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  1. Hello, my name is Frank. I'm a new guy here. I didn't even know an RP like this existed until I did a search for it. I'm from a quiet part of Indiana. I work for an Import/export company, watch most things geeky from the usual Trek - Star Wars to Anime.
  2. Stepping off the transport, Kenshin took a deep breath as he took in the air of the station. Compared to the places he has been, this was "fresh" air. Federation places always keep the air pretty sterile clean. He closed his eyes for a moment to get "into character". He straighten his uniform a bit before taking another step. Alright alright, remember...your name is Kenshin not Frank. Act like you're younger too, a young cadet who doesn't know much about the universe. He said to himself, His appearance really betrayed his age. He looked 10 years younger than he should be but to him, that's an advantage. He pulled out his PADD from his backpack to register into the Starbase, His PADD pulled out almost like a scroll with a clear see through screen. The local network acknowledged his log in ID and synced to his location. He scrolled through the instructions and sighed a bit. At least he was early. "Looks like I've got a few hours...to do what?" He walked around a bit before eying a fellow cadet. "Well hello beautiful..." The fellow cadet, had long black hair, pretty eyes and soft features. Asian as he can tell for the most part, probably more pure human that he is. He decided that walking around the base alone would be a waste but a worse waste is letting a pretty girl wander around alone as well. So, without a pause, he walked over to Li Qiuhui to introduce himself, taking another deep breath for confidence and fixing his hair. "Hi there." He started, "You just got here, too?" He put on his best face with a smile. Cadet Kenshin Harlock
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