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  1. OOC: The following is an approved plot twist. <evil laughter> (( The Island - Hemix )) Whittaker: It can't be... :: Those were words that should never be uttered on an away team. Nugra gripped his rifle even closer and unintentionally let out a low growl from deep inside his throat. It was a mixture of a low rumble and distinctive clicks. :: Kelly: Talk to me Mister Whittaker, What've you got? :: Nugra watched the butterfly as it flew off and the urge to pursue it started to overcome him. He resisted and turned his attention back to the conversation trying to ignore the call of
  2. Hi there Corena! Welcome to the Fleet! You'll love it here . If you need any help don't hesitate to ask anyone on the forums!
  3. Hi guys, Here is my submission for the Autumn Graphics Contest. I am completely new to this stuff but I wanted to try and get my feet wet in gimp
  4. I think it would be cool to serve on the NX-Enterprise. Sure, the Federation didn't exist yet, but I (and Diego) like to be the first person to discover new things and such. Archer's crew did just that. I always thought it would be cool to be one of the first people to do something LOL. Only problem with the NX-Enterprise was.. well... NO HOLODECKS How could I survive?
  5. Hi guys. Before I continue, I apologize if this already exists somewhere on these forums. So, does anyone here think that something like the starships in Star Trek could be possible in real life? I know it would probably be a long way down the road, but this has always fascinated me. Ever since I was little, I always hoped something like Star Trek would happen in real life( hopefully that makes sense.) I still really hope this could happen in real life. This brings up a couple more questions I have for you guys. If the "Star trek universe" actually existed, and if there was a "Starfleet",
  6. I've just started playing STO. I like it for the most part. Sometimes it's grindy, but overall it's pretty fun. Although my only character is level 7, and I haven't explored most of the game's content yet, I still like it! hehe. If anyone wants to form a group or whatever it's called I'd be glad to play with some of you guys.
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