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  1. Reintroducting myself What's your real first name? Well it's Chris Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) Trier, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany How did you find our group? I was a member previously and then I left for about a year and a half, trying to get back into it now. What kind of work do you do? Well primarily I work in private security, though I have a few on the investments
  2. Ahh fair enough (thats a total of two people i've discovered here that get the reference)
  3. Hi there mate, nice to see a new face so quickly, I'm very happy this site is starting to catch on, Don't forget to tell your friends about us Welcome btw!
  4. Well the religion itself goes by many names. informal: The Imperial Cult, Formal: Lectitio Divinatus, and Official : The Temple of the Saviour Emperor of Humanity, and Legal : The Adeptus Ministorum
  5. The religion in question would be a rather obscure cult, who believe in a "Divine Emperor of Mankind". Their tennants are: That the God-Emperor of Mankind once walked among men in their form and that He is and always has been the one, true God of humanity.That the God-Emperor of Mankind is the one true God of Mankind, regardless of the previous beliefs held by any man or woman.Every human being has a place within the God-Emperor's great plan.It is the duty of the faithful to unquestionably obey the authority of the Federation, and their superiors, who speak in the Emperor's place.To eradica
  6. Wonderful, thank you for the clarification
  7. Hi there, im not really good at posing questions politely, or in a veiled manner so ill ask this straight up: Can my character believe in some form of obscure religion ?
  8. What's your real first name? Why it is Chris!, my good Sir or Madam reading this!Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) Bitburg, Rheinlan Pfalz, GermanyHow did you find our group? I was looking for an RPG system to use to gm a game of Star Trek on skype, then i found this and became really absorbedWhat kind of work do you do? In no order: I study, I run newspapers, I GM games, I do youtube..........yeah thats pretty much itHmm......I'm really bad at introducing myself, just chat with me and ill tell you about myself. Oh and im a huge Star Trek a
  9. I believe i tried to post this earlier but it either failed to post or was removed. The question i have is if i would be permitted to use the Starflee marine ranks inplace of the Starfleet officer ranks.
  10. Garret stepped onto the station for the first time, smiling as he remembered a line from an old book he once read "Step forward neither boldly nor timidly" It had said. He felt around his uniform for the PADD that held his first set of orders, and most important, where to arrive at for his cadet voyage. Suddenly his smile dropped, as he remembered the backpack that he'd stowed above him on the shuttle, he turned around to see the shuttlecraft departing, "Emperor preserve me........" (Equivelant to god help me, but favored by those of the Imperial Cult,A farely obscure religion not well known
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