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  1. Hej Hej- I'm Allie- I played Liani, and will be playing Liani again in the very near future. It's good to be back and I look forward to writing with you all again.
  2. The Andorian sat on the bench outside of the entrance to the holodeck where her final exam was supposed to be happening. She tapped on her PADD to double check the time. “Too early.”, she bit her lower lip as she looked both ways along the corridor. If only someone else was here to talk to, she frowned slightly and caught herself staring at a bajoran girl nervously staring back at her. Liani covered her mouth and was about to apologize when the girl was whisked off with a pair of adults- maybe her parents- Liani never really quite understood how it worked out with binary partnerships. Her thoughts traveled back to her own parents- Uthulur always stern and straightforward, Kreleth the optimist, Po silent and kind, and Whis grouchy and loveable. To only have two parents seemed such an odd and alien thing to her. Still, she came to Starfleet to learn about other species and their societies, not judge the idiosyncrasies of other cultures. Lost in thoughts she barely noticed the officer entering the holodeck- “Finally.” She stood up and slipped her pad into her satchel, taking a moment to calm herself and keep wrangle her antenna under control she entered to holodeck.
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