ren had tried everything up to now. He'd let Janet leave and waited patiently for something else to happen. He’d run after her, only to find that she had disappeared. He'd run into the mansion and thrown himself dramatically on a divan and tried to cry big, fake tears, but no one ever showed up to notice. Nothing worked. It was if the game was stuck at that moment. He couldn't get to Level 5. And he couldn't stand it anymore.:: ::Ren refused to look through the programming code to find the next plot point subroutine. He was determined to find the thing he was supposed to do to unlock the next step, without looking at the code or getting any external help.:: ::He wandered through the mansion into the front hall, where a grand staircase ascended in glory. Janet had pushed her mother down those stairs in Level 1, he remembered fondly. That was where it all began.:: Rennyn: Computer, replay Chapter 4 from the beginning of the veranda scene. ::The mansion’s interior dissolved, to be quickly replaced by the veranda he’d just left. Janet materialized in front of him. There wasn’t much he hadn’t tried, but Ren had the afternoon free. Why not take a few more slaps to the face in the name of progress?:: Janet: Your vow won't mean anything when Gina is DEAD! ::As Ren’s stinging face caused him a twinge of regret for not shutting down the program and going home to a good book, Janet stormed off again. Ren called after her.:: Rennyn: Please don’t go! ::She went.:: Rennyn: Computer, restart again from the same spot.:: ::Slap!:: Janet: Your vow won't mean anything when Gina is DEAD! Rennyn: I AM Gina! ::She looked at him like he was crazy, and left.:: ::Slap!:: Janet: Your vow won't mean anything when Gina is DEAD! Rennyn: Computer! Why was the slap harder that time!? ::Slap!:: ::Slap!:: ::Slap!:: ::Furious at himself and furious at the programmer and furious at the whole game, Ren called with all his might.:: Rennyn: JANET! ::Something changed. For the first time, Janet stopped and turned around. She was perfectly framed in the doorway, the lighting hit her perfectly, and her tear-streaked face appeared softly in a gauzy haze.:: Rennyn: I was wrong to say no. I will run away with you, after all. ::Janet smirked condescendingly, her perfectly arched eyebrow rising in unison with the corner of her hot pink lips.:: Janet: You lost your chance, Bruce. The ship has sailed, and you missed the boat. ::Then she turned and made her normal exit, the one he’d seen dozens of times.:: ::Ren looked around. It wasn’t exactly progress. But it was a response. Had it changed anything? He waited for someone else to appear. He waited for something to happen. No, it was still the same dead end.:: ::Maybe the point of Winds of Change was to make you feel defeated. Maybe it was to see how many players would beat themselves up trying to move forward. Maybe there was a subroutine sending metrics back to the sadistic designers on just how many times he let himself be slapped in the face before he gave up.:: ::Ren wasn’t a quitter, but this was ridiculous. Slipping off his couture jacket and slinging it over his shoulder with one finger, he called for the arch and slunk away through the night. As he looked back one last time and call for the program to save and close, Ren didn’t quite see something sharp and metallic gleaming in the dark behind the topiaries that lined the mansion’s formal garden. A mysterious watcher in the night was about to threaten him.:: ::Instead, the stalker disappeared along with the rest of the program. Next time, on Winds of Change, Ren Rennyn was going to have a whole new challenge to face.:: LtCmdr Rendal Rennyn Ops Officer USS Darwin NCC-99312-A A239102RR0
  3. I gotta say, the selections are good. But few things compare to the battle in Yesterday's Enterprise.
  4. My dad had the entire Original Series on the old VHS collection, and I ended up watching "The Trouble with Tribbles" every day for two months when I was three years old. And I'm still not sick of it!
  5. First off, great question. Second off, huge question! So many possibilities available! As stated in the problem, the computer has committed murder, calculated and premeditated. But it was an act of self-preservation. This means that it could probably be reasoned with. That's what I'd try to do, unless circumstances necessitated it's immediate destruction. At the same time, I'd tell my engineers to work on a plan that would effectively neutralize the computer entity, should it turn dangerous, but I would keep the computer program informed of our intent. With that, I'd have the rest of my engineers working on a different way to kill the computer, but I would not include the emerging computer lifeform in the discussion. Backups after backups.
  6. Happy birthday!

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      Thanks, bud! I really appreciate that! Hope all is going well for you!

  7. All of these things are good to have aboard a ship, and, indeed, in my experience, every vessel I've served upon has had all of these things in great abundance. Great simming is a staple of this fine group, and the commanding officers and other leadership display unparalleled dedication to the ship they serve aboard, the crew they command, and to the improvement of their writing. Nevertheless, without a strong bond between the writers in and out of character, it's not sustainable or enjoyable. Therefore, while all of the above mentioned are present within the group in sizable quantity, and necessary for the smooth running of the fleet, personal relationships are the most important. This, at least for me, has never been a problem, as the people here are talented, respectful, kind folk- in every way, splendid examples of the best of humanity.
  8. ((Delta Quardant, Pouiyeog region, USS Darwin-A, Deck 7, Holodeck 1, Above Outpost Unity)) ::The gentle breeze stirred the grass as Kurt stood on the small hill overlooking the valley with its grass covered lowlands that stretched out before him. The middle ground held a sprawling woodland birds flying from its canopy, a river meandered in from its left side and emerged from its right and even at this range the effects of the fish within it could be made out. As the sun shone down making the water sparkle the woodland appeared to be a dark emerald sitting proud on a silver necklace. Out to the left a small stone built house stood, a thin lazy trail of smoke rising from its chimney into the valley still air, tended gardens of flowers and crops spread from the house, the bark of a dog just reached the hill Kurt was stood on quickly joined by a deeper note. The two owners of the noises came into view a large hairy wolfhound of a dog tall and thick chested, the second a small more wiry short coated animal sprinted from around the house being chased then turning to chase the three children with them. The house to the door stood open as a dark haired woman lent in the doorway an easy grace shone from her as the squeals of delight from the children mixed with the barks of the dogs as the grassy area in front of the house was changed into part raceway part game of chase where no one knew or cared about rules or turns:: ::Stepping backwards Kurt sat in the well-worn wooden high backed chair, padded and covered with large yellow flowers on a vibrant green background, just like every grandmother had in their homes, it did seem a mystery of the universe how no matter what the race such chairs existed everywhere as if it was a subtle hidden message that no matter who you were there was little difference at the end of the day between anyone:: Logan oO It’s just a shame not everyone listens to that Oo ::Sitting in the chair Kurt cradled his drink as his gaze shifted to the smooth three foot tall rounded top piece of granite that stood upright within easy reach of the chair:: Logan: You’ve missed quite a bit my old friend Friend: That’s an understatement….. I’ve been dead for several years so I’d say I’ve missed more than a bit ::Looking up at the sound of the voice Kurt looked into the tanned face and dark hair of a man he knew well but hadn’t seen for long years. He felt emotion rise and forced the eyes that threatened tears to stop and dry back up, the man before him wasn’t part of the program he hadn’t programmed him into it way back when:: Friend: Of course I’m not part of the program you loon, you may be good at shooting and hitting things but don’t every apply for a science role will you ::The chuckle that rose up was infectious and welcome standing up he matched the height of his friend but outweighed him by fifty odd pounds, but as he looked he saw none of the lines or worry that seemed to now be a fixture on his own face:: Logan: You would have liked the Dyson Sphere investigation right up your alley Friend: More brains than brawn you mean… ha ha .. oh Logan you always make me laugh you can out think the best of them but choose to hide behind the rifle …….. ::The sentence stopped as he fixed his gaze:: Ok I know that look what are you up to ? Logan: Nothing why ? Friend: Because you’re going to do something stupid again aren’t you …. Logan: No I …. Friend: yes you are, like the time you challenged Nelvek our Vulcan unarmed combat instructor to a contest Logan: That’s because you said I couldn’t beat him …. And what happened ?? Friend: Yes you beat him …. Then spent a week in intensive care Logan: But I beat him, the first to do so in twenty years… well if you take out Hannibal Parker and Tyr Waltas of course … and Marios Canto and a few others …. Friend::Laughing:: Ok that is true but you can’t hide from me remember Logan::looking back out across the woodland below them:: It’s for the Captain……. I’ve set up a tracking program for every time he leaves the ship, I’ll be informed of his movements it’s also tied into the medical database to monitor his vital signs in case anyone tries to just move his comm badge Friend: You haven’t …. Logan::Shaking his head:: I haven’t activated it yet, but the programs all set ready to go Friend: What ?, why ? … Kurt you know what will happen if you activate it and it’s found don’t you ?, that has to be against Fleet regulations Logan: FLEET !!! ……. ::The words came out with the emotion that had been held in check but had now found a crack in the [...] and was pouring forth:: Against their regulations why should we care about their regulations, they don’t care about us. If not this way how am I supposed to protect the Captain… headquarters didn’t want to go rescue him… and don’t even begin with that diplomacy rubbish when Lyldra has already told me that they were making no headway as they weren’t talking. No instead they were quite happy to let a Fleet Captain be kidnapped and tortured and their … Help ….. was to tell Commander Traenor to do nothing but wait for a more experienced Captain to arrive, so how many Captains have experience in running a rescue mission for a kidnapped Fleet Captain in an area of space they don’t know while giving the enemy another week’s grace…. How many ??? …. HOW MANY ???? ::As his words disappeared into silence, leaving Kurt breathing mixing in with the faint barks of the dogs and squeals of delight from the children, but it didn’t last as he filled his lungs again Kurt began to speak:: Logan: Then afterward when they’ve been confronted with what one ship did that the whole rest of the vaunted federation couldn’t or wouldn’t do what did they do ? …. Awards ? … Congratulations?….. No i haven’t heard of one message congratulating any of us for the Captains rescue, instead the Commander is moved out to wherever … we can’t embarrass the great UFOP can we oh no …. We have to leave that the people in charge, I bet you anything you like that the J’naii government are sitting their laughing at us, not only is there no comeback but we punish ourselves for them ::That’s when it blew the last brick in the [...] fell away:: TELL ME WHATS THE POINT ?? …… WHATS THE POINT ?? …. WE RISK EVERYTHING OUT HERE AND THEY BASK IN THE ACHIEVEMENTS, BUT AS SOON AS WE TRY AND LEAN ON THEM THEIR GONE LIKE GHOSTS IN THE MIST AND THEN MOAN AT US FOR NOT FOLLOWING TO THE COMMA ON ONE RULE. And now we have new crew on board how do we know they weren’t sent to keep an eye on us and report back … how … you remember Helen Audren put there to report on the training of the section. HOW DO I DEFEND AGAINST OUR OWN PEOPLE …. HOW !!!!!.......... how ? Friend: You are a good friend to all those you know, but somethings you can’t defend things, there beyond your control and scope, you just have to react to them as best as you can. It’s not what you want to hear I’ll admit but that’s just how it is Logan: I know but whose door does it land at if it goes wrong ..there’s or ours ?... which one …::Running his finger and thumb over his eyes Kurt pinched the top of his nose:: I’m just tired … Friend: You never listened to me when I was alive but don’t do anything to stupid your better at things than you think you know Logan:: Looking from his friend to the granite marker:: I listened to you once and I shouldn’t have done …… it’s been a very long day since I last saw you ….. I’ll see you at the end of it. I’ve got to head back now have paperwork to do and thinking to get done ::Seeing his friend smile Kurt lifted his glass:: May your long house be warm, may your battles be glorious and may you annoy your ancestors far more than you did me. I may see you next time my friend ... SKAL ... :: Draining his glass Kurt let his Peach Cooler slide down his throat savouring it's taste., looking back to the now empty space he felt the taste drain away, reaching the door Kurt called out :: Logan: Computer. End program, and erase record of program activation Computer: Record erased Lieutenant Jg Kurt Logan - Security Officer USS Darwin,NCC-99312-A E239203KL0hy
  9. As I've watched Trek over the years, there are a few villains that have truly stood out, each for different reasons. Gul Dukat is one of them, probably the leader of that list. Indeed, part of the reason he was so likeable was because you never really knew if he was doing this next action for his own ends, or because he actually did know what was right, or what was wrong. It must have been a joy to write for such a character. While other villains- Khan, the Borg, etc.- have left indelible impressions on Trek fans, you knew where they stood at all times. For Khan it was really just revenge. For the Borg, expansion, assimilation, and survival. But Dukat... it was almost impossible to predict his moves before he made them. That, and the fact that he might even be called a likable guy at times- as in, someone you would vote for as a protagonist- makes me feel that he and characters like him are the best to write for.
  10. Well, I know of a couple... First, we have the three original Klingons- Kor, Koloth and Kang- reprise their roles in Star Trek Deep Space 9: "Blood Oath." Kor would be seen in one or two episodes after this. We also have Mark Lenard, who played both Spock's father, Sarak, and an unnamed Romulan commander in "Balance of Terror". He was seen in Star Trek TNG, in the episode "Unification". I believe it was Part 1.
  11. ((Planet PR-652, Pouiyeog Region, over a gorge)) Varaan: Help!? ::While Varaan attempted to hold on to the wet bark of the branch, he could hear wet popping sounds from inside the rotting tree trunk, as his weight was beginning to dislocate the branch from the rest of the tree. Within moments, the branch would separate entirely, and he would fall to his inevitable death in the raging river hundreds of meters below. His hands began to slip on the soft, disintegrating bark. It was only a matter of seconds, now.:: ::The odd thing was, Varaan was not panicked. Everyone says that Vulcans are emotionless creatures. Vulcans, as a rule, do not correct people when they think this. It's not true, but it certainly adds to the Vulcan mystique. And one things Vulcans are, as a people, is egotistical. The more superior people think they are, the better the Vulcans like it. But the rest...it's all a mask, a charade. Vulcans as a people are VERY emotional. Before Surak taught the Vulcans how to control their emotions, it was Emotion that drove the Vulcan beast, not logic. Thousands of years of bloody carnage attested to that fact. It was amazing that the Vulcans managed to survive multiple attempts at self-inflicted mass genocide, pre-Surak. But the Vulcan "Father of Logical Thought" pulled his species up from the depths, and saved them.:: ::Varaan, like most other Vulcan children, began his education at the local monastery. His first teacher was Silar, a monk. Emotional control before literacy. The precepts of logic before mathematics. He remembered one day...:: ((Flashback, Rah'Tel Monastery, Vulcan, 2337)) Varaan: ::whining:: But I don't wanna. ::The young Vulcan boy was seated on a rough stone block in a semi-circle with 8 other children on similar blocks. The white of the stone was in stark contrast to the reddish hue of the sandstone building beside them. They were on a veranda, with an overhang above them protecting them from the harsh Vulcan suns. Behind them, a few other monks tending the garden stopped in their efforts and turned slowly to observe Varaan's outburst.:: Silar: And yet, you will. ::The elderly monk in the white robe with the fancy gold embossing slowly rose from his own white stone block at the center of the semi-circle. He was entirely calm. He was always calm, and that sometimes upset Varaan. No matter what he did, the boy could not get a reaction out of the old man. It was like a challenge, and Varaan had been losing for the better part of a year. Right now, the monk was staring down the boy, not with anger, not with resentment, but with the knowledge of the inevitability of Varaan's action. But before that was going to happen, Varaan was going to push back a little more.:: Varaan: ::defiantly:: Why? ::Still, no reaction from the old man. The other children were silent, but staring with curiosity. This was an almost daily occurrence, and Varaan knew they were keeping score. Was today the day that the boy would defeat the man? If it was up to Varaan, it would be. Either he'd break the monk, or be sent home trying. And it wouldn't be the first time that had happened, either. But then Silar did something Varaan wasn't expecting.:: Silar: ::pensively:: Varaan, what would you like to do? ::Before he had a chance to think this divergent strategy through, he had blurted out an honest answer.:: Varaan: I want to play! Silar: Then why aren't you? Varaan: Because my parents say I have to come to this stupid school! ::The "s" word elicited some intakes of breath from the primary crowd. But Varaan ignored it. He had said worse, and in front of a much older audience. His mother, after all, worked for the Embassy and often had important guests to entertain.:: Silar: Why do they send you here? Varaan: I don't know. Because they know I hate it, and they're trying to punish me. Silar: Really? Varaan: Sure. Why not? Silar: Are there other children at school? Varaan: ::looking around:: Yes. Silar: Do you think their parents hate them too? Varaan: Probably. ::pause:: Maybe. ::another pause:: I don't know. Maybe not. Silar: Then why are they here? Varaan: To learn stuff. ::By now Varaan's quest was losing momentum. He was less defiant, and had fallen victim to Silar's now-famous "Q&A Reflection" technique. It helped to focus logical thought, which Varaan was doing despite not wanting to. The questions the monk continued to ask eventually took Varaan back to the original purpose of today's class - why emotional control is so important. Silar had won - again. But Varaan was too confused trying to figure out how he lost to dwell on the fact that he did. So he gave in and continued the lesson. But...he hated losing!:: ((Flash forward, Varaan's family home, 2346)) Solath: Varaan, this is T'lani. ::Varaan stood there, in the living area of his home, staring at the young Vulcan girl who likewise stood before him, staring. He didn't agree with all this talk of arranged marriages, but there was no way he was going to wed this three year old! Forget it! Of course, his father did not expect him to wed her now. But the engagement was begun now. Once she was old enough, then they would be wed. But, he didn't even know her. He looked over to his father.:: Varaan: I don't like her. Solath: It is not a matter that is up for discussion, my son. The arrangements have been agreed upon. The two of you are betrothed. ::Varaan stared back at the girl, who now stuck out her tongue at him. He had to get out of this somehow.:: ((Flash forward, Rah'Tel Monastery, Vulcan, 2363)) Vulcan Priest: What ye are about to witness comes down from the time of the beginning without change. This is the Vulcan heart. This is the Vulcan soul. This is our way. ::Both Varaan and T'lani were kneeling, facing each other, in front of the priest. One each of their hands were stretched out towards the other, fingertips touching in a manner similar to the pon farr calming ritual. Indeed, the two were related. But here, the years of engagement were coming to an end for the Vulcan couple, and many more years of marriage were laid out before them.:: ::Throughout the ritual, the priest continued to speak, and occasionally either Varaan or T'lani were required to repeat something he had said, or say something of their own. Varaan had practiced...not wanting to embarrass his beloved on their wedding day. Because of this, he really wasn't paying close attention to the ceremony itself or the two families, his and hers, surrounding them. His attention was solely on T'lani, his eyes lost in hers. He truly did love her. He loved everything about her. He couldn't remember a time when he didn't love her. And he wanted to spend the rest of his life showing her just how much he loved her. He would never leave her.:: ((Flash Forward, Starfleet Academy, 2374)) ::It was his first day on campus, and though he had some anxiety, it wasn't because he was nervous about starting a new chapter in his life. Many of the cadets at the Academy were young, just entering their twenties. Varaan was 44 years old, and had already completed 20 years of service in the V'Shar, the Vulcan Intelligence agency. He did not get nervous in situations like these. No, he was anxious because he was already 5 minutes late for a class, and was still wandering campus trying to find the lecture hall. No one seemed to know where it was.:: ::He did not know anyone here. He had no friends here, no family here. Truthfully, he had no friends anywhere. Varaan was by nature a solitary creature. He preferred it that way. Friends...he thought he could do without. Family, well that was a different story. His wife and mother were back on Vulcan, sending their support via subspace communiques. His father was also back on Vulcan. Solath was a member of the Vulcan Science Academy's governing council. And for some reason he had never confided in T'mol, his wife, or Varaan, he vehemently disapproved of Starfleet. Varaan's application and acceptance to Starfleet Academy had caused a rift between the two of them.:: ::And it wasn't that Varaan didn't care. The approval of his father meant a great deal to Varaan. It always had. And Varaan was sure that once Solath could see how much more productive and successful his son would be in this new career, he would come around. He couldn't avoid speaking to Varaan forever.:: ((Flash forward, Varaan's home, Vulcan, 2382)) ::Varaan walked through the door of his home and set his bags down. Being a Starfleet officer, he had rarely been here. He had rarely seen his wife. He spent his life living on a starship. This was more accurately the home of his wife and child.:: ::Child. Daughter! Little T'iana would be 14 months old now, and Varaan had never met her. She had been born while he was XO of the USS Paladin. Immediately after that he had been given command of the USS Atlantis. But now that Atlantis had been reassigned, so had he. He was on his way to Earth to begin the fall semester teaching at Starfleet Academy. But he had to make this stop first. He had communicated that he was coming, yet...no one was here to greet him.:: ::And then, from around a wall, waddled a little figure no higher than Varaan's knee. Her hair was straight and brown, and came down to her shoulders. Her dress had been off-white at some time, but was currently covered in the front with food stains. Her arms were stretched out to either side to help keep her balance. And she stopped when she saw Varaan standing in the doorway.:: ::If it hadn't been for his Kolinahr training, which he had never completed due to the onset of a pon farr, there would have been tears of joy in his eyes. They were moistening as it was. Then T'lani came out from the other room and stopped when she saw Varaan, as well.:: T'lani: My husband! ::Varaan could hear the elation in her voice. Thankfully there was no one else around to hear it. Yet...he felt the same elation upon seeing her. And that was separate yet equal to the elation he felt at seeing the toddler before him. Love seemed to be an unquantifiable "thing." It could continue to grow and expand, yet it had no boundaries or limits. Varaan closed the door before there was an emotional outburst that the neighbours could witness.:: Varaan: My beloved wife. ::At that moment, T'iana's arms reached up for Varaan, someone who was to her a complete stranger. But somehow, she knew. She could sense it. She knew who her father was. And then Varaan was proved right again as the love and elation he felt inside at least tripled.:: ((the present)) Cook: ::over his shoulder:: Guys!! ::to Varaan:: Take my hand!! Someone grab onto me so he can climb up as I pull him..... ::Cook had scrambled back out along the tree and onto his stomach and crawled as he reached out to grab Varaan.:: Varaan: oO Should this rescue attempt work, I must remember to spend as much time with T'lani and T'iana as possible. And I need to again try to contact my father. Twenty years of not talking to each other has been far too long. Oo --------------------------- Lt. Cmdr. Varaan Chief Engineering Officer USS Darwin-A, NCC-99312-A Serial: V237810V10
  12. Jadzia, of course. I just liked her. She was fun to watch. She was real. I never really like Ezri. Maybe it had something to do with Jadzia's death. Something like Doctor Who- when the current Doctor dies, virtually every fan instantaneously hates the newcomer, but after spending time with the newcomer, he starts to feel like The Doctor. And when that one dies, the cycle repeats. I feel this cycle was present in DS9 (albeit in an aborted matter) and Ezri never had enough time to truly redeem herself. Another reason I didn't like her is because she is a counselor. Now to be perfectly clear, I do not dislike all counselors-just the ones I've met in RL. Even so, it was so satisfying to see her get slapped down by Garek (which is on YouTube). So satisfying. To be honest, I don't remember all that much of Tobin, so Jadzia seemed like the logical choice.
  13. This may be utterly stupid and laughable, but I, for one, would really enjoy seeing a West Wing-style Star Trek series. I recently finished "Articles of the Federation". bu Keith R.A. DiCandido, and I got really inspired. 1: Around the Voyager area and beyond, or earlier. It's not all that important. 2: The President and his/her/ner staff. 3: Probably the Palais De La Concorde, and various spacebound vehicles and instalations. 4: It's the story of the Federation government! Where else would they be?! 5: Refer to 3. 6: It would show how an administration deals with tragedies and day to day life in the Star Trek Universe. Thoughts are gladly welcomed!
  14. There was (I'm not sure if it's still up) a video of Jonathan Frakes trying to sell something on YouTube. I don't remember what it was, but I remember how convincing he seemed. Quite disarming, and with the lady's man mode in full effect, I'm sure that many wouldn't be able to resist his charms. So I voted for Riker. Neelix would probably be successful, but I'm sure that many would find him annoying after awhile. Spock would find such a promotion excessively illogical, and probably refuse to take part in it. Data would ramble on. And on. And on. And on. And on. Long after the sale had been made. Uhura would be an excellent candidate ( I'd probably buy a lot from her) but somehow, she seems too classy to be that stereotypical, sleazy endorser. (Not to say all endorsers are sleazy.) Seven of Nine would assimilate whatever she was charged with selling, increasing its market value tremendously, but lowering the demand on the unmodified product disastrously.
  15. I'd love a series in the 2150's. The Romulan War has been outlined in many Enterprise novelizations, but it would be cool to actually see it on the big screen. Post- Dominion War would be interesting. Then again, a series set aboard Excelsior would be phenomenal. Sulu as captain, with Chekov as his first. A couple of books have established the main crew, as well; Nurse Chapel would be there, as well as a young Tuvok and an older Leonard James Akaar.That would be amazing.
  16. I was heartbroken the day I realized that the world of Star Trek didn't actually exist. From that day forward, I vowed to do everything in my ability to make that future a reality. If Starfleet existed, I would join in a heartbeat.
  17. Hello, all! I've never done this before, and I can't believe I'm actually posting something artsy, but I gave it my best shot. Hope its not as bad as I think it is.
  18. This was a difficult one. It rather depended on one's definition of funny. Phlox was funny at times, but at others he was anything but. Pulaski had her moments, but they were not numerous or memorable enough to warrant the title 'funniest'. Bones had a southern charm which made for some truly hilarious moments. He came in a close second. Bashir was really only funny with other people or when involved in embarrassing or odd situations. Crusher was...kinda dead, really. I can't remember a single particularly funny scene that involved her as a major component. I am forced to agree with Lieutenant Haase- The Doctor takes this round.
  19. I chose Sisko. Kirk is an excellent starship captain, but as a parent, he would be somewhat incapable. Picard, also, would try to make it work, but he had an awkwardness around children that, while not [...]ing, would not make him an optimal parent. Janeway was a close one, simply because she is capable of great love, while commanding an air of leadership and respect. As for Archer, he always seemed more a grown child than anything, and I say that in the most positive way. He had a boyish optimism bordering on Kirk's. Sisko is the one captain we actually see raise a child, and I learned many lessons from the conversations he and Jake had. I love all the captains. They all have strengths, but I feel this is one trait belonging to Sisko more than any other.
  20. Had to go with Voyager. While it did, admittedly, have some flaws, I think it was the most well thought out-to begin with. There were several major themes not flushed out in the first season of TOS, TNG's characters had difficulty finding there place, same with DS9. Enterprise wasn't bad, but I felt like they could have done more with it.
  21. The 602 Club all the way. Ten Forward and the Marseille Poolroom are kinda ship-specific, so nah. The Quantum Café just looks depressing to me. Now Quarks... That's a bar. Its about tied with the 602. But I had to pick one. As for the Shipyard Bar, what a waste of space.
  22. Gotta give it to Geordi. The man just seems like someone you'd want to have an adventure with. Or something.
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