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  1. Congratulations to the writers! It was a blast to judge, and I enjoyed reading every submission.
  2. I picked the Defiant-class because.. well, it's always reminded me a lot more of a purpose built ship, and it's limitations make it more interesting to me, since well, the Galaxy class can go on longer in deep space, but the Defiant has a time limit in how long it can be on mission. (That said, my second choice is the Nova-class) I can't say I like any of the others, but I'd like to see a modern refit of at least the Miranda-class. (Because, honestly, my favorite ship class is actually from STO.. <_<)
  3. It depends on how far out into the EU you go into. (Section 31 is an extant force being actively worked with in Starfleet Command in quite a few of those books). Personally, I've always thought that Section 31 existing as a thing is pretty logical, but I didn't really like how Discovery just went all down that hole. (Of course, in Discovery, they were attacking Earth, so I can understand why they'd resort to any-measures thinking. And consider, it's canon that we attempted to blow up Quo'nos.) But: I don't really like Section 31 as more than something the heroes have to overcome.
  4. Because it's too advanced compared to TNG/DS9/VOY which come after it in the chronological order. It's more advanced than TOS, which occurs chronologically in the same time frame! This is the problem with prequels. (And I do still hold this to a lesser degree against Discovery, but it's not the main reason I don't like it.) Because being a fan of something does not mean you have to like everything in the fandom. There's no such thing as a true or false fan of something. If you like something, you're a fan of it, really.
  5. For that matter: what format should submissions be in? This forum I'd assume, but.. attached, a link, reposted in the forum format?
  6. I really really wish they hadn't killed the science officer. He was too smug on purpose, so you'd want him killed. It was a waste of good character tension. (They *literally* telegraphed from his appearance that he was dead.) Tilly.. I still don't get her. Probably because I don't.. really like this character type very much. At all. Burnham was tolerable, but they need to stop writing her as 'always right, always wise'. The vulnerabilities she shown helped but.. Eh. It's meh. The plot line is OK, but not terrible, and the Enterprise not being used in an all out war was laughably silly. So was the 'emergency protocols' - but that's Trek for you, and clearly a plot element. That said, I look forward to E2. This was terrible, yes, but they're relaunching, so I'll give it another shot.
  7. Quick thoughts: If, like me, you find Tilly and Burnham incredibly annoying, you won't like this episode. I'm reserving judgement as to whether or not this will tell across the entire season. The 'previously on' was OK, the 3 minutes of flashback story could.. have been compressed. There is such a thing as overpromising, and I felt this was a thing. I bring this up because this is a reoccurring problem in the episode, and after a while, I wanted to scream 'I GET IT. CAN WE MOVE ON?'. The obvious foil being killed was too on the nose. The storyline I feel presages a fairly obvious spore drive twist, but let's see if they do that. Several explanations were ... well.. shoehorning, but whatever, first episode. Personally, I think that trailer was a mistake, but what do I know about grabbing people's attention? That is to say: I feel this episode is a resounding meh. Still enough for me to want to see if season 2 is better than 1.
  8. And now: delayed indefinitely. http://arstechnica.com/the-multiverse/2017/01/star-trek-discovery-gets-stuck-in-spacedock-for-at-least-a-little-longer/
  9. And Bryan Fuller is no longer involved in any way http://www.newsweek.com/exclusive-bryan-fuller-bittersweet-departure-star-trek-527540
  10. Of course. Inaction is not something to be celebrated. That said, I'd want to make sure as far as I am able that this is a valid reason.
  11. That I'd really look forward to. Hell, imagine just one season of the Cardassian Border Skirmish...
  12. I'm actually worried though. A post Enterprise Pre Tos Prime Directive series is pretty constrained. I'd rather it have been post Voy pre STO.. a lot to play around with there. =/
  13. I just finished seeing it. I don't think I really like it, but I don't dislike it. From what I'm reading, I think I'm going to dislike what a lot of people liked That all said, I'll probably still buy it. A C- rating is still watchable, after all. >_>
  14. I actually like the design. This 'like's is contingent on it being an earlier design though...
  15. To be fair, they did that the best way possible. The Prime Universe has a lot of canon and you'll need to figure out what you want to use. Also: IIRC, neither Brooks nor Mulgrew has any desire to appear in a Star Trek movie which does not help the idea of more Prime Universe movies.
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