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  1. Nicholas Meyer hands down, with Nimoy as a solid second.
  2. I discovered Trek novels long ago and far away, and I've been somehow addicted to them for quite a few years (mostly TOS but also DS9), then I went into a hiatus and sort of lost touch with the published Trek universe. I was wondering which novels (if any) would you suggest as the most useful for relatively new players on SB 118
  3. ((Observation Lounge, USS Constitution-) :: The preceeding mission briefing was vague, but perhaps understandably so. The Menthar Corridor was a long ways away and Zayar would need to brush up on the area in the intervening period it would take the Constitution to reach Deep Space Ten. There were several sources he could consult, but it was unknown how much good anthropological reports would do the Constitution. Still, anything might help, Zayar had learned that a few days ago during the last mission. Every little bit of information was an edge. But of course he didn't know how much he could
  4. TOS back when it was first shown here (1979 to 1981).
  5. Li Qiuhui alighted at Starbase 118 with a faint smile on her lips and a spring to her step. The 2-weeks leave, spent with her family in Xi'an had left her recharged and looking forward to her cadet cruise, even though the idea that a part of her life was coming to an end was still intimidating, when she allowed herself to dwell on it. Qiuhui located the nearest computer terminal and scanned in the codes on her orders. <Welcome, cadet Li> the artificial voice was a smooth contralto, in fact it sounded exacly like the Academy's voice.Standard Fleet issue, then? Possibly the same in every F
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