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  1. You would quote the entire sim and insert your character's bits where they belong like so: Doe: Foras, we need to hurry up! Foras: Response would become Doe: Foras, we need to hurry up! Foras: Got it, I'm coming, I'm coming! As for your signature: It'd be Cadet First Name, Last Name <> Cadet USS Centris-A - you fill it in with your training assignment for the time being.
  2. Yeah, Skyfire was extremely helpful last night when I was considering joining. Thank you, Skyfire.
  3. :: As the shuttle from Earth disembarked, the chatter rose a bit in the shuttle. To most of them, Starbase 118 was a brand new location One of the shuttle members gently brushed some white hair out of her pale blue eyes, tucking it behind her ears. It was a pretty location.. but her old ship had delivered in this sector before, and it wasn't entirely new to her. Still, it was a pretty impressive feat of engineering. Letting herself get lost a bit in the crowd of people leaving, she headed towards processing. :: :: Walking out, and towards the Commercial District, she briefly considered taking a bit of a rest.. but in the end, opted to just wait a bit on of the booths in the park there. After all, she couldn't be sure that her mother was on station on a supply run. Her ship did have contracts in this sector. Besides, maybe she should focus on the upcoming cadet cruise. It may be in the holodeck, but it was her chance to prove that she could apply the lessons of a classroom to real life. :: ::.oO(One thing at a time. Focus on the immediate task and it'll turn out fine.)Oo she reminded herself. After all, she had made it this far. She had survived a murderous attack. Surely this couldn't be that much more difficult.:: Cadet Ceciri Ariadust.
  4. Good evening. My name is Nicholas, and I am currently in the Seattle region. I'm more a general fan of scifi but my first love in scifi was Star Trek. I'm rather boring otherwise (I work in customer care for a well known wireless telco, so..) Uh.. Hi? Hi!
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